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Clarity about fear, shame, shyness, and courage

October 25, 2013

Clarity about confusion 

Some predators thrive on your confusion. They cultivate new confusions. They identify your old confusions to exploit you. They confuse you and then manipulate you through promises of future reward as well as subtle intimidation and exploiting insecurity.
One of the most popular confusions in modern times is the idea that fear is dangerous. That is ridiculous.
English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clarity about fear

Fear is the perception of danger. Perceptions can be imprecise or even quite inaccurate, so it is functional to have an accurate perception of danger.
That means to accurately identify real dangers as dangerous. For instance, to fail to identify initial indicators of danger can be catastrophic.
It is also important to accurately identify safe things as safe. So what is the real issue with fear?

Clarity about shyness

Anxiety is a state of mild paranoia in which even things which are actually safe will be avoided. Another word for mild anxiety like that is shyness.
Shyness is about a lack of confidence in one’s own ability to precisely make quick assessments of safety and danger. Rather than risk mistaking any dangerous thing as something safe, shy people simple withdraw.Based on a history of past assessments that were wrong and resulted in fear or panic, shy people habitually withdraw in a constant state of mild paranoia (suppressed panic). Rather than confuse dangerous things as safe, shy people simply habitually reject anything unfamiliar. They may eventually relax and withdraw their reflexive rejection if they are gently exposed to something in a way that is safe for them to privately and calmly investigate it.
What most shy people do not know is that what I just describe fits the vast majority of the population. However, shy people wrongly presume that they are very rare. Below is why.
Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of F...

Dangerous Risk Adrenaline Suicide by Fear of Falling (Photo credit:

Clarity about governments promoting shame, shyness, and fear

In fact, there is a culture of the suppression of fear (and the accurate assessment of danger). Governments are operations of organized violence which can dramatically increase the efficiency of their operations of terror through propaganda. If they can merely threaten social ostracizing and produce conformity and compliance, then the actual frequency of incarceration and violence against civilians can be dramatically reduced.
So, should we protest that governments are violent or that they systematically use propaganda to deceive, to distract, and to promote confusion? For what purpose would we protest?
Those who fear social ostracizing will predictably make some “heroic” display of contempt for certain governments (whether “our enemies” or “our own traitorous leaders”). After they display their condemnation and then receive congratulations from all of those who also think of the display of contempt as heroic, then what?

Clarity about authentic courage

Then nothing! The details of the operation of governments is simply a fact. They all mislead the masses by the programming of perception through public schools and the mainstream media regulated by or operated by governments.
Governments are all violent and it is quite functional for civilians to accurately assess the ability and willingness of governments to use violence. However, it is quite effective for governments to terrify the majority of the population and also for there to be a culture which shames anyone who displays fear. Fear is targeted as the great evil.
In the US, Presidents have famously promoted paranoia by saying “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” The fear of fear is also known as paranoia and it is obviously hypocritical, but, in a state of sufficient terror of social ostracizing, the masses suppress their own EXPRESSION of fear, denying it, pretending not to experience it. This leads to virtually everyone experiencing shyness and yet virtually no one daring to admit it.
So, everyone inaccurately perceives themselves to be unusual, shameful, disloyal. However, it is not disloyal to be afraid of the violence of governments. It is simply a precise assessment of danger.Fear by itself does not result in rebellion or contempt. Quite the opposite, fear results in “a healthy respect.” So, when there is fear from an accurate assessment of danger and one takes a risk anyway, that is true courage.
English: Group photo in front of Clark Univers...

English: Group photo in front of Clark University Sigmund Freud, G. Stanley Hall, Carl Jung; Back row: Abraham A. Brill, Ernest Jones, Sándor Ferenczi. Photo taken for Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts publication. Česky: Foto z Clarkovy univerzity roku 1909. Dole (zleva) Sigmund Freud, G. Stanley Hall, Carl Jung, nahoře (zleva) Abraham A. Brill, Ernest Jones, Sándor Ferenczi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life after shyness?

What does someone do after they “recover” from neurotic shyness? They probably continue doing most of the things they were already doing, but with increased efficiency since they no longer are investing energy in pretending to never be afraid or hiding the expression of fear.
Rather than reject fear in terror, they welcome fear and are interested in making precise assessments of safety and danger. Those who relax enough to respect fear can also stop repressing disappointment and frustration.
Rather than reject disappointment in terror, the various forms of disappointment can be interesting or even fascinating: sadness, sorrow, guilt, grief, and so on. Disappointment is welcomed as something that reveals what is valuable to that person, but that may have been suppressed in order to exploit someone for the benefit of a government or some other commercial interest. The system represses the disappointment of everyone and trains them with messages like “big kids do not cry. Be brave!” That allows the system to install new values and priorities, like “you will be happy if you show everyone else how loyal you are to us by registering lots of people in our programs.”
Frustrations are also repressed by most people as “embarrassing” (frightening). Why is it so frightening to display frustration? Because displaying one frustration can lead to opening up the entire dam of repressed frustration. The actual values and inspirations of the masses are systematically repressed or frustrated by the systems of governing.
For instance, basic biological processes like sexual attraction are frustrated and then “co-opted” with messages like “be a loyal consumer as your top priority in life and then people MIGHT be sexually attracted to you if you drive the right car or wear the right hat (or at least vote for the right candidate). No, not that one. That one was cool last week. Now you have to buy this one for people to still be attracted to you! Time is running out. These great sale prices won’t last forever.”
Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smok...

Sigmund Freud, founder of psychoanalysis, smoking cigar. Español: Sigmund Freud, fundador del psicoanálisis, fumando. Česky: Zakladatel psychoanalýzy Sigmund Freud kouří doutník. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clarity about public relations

What I referenced above is the explicit methodology of the entire field of public relations. In the early 20th century, Edward Bernays trail-blazed that field by applying insights made by his uncle, Sigmund Freud.
Public relations (coupled with the technology of mass media) not only made governing the masses far more efficient, but created new profitability for businesses. Two famous successes in the realm of commercial advertising for Edward Bernays were the use of a variety of manipulations and deceptions to create demand for cigarettes by women in the US, plus, even more remarkably, the diamond jewelry industry.

Clarity about the success of the diamond industry

Here are the quick details. Diamonds are a relatively common substance (which even can be synthetically made). The DeBeers cartel bought up every diamond mine to monopolize supply so that they could control the  inventory of diamonds available to the public for purchase. Then, Edward Bernays created publicity deceptions to exploit the repressed public desire for sex and security.
He created 90 minute commercials for diamond rings called “movies.” The scripts were written around a climactic scene of the handsome and heroic leading man offering the beautiful leading actress a diamond ring. She swoons and says yes, then they live happily ever after.However, it is all a pretense. The actors are faking it. They are pretending for a camera and for a paycheck.
Portrait of Sigmund Freud

Portrait of Sigmund Freud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clarity about reality

So, the public audience watching the movie or TV programming associates diamond rings with marriage and sexual attraction, then DeBeers releases a very small percentage of their inventory of diamonds for sale to the public, then these little rocks which DeBeers may buy for $1 or $5 from laborers in Africa are shipped out, cut nicely, and then sold for $1000 or $5000 in New York or London.
Note that “no one” asks when did diamond rings get so popular? And when did they get so expensive? People are programmed to irrationally consume.
In fact, when the public was starting to sell diamonds back in to the market 20 years after their marriage (or the day after their divorce), what did DeBeers do? They launched new publicity campaigns to shame the masses in to keeping their diamond jewelry, with slogans (and even a movie) called “Diamonds are Forever.”
Scared child

Scared child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Clarity about shame

Shyness is shame. It is shame at the experience of fear,. The masses are trained systematically to be ashamed of the experience of fear.
The more ashamed the herd, the more easily manipulated and exploited they are. Is this a problem? Is this something to protest? Is this something to fix? Should we buy a hat to show our opinion on the matter? Should we vote for the candidate who promises to save us from a culture of shame?
I consider all of this something to respect. It could be fascinating to you. It could be relevant to you. It could be a danger to accurately assess quickly: who is trying to exploit shame, who is trying to shame you for being shy or afraid, who benefits from your repression and self-rejection?
Government spending

Government spending (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

Clarity about respect

Note, by the way, that I have nothing against diamonds or the diamond industry. It is a extremely profitable operation. I can respect that, too.Maybe they use deception and confusion and fear and shame to further their commercial interests by selling diamonds for an enormous profit margin. By now, doesn’t that remind you of institutions of governing, like government-regulated schools and government-regulated media?So, what should we do about all of this respect and fear and so on? Well, in order to prevent reverse psychology from ever having been used at all, we must all eventually go back in time and join together to universally forbid the “universal” sin of “being a naive conformist.” Almost EVERYONE criticizes the horrors of being a naive conformist, right? I mean, everyone at least SHOULD do that, right? Oh, the irony!


protesting Holy Roman colonialism

September 26, 2012














All over the world, bureaucracies of varying sizes are destabilizing… or are they? If the nation-state as an institution weakens, then the EU weakens with it. The current EU represents the latest peak of “the nation-state bubble,” with the UN and NATO being important pre-cursors, but not as comprehensive in local total influence as the EU.
How would the EU sustain it’s comprehensive bureaucratic might? With what resources?  The US still is the #3 producer of oil in the world. That is real value. What does the EU offer?

Sophiendukat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sure, for a long time, Europe has been the reigning center of global military imperialism through the long line of papal King of Kings at the Vatican, ruling the extended Holy Roman Empire of all nation-states that base their legal system and tax system on the Latin language and Roman system, including the US of course, as well as remote regions of European colonialism, like India and South Africa. Even if the local ruling monarch of a particular nation-state is not ritually crowned by the agent of the Pope (the arch-bishop), that does not mean that the Vatican (and Jesuits, Free Masons, etc) do not have tremendous influence over the secret police at the CIA and KGB and Massad and MI-5 and so on. That just explains why Pharaohs and Popes are their bureaucracies have promoted propaganda myths about a holy King of Kings who rules over the local so-called  “secular kings” (who all just happen to be sworn subordinates of the Pope?).

Wasn’t it some pope who announced the first globalist agenda of communist totalitarianism in something like 1400 AD or 900 AD or whatever? Wasn’t it Karl Marx who said “Workers of the world, unite under my authority, for I am your leader and I claim the whole world in the name of the Pope and God and the American Flag?”

As for the 1600% gains of the US stock sector HUI since late 2000, the dramatic rise in price was an easy call by the first few months of 2003 when I first published reference to it. Anyone who understood basic economics would have agreed with me.
Of course the metals industry and mining industry are manipulated. Were you expecting otherwise? Based on what propaganda? Promoted by whom? The SEC? The DOJ? Are you serious?
English: Crown of the Holy Roman Empire.

English: Crown of the Holy Roman Empire. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let’s look at a relatively recent and well-documented example of market manipulation: diamonds. If one researches the history of the diamond industry, that is very revealing. I won;t give away any of the bloody details, but I will say that controlling supply is essential, for only then demand can be meaningfully manipulated. How is demand manipulated, in the case of gold (or silver), demand is encouraged by forcing people to purchase coins of rare materials like gold (or silver) in order to pay taxes to the bureaucratic agents who threaten things like arrest, eviction, seizure of assets, torture and ritual human sacrifice in the Holy Roman Colonialist Inquisitions of recent centuries. Why did the Kings require payment in gold? Because they had a monopoly on gold mines. They controlled supply. “Artificially increasing demand” is the business of governments. Didn’t you notice? Or are you still regurgitating the idealistic propaganda poured in to you in public school?
So, of course oil and gold have been manipulated. If gold had not been manipulated by being required for the payment of taxes, what value would it be to the average civilian? It is useless to them practically. How many Amish people have stashes of gold? They know that cows are far more useful to humans than gold. However, when the men with the tanks and spears and warheads and machine guns say “we value gold and diamonds,” a few well-placed bullets sure do make the chunks of gold and diamond seem more useful than the cows, don’t they?
The idea that “free markets” exist without any manipulation or “should not be manipulated” is propaganda which is directly contrary to all basic economic observations. Economics is not idealism. That’s politics and propaganda and psychology- which all are predictable based on straight-forward economics. The propagandists who benefit the most from maintaining a monopoly on market manipulations may be the ones most aggressive in promoting Libertarianism and Austrian Economics and so on.
I saw an facebook post today that said “Obama destroyed America.” I am pretty sure that America is still right between the pacific ocean and the atlantic ocean, with a functioning operation of organized violence run out of the Washington DC. America has not been destroyed, but it sure is interesting to see how many people lately are publicizing the demoralizing of the US, as in “let’s make America great AGAIN.”

Have you been to Iraq lately? Have you told an Iraqi in Iraq that the US has been destroyed (by Obama of course) and is no longer great and mighty and influential and ready to blow up lots of stuff (including civilians)?

Hughes 369D - N484 U.S. Department of Justice DOJ

Hughes 369D – N484 U.S. Department of Justice DOJ (Photo credit: AV8PIX Christopher Ebdon)


Flag of the Holy Roman Empire from 1438

Flag of the Holy Roman Empire from 1438 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back to the conspiracy myth that governments would ever manipulate markets, note that in the late 20th century, when the US Dept. of JUSTICE went after the DeBeers diamond company in South Africa, the ruling South Africans knew that the thugs at the DOJ would have no leverage over them (no authority). The DOJ is not going to aggressively go after a higher ranking element of the global Holy Roman bureaucracy. Someone within the chain of command will interrupt a DOJ pursuit of one of the “good fellas,” even if it means removing a local figurehead such as Lincoln or Kennedy, or by methods of less obvious and less direct influence (look up John Perkins: Economic Hit Man and always remember that when a high0rabking member of the assassin network claims to be a former member, like Yuri B., we can always have total confidence that they are in fact former members and that their New York Times-listed best-selling books are evidence that they have kept a very low profile out of paralyzing fear of being targeted by radical members of the mainstream powers-that-be, such as the New York Times).
Cover of "Confessions of an Economic Hit ...

Cover of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Wake up, people! Is it really so safe to assemble in crowds that are very convenient for machine guns to reach? Ask the 100 million civilians killed by their own governments in China and the USSR last century. Oops- they are all dead now, so you can’t ask them, can you? But can you remember them, right? You can learn from their mistakes, right? Or, maybe you are unconsciously compelled to follow their leads and their methods and chase after their results.
Anyway, in conclusion, to the top 1% income-earners of the global elite who earn more than $35,000 per year, here is what I have to say: “First, why are so many of you in the EU and the US? Second, why are so many of you suddenly complaining and protesting? Where were you in the 1980s or the 1940s when the elite were devastating the masses in Asia and Africa and Latin America? And on the subject of protesting, don’t you people know that the Holy Roman Imperialists has a history of doing cruel and unusual things to people who resist them? Haven’t you heard of the crusades and Count Dracula (Vlad the Impaler)? These people are DANGEROUS!” 😉
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

European Union

European Union (Photo credit: erjkprunczýk)

the root of all money: evil

January 14, 2012
Reality quiz:

Prince Nikola III Zrinski thaler minted in Gvozdansko castle, Croatia, in the early 16th century (until 1534)

Money can be very useful. Money allows for reliable access to things of value.
Paper money only has value when there is an organization enforcing it’s value. If the organization ceases to function to enforce the value of the paper money, the paper money has no value, like with the Confederate Dollar when the Confederacy collapsed or a casino’s tokens when the casino stops operating as a business.
The enforcing of the value of money involves force, like arrests, evictions, repossessions, foreclosures, levies, garnishments, and so on. When there is a revolution, like in Cuba, or when the US invaded Iraq or Vietnam or Korea etc, then that new pattern of force can change the possession of property (through a new redistribution of wealth as well as destruction and death) and will influence the enforcement of the prior currency systems of organized violence, similar to when the Union army defeated the US Confederate army and the prior currency system of the Confederacy ceased to operate.
In summary so far, currency systems are systems of organized violence. Even when dictators (called kings) instituted systems of claiming various amounts of wealth from various other people, the establishment of a particular new currency as the “lawful money” or “coin of the realm” was based on the actual operation of organized violence upon which the claims of tax liability were enforced.
No one already wanted to give up a bunch of livestock or produce for a little shiny coin or a casino token accepted at any of the dictator’s court outlets. The masses gave up those useful things for currency because of the threat of violence if they did not pay taxes or other tribute and the only way to pay those taxes was to buy the coins or tokens or currency of the dictator from the dictator’s outlets and at the exchange rates set by the dictator.
Obviously, a competing dictator or operation of a currency system of organized violence could influence or even overthrow a particular currency system, as when the US Confederacy “seceded.” Actually, “seceded” may be the terminology used by the winner of that dispute. Maybe the Confederacy was attempting to continue to operate under the Articles of Confederation from 1777 while the Union was claiming authority under the later Constitution of 1789. Maybe “secede” was a term that the Union used to label their colonial target’s “disloyalty,” like if the UN invaded China on the basis that China was seceding from the UN without getting proper permission from the UN. Or, consider if the UN invaded the US based (allegedly) on the US threatening to secede or withdraw from the UN.
So, why is it that the various currency enforcement systems of organized violence have used various substances as the selected material for minting a “coin of the realm?” Silver and gold have long been used as currencies. These substances were relatively durable (at least if alloyed with other metals) and were also rare. That is, it was not easy for just anyone to find a lot of gold, at least not in the places where gold was used as a currency. When large new sources of gold and silver from the American continent upset exchange rates in Europe, such as the California gold rush around 1849, new currency systems that did not use those substances were naturally explored, developed, and established.
The value to the operators of the system of organized violence was that access to the gold mines could be monopolized. The military dictators could assemble an army and take over all of the local mines in the area, then strictly limit the supply of minted “coin of the realm.” They would strictly limit the supply because they were the only ones with the technology and organization to monopolize access to the mines, to melt the metals and mint the coins, and of course to force the populace to exchange perfectly good livestock and produce for little casino tokens or coins of the realm or lawful money.
Next, unlike casinos, which may operate against other nearby casinos, governments violently discourage competition. Governments create criminal codes that criminalize unlicensed racketeering (AKA unlicensed taxation as in extortion) as well as unlicensed creation of money (counterfeiting). These criminal codes are enforced by organized violence. Similarly, if someone tried to “break in” or trespass on the government’s mines and steal some unminted metal, that would be punished by organized violence, such as prompt execution.
Once the consistent nature of all currency systems and governments is clear, there is the additional subject of propaganda. Just as governments can declare that a neighboring geographical region is attempting to secede and must be annexed to insure for the freedom of the populace there, like if the UN announced that it is invading or occupying or “liberating” the US in it’s entirety (or even just Texas, like the US previously “liberated” Texas from Mexico), governments can also declare unlicensed operations of organized violence to be criminal, corrupt, evil, immoral, and so on.
One of the most universal taboos of propaganda would be propaganda itself. While organized violence is terrible (according to propaganda), nothing is quite so vile as propaganda. Anti-propaganda propaganda is essential for most any other propaganda to be accepted. If the masses go around creating and publicizing competing systems of propaganda, that can be very unfavorable for the economic interests or national security of a particular operation of organized violence.
By the way, here is apparently a real gold coin, but counterfeit in that it was (to the best of my knowledge) not issued by the Confederate States of America (and perhaps by the Union):
Once propaganda is monopolized, then various branches of propaganda can announce that they are unrelated. For instance, the churches and the media outlets can all issue statements declaring the separation of church and media. Further, the government and the public school system can issue statements that they are entirely isolated operations.
Actually, propaganda may not even really focus on certain issues. Propaganda has to be believable, like the saying “a war to end all wars” or “peace-keeping” missiles.
However, if the masses can be distracted and confused in regard to enough issues of hysterical drama and controversy, then it may not be required to indoctrinate the masses specifically to be morally repulsed (ashamed/terrified) by any mention of the possibility of the existence of propaganda. The masses may be adequately trained to be reactively outraged about new revelations (press releases?) concerning how a particular currency system has been discovered to be a racketeering fraud from the start or how a particular government has been accused of being an operation of organized violence from the start or how a particular politician is accused of being corrupt or manipulative or just a little bit too pre-occupied with PR and public perception. The masses, in order to be properly influenced or governed in terms of their perceptions and behaviors, can be propagandized about morality, criminality, spirituality, and so on.
Finally, consider the global diamond cartel DeBeers. They may have used deceit and blackmail and violence and so on to establish and maintain control of the supply of diamonds worldwide. They hired Edward Bernays (a famous propagandist) to help them place their products in movies, even having movies written around the entire subject of an emotionally-moving scene in which the handsome leading man presents a huge diamond to the female lead actress as he asks her to marry him (the actor). After dozens and dozens of movies repeating a female lead actress being receptive after being offered some large piece of diamond jewelry, then Bernays arranged to have the actresses (and eventually the British royalty) to wear elaborate diamond jewelry at press events where the media photographers would be photographing them in their diamonds.
Of course, it is all a scam (as in an advertising campaign or propaganda campaign). Diamonds were not widely available until recent centuries. There is no inherent connection between romance or getting married or sexual receptivity. The connection was indoctrinated on to the masses of movie-goers and then swiftly accepted by the culture overall.
Similarly, if DeBeers had the military capacity to dictate to the various governments of the world that those governments owed DeBeers taxes of 75 million carats of diamonds per year, that would be a lot like how kings dictated systems of currency on to their target populations. DeBeers could then dictate the exchange rate between “officially acceptable” units of diamonds relative to ounces of gold, barrels of oil, or bushels of corn.
Again, that pattern precisely parallels the origin of all currency systems of organized violence.  Dictators say if the standard of value is gold or diamonds or whatever thing for which they control the supply, such as crude oil. If the dictators can maintain a system of organized violence to enforce the exchange rate that they set, then that exchange rate persists.

Examples of German and Austrian Thalers compared to a U.S. quarter (bottom center)

In closing, let’s review the origin of the word “Dollar.” It refers to a particular amount of silver.

“The Thaler (or Taler or Talir) was a silver coin used throughout Europe for almost four hundred years. Its name lives on in various currencies as the dollar or tolar. Etymologically, “Thaler” is an abbreviation of “Joachimsthaler”, a coin type from the city of Joachimsthal(Jáchymov) in Bohemia, where some of the first such coins were minted in 1518. (Thal is German for “valley”. A “thaler” is a person or a thing “from the valley”. In 1902, the official spelling was changed from Thal to Tal.)”
Below is the image of the currency of an organization that previously operated a sovereign currency system of organized violence which no longer functions independently. That organization is called the United States of America, which was functionally superseded by the Federal Reserve in 1933:

This is a silver certificate which was, at least in the 1910s, redeemable for a Silver Dollar (coin) from the United States of America and it's outlets.

The above image is from an article I wrote in 2005 in which I detailed the future of the US economy as rising fuel prices would continue to rise and eventually would “pinch” (or pop) the economy, thus slowing credit trends (borrowing and lending), decreasing real estate prices and stock prices, and other producing predictable results as indicated therein (which have been manifesting in precise accord with what I indicated). See:

how to be a patriotic hero

December 3, 2011

The thing about how to be a patriotic hero is in there, but please start at the beginning, simply because that is the actual order of the sequence of words….

I wrote this to my associate Petros B.:

The crown of the Holy Roman Empire in the Vien...

The crown of the Holy Roman Empire in the Vienna Schatzkammer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here’s a video on the diamond cartel (DeBeers) & how it MONOPOLIZED extraction of diamonds, restricted supply, used Hollywood (starting in the 1930s) to create a demand by associating diamonds with stardom, beauty, sex, marriage, & engagement rings, and even influenced GE so that GE discontinued the production of synthetic diamonds that would challenge the prices set by the DeBeers diamond cartel on diamonds used for gemstones (as well as industrial diamonds used for cutting).

Now, I mention this not just because of similar comments by you (and I) about oil (such as the PR campaigns of the American Petroleum Institute), but about GOLD. The monopolization of gold mines & use of that metal as a currency by government courts, requiring that people purchase gold coins from the government in order to pay taxes, is a historical dynamic that I have mentioned several times. Again, why not platinum or aluminum or cobalt? Why gold? Because kings and their armies could more easily monopolize access to gold.
I did recently mention the Hunt Brothers and what they did with silver in the late 1970s. That is the same issue, though in a small & brief instance.

Now, let’s consider the use of the term parasites or even patriotic hero. I have absolutely no moral objection to the existence of parasites or the use of that term to describe certain biological organisms or certain human institutions or anything else. You would be correct to conclude that I do not stop to think if parasites are right or wrong. I have no such anxieties or mental illnesses. I do not even stop to think if patriotic heroes are patriotic or heroic!

You may continue to refuse to live in the world as it is without condemning some aspect of it (some aspect of God‘s creation). However, consider that refusing to live in the world makes absolutely no difference in that you still live in the world even if you say that you refuse to do so.
So, try to change it. You are part of the world. Try to change yourself. Resist yourself. Fix yourself.

Do it fast. Do it right. Stop being how you should not be, according to you or whatever ideological indoctrinations you have championed as defining for you how you should or should not be. There are many providers of such ideologies who will promote your compliance with their standards of how you should or should not be, such as the Mormon Church or the Democratic Party.

As for me, I command you not to be a parasite and not to use that word. Also, be a parasite and use that word. That about covers how you should or should not focus on consciously avoiding or otherwise giving attention to the word parasite or not.

You either should or should not believe that the world is fundamentally flawed and that you are also fundamentally flawed. That is the ideology of a slave, by the way. Please continue to invest in shame and in correcting your past, or at least compensating for your original sinfulness like any good Catholic adherent to the Holy Inquisition of Protestant Counter-reformation.

Spanish Inquisition Necklace

Spanish Inquisition Necklace (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

You are responsible personally for immediately or sooner making the world a better place (in accord with the ideologies that the 1% elites have implanted in you as to what would be better and what would not be better). If you fail, you will or will not be doomed to an eternity of hell in which you will then come to define wherever you live as a hell that should not be how it is and is fundamentally flawed and must be corrected and changed and reformed by you personally in order for you to avoid eternal damnation in a hell of shame and mental illness and anxiety about how to change hell in to how it either should or should not be. It’s all your fault, but if you can just fix everything real quick, then as a reward you will get 77 vrigins and go directly to heaven “without passing go,” but also without collecting $200, which is a little bit of a bummer and thus I am very sad about all of this world being so much like God told me that it should be.

Now, before it is too late, which could be absolutely any time, fix the system. Define the system as broken and flawed and screwed up (in contrast to screwed down, which is morally preferable). Also keep in mind that the holiest color is seven, because that is what it says in the Holy Constitution of the state of Alaska, which is the best state in the entire history of the Holy Roman Empire. Also, remember that the color seven cannot be in a speculative bubble because the number red is inevitably hyperinflating because the number red is in fact just a linguistic construction created out of thick air, such as fog.

Also, I am a very smart person- perhaps even a true American hero- for having figured all of this out and knowing that the Fed is actually the root of all evil and if we could just remove the surface of the earth from the earth, than the earth would be a better place, except that whenever we remove the surface of the onion from the earth, another layer of surface mysteriously does not appear out of thick air. That really is the only problem with the unpredictable and chaotic world which does not make any sense. If we can just fix that one core problem then all of the other symptoms will turn in to pickles, which is the kind of world that I would want to live in… or maybe not live in but at least visit.

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