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From idealism to maturity

January 9, 2015

1) Systems are created for the indoctrination of the masses to promote ideals of “what should be” (as in “love” or “equality”)

2) The masses are trained to strive to suppress certain responses and to present certain other behaviors that fit with their programmed ideals. In the indoctrination programs, certain behaviors are encouraged / rewarded and certain behaviors are targeted for punishment and shaming.

3) Over time, the masses notice that some of their ideals (of what should be) do not fit precisely with their observations. Then other ideals also do not match observation. How people actually act and the programmed ideals about how people should act seem to not entirely match – or even quite rarely. So, in a hysteria of social anxiety to maintain their programmed self-image (of fitting in with certain behavioral ideals), they then resist their own observations and criticize anything that they recognize as not fitting with their programmed ideals. They may seek interpersonal dynamics and groups that assist them in maintaining (reinforcing) their ideals.

4) People may fight over “which ideals are the most ideal.” They may fight over “which labels REALLY apply to which people and which systems.”

5) Some people say “I am awakened now because I see that major social systems do not conform to their own publicized ideals (like they should).”

6) Some people laugh and say, “ah, so now you say that you are awakened because you have been programmed to have contempt for anything when there is a contrast between programmed idealisms and your own later observations about that thing. Congratulations on your condescending disrespect for most everything!”

truth set free: from idealism to enlightenment

December 27, 2013
English: Stephen Tyng Mather plaque, Zion Huma...

English: Stephen Tyng Mather plaque, Zion Human History Museum, Zion National Park, Utah, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




For the idealist who is unconsciously feeling guilty about certain elements of human history, there is a desperation to rescue the world from the world so as to earn entrance in to a future eternal paradise or utopia. There is the cycle of fear, hope, excitement, naivete, disappointment, frustration, arrogance, disillusionment and despair.


Oddly enough, that sequence is later recognized as the path to enlightenment. So, if you are not free of distress yet, then perhaps your most sacred “truth” is not a truth that frees one from the cycle of idealism.

Idealism is the presumptive, terrified insistence that life should be other than how it actually is. Another word for idealism is hell.


Parthenon from west

Parthenon from west (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



On conformity to popular idealisms of the world

December 23, 2013
English: Jesus Christ - detail from Deesis mos...

English: Jesus Christ – detail from Deesis mosaic, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beware of those who are paranoid, whose primary interest is to conform to what is familiar, to hide in the herd, to attract social approval, to follow the crowd, to be average to blend in with the majority of shy people, and to live according to the world and the idealism of the world. They neglect the ways of the divine to instead worship human traditions in idolatry, in vanity, in futility. It is the same issue as what the Prophet Isaiah taught about:

 Isaiah 29:13 The Lord says:

“These people come near to me with their mouth

and honor me with their lips,

but their hearts are far from me.

Their worship of me

is based on merely human rules they have been taught.b

Jesus Christ, quoting the Old Testament verse of Isaiah 29:13
(as recorded in Mark 7 and Matthew 15).
See Romans 12:2
“Do not imitate this world [with paranoid conformity to what is familiar or popular], but be transformed by the renovation of your minds, and you shall distinguish what is the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.”
Jesus Christ Crucifix

Jesus Christ Crucifix (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See also Colosssians 3:
11The Messiah is all and in every person. [The Messiah or Christ is omnipresent, omnipotent, eternal- like a vine that is within every branch of the vine, forming each branch as an aspect of the vine itself… which still lives in the underworld during the winter, even when the green fades and the leaves dry out, fall and crumble in to the soil.]
Colossians 2:
8 Beware lest any man rob you by philosophy, or by empty deception, according to the teaching of men and according to the principles of the world and not according to The Messiah, [to direct revelation]….

20 For if you have died with The Messiah to the principles of the world, why are you just as if you live in the world, 21 Namely, “Do not touch”, “Do not taste”, “Do not handle”?  22 These rules, which have to do with things that are all destined to perish with use, are based on merely human commands and teachings. 23 Such regulations indeed have an appearance of wisdom, with their self-imposed worship, their false humility and their harsh treatment of the body, but they lack any value in restraining sensual [worldly] indulgence.


corrosion of conformity


So, as we review ancient warnings like these, we are directed to be humble in regard to making presumptions about things like science. When the rulers give instructions to the masses to keep the human resources productive and free from symptoms, that is not instruction for health, but for sterility. (Note that the word sterility can mean the inability to reproduce.)

Are there poisons and toxins that it is best not to touch? That is a different issue from what the author of Colossians raises.

Outside the Conformity Office

Outside the Conformity Office (Photo credit: cote)

Conformity to rules of hygiene is simply not the same as the refinement of spiritual clarity (logical discernment). To mistake conformity to rules of hygiene as anything other than conformity to rules of hygiene is indeed an obstacle to spiritual clarity and logical discernment.

Further, repeating some words from some traditional scripture is also not spiritual clarity. That is discipline and concentration, which have their value, but it is not spiritual clarity.

Finally, many without clarity take the repetition of certain phrases to be a sign of their own superiority over others who do not repeat that particular phrase. They can gather in to crowds to chant and to wave their signs painted with their favorite magic words. That is their full reward.

English: Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson depi...

English: Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson depicted as a crucified messiah. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They are like spectators at a sporting event. “My team is the best because our slogan is the most holy!”

Let them enjoy the momentary comradery of conforming to a crowd. These parades and circuses do not develop inner clarity, but merely social cohesion, which has it’s value.

The congregations can gather every weekend for their social ritual.  They are like innocent, excited children bragging of their latest discovery. Let them sing in choirs and form parades and marches.  

That is not a sign of spiritual clarity. Those are rituals of social cohesion.

Those rituals have their purpose, just as all other things under heaven have their proper purpose and time. If you are interested in the spiritual clarity that comes from discipline, introspection, and revelation, then do not concern yourself too much with those things. Let the masses practice their religion of arguing the politics of what other people should do or should not do.

There will always be a portion of the population that is primarily focused on conforming to whatever is already most popular, even defending it desperately. There will always be a portion of the population which condemns those who are primarily focused on conforming to whatever is already most popular.

They will argue over whether people should sing Christmas carols or not. “Which songs? What uniforms should we wear?” It is one thing to discuss alternatives, but have you heard the distress with which some people argue?

Beware of condemning the root for not being a fruit. Beware of condemning the fruit for not being a root.

Those with spiritual clarity (AKA logical discernment) are focused on perceiving things as they actually are. This means being open to changing your perception of something, for instance, a tree… by occasionally looking at it again.

Green leaves may change color. Those who put a label on the color of a tree’s leaves and then never look at the leaves again are being presumptive. To worship the old, familiar label instead of actually looking at the tree again is the pinnacle of foolish, paranoid idolatry.

Listen to the fools talk about a “leafless tree with green leaves.” If it has green leaves, then how can it be leafless? Hear the passion and terror of their arguing and their animosity and their paranoia.

They may distress over how the tree was possessed by the demon of winter. They may agonize about how to prevent the precious seeds from falling off of the tree. “What if the seeds are lost in to the ground?!?!?” Yes, indeed, what if…!

How idealism leads to confusion, distress, guilt, blame, and ill will

December 21, 2013

Emperor Fristchler started this conversation, by commenting on the below image:

Pretty cool right? Hail to Caesar!!!! Now spend the rest of your time and energy kissing everybody’s ass just to be next to broke anyways….great plan….ready, break! ….

let’s all create a world where wealth is God, where bread is my idol and that way we can rest peacefully and comfortably in our own delusion…wow why didn’t somebody think of this plan sooner. Only 7 billion people have but you would think more would. God bless Caesar.

Julius Caesar, Summer garden, Saint-Petersburg

Julius Caesar, Summer garden, Saint-Petersburg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How to create your own Personal Jesus (savior)? Which we all will anyhow… one question though: who needs saved? And from what? Your own idealism?

Let go now….surrender….jump off the cliff and trust that you don’t need no stinking idealism (movie quote: “I don’t need no stinking badges!”) or therefore a savior…just turn dough into bread and then bread into wine and then worship it the rest of your lives or live life within the smoke and mirrors.

JR replies:

Inequality is mathematically impossible. That is why we must devote our lives not to practical matters, but to saving the world from a mathematical impossibility.

Or was it equality that is mathematically impossible? Eh, I forget which.

Either way, alertness and clarity are not important. Contempt is holy.


Wealth (Photo credit: alexjtam)

What we should do is follow the programming of the elite which is that we should focus on some idealism about wealth. “People pay too much attention to wealth!” Aha- that is an excellent idealism, so try that one.

People who use the word wealth are the problem. People who use the word idealism are the problem. People who use the words idealistic contempt are the problem.

If it was not for language, we would not have all of these problems, right? If it was not for breathing and oxygen and the solar system, then things would not be so flipping complicated and that is why I am disappointed with how frustrated you should be, so that you can be more like me!

Whatever the problem is, there clearly is one, right? Also blame cannot be the problem. Vilification is not it either. Those are unrelated to each other, to me, and to problems.

The only problem is wealth, which is evil, and the only problem is a particularly evil distribution of wealth, and a particular idealism about the evil distribution of evil wealth, and a particular contempt derived from some linguistic idealism about the very evil distribution of wealth which obviously should not be how it should not be.

So, I am sure that there is a problem and all that matters is that we make up one (not two!) and then operate in distress to save the world from it, or to prevent it, or to reverse it. Distress is the answer- not agonizing! Agonizing is in no way related to distress or confusion, so stop saying that please!

Awareness, alertness, clarity, and noticing the function of things are the only problem. In fact, a really old tradition has a written document that says so in a language that I do not personally understand, but I still KNOW what it says because this one other person who is not fluent in that language either said so very confidently.

People should not be so confused by religious rituals, legal codes, jokes, psychological warfare, delusions, or reverse psychology.
They are not designed specifically to cause confusion, so why is everyone so argumentative over “what does the word gristibular REALLY mean?”

Obviously, it is a real word, so it just means gristibular. In every language that has that word in it, it means the exact same thing. Everyone who uses it- no matter what culture or situation or context or connotation- everyone knows that gristibular is a verb that means “to argue the right way over which definition of a word is the only right one, thereby identifying who is a traitor to all things that are holy and therefore should be immediately condemned for using the wrong definition and ruining my life forever, resulting in me probably going to hell when I die and being trapped in argumentative distress and idealism and confusion and bliss and gratitude.”

People keep acting like it is a code and it could mean more than one thing, but if there is one thing that I know about codes, it is that they do not mean more than one thing. This is ridiculous and far too symbolic, plus slightly ironic, but since I do not have a sense of humor, I do not even use that word.

You know the one I mean. Don’t make me say it again!

You are just trying to cause a bunch of fake drama again, aren’t you? You are a DISTRACTER!

In conclusives, confusion is the problems, not blame. We must prevent it, save the world from it, and experience distress about how confusion is the cause of misinterpretation, naive foolishness, and lack of comprehension.

Ready… break! <CLAP>

Why do the players on the Pittsburgh Steelers football team struggle against the other team? Why don’t they all just stay on the bench and watch the game?

Plus, what if the other team loses? Won’t they feel bad? They should be guilty for scoring more points than the other team. They are selfish and competitive and it is not CHRISTIAN to be so much like how they should not be.

They are too idealistic. THAT is their problem!

Wealth in America

Wealth in America (Photo credit: uvw916a)

That is why there are too many players on the field. There should not be 11 or 22. There should be zero. Everyone should have equality, which means that there should be no one on the field, no one watching, and no one doing anything interesting because that is being a DISTRACTER and an AMUSER and an ENTERTAINMENTAL.

Avoid that. Or else you will go to hell in a retard helmet. That is far worse than in a handbasket.


The hell of idealism: for starting wars, not for winning

December 19, 2013

J R Fibonacci Hunn One version of hell is “I need to get away from thoughts, like this thought of desperate panic… that I need to get away from something!!!!”

  • Daniel Fritschler I am in hell like most of the rest of humanity….good….that is solid
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Everyone within any branch of the imperial court system of Noah has been programmed with social paranoia (hell).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn It is a fundamental aspect of the system of coercion, propaganda, and shaming.
  • Daniel Fritschler Right and there is no way out….anything said or expressed as a way out is bullshit
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn When those who are in hell are employed as teachers in public schools, the social program of social paranoia will be cultivated among all students, plus there is the cultural “transmission” from student to student, parent to child, etc. Further, anyone who is not in hell would (1) probably never be allowed to teach in public school and (2) would not want to (or not for very long).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Of course, some who are not IN hell may be intrigued by the opportunity to train children and tame them. They may be the most efficient at instilling social paranoia in students.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Schools are just one format for the indoctrinating of children (or immigrants). And, if an anthropologist goes to a primitive human tribe, they will find a culture of social paranoia in ALL HUMAN SOCIETIES. The Noahide systems are just more efficient than primitive systems (in regard to indoctrinating/taming/breaking youth).
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The presumption that “I need a way out” is a trap. When you understand what social paranoia is, you respect it. There is no need to get out of the context of social paranoia. 

    It is a behavior. “I need to change fundamentally so I will be OKAY” is the perpetuating of social paranoia, the practice of agonizing or stressing.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Respect the activity. Respect the social context of masses of people who are organized and tamed by the installing of social paranoia as their foundation for relating to life.
  • Daniel Fritschler It doesn’t matter because the cause of social paranoia is not being able to connect with others..if that remains there is no way out of social paranoia….lost cause….until I can be interesting or funny like everybody else.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “I am not as interesting as other people” is bullshit. Different people will find you intriguing, boring, or repulsive. No matter what you do, SOMEONE will experience you in each of those 3 ways… unless you withdraw from interaction so much that you are not constantly exposed to the various responses that people can have.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Somewhere, there is a 4 year old ridiculing people like you.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn And the 4 year old is probably NOT on facebook ridiculing people like you.
  • Daniel Fritschler I am sure…do not know what you mean….spell it out please?
  • Daniel Fritschler I don’t know what you are getting at again
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn There are a bunch of 4 year olds gathered together in their contempt for people like us. They are displaying to each other their bravery to say “yeah, he is not nice and he should be!” They are congratulating each other on their intelligence at condemning you “the right way.” It is very dramatic.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn They have social approval from each other. How? By condemning some target of vilification, some Satan.
  • Daniel Fritschler But why a 4 year old….there are groups of grown men who repeat that behavior for their lifetime.
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “I hate people who practice all forms of idealism except the best one.”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Re “there are groups of grown men who repeat that behavior for their lifetime.”

    Yes, until you see it for what it is, I might keep displaying it to you.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “I just cannot connect with people like, you know, THOSE people. I am not frustrated about how they have been responding to me. No, I am just very fucking disappointed about how they have been responding to me. FUCK! I mean those people can just FUCK OFF. Yeah, THEY are the ones who are DISAPPOINTING ME. I am not disappointed by them or by their responses or by the ineffectiveness of the methods that I have tried so far. It is those FUCKING EMOTIONAL people like Robert Wielandt that fucking piss me fucking off.” 

    (Note: any similiarity between the above sequence of words and the recent “fucking emotional” comments of Robert Wielandt on the “Phil Robertson is a gay nigger” photo that Amie recently posted is purely coincidental.)

  • Daniel Fritschler So “the masses” are all competing over whose idealism is the best….meanwhile it is all bullshit because the competition is political in nature so may the biggest line of bullshit win?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “But I am NOT frustrated, so stop saying that. FUCK OFF! I am just very fucking disappointed, you fucking disappointing person. Yeah, you are disappointing, too, you piece of FUCK.”
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Sexual frustration is not related to homosexual behavior or homophobia in any way, right, because that would be just way too obvious, right? 😉
  • Daniel Fritschler No…I am frustrated and disappointed in how I have nothing to say that anybody cares to hear…..nothing relevant to the political struggle all around
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  • Daniel Fritschler I am not picking ideals and then pishing ahead with them… I am an oddball
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The competition is ecological, biological, economic, political, and so on. The bullshit lines are relatively incidental. Christians with atomic weapons do need need bullshit lines to blow up Muslims in Iraq or bombs the Jews in the German ghettoes. The bullshit lines are for organizing the domestic herds of sheeple.
  • Daniel Fritschler To pick ideals and push ahead you will certainly meet others with the same ideals and then there is interest….pretty simple right
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Respect the idealism as a mechanism of social organizing. It does not win wars and that is not the purpose. It is just for starting wars.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes, so I “gently” make fun of people for participating in political struggle ineffectively. I invite them to spiritual distinctions and practical adaption, like in regard to money and time and health and language.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I’m not trying to connect. I’m practicing respect.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn It can be very repulsive to some people. So, in other cases, I will “connect.” My “apology” to Amie about “fake drama” was an example of showing her respect. Of course I had “made fun” of her/what she said, but not with disrespect/terrified repulsion.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I’m not obsessing about connecting. I do or I do not.
  • Daniel Fritschler And that is good for you….but my obsession is born out of my handicaps or the lack of sense of humor or interesting intellect…so that is the source of the desperation to connect…..nothing can be done about that
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So, are you are awake to idealism now. You were already waking up and that led you to “connect” with me.

    Now, you are an oddball. You are the elite. Further, there are a lot more of the “elite” than your old propaganda may have suggested.

    In the exchange today between Amie (sister), Robert (brother), Vernon (their father), and I (unrelated), Vernon seems dignified and mature, while Robert displays a rather contrasting set of sequences of words. His concern for social approval seems quite intense. 

    If Vernon is as wise as I think he might be, I bet he would love to kick Robert’s ass so his little boy would grow up a little faster. Maybe I am wrong though. You can show this to Vernon or even Amie, but that is all part of your primary circle, not mine. [Amie is Daniel’s girlfriend, which is how I (JR) know her.]

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Your logic of “personal flaws cause desperation” is not persuading me. You may have noticed that.

    Desperation is a behavior. Personal flaws are a label. Labeling is also a behavior.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The way of relating that you have been practicing produces desperation for… social validation. That is not a “wrong” interest, but an ineffective method. A large portion of the social validation of an adult in our culture is in the form of economic access. 

    One form of validation that you have access to is $11 every hour for 40 hours a week. You disrespect that social value, social valuing, social validation, social support. You display some kind of apologetic self-condemnation to appease your GUILT for receiving all of that validation (for “no good reason”).

    The system is unfair (of course- but you take issue with that) and so you feel guilty for participating in it. You created an excuse for cynicism (“nothing can be done about it”) and creating that excuse is what you were trained to do.

    What were you not trained in? Creativity. 

    Could you complain about it? Yes.

    However, the odd thing about spontaneous creativity is that you do not need any training in it. You just practice it and develop it.

    That is what “you cannot do anything about.” You cannot do anything about the fact that I confront you with the simple truth that your behaviors are the sails for you to adjust in accord with the wind (the rest of reality).

    Unlike most people, you are actually mature enough and ripe enough to be exposed to this content without attacking me. You have retreated several times in terror, but you kept coming back.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Recall the attacks of me on the Rage-Debate group [on Facebook] by Sean or Carl. Notice the lesser ripeness of Angela (which could be slightly more ripeness/intelligence than Natasha- right- around the same as Shelly) and then of course the intense tantrums of Robert.

    You should recognize in Robert much that is familiar to you. I do. He and I could have been twins!

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn You have been trained to disempower yourself. You are not alone in that. 

    What you cannot do anything about is the FACT that you have been perpetuating your own disempowerment. What you can do is notice how you (and others) disempower themselves, then stop doing that to yourself.

    • Daniel Fritschler Yes….yes….and yes
    • Daniel Fritschler Have you even considered that maybe I am just not understanding what you are saying and that I am more immature than the rest who attack you….I think that could be a strong possibility….consider it!!!!
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn LOL. Let’s take Robert vs you in regard to maturity and comprehension. Are you seriously going to tell me that he is more relaxed and more dignified and more intelligent than you?

      I picked him for the example in large part because I understand you have some in-person experience with him. As an experiment, feel free to share something of mine with him. Tell him you think my article is garbage and bullshit and exactly the kind of crap that you really hate. That is speaking his language, right?

      I bet he won’t make it down to touch his mouse to scroll past whatever shows in the first screen. Show the same thing to Vernon. Vernon will probably read it, appreciate it, and recognize your pretense about hating the kind of confusing, disturbing, complex shenanigans that I write.

      Nevertheless, there are 2 year olds and 20 year olds and so old. There is physical age and people have invented something called mental age (related to literacy and class and cognitive development). It may also be related to diet, by the way….

      Anyway, YOU may have a huge issue with presenting yourself as “below average” in order to be loyal to some social image, like for the comfort of other people. Maybe it is “if I am as smart as JR seems to suggest, then that really blows my favorite excuse. I really NEED this idea that I am flawed.”

      Fine. Keep it. Or make up a better one. Or do not flee to excuses.

      If you are only playing dumb, then yes that may be “betraying” some idealism that you have been protecting. Keep your idealism or betray it. Keep your ideals or betray them.

      I recommend respecting ideals and respecting idealism, then dropping idealism. Idealism, again, is for starting wars. If you do not want to be in a war or to start one, then consider that one thing that would be ideal for you would be to drop any idealism. That means noticing it with respect, then declining to add momentum to it, ceasing to perpetuate it.

Fear and idealism: allies or an enemies?

December 19, 2013

ARR wrote:  “I don’t respect [the elite], or admire them, however I do believe that we are all evolving together, and although the elite may not lose sleep over our opinions, things might turn out better for them if they did. Your perspective on all this seems quite Buddhist, and I do see the benefit of viewing these experiences without beliefs creating emotional responses. Although I admit part of me does fear the reps sometimes, a greater part of me knows there is ultimately nothing to fear, and it is that part that will win in the end. They rule us with fear, as you demonstrated with your example of the crap music used to manipulate certain people into threatening other people. So we cannot be truly free until we lose our fear/ego.”

Figure 15 from Charles Darwin's The Expression...

Figure 15 from Charles Darwin’s The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals. Caption reads “FIG. 15.—Cat terrified at a dog. From life, by Mr. Wood.” Author’s signature is at bottom left. See also figures 9-14 and 18 by the same author. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

JR replied: “One of your ideals there is that we will win in the end because we are united. Did you know that your ideal is the classic call to war of every imperialist?

Next, your favorite myth may be that you are not free. You have been trained to repress fear (to fear it in paranoia of social disapproval). You have been programmed to relate to fear as your enemy. You are free to experience fear, but you stubbornly refuse because you are so terrified of it that you suppress it and then cover your denial with more myths like “ultimately there is nothing to fear.”

When you see that your shoe lace is untied, you may be suddenly alert to the risk of tripping on it. So, because of fear, you tie your shoelace (or walk much more carefully).

Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of F...

Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of Falling (Photo credit:

Fear is your ally. However, you do not respect it. You condemn it. You are terrified of displaying it or admitting it. That is how it is used to rule you.

Your myth is that your emotions themselves are what traps you, and that they are your enemies. But no, they are branches of you, so it is like you are saying that your forearm is trapping your shoulder.

Your loyalty to social approval (to idealism) is what traps you. Yes, your emotional charges have been manipulated by social conditioning so that you desperately seek validation and a mythical paradise in which you finally escape from  what you believe is your greatest enemy: emotion. That is very naive, very common, and very ineffective.

So, instead of respecting society and all people, you worship an idealism that was programmed in to you by society. You reject others because you have been trained to reject yourself (and your emotions including fear).

Fear & Anticipation

Fear & Anticipation (Photo credit: hartlandmartin)

US Navy 050308-N-0295M-002 The Lincoln Memoria...

US Navy 050308-N-0295M-002 The Lincoln Memorial looms over the Commemorative Area of the National World War II Memorial (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do wolves lose sleep over the idealism of sheep?

December 19, 2013
    • A 1979 Faroese stamp by Czesław Słania. Sheep ...

      A 1979 Faroese stamp by Czesław Słania. Sheep are the heraldic animal of the Faroes (“Sheep Islands”). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

      A lamb can grow in to a ram, and a ram can present a threat to a wolf. So, the wisest wolves would avoid well-defended herds of sheep.
      U.S. PSYOP leaflet disseminated in Iraq. It sh...

      U.S. PSYOP leaflet disseminated in Iraq. It shows a caricature of Al-Qa`eda terrorist al-Zarqawi caught in a rat trap. The caption reads “This is your future, Zarqawi” (هذا مستقبلك يا زرقاوي). Taken from with permission. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


      Or, in the case of a court system, the soldiers of the court system (the deputy officers) may systematically target the weak and even disarm the “rams.” They could even use psychological warfare and reverse psychology to cultivate contempt and rebellion in the sheep. They could promote a musical genre to the lower classes that glorifies crime, at the same time as terrorizing the mainstream middle class with sensationalized TV news of lower class criminals targeting the middle class.
  • So, much investment has gone in to programming people like you and I in regard to our perceptions and actions. Could there be immense interest in compromising the health, intelligence, wealth and power of the vast majority of the population? That is quite possible (if not self-evident).



  • ARR:  hmmmmm well, scratches head…. the [working class] might not want to continue those low paid lives of drudgery if they could think their way out of it. Of course energetic sedation [like through bad dietary advice] makes them not as energy efficient as workers, but they are clearly willing to pay that price…look at factory farmed cattle, and chickens…very short lives, but super producers while they are at it. Of course they found a way to cash in on humans too when they break down. It’s called Big Pharma.





A commercial meat chicken production house in ...

A commercial meat chicken production house in Florida, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



  • J R Fibonacci Hunn: Yes, and the worker bees terrify the queen, right? If only the worker bees fed on the royal jelly, they would develop in to a queen. The queen of the hive has the same genetics as a worker, but just a different diet!

    Now, imagine that I am a herder of goats and I found a new way to get value from my goats. Is that offensive to you? 

    Imagine that I do not just buy and sell them for profit, nor do I just use them to trim my lawn, but imagine that I milk them. Disgusting?

    ARR:  there is a way to get milk from a goat that is not abusive, however if you are saying the elite are to us as we are to a goat, I have to disagree. They are a bunch of inbred lizards who are actually terrified of us because they know what we are capable of when we are fully self actualized…we are quite dangerous to them, and they know it. Keeping us from learning our true power and abilities is their ONLY chance, and they have already lost that. Their time is almost up.
    English: "Female pigs used for breeding (...

    English: “Female pigs used for breeding (called ‘breeding sows’ by industry) are confined most of their lives in ‘gestation crates’ which are so small that they cannot even turn around. The pigs’ basic needs are denied, and they experience severe physical and psychological disorders.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    J R Fibonacci Hunn: Abusive is a label that can be used by humans, because we have the capacity to use language. We can also milk goats, breed them, slaughter them, and so on.
  • For now, you may wish to keep studying the “abusive militancy” of the dietary ideologists (like “militant vegans”). The abusive militant ideologists can attempt to shame you with comments that you support the confining of innocent goats, as well as milking them for your own personal benefit, rather than for the benefit of future generations of holy goats. 

    Goats are sacred to them, or so they may say when it is convenient for them to say so. These militants have contempt for you. They may accuse you of abusing goats, intentionally slaughtering goats to eat, and generally being in allegiance with “the evil people,” if not directly labeling you as an evil person.

    Goats cannot use language. Goats cannot be trained in contempt. They lack the intelligence to be trained in contempt, which requires programming with language. However, you have been programmed with language to create paranoid idealism (through political propaganda about how governments should be and so on), so you have been trained in where to focus your contempt.

    Wolf sneaking up to the sheepfold

    Wolf sneaking up to the sheepfold (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Your idealism is the shackle which you worship. The contempt itself is natural and not an issue. Just notice it. Without the idealism, the contempt would not arise. The root of the issue is the political propaganda through which you have programmed with the same forms of idealism as the rest of the masses (with slight variations in priority across the individual cases).

    So, perhaps you are the one who is terrified and it may be entirely fitting that you experience not only terror, but humiliation and humility. Perhaps after you experience a sudden wave of humility, you will also be relaxed and respectful.

    Until then, you will be disturbed by the militant vegans because they reflect a contempt that is already just under the surface for you. A disturbance or contempt that is already part of your primary way of relating to reality is triggered by the militant vegans.


    Sheep (Photo credit: James Good)

    You fear them. You should. However, you could also respect them. Do you?

    You also fear those who have programmed the militant vegans (who are only innocent fools operating in panic and distress and contempt, much like you). You should fear those who have influenced the militant vegans. However, you could also respect them. Do you?




Reality rewards respect

December 19, 2013


Respect Yourself (album)

Respect Yourself (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To respect does not mean to worship or glorify or blindly obey. To respect simply means to notice something for exactly what it is, to just accept it as it is without idealism.

When we first give attention to something, we inspect it (however carefully or carelessly) and then we make our initial interpretation of it and use labels in language to identify it. Respect actually begins after all of that.

Respect means to “look again” (to re-spect), to review, to re-assess (or at least to be open to making ongoing reassessments). Respect means to be interested in clarity, perceptiveness, accuracy, and precision.

Respect is in contrast to neglect. When we reject something in order to focus on preserving a particular presumption or ideal, that is idealism. Idealism can lead to quite disrespectful behavior, such as antagonistic arguing, ridicule, and contempt.

In contrast to idealism is respect and skepticism. Skepticism actually has the same linguistic root as scope, respect, inspect, and spectrum. Skepticism means to observe something carefully, respectfully.

Respect yourself

Respect yourself (Photo credit: Celestine Chua)

As for being respected by others, that can be an important concern. Those who have been harassed can appreciate the value of receiving respect from others.

Respect can mean for people to simply leave you to your own privacy. Further, respect would mean that people approach you and interact with you respectfully.

However, that is not the main focus here. We are focusing on the benefits of practicing respect.

What are the rewards of practicing respect? Reality rewards respect and punishes neglect.

When I am calm and offer respect, then I can notice what others miss (neglect). I notice risks and opportunities earlier than others (if they even notice at all).

I can notice the idealism and social paranoia that people may sometimes experience, respectfully observing others who are defending particular ideals in distress, rather than simply respecting ideals as ideals.

Of course, I can observe people condemning a particular idealism (or all idealism). I can notice the panic and distress of those who desperately promote some form of idealism, competing furiously with any potential threat to their sacred idolatry. I can engage with them selectively or delicately or even not at all.

The prophet Isaiah taught about respect as distinct from worship, presenting ideas like “some idolaters worship me only with their lips, but they neglect what is divine and only respect familiar traditions.” Jesus quoted this teaching of Isaiah in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 7.

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Stained glass at St John the Baptist’s Anglican Church, Ashfield, New South Wales. Illustrates Jesus’ description of himself “I am the Good Shepherd” (from the Gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 11). This version of the image shows the detail of his face. The memorial window is also captioned: “To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of William Wright. Died 6th November, 1932. Aged 70 Yrs.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reality rewards those who respect reality. Reality neglects (or even punishes) those who neglect reality.

Where is reality? When did it start? What power is beyond it?

Reality is omnipresent, eternal, and omnipotent. Many people are familiar with translations of ancient words in to the modern word “God,” but which could also be rendered as “reality.”


Furthermore, there are 3 ancient words that all are commonly translated in to English as “love.” To translate them all as the same word reduces the precision of the teaching. Instead of using the word love, let’s take some familiar teachings and use the word respect.

Jesus was asked which are the most important teachings. He answered with a reference to the very first one.

First, respect reality, which has formed you as an aspect of reality. You are just one form of reality, among others- or you are the many variations of form that you can experience over time.

Second, respect one another. All that you experience is a pattern of reality. All creatures are forms in reality, formed by reality, and forms of reality. Reality includes all experiences and sensations and words and patterns and forms.

You have heard it stated like this: “Respect this that you are hearing, ye O Israel: the LORD thy Reality is inclusive. As a mansion includes many rooms, so reality is like a huge vine of which each of us is just a single branch or leaf. Just as you are a branch of reality, respect every branch of reality.”

In these two teachings, the entire value of spirituality is contained. For those who are not ready for the simplicity of these two teachings, there are additional teachings that can prepare them for the first two.

Again, these teachings are like the root of a tree and the trunk. When someone approaches from a distance, they will see the entire tree without precision. Then as they get closer, they can see the individual branches and variations. But when they get all the way to the base of the tree, then they will see that the trunk is the hub from which all the branches grow.

The curious ones will ask “how can there be a trinity and also unity?” The wise ones will say “how can a tree have three limbs and yet only a single trunk?”

Those who argue for exclusive monotheism or for exclusive polytheism are fools. They do not understand how their own patterns of using language are limiting their rewards.

Let them repent and be like children: humble and respectful. Let them notice that monotheism and polytheism are both entirely valid branches of the tree of life.

All things have their purpose. There is a time for hate and a time for love (respect). There is a time for peace and a time for war. There is a time for panic and a time for calm. There is a time for arguing and a time for introspection.

All things are pure. For the one who lacks respectfulness and is corrupted with idealism and self-condemnation, they find many things to disrespect and condemn. However, for the one who is pure, all of reality is worthy of respect.

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functional ideals vs paranoid idealism

December 14, 2013

Expectation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People may notice the experience of distress. We may have a panic reaction to suppress the display of distress. The more we repress, the more likely that an explosive tantrum will result.

So, suppressed panics of distress could be rooted in a simple inconsistency between ideals and experiences. That is the point of complication (and of untangling things back to simplicity). Let’s simplify.

Idealism: taking an entirely valid IDEAL and ruining it through naive EXPECTATION. To be slightly more specific, ideals are presumptions or speculations- like “I think that I would prefer to have that for dinner before 6 pm rather than not eat at all.” A few hours later, new information/feedback may be available.

However, the idea(l) that “other people will like me more if I wear this sweater to the Christmas Party” is MORE speculative. The intensity of holding on in terror to the construction in language (a speculation or expectation or presumption) is the issue, not the presuming itself, but desperate panic of clinging to the ideal (which typically involves the expectation of social approval if not also ideas like hell and heaven), like “but if Bob recovered from cancer through the protocol in that green book then that means I was WRONG about my skepticism and cynicism and ridicule!?!?”

Icon and Hope of a new generation

Icon and Hope of a new generation (Photo credit: Liamfm .)

Again, it is the terror of desperate, naive sincerity that is the issue- not the expectation itself. An expectation recognized as just an expectation can be easily refined over time. When people defend, rationalize, justify, and ridicule perceived threats, that is not about any particular ideal, but the terrified paranoia of IDEALISM.

Relating to ideals as sacred rather than as ideals. Idolatry. Rejecting God for a tradition. (As attributed to Jesus in Mark 7:7-8, in which he was quoting the prophet Isaiah.)

I think of idealism like this: relating to ideals as if they were not just ideals. If I find a contrast between an ideal (which is formed in language) and an experience, I can either reject the experience or the ideal. I must favor one, right?

If I reject the direct experience for the linguistic ideal, that is hiding the display of disappointment (grief). Was it the experience that disappointed me or the expectation from the ideal? I may say “the experience disappointed me,” but how is that possible without a pre-existing expectation? In FEAR of revising an ideal (which would admit that it is just an ideal), I “blame” the experience as the source of disappointment.

That is hell. Hiding disappointment seems to be what we are programmed to do by culture (schools, media, church, etc).

“Do not display disappointment or regret. Do not admit that an ideal may be subject to refinement or greater precision. Be terrified of learning something new. Display your loyalty to the system and the sacred ideals of the system. Reject your own experience (including intuition and of course logic).”

The hell of idealism is like believing that “the past has ruined my life.” That is self-condemning. That is “the sin against the holy spirit,” which is the worst sin in that it can be so hard to recognize. In recognition, the tension of the sin finally relaxes.

I would be saying that “I know better than God and God made a mistake in my past, (ruining everything,) and why me and it is all so horrible.” Why would I say something like that? Because I cling in terror to an expectation, a desperate hope for salvation.

If I believe that eating peanut butter will be my salvation, but then it is not, then I suddenly hate peanut butter. I cannot bear to be reminded of it. My shame is immense.

However, the distress is not from peanut butter itself, but from the prior idealism about it. The idealism was imprecise (or even totally foolish).

Maybe I was fooled by Santa Claus in to believing in some kind of solution to eternal damnation by worshiping the baby Serapis who was born of a virgin and yada yada yada. This myth is quite ancient. It is not just any myth, but a system of social organizing or mind control. It works pretty well, too.

Little kids may cling to ideals about Santa. Adults cling to similar ideals. Many adults have so little self-esteem and self-awareness that they strive to be saviors (at least to see themselves as justified in their actions because they are saving other people). That is intense guilt. They are desperate to compensate for their shame of not having already fit the great ideal of savior. That is their hell.

Again, all this is the typical conversation of anyone who is a product of our mainstream culture of social programming, which is derived from the Noahide system to organize society through guilt and shame and terrorism (Noahide as in the 7th commandment which was given to Noah in which Noah is the chosen one of God to impose order on all humans whether in the Hebrew tribes or not). So, idealism is a tool of imperialism. It can be an effective tool.

Ideals are also effective tools. “There should not be reverse psychology because mind control must not exist” is an ideal that children may worship, but it is a joke from the beginning, a paradox, a contradiction, a silly irony. However, those who worship language will suffer until they see the language as just a tool.

Other ideals are less complicated and socially charged, like “I like this shirt with that belt.” If someone else says “I disagree,” than an idealist would have a tantrum of panic to argue and defend, while a mature adult would not argue and defend.

“To fix everything that is wrong with the world, first we must pass a law that requires everyone to wear a blue shirt” is a typical model of the thought-forms of mainstream insanity. For the company who makes the specific blue shirt that everyone must wear or that monitors the blueness of the shirt, there is no idealism. It is just another day of imperialist competition. They are just lobbying for the creation of a government (to save the masses from freedom).

Public schools are one universal foundation of fascism. However, public schools everywhere teach the students to reject “the most evil political ideology,” which we in the US may have been trained to call fascism. Why the programming of rejection?

To hide something that is in plain sight, teach everyone to reject it. Program idealism. Blind the children early. That way, they make better soldiers and bureaucrats and slaves.

The natural order vs presumptive arrogance

December 6, 2013

The natural order vs presumptive arrogance

English: North Block Delhi

English: North Block Delhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever noticed that some people may speak as if their own lack of familiarity with a subject is somehow evidence that the subject is invalid, incomprehensible, or worthless? Some people are generally open and curious about unfamiliar things while others are cynical and may even be threatened or paranoid by certain unfamiliar information.

For instance, a person may use the term “scurvy” and refer to scurvy as incurable. They may say “incurable scurvy is a demon that possessed one of my patients. I personally do not understand physiology very well, so when the patient displays certain symptoms, I just say that they have a certain disease or that the disease has possessed them (the disease has them). Further, if I do not know how to improve the health of the patient, then I just say that the demonic disease which has possessed them is incurable. No one can cure it now. Further, no one will ever be able to cure it. It is incurable. It is not merely unfamiliar or unexamined. Again, it is fundamentally incurable!”

That is not a very scientific use of language. That could even be called superstitious.

It is clearly presumptive, right? It is an imprecise use of language. “The incurable scurvy” is an interpretative construction of words made by a particular author or authority.

English: the so called incurable cases

English: the so called incurable cases (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, some authors not only take the risk of presenting interpretations, but also criticize contrary interpretations, even condemning or attacking contrary interpretations. Some interpretations may even be criminalized and systematically suppressed in inquisitions or other crusades of military coercion.

Does the condemning of an interpretation reflect confidence or worry? There are several ways that we could relate to a particular interpretation, such as with enthusiasm and openness or with fear and rage.

When someone dismisses something as uninteresting to them, that dismissal is about them and their priorities, not the topic itself. Further, when someone takes the time and energy to ridicule some idea (or some person or group referencing the idea), could that be because they are personally uncomfortable with the very idea itself? Because they perceive an idea to be a threat to a familiar idealism that they cling to in terror, they may ridicule something as “nonsense” or as “just a conspiracy theory.”

For instance, consider the idea that a particular government is powerful, stable, and sympathetic to my best interests. Might someone disagree with that? How would I respond if they did? Would I passionately defend the government of India in 1709 as “a good one” because all of the policies that I believe that government implemented were what I would call “good?”

Consider the idea that a particular government is primarily an instrument of private special interests distinct from that government (which could even have the power to destabilize a particular government). What about the idea that all governments systematically take actions that benefit particular groups of people at the expense of particular other groups of people?

Government House

Government House (Photo credit: Ted & Dani)

What is the origin of governments? Are they more powerful than geology or biology or physics? Or, are the only powerful because of factors such as physics and biology and geology?

If governments are formed by specific people to promote particular outcomes, then what about after the formation of the government? Once a government has been formed, can new influences promote new outcomes through that same government? 
What if a particular outside support (for a particular program of a government) declines or stops? Could that withdrawal of support effect the stability of that program? Could the extent of concentration on producing a particular target outcome decrease over time? Could any government program ever be totally discontinued? Could an entire government ever be conquered or simply disintegrate and collapse? Has it ever happened? Could it ever happen in the future?

English: A pie chart of the funding sources of...

English: A pie chart of the funding sources of the Canadian municipal governments in 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people look to governments for security and guidance. Some are pleased with the results. Some are disappointed or even infuriated.

At various times, I may value the services or products that may be available from a particular individual or company or government. Maybe I wish to sue someone, so I hire a government court officer (a judge) to help me collect on a claim against the other party. To help me, I may hire a lawyer (who is an officer of the court/ government) as well as a licensed “process server” and even licensed mercenary thugs (deputy soldiers) to perform a property seizure or an eviction or a foreclosure auction.

In my experience, I have found that there are certain services for which it is best to go to a particular government. In other cases, governments (and their licensed government agents) either do not offer a particular thing that I value at all or there is some other provider that I prefer over that particular government/ licensed officer.

For instance, if I go to a government agent who tells me that scurvy is incurable, I may dismiss them as incompetent. I may even report them to an oversight agency. If the supervising bureaucrats do not “correct” what I perceive to be the incompetence of a particular licensed agent, I could reduce whatever confidence I had in that oversight agency. Any personal support of mine for that government program might decline.

Government House, Baku

Government House, Baku (Photo credit: indigoprime)

Governments universally promote public confidence in that government. They value the support that sustains their operations. They seek to influence public perception so that the government is perceived to be stable, reliable, trustworthy, and generally worthy of support.

However, governments do not value everyone’s support equally. They value the economic support of the wealthy and powerful more than the support of children or inmates or enemy soldiers, whose support they may or may not consider relevant. If an invading government seeks to attract loyalty from the people of the newly colonized military target, they may create radio propaganda programs or distribute leaflets that condemn a certain opposing loyalty and promote compliance with the interests of the imperialists in the name of “national security.”

A government may dictate that all of the children in their colony must be familiar with a certain curriculum of propaganda called “history.” Education of children may be made legally mandatory (subject to fines or imprisonment). Further, education may be regulated by governments (whether mandatory or not). Governments can even fund education programs (through tax revenues) or even directly operate them (staffed entirely by government personnel who are trained and paid by the military government’s Ministry of Indoctrines).

Government House

Government House (Photo credit: slazgrc)

Could certain interests wish to publicize the idea of demonic possession? Could those ideas include possession by the demons of incurable scurvy, incurable cancer, or incurable hypochondria? These ideas could be promoted through commercial advertising media or through public indoctrination camps. Could educationalists be trained to not only exclusively present the demonic possession model, but also to ridicule any contrary interpretations?

Remember, governments may be paranoid about public perceptions of credibility and loyalty. Institutions may systematically attack perceived threats to the sacred principles of that particular government or religion.

Some officers of a particular church or state may say “we are nothing like that other institution. That is blasphemy to even say! We TOLD you all that there is a total separation of mythology and science. Our science is not presumptive and thus it will never advance any further than it had as of 1967 when I personally received my doctorate degree in Infallible Scientific Models That Never Change Because They Obviously Do Not Need Refining. Therefore, I am clearly not a religious idealist. I am just loyally following the orders of my bishop, my archbishop, and of course, the daughter of God, her royal majesty, my Magistrate Court magi, the dictating dictator at the Supreme Imperial Temple of the Holy Government Tower of Secular Religion.”

The Seat of Government

The Seat of Government (Photo credit: Ewan-M)

Can any institution save humanity from science? Institutions can program humanity to be confused about science or to be loyal to certain presumptions. However, science is not institutional. When institutions such as the US military get involved in funding scientific research, they are doing so in order to classify the most useful findings as “top secret” and hide them from the general public.

The doctrines with which children are indoctrinated in institutions may promote a developing of the natural curiosity of the children in particular ways. They may get very interested in math or sports or music or brain chemistry or social dynamics.

Some people may study social dynamics and the possibility of an emotional dependence (psyhological, neurochemical) on the social approval of a perceived authority figure. Because of an interest in social approval, once a child is trained to expect social approval by demonstrations of skill or expertise in a particular field (such as hockey, auto mechanics, or finger-painting), then the child may protest the absence of the expected social approval.

English: SBI hq in Mumbai

English: SBI hq in Mumbai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Why isn’t everyone congratulating me for being quiet and on time? I used to get certificates for attendance! Now, these people called managers seem to be actually expecting me to answer the phones when it rings. What is wrong with these people? They must be idealists! I can see right through them. They are just conformists who are trying to manipulate me by offering me money in exchange for my labor.”

For anyone who thinks of government bureaucracies as the authority on matters of scientific credibility, I can relate to that presumption. I was also tamed with social influences that led me to question my own observations and my own logical deductions. I rejected logic in deference to conforming to whatever “answers” would get me credit on a test. I also expected ongoing social support of my conformity to “the official version.”

As time went on, some people with whom I interacted did not value my repetition of the official versions (of science, for instance). I had faithfully memorized those versions in school (without true comprehension). Perhaps I argued with these skeptics and threw tantrums to test their low evaluation of my official repetitions. Perhaps they would cave in if I just yelled a little louder.
However, some people continued to suggest that my favorite models (those familiar to me) did not conform well with actual observed patterns. So, they were evaluating my favorite models as less than sacred.

That was not the end of their crimes. To extend their heresy further, they then suggested other models of interpretation which happened to conform precisely with actual observed patterns, but were not already familiar to me. So, I rejected these idealists and charlatans as obvious quacks and criminals. I initiated programs to protect the public from their interpretations (which openly threatened the perceived credibility of my favorite models of reality).

Then, these horrible villains suggested that I was arrogant in my dismissal of contrary models which threaten the sacred ideals of established scientific doctrine. They said I was afraid that my presumptions might be presumptive.

They condemned me by not agreeing with me enthusiastically. They then said that I invented their condemnation when in fact they argued that they had simply evaluated my favorite sacred models as “imprecise” and even “obsolete.”

Don’t these people have any respect for established scientific models of infallibility? Are they even licensed by the local Board of Mediocre Models (models that are generally consistent with some of reality most of the time)?

blason du governorats

blason du governorats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am quite insulted by these disrespectful children who keep asking why over and over again. “Why do you say that scurvy is incurable if it has been cured thousands of times?”

These children clearly have mental disorders along the lines of lack of conformity to popular models of idealism. Their idealism is the wrong idealism. It should be more like mine.

How their mothers allowed them out of the womb without properly indoctrinating them in the holy idealism of our culture, I do not want to even speculate. They probably were not even properly cut out. They probably were delivered through the so-called birth canal.

That is NOT a canal. I know what a canal is, by the way, and that is absolutely not a canal. If you continue to offend me by your lack of sufficient enthusiasm for my tantrums, then I will show you some peer-reviewed journals in which a bunch of group-think worshipers all reference the so-called birth canal with an entirely different word.

I know science when I see it. Those words are NOT scientific. Those people should be ashamed, ridiculed, incarcerated, and medicated with mind-numbing drugs. Then they should be crucified, impaled, stoned, and resurrected. It is only right.

The Logo of Sindh Local Government

The Logo of Sindh Local Government (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rituals of human sacrifice are not related to capital punishment. Those two phrases are entirely unrelated. Stop arguing with me. In fact, please just stop reading this!

Why did you even learn the English language if all you were going to do with it was be arrogant and sarcastic and out of conformity with my sacred presumptions of how you would be, should be, and must be? Plus, how many times do I have to tell you to stop reading this? You are so stubborn. You are so rebellious. You are so weird.

I said that you do not conform to my presumptions. So, in punishment, I do not condone your drama. You do not even seem to be paranoid about whether or not I approve of you. Why not? What is your problem? STOP!

Science is the STUDY of the natural order. Science is not the activity of arrogantly condemning contrary interpretations and criminalizing them. However, part of the order of modern human civilization is the condemning and criminalizing of perceived threats.

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