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Benefiting from the constant transfer of wealth

June 25, 2015

Sometimes, a quick demonstration of a very obvious point could be very important to you. Even if the point is quite obvious, it may be very rare for someone to directly explain it. The reality could be very simple and yet very startling (even shocking). However, clearly perceiving the reality could quickly give you access to huge benefits, reduce risk, and eliminate the old familiar anxiety that results from a lack of clarity.

What in particular could become clear? You may be stunned to recognize the simplicity of what is going on with the global transfer of wealth right now. Massive amounts of wealth are being redistributed through two general types of activity: free markets and government programs. We will briefly review both so that you will learn what to do to better position yourself, your household, and your business.

First, why should you be interested? (How will you benefit?)

Most people do not realize that they are the sources of the huge profits of a small number of recipients of a massive transfer of wealth. It is common knowledge that governments create tax systems that collect wealth from the masses. Perhaps it is less obvious where that money goes, but it is probably no surprise that large amounts of tax revenues go to groups like government employees and the manufacturers of the expensive military equipment purchased by governments.

But what about something like investment markets? One thing that is clear is that every single transaction in investment markets will create a cash flow for brokerages. The biggest brokerages and their employees can make a lot of profit just from the commissions for all of those transactions.

But who else benefits? And who is the source of all of those profits? Again, most people do not realize that they are the source of the huge profits collected by a small number of recipients.

How you will benefit is simple. We will benefit you by positioning you to increase the amount of wealth that you receive, as well as reducing or eliminating your current exposure as a source of profit for the select few.

Next, you will watch a slideshow that will demonstrate simply and quickly how massive amounts of wealth are being transferred right now. You can pick from two versions (one with audio and one without audio). There are two basic sections:

Who benefits from investment markets?

Who benefits from the programs of governments?

Before proceeding, note that wealth is not just exclusive ownership of valued resources. Wealth is exclusive access to resources PLUS the intelligent use of those resources.

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SLIDES: (To see all the writing, you may need to increase your screen magnification or click some of the images.)

Keep in mind that investment markets do not create any wealth. They ONLY transfer ownership of existing wealth. Over a lifetime, we can chart different amounts of total gains or losses.



Gains will be shown in black and losses in red.



Here is an idea of the long-term results that most people think is going on with investment markets.


Let’s visually isolate those who profit (in black) from those with a net loss (in red).


net5c net5b

Let’s quickly review the investment returns last decade for the Dow Jones Industrial Average of 30 popular US stocks.

djia 10 yrs

At the end of the entire decade, the result would be a small decline in liquidation value. Also, the vast majority of the time, there was a significant standing loss (often greater than 10%). One reason why many people tend not to notice the negative long-term returns is that they are frequently adding money to make up for their occasional investment losses (like adding funds with every paycheck).

However, stock markets can go down quickly and can take years or decades to recover (if they ever do). Plus, all of that is before we adjust for inflation. There are a few ways to calculate inflation, but all of them would produce double digit losses for that stock market index for last decade, like this:

djia 10 yrs2

Also, many investors in the US are subject to taxes for any year in which they have an annual gain. Last decade, there were profits 5 of the 10 years.

djia 10 yrs7

Depending on the exact losses on taxes, the final results could be a significant loss of purchasing power, like over 30%. Investors would have done better by just investing in the safest government bonds (to at least balance the loss of purchasing power from inflation).

djia 10 yrs5



So, again, here is what most people think is happening:




But here is what is really happening (after considering inflation and taxes):




Again, keep in mind that investment markets do not create any wealth. They ONLY transfer ownership of existing wealth.

Here are some ideas of the different groups that typically benefit from investment markets (as well as those who are the source of those benefits).

As investment markets transfer wealth year after year, huge numbers of typical middle class investors are the source of massive gains for small numbers of recipients.



Also, note that I left out one group who benefits from that transfer of wealth. They benefit even more than the brokerages and the stock exchanges. They collect fees on every transaction and also collect taxes on all the profits. Who do I mean? Governments!




We can pause here. What you have learned so far may be enough to interest you in considering the potential value of investing using the strategies of “smart money” investors who consistently make the highest profits. For many of you, that may begin with accurately re-assessing your current risk levels (not just what your broker wants you to believe).

We can help with all of that. First, I’d like you to also review a much shorter presentation on wealth transfers  performed by governments.

> Go to that slideshow about governments
> Skip to learning about the best investment methods (and the results you can get through them).
> Skip to learning how the most popular investment methods are so risky.






We will create a chart similar to the one you saw about investment markets.



On the left, we will show different levels of contribution (in red) or benefits (in black).




Note that we are considering the total net transfer of wealth over an entire lifetime.







With governments, how would you imagine that the chart would look? Is it more common to pay more in taxes than is received in benefits?



Considering all the businesses and households in a single country (such as the US), here is a possible range of how many people are net donors or net receivers from government transfers of wealth:




Next, consider some examples of who receives the benefits of government programs to transfer wealth.

Consider also some examples of who provides those benefits.


Through taxes and other revenues sources (fees, fines, etc), governments consistently transfer wealth from the masses to those who have the lobbying power to form governments and direct their policies.


Before considering what actions to take, it may be useful to first be very clear on the interests of governments (as in the actual results that they consistently produce). They generally transfer wealth to a select few recipients from large numbers of human resources (contributing donors, such as the taxpayers that are the involuntary “underwriters” of government debt). Even with governments that claim to promote equality, what often happens is that the masses own little or nothing and are assigned their work (with severe punishments for non-compliance), which is also known as slavery.

So, be cautious about the interests of government-regulated specialists. They tell you what they have been programmed to tell you (and they are subject to penalties for presenting truths that are contrary to the interests of a particular government).

Further, do not expect government-regulated specialists to empathize with you or validate your observations. Do not expect the masses to be interested either. They have been programmed by schools and mass media to focus elsewhere. They may have even been programmed by religious indoctrination to be ashamed of accepting their own self-interests and acting on them.

Instead, expect some people to be repulsed by small pieces of this information. This presentation was created to be a gentle but provocative “demonstration of the obvious.” You can share the presentation from the beginning. To share individual points “out of context” can repulse people (as in frighten them without first establishing hope in favorable alternatives).

So, because of years of government-regulated programming to promote the idea of governments as the champion (or even the savior) of the masses, many people will be upset emotionally by simple and obvious truths. In that case, it is important to relax, slow down, and remain calm.

While reviewing the prior content, it is not unusual to get light-headed or experience nausea. In extreme cases, just drink some cool, clean water, take a break and then return to this content as soon as you are able to be attentive.

When it works for you, we can explore some objective measures of what works best and why, plus review why the methods promoted most by governments and financial institutions tend to be so good for them (and so bad for everyone else). You can proceed immediately or get a link emailed to you for you to continue at a later time.

By the way, the massive transfer of wealth is not going to stop. It will still be here whenever you are willing to position yourself wisely to benefit from it more than you ever have before. It will go faster or slower at certain times, but there is no stopping the fact that different people have access to different resources (as well as different levels of expertise in knowing how to use the various resources).

Nature contains diversity (variety), which means inequality. Rats are not as smart as cats, and neither of them are as smart as humans. Just like kids may eventually tame a stray dog, government leaders may eventually tame new human resources to provide wealth to the few (like through invasion and then ongoing colonization with occupation soldiers).

If you have a reaction of contempt (envy) for certain nations, political groups, or politicians, that is common enough, but will be of no practical benefit. Here is what will actually make a real difference in terms of long-term results.

You may be motivated to stop doing any unwise (detrimental, risky) practices that you may have been programmed to do. You may even choose to start doing some things that have been working very well for a select few people for a very long time.

> Learn about the best investment methods (and the results you can get through them).
> Learn how the most popular investment methods are so risky.

The mainstream religion that is not a religion

December 10, 2014
  • Mainstream idealism sets up people to obsess about “making the biggest difference” so that they can “make up for” their unexamined self-rejection (guilt, shame, etc). In the most simple stories of heaven and hell, those who insist that they are not in heaven and that they need salvation through some exclusive, limited way… are presumably experiencing hell. Maybe if they perform the correct rituals to bribe Santa with cookies and tithes, then they can be freed from sin and, after they die, be rewarded with heaven.
  • So, we are programmed with ideals about how life is and how life should be (or should not be). We are told things like how governments should be, which functions to blind us from how our own government might not be exactly “how governments should be.” However, the naive pupils still blindly believe that “our government USED TO BE perfect,” so they then think “who has ruined our government?” Then they argue amongst themselves for a few decades over how to protect our government from becoming how it should not be (assuming that it is not already that way).

    The entire process is hysteria. Virtually all governments use propaganda to present themselves as a “kinder, gentler imperialism” – at least on occasion.

    Schools do not teach the basic nature of language, which is to govern (to influence, to organize, to focus, to control, etc). They also may not reveal their own methodology or motives.

  • The idea of an “either/or” world is convenient and certainly a valid orientation: either right or wrong, either just or unjust, either what should be or what should not be. We can call this a “black/white” or binary or dualistic “worldview.” It is actually just a pattern in language.

    We can divide any spectrum in to two exclusive categories or several overlapping categories, like blue & red & yellow, as well as maroon and magenta and other “subcategories” of red. How many “real” colors are there? What is the best number of colors to divide a rainbow in to? (This is mostly a matter of how many different distinct categories a particular language happens to have for the various hues of a rainbow.)

    One of the most important points in the religion known as the USA is that it is not a religion. The USA’s rituals are not religious rituals.

    “Either something is a religion or [else it must be] a ____, but never both!” Those kinds of “mutually exclusive” categorizations are optional.

    In the spells cast by the sorcerers of the USA, their curses are not curses. When someone is possessed by a living entity called cancer which spreads through their body and eats them alive, that is not mythology. That is a scientific fact because demonic possession by cancer is a central idea of mainstream demon worshipers.

The nature of governments is organized violence

December 6, 2014

What is the nature of governments? They are operations of organized violence.

A widely-recognized point of historical innovation was the Prophet Noah’s implicit declaration of war (on behalf of the Hebrew tribes) against the rest of humanity. The idea apparently was that “we, the elite, must establish court systems in order to govern all of humanity by force (or else an apocalyptic catastrophe worse than the recent Great Flood will wipe out all of humanity).”

This was distinct from the prior legal system internal to the Hebrew tribes. Noah’s declaration was basically “our group is the only rightful authority not only over our own 12 tribes as before, but now over all of humanity.” (That was in contrast to the time prior to Noah’s declaration of a Seventh commandment – “to establish courts of justice” – to add to the six that, according to Hebrew tradition, existed prior to Noah.)

However, we see similar declarations of universal or global authority in many places and times, such as the Holy Roman Empire’s declaration of global political domination in the 1400s. Empires are inherently “expansionist” systems. Isolationism is the exception (when two adjacent empires respect each other’s boundaries), not the standard in human history.

Later, by the time of Moses, (as recorded in the book of Numbers), the Hebrew tribes began their massacres and enslavements of neighboring tribes such as the Midianites. As for the various military campaigns of the Hebrew tribes in the last few thousand years, those are naturally not documented in the Bible.


However, there are many traditions that claim the ancient Hebrew prophet Abraham as a patriarch. One branch is the Holy Roman Empire and another set of branches would be the various Muslim empires.

A simple introduction to why there is demand for a currency

October 10, 2014
  • I occasionally say that the propaganda campaigns (of operations like public schools and mainstream news and even churches) are very effective at (#1) distracting folks from the most significant issues and (#2) only focusing on those primary issues in ways that grossly confuse people, leading them to say things like “math is too hard, economics is too complex, and by the way my health is threatened by a demon called cancer that is going to attack me and possess me and eat me alive, so let’s focus on preventing reverse psychology so we can earn our way in to heaven after our actual lives are over.”
    Governments form out of the economic interests of those who form them. Through organizing their individual capacity for violence in to gangs called by such names as “the sheriff department,” these groups can influence the masses very efficiently. 

  • They may set up rituals for how to determine who owns what. For instance, if Jack walks west across the border of Oklahoma (part of the USA) in 1844 in to the part of Mexico now known as Texas, is Jack an illegal immigrant or a trespasser or what?
    Jack stays there and claims to suddenly be a land owner of acreage in a part of the USA that the USA calls Texas. He pays taxes to the USA and not to Mexico.

    The government of Mexico “disputes his claims.” They says that he is a variety of insulting things like a criminal tax evader. They send thugs to arrest him, to take his belongings, and to kill him in a public ritual of human sacrifice.

    Jack says “come and get me because I am protected by the ink of the US Constitution, you buttfaces!” So, soon Jack is killed.

    Then, the USA gets mad that Jack was killed. They send some cavalry in to “annex” Texas from Mexico by force. (Of course, they were planning to annex Mexico anyway and they recruited Jack to be sent to Texas to stir up a dispute and be a “victim” of the Mexican government so as to justify a “retaliation” to “protect innocent settlers like Jack.”)

    Then, some native american family whose forefathers have been living in the area for 900 years return from their summer vacation. The governments of Mexico and the USA flip out and say that these trespassers have a mental illness called “being an Apache” and send some more cavalry to protect the “innocent settlers” from the “bad people.”

     But what does this have to do with currency? Not much yet.

  • However, when property taxes in Texas must be paid in Mexican pesos, then that creates demand for Mexican pesos, right? After the USA “annexes” (invades) Texas, that means there is a reduction in demand for Mexican pesos. Further, the property taxes there must now be paid in whatever currency that the local warlords dictate.
    So, for a while Texas property taxes are paid in Confederate Dollars. Then later they are paid in some other currency.

    (Note that the above currency references a “treaty of peace” between the Confederate States and the United States. Did that really happen? Did the US later violate that treaty and “invade” the South? Or, did the confederates concoct a story that there ever was a peace treaty? Hmmmm….?!?!?)

     So what is the foundation of all public demand for every currency on the planet? A court system of organized violence threatens to perform an act of economic detriment to someone and demands payment in a particular currency. In other words, systems of extortion form the basis of every currency on this planet.
     Is this taught in schools? Will it be made in to a big budget movie? No and no.

  • That would be contrary to the purposes of public schools and mainstream entertainment. However, all that I just told you is easy enough to observe. It is kind of like saying “Every year in Canada, winter is colder than summer.”

The propaganda of centralized governments (about health)

September 2, 2014
“Land of the free” is just a slogan. Ask a Native American (who knows the real history of their tribe). However, if you ask an immigrant to the US who came from the Soviet bloc (for instance), they will also note that some slogans have a lot of truth to them.

Let’s talk about centralization and decentralization. First, let’s talk about systems for influencing public perception (as well as public focus and public behavior). These are systems for forming herds (and leading them, governing them, and regulating them, as in managing the herd of human resources).
Modern civilization includes a few institutions for influencing public perceptions. The oldest one that I will mention is “the church.” In places like Great Britain or parts of the middle east, the political leader (hereditary monarch) is also the official head of the religious intstitutions. The churches, whether government-funded or otherwise, focus on certain issues and ignore or dismiss others.

Another innovation in the influencing of public opinion was the printing press (and publications like newspapaer and magazines). Later, that became raido and TV and so on. Again, the media outlets focus on certain issues and ignore or dismiss others.

When these are government-regulated, like by the FCC, that produces a culture of a certain level of censorship. When the media is government-funded or government-operated, then every single program can be presumed to be government propaganda.
In the case of public schools, with virtually all schools government-operated in the US for the last century or so, then every bit of the curriculum is not only funded by the government, not only regulated, but entirely produced by them. Whether any particular school is a government propaganda program or otherwise, each school will focus on certain issues and ignore or dismiss others. 
With big, controlling networks that have a “common core,” there will naturally be a dramatic reduction in diversity of content. That is what common core means, after all, right?

So, centralization of authority ALWAYS corresponds to less receptivity to certain kinds of content as well as “bias” toward big funders. When there is a decentralized set of media outlets, then it can be challenging for a single “tyrant” to influence every single media outlet (or school or church). It is harder to censor or suppress information without centralized distribution and control mechanisms.

In particular, the “wire services” of AP & Reuters allow for huge numbers of media outlets to all program the masses with the same “curriculum.” Further, when there is a regulatory power like the FCC watching every move by AP and Reuters, then that effects content, too.

Plus, there are many cases of fabricated propaganda that governments create and then feed to the private media. Edward Bernays wrote about the deceptions that he used as a US government contractor to get the US public to be more receptive to the idea of invading Europe. He “sold” World War 1 to the US public. How? Deception was a reliable method (consistently effective). He made up emotionally-charged accusations and then had a big budget to get those stories published as “news.”

In WW2, while our allies the USSR were slaughtering tens of millions of their own citizens, they also massacred about 22,000 Polish people and blamed it on the Nazis. Because the USSR was our ally and the Nazis were our enemy, the US (and UK) media publicized the Katyn Forest Massacre as another Nazi atrocity. It was not.

Further, the idea of a massive holocaust in Germany is notable relative to the devastation conducted by the USSR in Ukraine and elsewhere. The popular figure for the total deaths in the German holocasut is 6 million.  Not only is that figure considered by many to be immesnely inflated, but it is still dwarfed by the series of genocide conducted by the USSR (the US ally).

But the US government’s “ministry of information” did not “feed” AP & Reuters stories about the genocides of our communist allies. Instead, the Katyn Forest massacre was blamed on the Nazis as well as a variety of emotionally-charged stories, like making soap from human flesh or using human skin for lampshades. If some of these stories were “recycled” inflammatory content created by Edward Bernays, they were not publicized for accuracy but for emotional impact.

So there are many layers to the issue of centralizing information. There are clear cases of falsehood like the Gulf of Tonkin “attacks against the US” that the US used to justify aggression against Vietnam. Basically, the US Navy traveled many thousands of miles to bring immense military power to the edge of Vietnam, then publicized a report of an attack against a US vessel, then “retaliated.” The report of the original attack was later admitted as entirely false, but the invasion itself did not stop because of that detail.

The current “official” version of the story is that the US Secreatry of Defense McNamara intentionally deceived President Johnson. However, some radicals assert that the US invasion of Vietnam was a choice made long before that, with the assassination of JFK to remove him as a “barrier” to the invasion. LBJ may have been ignorant and naive or may have just been smart enough to have a lower-ranking agent (lower than his rank) be the “bad guy.”

What about matters of health? Would commercial interests lobby for the creation of US government agencies to advance the interests of the lobbyists? Would the lobbyists try to influence their agency (the one that they created)  so as to protect the economic interests of the lobbyists?

If margarine sales depended on a demonization of saturated fat, could the commercial interests get the FDA to approve the use of margarine (whether safe or healthy or what) and also permit a demonizing of saturated fat? What if the lobbyists could get the FDA to do the demonizing itself and at the expense of taxpayers? That would be a great result for a lobbyist or PR firm, right?

The idea that the FDA or the CDC ever had any scientific credibility or integrity is an interesting idea. Where did you learn it? From the government-operated schools and government-regulated media?

Consider the allegation by the FDA that cholesterol is a dangerous substance. Millions of species of animal on this planet all have livers and all of those livers are constantly producing cholesterol, which can then be made in to estrogen and cortisol and vitamin D. How many of those animals are harmed by cholesterol?

The FDA can publicize the idea that all of those animals are harmed by cholesterol. That is not only false, but ridiculous. Even now, though, if you go to a grocery store or search online for cholesterol, you can find reference to “lowering cholesterol” as if that is a good thing. (What if there is extensive evidence that lowering cholesterol has huge long-term detriments?)

What is the actual issue that led to the demonization of cholesterol? Cholesterol is sent to damaged tissue to help repair it. So, there is a correlation between cholesterol and various kinds of medical conditions.

The FDA, as an instrument of lobbyists, publicized the idea that cholesterol caused the damage to the tissue. This is exactly like saying that the presence of paramedics CAUSES medical emergencies. It has no scientific credibility and never did.

However, demonizing cholesterol was recognized as a profitable promotion. This allowed for the creation of a new industry: toxic drugs to impair the function of the liver in regard to the manufacturing of cholesterol.

Some radicals assert that the FDA has always been an instrument of special commercial interests (created by them and directed by them). They say things like “the only thing the FDA has ever done is to conduct a war on science.”

However, anonymous sources within the FDA have issued statements saying “we operate only to promote the interests of you personally and of all of the other human resources that we manage.” Hillary Clinton recently said, “This is a huge relief to know, right?”

So, as to the issue of “holding the government officials accountable,” who will do that? Other government agencies? Really?

The wise thing to do is to “wake up” to the nature of governments. They are systematically violent and deceptive.

In the case of the 1979 Iran hostage situation, certain US politicians took actions to delay the release of the hostages to promote the campaign of Reagan over Carter. Among the leading agents of the operation were Oliver North and Caspar Weinberger. They illegally laundered drug money from central America and they illegally traded in weapons in order to convince the Iranians to keep the US hostages captive until Reagan’s inauguration.

North was later convicted (and sentenced) and Weinberger was indicted (plus 4 others) and awaiting trial. President GWH Bush had the legal right to interrupt all of those legal punishments and did so.

Marc Rich was not as well known. He was involved in illegal smuggling of oil out of Iran during the embargo of the late 1970s. After massive donations to causes “near to the heart of Bill Clinton,” Clinton also reversed the convictions against Marc Rich (which included tax evasion and fraud, etc).

Those are events within our lifetimes. Prior to our lifetimes, were governments less violent or less deceptive? Government propaganda all over the world may suggest that “our government, which is so unlike the evil governments of so many other places and times, has always been the best one ever.”



on the myth of “declining government honesty”

August 21, 2014
  • Daniel Fritschler Isn’t this [the reality of a long history of deception by governments] almost common sense anymore?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Not for those who are still operating from the interpretive models programmed in public schools.
  • Daniel Fritschler So they can’t see how other government’s operate and how even the history books speak of dishonesty and corruption when it comes to the American government. Maybe they do see it but are just afraid to acknowledge it…blind because of fear and not naivety? Maybe?
  • Daniel Fritschler I think in today’s day and age of technology either you have to be avoiding the truth of how systems or societies work or you are just cowered in a corner because of fear. Perhaps the third group just isn’t intelligent enough to put the puzzle together and view the big picture but I would bet most are.
  • Daniel Fritschler I mean you can’t tell me people conform because of their peers or pressure from others after high school(or just an imaginary or perceived threat) but they can operate from the real threat or the fear of knowing what the government is capable of. So the fear shifts from other people as in friends, acquaintances and/or family to an actual threat or the corruption of the imperialistic empire.

The myth of “declining government honesty”

August 19, 2014
  • The idea that the US government was previously more honest than lately has been a popular idea… for centuries. It is based of course on a particular perception about past honesty.

    Those who independently study the nature of government may encounter some simple facts about all governments. (Note that in order to distract the masses from independent research, governments often make it a high priority to program the masses with pro-government propaganda through indoctrination systems of schools which may be government-regulated, or even government-funded or, in the most extreme cases, even operated by governments.)

    The mainstream media is similar (though in the US, the media is not as socialized as the primary school system). If you care to research the history of US government pro-war propaganda, two good sources are War is a Racket by USMC Major General Smedley Butler (1935)…/major_general…

    Throughout the years various men of military service have spoken up and….

    There is also this book from 1928 in which the nephew of Sigmund Freud (who was also the founder of the PR industry) details how he invented inflammatory anti-German propaganda in order to incite antagonism in the US public so as to reduce the resistance to the first US invasion of Europe (what later became known as “World War One”)

The roots of money and imperialism: The Prophet Noah

May 22, 2014


S.O. asked: “how come?”
J.R. replied:

The Prophet Noah said that unless the Hebrew tribes imposed a government court system on all of humanity, then a new apocalypse would destroy humanity. These court systems extorted wealth from their subjects and dictated the form of payment to be used to pay the invented debts that the government extortion rackets claimed from the masses.

However, it was not just guile and trickery that made this system so effective, but brutality and intimidation. The massacring of the Midianites ordered by Moses was one instance of slaughter that spread terror (and compliance) throughout the growing zionist empire. The Holy Roman Inquisition (with it’s tortures and crusades) is a branch of the same system of organized coercion. All governments have this same basic foundation.

On the glorifying of anti-government protests

April 24, 2014
A friend wrote to me about this article:
My reply:
It is an interesting sequence. To me, it looks like a possible “set-up.”I read that the BLM apparently had a “leak” which resulted in lots of people knowing some BLM plans and then coming together to intervene. Did the BLM do that on purpose on orders from higher up? Was this another spectacle designed to inflame tensions?When most people comment on the story (on facebook), I see the two reactionary approaches of “the government is wrong” or “those rebellious people are crazy and dangerous and need to be subdued. Who do they think they are?” There is no real dialogue on the issues and no one is interested in anything but justifying their prior conclusions and publicizing their favorite opinions.

That author’s take is the same kind of thing to me. If this was a poker game, this was not a one-round game. This was, to me, an experiment by the Feds in regard to what reaction they could produce. I would not be surprised if almost all of the protesters have been identified and received increased monitoring (and even targeting).

The reality is that challenging armed government agents can go very poorly for the challengers. That point seems to be completely ignored in the comments of the story that you sent me. I am sure that he has knowledge of protests getting demolished in places like Ohio (in 1970 when 4 college students were shot by the US National Guard), the Ukraine, Africa, Cambodia, Israel, Arabia, or Teinanmen Square (and note that the photographed incident below actually was notable because it was so unusual that the civilian was not simply killed).


The central point of George Orwell in the book 1984, which so many seem to miss, is that governments may occasionally set up events to draw out “protestors” to identify themselves to the government. Many “anti-government” authors are funded by governments (even if the actual source of the funding is hidden from the author). Some anti-government groups are started by the government (or inflitrated and then co-opted).

Anyway, here is what he said to glorify the actions of the protestors (and the text in bold is his emphasis, not mine):

BLM showed up with “lawful orders” backed up by two different (federal) courts. But the People did not perceive those order as being morally justified. Therefore, they chose not to recognize those orders as being lawful. As was the case at Bundy Ranch, Americans can and do think for themselves in such scenarios, and at any moment, they may decide that YOUR actions as a federal agent are grossly unlawful, immoral or unconstitutional. If enough people arrive at the same conclusion, you will sooner or later find yourself surrounded and possibly arrested by the People at gunpoint.

This concept does not compute with many federal agents because they were not taught the real roots of power in a free society. They are taught that a law written on a piece of paper is an absolute, irrefutable power which can never be questioned by lowly “civilians.” In reality, a law is nothing more than mutual consent of the governed. That consent, it turns out, can be invoked at any time if those who apply the law do so in a way that is egregious or unreasonable. All government power comes from the People, after all, and can therefore be revoked by the People if government becomes abusive or overreaching in its exercising of that power.

Laws mean nothing, after all, if they are not based on a sense of justice which can be recognized by the Common Man (or woman). 


Keep in mind that some times when a group assembles to protest the actions of the US as unlawful or unjustified, the US (for instance) does not stop. Did the US stop occupying Germany or Japan because of protests? No: 70 years later, troops are still there.

Did the US continue to the invasion of Vietnam even though some Vietnamese shot back at them? Yes, for many years.

What about Iraq? Did people really believe “we will pull out the troops as soon as I am elected” when some politician said that? Some people may be very naive. Some of the most naive may be some of the most vocal.

Anyway, with new technologies like social media, information (and photos or videos) CAN travel quickly. Those who USE that mechanism or at least RESPECT that mechanism may have a reduced reactivity to “social media” hysterias started by others.

lyrics: “what is a mastermind?”

November 3, 2013
What is a mastermind?
You ask “what is a mastermind?”
well how would I know
cause I’m just another fool
made from the public school mold
Same as you, same as me, same as almost everybody
We all say it shouldn’t be this way, but what can we do: pray?
Well, I even went to a Santa Claus church for a while
but their kind of circular logic never was my style
Some say they love the Bible, but they seem so scared of it
I quote one troubling verse to them and they freeze or flee from it
Shame is sacred to them which is fine with me
but they don’t want to admit it and that’s the irony
They’re scared someone might find out they’re scared
about someone finding out their religion is paranoia
They all say… be careful what you say
Or the devil may come to take you away
but I say… be careful how you say
Or the sheriff may come to take you away
Now I see the value in boogeymen and Santas
(to distract the kids and influence their actions)
We deceive them for their own good- that may be true
but is that deception an exception or the standard way to rule?
Which government teaches that their government isn’t
heroic and valiant and just and perfect?
Which religion teaches that their competition
deserves more authority and value and respect?
They all say… be careful what you say
Or the devil may come to take you away
but I say… be careful how you say
when you’re talking to the sheriff or the judge who heads the gang
Too many governments are violent and deceptive.
They shouldn’t be like that. They should be less competitive.
At least that’s what some politicians say
through the press release media propaganda campaign.
“My church is the only true one”
said every prophet in the history of religion
I get it. It keeps the subjects loyal.
Make them scared and guilty then trap them in a single coil.
Monopoly is the essence of their message.
If you want access to heaven, it’s quite exclusive.
But loyalty is the point of their theatrics
Do as we say or else… cause we handle the benefits
It’s like a government, with slightly different tactics
but so much is similar if you watch how they practice.
Take a crusade or holy inquisition
Coercion and deception govern. Now, do you get it?
They all say… be careful what you say
Or the devil may come to take you away
but I say… be careful how you say
when you’re talking to anyone who claims to be a savior
said the prophets of paranoia as they cast their spell.
“Hide your fear. Hide your shame. Hide your sadness and rage.
The only thing wrong with you is anything we don’t approve.”
Do I condemn them… shaking scared with contempt?
Or are all of these governing officers just my servants?
If accused of being the devil, do I defend in distress?
I neither confirm nor deny. “No comment” is my reply.
They all say… be careful what you say
Or the devil may come to take you away
but I say… for you it’s just too late, 
because now here I am.
What is a mastermind?
The mastermind is not the soldier who pulls the trigger
nor the officer who orders the shot.
The mastermind is the one who creates the puppets
and pulls the strings behind the scenes, all according to the plot.


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