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Communication and systems of influence

June 9, 2015

In my own observation, I notice the use of communication to promote a range of results. Some patterns of communication contribute to attraction, receptivity, cooperation and collaboration. Some patterns correspond to interpersonal repulsion or opposition as well as internal conflict.

While it might seem obvious that it can be useful to promote collaboration, consider that it can also be attractive to promote conflict in adversaries or competitors. But even with an idea as familiar as promoting collaboration, how clear is it what works to promote collaboration?
First, we could define collaboration. I do not mean mere compliance or cooperation.

For contrast, compliance can be promoted simply by coercion. Like when forcing a strong animal like a bull to move, we can use strong ropes and a lot of strength or we can use a tiny string pulling a ring in the nose of a bull. Why does the bull move so much more easily when pulling the nose ring (compared to pushing the bull from behind)? The simple answer is pain.

Collaboration certainly can be attractive in regard to producing relief from pain or avoidance of pain. However, issues of pain (or injury) are not the only factors that make collaboration appealing.

What else is appealing about collaboration? Collaboration can give access to a variety of benefits.

Collaboration involves two or more organisms intentionally working together toward a common goal. Of course, we can observe instances of cooperation in many animal species that communicate in ways that are less complex than human language. But language is especially useful when collaborating.
Researchers have asserted that the development of human language resulted from a few unique factors. First, the upright bipedal position of humans allowed for unusual uses of the arms, particularly for the throwing of missile weapons (as in anything from a rock to an ax or spear).
The activity of throwing involves a very complex coordination which has no comparison among other species of earthling. The structures of the brain that govern the complex intricacy of throwing have been analyzed by neuroscientists and identified as the same neural network that is used to create complex sentence structures. In other words, the researchers concluded that we developed language as a result of throwing (hunting with thrown objects).
The ability to throw was the foundation of human dominance over other predatory species. When humans first recognized that throwing was useful in hunting, they began to practice throwing in leisure times in order to be better at throwing when the opportunity arose to hunt.

Then, the domination of humans as predators was greatly advanced when groups of humans hunted together. Eventually, they began to coordinate their hunting using an intricate system for complex vocal signaling. Simply stated, we then developed the use of language. Quickly, because of the new advantage of language for coordinating hunting activities, humans went from being better predators than other predators to being the dominant predator on the planet by far.

So collaboration allows us to coordinate and plan important activities like hunting. Language does not replace the value of throwing, but, when there are several people who organize their activity of throwing (for instance) using language, the value of throwing is multiplied. Those who are skilled at throwing can even use language to quickly train others to throw well.
Using language to coordinate their activities, humans even formed groups of warriors. Instead of only hunting prey, these warriors used their coordinated violence to raid other groups of humans.
According to the ancient scriptures of Exodus, a new advance in coordinated violence arose in the time of Noah. After a massive drop in population relating to a sudden flooding of the planet, Noah initiated a seventh commandment in addition to the six from the time of Adam. That commandment was the establishing of courts of justice.
Courts of justice refer to groups of people that attempt to monopolize the use of violence. If they weapons and planning is better than any competitors, then they can punish unauthorized coercion and extortion. They claim to alone have the legitimate authority to perform public rituals of human sacrifice.

A commandment regarding the prohibition of murder refers to the act of intentionally killing a human (at least the killing of a protected member of the privileged class as distinct from slaves who can be legally killed by their owners). But murder is not just any intentional killing. It is only intentional killing that has not been ritually authorized by the warlords in the court of justice.
To bring a modern context to these topics, imagine that an individual intentionally kills another person and openly confesses it. A primary issue that would be considered in the ritual proceeding of a criminal indictment is the question of whether the intentional killing was legally authorized, such as self-defense, an act of war or in the proper performance of duties as a member of the priestly class of government deputies.

Next, imagine that an individual is not only indicted but also prosecuted and then convicted of the unauthorized intentional killing of a protected organism. However, what if the high priest of the Executive Branch conducts a ritual of pardoning? After the proper granting of a pardon, the individual convicted of murder would be legally protected from criminal penalties.
But even though that is technically possible, you might dismiss it as something that no High Priest of your own geographic jurisdiction would do. You could be wrong.

I will give a few examples below of the pardoning of murder (an unauthorized act of intentional killing). You can easily verify them with a quick internet search.

However, before I present those examples, I want to not the importance of programming targeted populations with shame. Shame is a type of terror or panic involving anxiety about social perceptions and social penalties.

Holy Empires operate by shaming their human resources. Certain types of behavior are ritually shamed, such as in the indoctrination programs of public schooling.

What is the effect of that shaming? The masses are discouraged from using certain methods. Further, they are programmed to experience so much shame about a particular behavior that the idea that their own rulers operate in those shameful ways is terrifying and disturbing to them. They are programmed with hysteria about the methods used by their rulers (methods that are forbidden to them- severely penalized).

The resulting experience of the masses is not an accident (hysteria and paranoia and social anxiety). It is the central innovation that allows for massive Holy Empires to form, stabilize, and grow. Shame is carefully programmed in order to promote blind compliance with the rituals of the empire. Empires are operations of domestic terror (coercion).
This is a very easy thing to observe, but those who have been targeted with the propaganda of an empire may have a very strong emotional reaction to direct mention of these subjects. They may experience panic and rage and nausea.

Why the nausea? The shaming of the masses involves the internalization of chronic tensions designed to block the display of certain emotions labeled shameful (negative). If information is presented that triggers a rapid release of those chronic tensions, that can result in toxins that have been trapped for decades finally being released.

When people study the terrifying methods used by holy empires, it can be sickening to them. That response of disgust or getting sick is not due to any immediate threat. If you are reading some little shapes on a screen, these letters and words pose no danger to you. The words are not the aggression of the soldiers of a holy empire.

However, there may have been many incidents of actual threat and intimidation, especially in childhood. Imagine the case of a child born as a slave. They are constantly subject to an immediate threat of physical injury. They would develop chronic physical tensions to block any emotional displays that previously resulted in the inflicting of pain or injury on them.

If they were later freed (or escaped to safety), would the chronic tensions instantly dissolve? They would probably remain. Eventually, layer by layer of tension might be relaxed.

However, consider the history of traumas that the former slave may have endured and never healed. Consider the toxins that their body may have stored behind the blocked circulation of chronic muscular tensions.

It might be ideal that their tensions release slowly. Why? Because each relaxing of a chronic muscular tension could also release stored toxins. The body may be challenged to detoxify so quickly.

The immune system might activate with vomiting or diarrhea. So, it is not unusual that a former slave might suddenly get sick if they see another slave being whipped or executed.

Their response is not due to an immediate threat to them. However, they may perceive a threat anyway. They could experience a threat reaction even to hearing a story (even to telling their own stories).

Consider the common rituals of rehearsing trauma in a psychiatric session. Week after week, year after year, traumatic experiences can be rehearsed (including fantasies of future distress). If people quickly or gradually experience a diminishing of terror and shame, so be it. However, many do not improve and, after retriggering their traumas, they are then given lucrative drugs for the benefit of commercial interests that created the psychiatric rituals of restimulating trauma and pushing drugs on the masses. As for rituals for stimulating traumatic responses, note that many religious groups have similar rituals in which every spring at Easter, they tell children stories about the betrayal, torture, and public execution of someone that the children should aspire to model. They are told “this story is about the person that you should do your best to be like and so you need to know exactly what happened to them.”

So, upon hearing commentaries like this one (or hearing actual biographical details of an individual’s actual experience with psychiatrists, shock therapy, lobotomies, and psychiatric medication), how do people respond? Does their heart rate change? Does their breathing change?

They may experience degrees of distress. They may attempt to “flee” from the perceived threat of the ideas (to withdraw or distract themselves). To emphasize this point, they may perceive certain ideas as threats.

They can experience terror about an idea. Infants do not experience terror about ideas, right? By adulthood though, many people do.
What is really going on there? They already have an experience of terror that is repressed and then the mentioning of the idea allows for a surfacing of the suppressed terror. If they are trying to repress their terror (out of social anxiety about what would happen if their terror is recognized) and then their mechanisms for repressing the display of terror are overwhelmed, then they panic.

Infants do not panic about ideas. Healthy people do not panic about ideas (about a particular interpretation). Healthy people only panic about perceived threats (such as a charging bull or a wildfire). Unhealthy people (traumatized, terrorized people who have not yet recovered) will panic over exposure to any ideas that disturb their social anxieties, shames, and pretenses.

Also, governments can program people to ignore actual dangers and risks simply by labeling something “safe” (such as an ingredient in food). If people are under the spell that governments are honest and act in the interest of the human resources ruled by the government, then when a government priest announces that cholesterol is poison, people experience paranoia. If a government priest announces that everyone should participate in the state lottery because in that gambling operation, the more that you play, the more likely you are to win. Mathematically, the more that someone plays a state lottery, the more likely they are to transfer more and more of their net worth to the government that is running the gambling operation.

So why exactly do so many people panic over ideas? Yes, they first must have been tamed through public rituals of intimidation. What else is relevant?

They may be ashamed of their own past terror. They may react by condemning specific people who intimidated them or betrayed them (as in acting in ways that revealed the error of their expectations). They may ignore the most intimidating bullies and instead focus their condemnation on the least intimidating “villain.” That is their coping mechanism.

They may even seek to identify a particular enemy (an individual or group) as the one who corrupted their favorite holy empire. They may hysterically say things like “Everything was fine [just like in the empire’s propaganda] until that one person came along and disgraced our empire with their corruption and evil and sociopathic sickness.”

This is a protective response. They may have too much toxicity trapped behind chronic tensions to allow the tensions to relax and the toxins to get in to the circulation (the bloodstream or lymph system) and be neutralized and removed.

If someone experiences tension, distress, and rage upon hearing some suggestion that their favorite holy empire has at least on occasion operated in ways that do not correspond to the programmed ideals of that system, that is quite normal. If when reading a neutral analysis like this, they experience first a wave of relief but soon then a “sour” feeling in the stomach, that is probably from toxins being dumped in to the stomach.

So, with all of those warnings in place, I note that below are a few examples of the presidential pardons issued in the US in the last few hundred years. These cases involve crimes that resulted in severe penalties against large numbers of people. However, in select cases, the penalties were entirely waived (cases usually involving an individual who was closely allied with well-connected people like whoever was the U.S. President at the time).

Consider the case of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. 3 men convicted for their roles in the public execution were pardoned in 1869 by the new President Andrew Johnson. Note that Johnson automatically became President because of the killing of Lincoln.

Was Johnson also involved in the planning of the assassination? That is debatable. Some scholars have argued that he was intimidated by members of British secret societies (networks of spies and assassins). According to those claims, President Johnson had a sincere perception that he would also be assassinated if he did not comply with their demands, so he issued the pardons as instructed by the European “gangsters” (British agents). Others have accused Johnson of being more involved with the planning and implementation of the assassination of Lincoln. Whatever the details, the uncontroversial facts are that 3 men were convicted in connection with the assassination, then were pardoned by the new President (and that was on the last day that the President was in office, which is typical for U.S. Presidential pardons, implying that everyone knows that issuing these pardons at any other time would lead to public outrage).

Another notable case was George Wilson, who was convicted in 1829 of committing murder while robbing trains. He was granted a pardon by President Jackson specifically for the crime of murder (but not for his other crimes).
In the 1981, a notable pardon was granted by Jimmy Carter for a popular music star named Peter Yarrow (who was also a political activist). The singer was a member of a trio called “Peter, Paul, and Mary” and had written (and sung on) hits like “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

In 1970, Yarrow pleaded guilty to taking “immoral and indecent liberties” with a 14-year-old young lady who came to his hotel room asking for an autograph. He was sentenced and served three months in prison and then over 10 years later was pardoned by President Jimmy Carter.

There are many other cases of pardons in U.S. after the entire criminal sentence has been served. Even people who are dead have been pardoned. (Of course, it may also seem notable that sexually molesting a minor got such a light sentence in the first place, but keep in mind that Yarrow was a political activist with lots of influential friends.)
Beyond the power of presidential pardon, there have been many other interesting actions by the US court system. A famous case involved a confessed rapist named Miranda whose conviction was the eventually canceled based on a procedural technicality involving an improper step in the ritual of prosecuting and convicting him. Miranda was in prison at the time his conviction was overturned and was released with no further penalty. (What kind of message did that send to the victim of the rape?)

The innocence of the offender was not the issue. The issue was that the organization that had been confining him (the court system) simply performed a new ritual to cancel their prior ritual authorizing his confinement.

Of course, other court systems have similar rituals though in other times and on other parts of the planet. Prosecutions are performed case by case and it is generally accepted by legal scholars that some criminal activities are ignored (because of the political connections of the potential defendants) while other cases with no apparent factual merit are pursued simply out of political animosity toward the target. The priests of the court system sometimes simply invent evidence (whether that is technically legal or not) and proceed. In fact, every court system criminalizes political activities that are deemed unfavorable to the operation of the court system itself. If the facts of the case are that someone is accused of criticizing the court system in certain ways (or even being insufficient in their praise of the system), those facts can be enough in some court systems to result in a punishment of a public ritual of human sacrifice.

Prior to Noah, there may not have been any court systems in which the ruling warlord priests of that system claimed authority over the entire planet and all of humanity. We can also read the various published announcements across the centuries by the Popes of the Holy Roman Empire pertaining to their claim over the entire planet and all of humanity.

Claims are the basis of all legal proceedings. Someone claims something, then presents the claim according to the rituals of the court system.

To make a claim, someone must have standing within that system to do so (like a slave in ancient Greece did not have the legal privilege of filing a lawsuit) and most claims also require an assertion of particular merits behind the claim (a sequence of historical events that authorize them to make that specific claim). Even when governments invent claims (such as the claim to a 10% sales tax on any transaction within their jurisdiction), they have special rituals for authorizing those claims.

What is the main difference between government extortion systems and the protection rackets of other organized bullies? Governments have standardized rituals behind their operations. When gangs take power and stabilize a bureaucracy to expand a very large redistribution program, they must standardize their official procedures because there are so many participants in their expanding priesthood network.

Sometimes official procedures are not precisely followed, but that is the discretion of the specific priests and warlords. If no other bully penalizes them for failing to follow the official policy, then the official policy can eventually be just a propaganda device for promoting public compliance. Consider the widespread bribing of low-level government officers in many court systems.

While bribery is technically a crime, if it is widespread enough, then what government agent would want to prosecute it aggressively? If prosecuting bribery resulted in huge portions of the agents of the court system being penalized, then who would operate the system of organized coercion to penalize them? In systems where activities that are technically “corruption” is most common, virtually all government agents accept bribes and so the only time that a government agent will be prosecuted for bribery is when there is an internal targeting of that person (not for accepting bribes, which may be very common, but for some other reason).

As for lobbying, that is not bribery. Why? Because like murder mean unauthorized killing, bribery means unauthorized lobbying.

How openly do modern governments publicize the origin of their rituals? As an example, the government of the US quietly published an announcement in the 1990s to recognize that their system of government is based on the system initiated by Noah. But what was really unusual about the new rituals performed based on the new 7th commandment of Noah?

There were many groups of people that monopolized organized violence against their own local population prior to Noah (such as individual robbers and thugs or gangs). What was different about Noah’s commandment was that the Levites (the ruling class of the Israelites) suddenly claimed authority over not just the Israelites, but over all of humanity, including all individuals, even those without tribal affiliations.

As an example of how that new doctrine was implemented, consider the later case of the slaughter of the Midianites by the Israelites. The order was issued by Moses for the Israelites to form an army and invade the land of the Midianites.

Moses stated that the crime of the Midianites was that the Midianite women had distracted the Israelite men with their health and charm, disrupting the social order of the Israelites. The punishment of that crime was the slaughter of all Midianite males from newborn to elderly and the slaughter of all Midianite females except the virgins (as in pre-adolescent). Those spared females (numbering 32,000) were taken by the Israelites as wives.

The sheep and cattle of the Midianites was also taken by the Israelites and distributed among the Israelite soldiers. For a detailing of these events, one can read of it in the Old Testament’s Book of Numbers.

So, these courts of justice established in the time of Noah not only can authorize public rituals of human sacrifice. Further, as in the later time of Moses, these courts also have rituals for considering a declaration of war. While there was no ritual involved in authorizing the slaughter of the Midianites, we can notice that, in later times, there was an elaborate ritual required. Kings in Europe would request permission to wage war from the Pope. Waging war without first obtaining authorization from the Pope would have serious political consequences.

I previously mentioned the monopolizing of extortion. When those conducting the business of a court system have local competitors, they may label as “protection rackets” those other systems that use threats of force to obtain economic support. They may label their own activities as “legal taxation” or “legal fines, tariffs, levies, and garnishments.”
In the event that one court system invades another, then the participants in the old system may also be labeled “criminal.” Or, the prior participants may continue their activities as before, but with a new final recipient for the spoils of their collection activity.

How does a court system maintain it’s dominance? It must maintain a significant military advantage over the human resources from which it extracts taxes and other tribute. Further, it must either defend itself from neighboring court systems or else engage in so much trade and collaboration that the alliance with neighbors provides protection from invasion.

However, rather than regularly inflict physical pain and injury on individuals, court systems conduct operations to promote compliance. These operations involve language.

These activities are similar to the placing of a ring in the nose of a bull to easily subdue the bull. Using training systems for promoting compliance, court systems govern the masses with great efficiency. Violence and intimidation is the core of the process, but indoctrination and shame (social anxiety) is the crown.

So, compliance involves a clear imbalance of power. Collaboration involves a mutual understanding of common interests and an open, interactive process. There can be brainstorming about priority outcomes, identifying of relevant options for promoting the priorities, and even collaborating in the enactment of plans.

What can the system do to reduce competition? It can cripple the masses through promoting low-quality communication, interpersonal resentments and contempt, as well as internal conflict (such as shame).

When the masses observe the nature of the system, what is a typical response? The masses flee from the obvious and focus on the slogans indoctrinated to them about how the system should be (or should not be). They argue hysterically. They plan reforms to attempt to convert the system to how it should be (according to mass propaganda).

Why do the masses do these things? The social system has programmed them to use language in specific ways. Certain topics are publicized according to the central curriculum. Certain models of interpretation are programmed. Certain responses to those interpretations are programmed.

Compliance is programmed. The innate potential for collaboration is compromised.

How do courts of justice redistribute valuables from the human resources to the warlords? They do so very efficiently. I respect that.

Money: the sacred object of court systems of organized coercion

July 7, 2014

A sound money provides economic prosperity and a small limited government.
Unsound money provides for inflation, recessions, depressions and a big, progressive, over reaching government.

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson understood “The Monster”. But to most Americans today, “Federal Reserve” is just a name on the dollar bill. They have no …
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I see your slogans, but no clarity or respect. What is “sound” or “unsound?” 

    I know what money is. I still sense that you do not get the simplicity of it. Without respect, there is much room for confusion and not so much for clarity. 

  • JM: One in which the measure of underlying value (whatever it be) as a medium of exchange can’t be easily manipulated.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Why would a government ever do that? You misunderstand the whole premise of legalizing a currency as the approved form of payment within a particular court system’s jurisdiction. 

    When an operation of organized coercion (a court system) invents tax liabilities and tariffs and fines etc, that creates a concern in the public for avoiding the violence of the court system, such as arrest, garnishment, and rituals of human sacrifice. How can the public avoid the violence? The court system dictates a particular form of payment as the acceptable form of payment in discharging the legal debts invented by that court system.

    What does that ALWAYS do? It produces public demand for the sacred form of payment.

    When the US Confederacy no longer operated their system of organized violence (or even when people started to doubt the future effectiveness of their court system as the Union militatry first invaded and then began to occupy the South), what happened to demand for the currency? If the intimidation produced by the Confederate government started to weaken (as people began to be more intimidated by the Union’s coercive capacity), then demand for the Confederate currency fell… eventually to zero.

    In the case of a written contract, if you cannot intimidate the other party in to compliance and you do not have faith in the court system to enforce it coercively, then the contract is worthless. Or, if you have a contract saying that I owe you 50 million barrels of oil per day for the next year, that contract is also basically worthless- even if the court system COULD enforce it. Why? Because I would not be able to provide that much oil to you.

    Sacred shapes of ink on paper are irrelevant without military force OR at least some practical political leverage (like two partners of a very specialized business that both really need each other to succeed can expect cooperation and partnership). As for the subject of metal coins, your “easily manipulated” comment is still an issue.

    What is THE primary way that governments manipulate demand for currency? It is the altering of the process of inventing liabilities. If 1,000 new acts are made illegal with huge penalties, that increases demand for the currency (creating a de facto “deflation”). If tax rates are lowered 50%, that produces basically a 50% decrease in demand for the currency.

    Obviously, there are more complex issues like using military intimidation to have a particular currency be used for pricing an important commodity, such as oil (but certainly not gold, which is of no great importance as a commodity to most people in the world). A “classic” modern case of the immense manipulation of demand for a commodity is the PR guru Edward Bernay’s program to deceive the public (in the US and elsewhere) in to valuing diamonds far in excess of the “natural” value. He pioneered the methods used to deceive the US public in to supporting US entry in to World War 1 as well.

    Those same methods are still used to dramatically balloon the sentimental demand for commodities with no great practical importance, such as gold. Among many countries, the masses are programmed to have religious and patriotic loyalty to the idea that gold has some special inherent value. Of course, that is contrary to some of the most basic observations of “Austrian Economics,” such as the fast-changing “ordinal value” of all assets.

a brief history of governing: coercion + indoctrination

December 16, 2013

Governments are known to use violence and propaganda. Violence is about producing compliance.  Propaganda is abut producing certain perceptions (including promoting certain value systems of relating to reality, or promoting outright delusions as well as constructing patterns of physical tension and neuro-muscular paralysis called shame).

So, any of my gentler references to the importance of perception and compliance are really about the value of intimidation and propaganda. That is how governing works.

In other species, intimidation alone is obvious as the primary issue of social organization. In humans, propaganda through language can be used to make the organized systems of intimidation, warfare, and torture much more efficient.

We are trained to display loyalty to a system of government/training. We are trained in various systems of “what should be” including “what we should display to others for social acceptance.” There are many varied systems of rigid ideology which conflict with each other, but many of them are presented by their adherents as something that “should be” universal, as in “everyone else should do this same set of core right things and agree with our particular brand of orthodoxy, which is the only right one.”

We are also trained to pretend not to be intimidated, so that we say things like “no, I am just compliant because this system of government is the best in the world like because it is so fair and so holy.” We may not say “holy” though, because that is not consistent with the ideological jargon of certain systems of ritual intimidation.

At this point, many paranoid “loyalists” will already be upset. Maybe they say “yeah, and it should not be like that! People should not be so wrong, so naive, so manipulative, etc….” Or maybe people say “Hey, you are condemning the system and you should not do that! You will pay for your arrogance, either in this life or in the next.”

I am detailing “the system.” I am not avoiding the topic of fanatical orthodoxy, but directly addressing it.

Some may accuse me of condemning fanatical orthodoxy, and clearly I am not focusing on a particular form of fanatical orthodoxy and condoning that one as the only REAL system of fanatical orthodoxy. However, I am not condemning fanatical orthodoxy. I am saying that I have experienced it and that I associate it with paranoia, distress, anxiety, terror, as in a state of mental disturbance as in mental illness as in hell.

According to the Old Testament, Isaiah taught that “worshiping traditions is foolish. Give respect to traditions but reserve your worship for what is worthy of worship, which is divinity: the eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent Holy One, who is the savior of humanity.” Jesus respectfully quoted Isaiah’s teaching in Mark 7:7-8.

So, what is my short history of governing? It starts with the story of Noah.

English: Noah History in Noah Mausoleum in the...

English: Noah History in Noah Mausoleum in the city of Cizre, Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the story, Noah proclaimed that there was a threat from God to eradicate all of humanity. Soon, a great flood came and wiped out huge numbers of creatures. Noah survived and was recognized by the other survivors as the savior of humanity. Noah (all according to the tradition of the Book of Exodus) said that God’s threat to kill all of humanity remained. So, next, in order to prevent a future eradication, a new covenant was decreed. The 6 laws of the Hebrew tradition, which were given to God by Adam, were now to be imposed by the elite rulers (the Hebrews) on all of humanity by force (by coercion, violence, intimidation, AKA diplomacy).

This is called the Noahide tradition. This was Prophet Noah announcing a new commandment, a 7th which was an amendment to the prior 6. (This was long before Moses and additional commandments).

The Hebrews (specifically, Noah) claimed to be authorized by God to conquer all other nations of humanity. They began to do this through a systems of courts which monopolized organized violence, such as the performance of ritual human sacrifice.

Unlicensed killing was punished with executions licensed by the ruling priesthood. Other criminalized behaviors (like failure to comply with a military draft and slaughter the identified targets) were also punished with punitive sentences like stoning to death in public.

A key issue here was that of colonialism: the Hebrews claimed to have authority over all of humanity and that the 6 laws given to Adam were now not just to be followed within the tribes of Hebrews, but were to be imposed by the Hebrews on all of humanity. That is the 7th commandment which was given to Noah: colonize the world (AKA “establish courts of justice to bring order to all the peoples of the earth”).

The Levites were a genetic tribe of Hebrews who eventually would rule over the other 11 tribes. To be a court judge, one had to be of Levite aristocratic ancestry. This priesthood of court judges were the official roles that we would call with labels like magistrate, magi, your majesty, your honor, mayor, or major general. These were named the official rulers who would monitor the activities of the other Hebrews in their domination of the rest of humanity through coercion and propaganda.

In other words, the Hebrews claimed to be the kings over all of humanity and the Levites ruled over the various regional kings. The king of kings would be the ritual authority who would perform coronations of the regional governing officials, or what some would call Pharaoh or Emperor or Pope.

In fact, in 1302, a Roman Catholic Pope formally declared rulership of the entire world (either claiming to be the current manifestation of the rightful dynasty of Noah or issuing a competing and similar claim). That pope issued a papal bull commanding the enslaving, torturing, and impaling of heathens, then the diversion of their wealth in its entirety to the rightful owner, the Pope.

So, courts have claimed that in order for an act of violence to be legal, a licensing ritual must be performed by the ruling court or else the criminal act of violence will be punished with the violence of the court system. That is establishing a monopoly on social violence (on coercion or intimidation).

That is the root of government. Further, extortion rackets when monopolized can be called taxation. The local dictator can specify what form of payment is accepted for the invented tax liabilities of the “protection racket” and thus we have the origin of sacred objects called currency.

English: Japheth is one of the sons of Noah in...

English: Japheth is one of the sons of Noah in the Bible. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The famous incident of the Golden Calf is about the public developing too much respect for gold (and for a ritual symbol of the wealth of the cattle-herders). In (Exodus 32:26-28), Moses speaks in the name of God (which he frequently does)- in other words, as the LORD, as the “God of Israel” (AKA pharoah or pope) and then commands the thugs of his court system to execute his order as the ruler of the sacred court temple, which is to slaughter the ones ritually labeled as criminals:

Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments...

Moses with the tablets of the Ten Commandments, painting by Rembrandt (1659) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Moses stood in the gate of the camp, and said: ‘Whoso is on the LORD’s side, let him come unto me [to my side].’ And all the sons of Levi gathered themselves together unto him. And he said unto them: ‘Thus saith the LORD, the God of Israel [with Moses as the voice of divinity, speaking with the divine right of kings/dictators]: Put ye every man his sword upon his thigh, and go to and fro from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour.’ And the sons of Levi did according to the word of Moses; and there fell of the people that day about three thousand men.

So, most of the world today operates under a legal system created as a branch of the imperialist system of global domination announced by Noah and advanced by Moses and many others. All of the Holy Empires of Christianity and Islam are branches of the Noahide tradition of rituals of coercion and indoctrination (if not also rituals of court-ordered medication with neurotoxic chemicals).

The rituals of these holy temples of court violence are cryptic. Rather than 6 relatively simple laws, there are now thousands of laws and lots of controversy about constitutionality and so on- many appeals courts. These laws are called codes, which means something that is not what it appears to be. Codes are used for secrecy and deception. Legal codes are central to all modern court systems. They are not designed to be easy and simple. They are designed to be so complex that people in desperation hire lawyers to assist them with legal controversies.

Further, there is extensive indoctrination about systems of social organizing (like how they should not be “too” violent or “too” corrupt). The idea that courts are fundamentally just operations of organized coercion is both self-evident and yet seemingly rather taboo to mention within the “cults of Noah.”

However, Noah, Moses, and the sword-swinging Levites knew the effectiveness both of military power and of psychological warfare (propaganda). So, schools and violent court systems and the mass media all promote the worship of the system by the public and also the blind compliance of the public, cultivating the survival of “the system.”

Some confusion is bred. Some misinformation and drama and controversy and scandal are presented as “important.”

In a schoolyard, young bullies can be attacked by the nuns and traumatized in to respectful submission. Or, if the tyrant does not have enough military power, the children may stone the so-called authority figure to death.

If the masses are dumb enough to believe idiocy and mythology, then so be it. Enchant them with witchcraft like this: “your hair loss is caused by baldness and now we must attack the demon of baldness which has possessed you. To attack the disease that you have which is called baldness, we will give you the following 7 medications which are very expensive and very harmful, but, you REALLY need them to combat the demon of baldness which has possessed you.”

From the ideas of Santa all the way to hell, it is stupid to look at religious tradition as anything but a social ritual. Any anthropologist would agree that these social rituals are used for organizing society, including influencing perception and behavior (governing!).

The accuracy of the Santa story is irrelevant. The precision of the threatened tortures of eternal hell is irrelevant. Talmudic scholars are clear on these points. Cultivating terror and compliance is the function of all terrorist threats and psychological warfare.

These rituals are used to promote a particular social order, with the systematic flow of wealth from the taxpaying/tithing masses to the rulers. Communism is similar except that no public property rights are allowed, while the top bureaucrats routinely get better accomodations, better health care, better food, and so on.

A fascinating way to hide the simplicity of the fact of court-promoted inequality is to publicize propaganda that “governments should not systematically redistribute wealth through coercion.” That is a decent DEFINITION of the word government. (A slight variation is to condemn some specific far-off government as evil because of their corruption and violence, then drop atom bombs on innocent civilians there to prove that the use of violence by that other government is morally wrong.)

So, how do you hide something in the plain sight of someone naive? One possible method is to terrify them in to repeating that it SHOULD NOT BE. This can be called training in denial. It can be very effective.

A child who believes in Santa will rationalize away obvious information in order to preserve the ideology of displaying obedience to Santa. Obviously, if Santa is not real, then that means that all of the foolishness of trying to earn Santa’s approval was idiotic. People do not want to admit to having been fooled, especially in regard to issues that nearly everyone else still believes with violent passions of holy fury, so there is a natural tendency or momentum for people to maintain their addiction to denial. Those who are not addicted to denial and relax from the trauma of public school indoctrination and so on are typically silent.

It is not polite (politically correct, socially-approved) to directly address the core ironies worshiped by mainstream “intellectuals.” Therefore, the US government must be preserved in its holiness. It was completely in accord with sacred principles until August 15, 1971 when an abrupt shift happened and suddenly business interests like those of certain evil pharmaceutical companies began to corrupt the previously holy mechanisms of the sacred court system of organized violence.

On the sincere fanatics of mainstream Holy empires

August 15, 2013

Rand Paul

calm, peace and... sincerity?

calm, peace and… sincerity? (Photo credit: Angelo González)

The system tames the masses. It terrifies them in to compliance, then confuses them with a mixture of punishments and rewards.
For instance, tax claims are publicized as justifiable extortion. It is the duty of everyone to contribute (under threat of garnishment and incarceration etc).
Non-compliance attracts jealousy from the other involuntary donors who are still supporting the system of organized coercion (mass piracy). While everyone knows that many of the richest people can afford to hire tax lawyers and lobbyists to minimize their taxes, as long as your own immediate neighbors are not getting away with an unfair advantage over you, then you can easily fixate on some other passionate controversy to distract you from the simple fact that all governing systems have the primary function of redistributing wealth disproportionately.
Generational Theft

Generational Theft (Photo credit: NObamaNoMas)

Which disproportionate redistribution is best is the central issue of hysterical argument by political fanatics. The merit of the idea of disproportionate redistribution is just not questioned by these argumentative fundamentalists. All disproportionate redistribution systems are labeled evil, except of course for whatever one that a particular fanatic worships as the one that is right and good and just and holy.
Further, the consistent giving of financial support by the masses contributes to a psychological fixation with labeling the system as the ultimate good (AKA “the greater good”). Their traumatized terror of the system’s organized coercion leads to a reflexive pride in glorifying the system and also to a shameful dismissing of criticism- not just as irrelevant, but as… insane. The reality is that the involuntary donors are terrified of any logical criticisms of their religion (AKA “statism“), so those identified as threatening critics must not just be dismissed, but intensely ridiculed, then even drugged and confined in mental institutions or in correctional facilities to correct their politically incorrect criticisms.
Rand Paul

Rand Paul (Photo credit: Gage Skidmore)

Ironically, glorifying of a heroic critic may be very popular. “Valiant” criticism of prior flaws is celebrated, even if reforms were unsuccessful. Sincerity is the measure of value in the statist religion.
Prior reform is celebrated as the unquestionable proof that the system is open to intelligent input and progress and so on. In fact, in some systems of imperialism, the central figures of the statist mythology are rebels. Some heroic rebels founded their nation, then other heroic rebels defended it or kept it united or promoted whatever polices were eventually glorified with such labels as “justice” or at least “progress.”
Map of the United States of America showing th...

Map of the United States of America showing the largest minority group by color in each state. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Statists say things like “Of course we should do more to promote the well-being of the indigenous tribes that we plundered. However, at least we recently passed a law criminalizing animal cruelty and protecting 3 rare species of owls. Further, look at how far we have come so far in honoring the rights of not just two but three minority groups, together constituting nearly 8% of the population! Isn’t that wonderful?”
The state is awe-inspiring. The state is not just the Holy Empire, but the popular God.
Certain criticisms of the holy state are considered taboo, while others are considered to be absolutely required. “We really must do more to balance the budget,” said every public figure ever.
Security and order and justice are all central values of the state, but sincerity may be the top priority. Prior political leaders are presumed to have all been sincere (with a few notable exceptions presented as the alleged “proof of the rule” that all the others were sincere). However, current leaders are either labeled as heroic or vilified for promoting the “wrong” version of systematic wealth redistribution through organized coercion.
Sincerity is a central personal value, with one own’s sincerity presented as validation of accuracy and merit, while the sincerity of opposing militant fundamentalists is ridiculed with comments like “how can the other party be that stupid?” The display of that kind of confusion (“how can THEY be so different in their beliefs?”) is the hallmark of sincere militant fanatics of statism. One statist group ridicules their main competitor as fanatical, which is precisely how that group views them. “They are deceived by their own blind faith,” both groups say of the other.
Who's got the money in America - romney economics

Who’s got the money in America – romney economics (Photo credit: EN2008)

The two groups are locked in sincere divisiveness against each other. The opposing policies of systematic wealth redistribution are attacked as being policies of systematic wealth redistribution (which “should not exist at all”) because those polices conflict with one’s own holy policies of systematic wealth redistribution through organized coercion, which are called “justice” and “what is best for the greater good” and “what everyone agrees is right.”
However, everyone does not agree. The sincerity of the fanatics leads to opposing groups both yelling at each other that “yeah, but we only promote what everyone agrees is right!” A neutral observer might wonder: how can they all be so stupid? 😉
Hardcover Edition

Hardcover Edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Terrified frustration that others have different perspectives is distinct from humble curiosity about perspectives and perceptions and so on. The fanatical worshipers of terrified frustration say things like “what should not be is something that just should not be, and you people do not seem to understand how sincere I am about that!”

Some other people simply do not value your sincerity at all. The only ones who do value your sincerity may be those who are afraid of diverse perspectives and thus are desperately avoiding any potentially threatening perspectives (“the unfamiliar” AKA “the unknown”).

Do you know what you will have for lunch 1,128 days from now? No, you do not, and it does not matter to you at all, does it?
The unknown is not what fanatics fear. Fanatics fear perceived threats to their illusions and delusions.
English: Sen. Joseph McCarthy chats with his a...

English: Sen. Joseph McCarthy chats with his attorney Roy Cohn during Senate Subcommittee hearings on the McCarthy-Army dispute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When a few systems of disproportionate wealth redistribution are accurately identified as being just that, then some fanatics will gingerly celebrate the condemnation of foreign systems, but then passionately attack any implication that their own holy system of organized coercion may be just another fanatically worshiped system of organized coercion.
“Of course I am sincere about the holiness of my own system. My glorifying of my system is not based on sincerity but on facts. Our way really is right. Our way really is best. For instance, our system is the only one that opposes ethnocentrism and condemns xenophobia. In the McCarthy hearings a few decades back, we conclusively proved that we are not socialist fanatics because we condemned and excommunicated 213 socialist fanatics that were trying to overthrow our system of disproportionate wealth redistribution and replace it with a system of disproportionate wealth redistribution, which is evil.”
Come My Fanatics...

Come My Fanatics… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The system tames the masses. It teaches them to worship their own sincerity.
It influences their perceptions, their language, their behaviors, and their results. It uses organized coercion to systematically redistribute wealth disproportionately, terrifying the masses in to blind compliance and passionate participation in the modern secular religion of holy statism.
Statism and Anarchy, first print 1873

Statism and Anarchy, first print 1873 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

presumptions, expectations, blame, and… government currencies?

April 18, 2013

As we live, we naturally notice patterns and form presumptions, which we then make in to expectations. That is normal and functional



Lincoln memorial cent, with the S mintmark of ...

Lincoln memorial cent, with the S mintmark of the San Francisco mint. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




However, we then may experience a gap between our old expectations and our new experiences. We may even get so startled that we suddenly withdraw or abruptly push people away with blame and rage so that we have time to adjust to new experiences. We may crave what is familiar.  We may be so challenged by new experiences that we cling to particular expectations with such terror that we do not call them expectations, but “what should be.” 




The more terrified we are, then the more we feel threatened by any lack of enthusiastic agreement about our presumptive expectations. So, the more harshly we may push others away, perhaps blaming them for the gap between our presumptuous expectations and our actual experience. Notice the immense difference between “my expectations did not match the results” and “you VIOLATED my expectations and BETRAYED me!”




I call that latter experience the spirit of antagonism or hostility. As a method of promoting solitude and privacy by pushing people away, it is normal and functional… sometimes. 




Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate (Photo credit: NatalieMaynor)




However, it is also normal and functional for social networks to form in which there is a deliberate plan to discourage antagonism in general and behaviors of aggression in particular. These networks use premeditated aggression to regulate or govern outbursts of passionate aggression and antagonism. 




We call these groups “governments.” They are systems of organized coercion or organized violence, as distinct from less organized forms of aggression.


Naturally, various forms of government can conflict with each other, such as two nations conflicting or the federal and state governments conflicting (which can escalate in to a civil war), or when two gangs of young aggressors conflict over which group can have a recognized monopoly on the sale of marijuana on a particular street (like will it be only people licensed by the state government thugs or only people who have been inducted in to a particular paramilitary “citizen action gang network” or what)?




The Seat of Government

The Seat of Government (Photo credit: Ewan-M)




If governments regulate schools for children (or even directly fund them and operate them), then it is normal and functional for a particular dominant network of organized coercion to promote loyalty and compliance among the students trained through the programming methods that promote that government’s doctrines. Every nation has history classes that promote a particular ideology or mythology about why that  system is so deserving of loyalty and compliance. There are enemies and victims and of course heroes. 




There are special holy days to celebrate things like the anniversary of the founding of the governing system, holy days commemorating the birth and death of particular saints (like Washington or Lincoln or Martin Luther King, Jr.), as well as holy days for glorifying military veterans or for special rituals of flag worship (“flag day”). The students are trained to honor each of the holy days of the ruling system for the particular significance of that holy day to the overall ideology or conceptual model promoted through the system.



International Currency Money for Forex Trading

International Currency Money for Forex Trading (Photo credit:



Presumptions and expectations are not only promoted, but students are even tested for their ability to quickly parrot back ideological doctrines. The young human resources are trained in citizenship as well as particular disciplines that benefit the social network, such as warfare, manufacturing, and services that mitigate symptoms of a functioning immune system and other natural physiological complications of modern diets (AKA “health care services”).




Also, there is the very important ritual proceedings of courts of criminal and civil law. Those rituals are the most holy and sacred activities of any within each system of  organized coercion.



The court rituals dictate what currency will be accepted in the payment of invented tax debts due to the ruling operation of organized coercion. These money units or currency units are even more holy than the flag. While the money and credit may be distributed in coin, in paper, or in electronic accounts (like debit cards and credit cards and credit reports), the actual form of the system’s currency is not important (except to those for whom the currency is the most holy object in existence).




When ruling systems of organized coercion had monopolies on the access to gold mines, then gold coins were a convenient substance for controlling supply and then artificially ballooning demand by dictating that people pay the court officials in gold coin for their invented tax extortion liabilities. However, if a governing system had a monopoly on compressed carbon in the form of diamonds, that physical substance would be just as legitimate a candidate for use as a sacred object to be used with tight controls on supply and extensive “marketing” systems to produce artificial demand for the substance merely as a holy currency (not for some other practical or industrial purpose). 




What is the basis of such objects being used as holy currencies? The organized coercion of the ruling system is the basis of all artificial demand created by inventing tax extortion liabilities and then dictating an exclusive form of payment for those debt claims.



Flag of Peru

Flag of Peru (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



So, the system may train us to repress recognition of the above obvious historical details. We are terrified in to repressing antagonism by the system, and then we typically react with intense antagonism toward the system when we begin to realize the nature of the system. 



That reactive terrified antagonism is entirely normal, but is it functional? The system provides food, shelter, electricity, and all forms of modern technology such as the internet and radio and transportation networks, including traffic signals.



For which of the conveniences and amenities and privileges that the system presents to us should we blame it and curse it? For which violated expectation should we claim that it has betrayed us? For which gap between our indoctrinated presumptions and our actual perceptions should we be most frightened, most ashamed, most anti-social?



How rare it is that people within modern systems fully consider the implications of the ancient instruction “condemn not!” Well, look at all the people who condemn others for such things as… practicing “inappropriate” condemnation. What could be more hypocritical?





part 3- what is a mature perspective on the modern world?

January 17, 2013

What is a mature perspective on the modern world?


As a human in modern civilization, I respect the Holy Empire of the Vatican, which is based on the ancient tradition of the Talmud. I will clarify this next. First, note that for many hundreds of years, the Roman Catholic Pope has claimed explicitly to rule over all other regional governments worldwide, such as might be called “the King of Kings.”

So, through the Hebrew Prophet Noah, a set commandments were issued, totaling 7. The first was for the establishment of courts of justice. These courts are the operations of organized coercion which bring order to civil society (cities and networks of cities).
These courts enforce rewards and punishments. Those who deliver economic value to the courts (such as tithes or taxes) are rewarded and those who do not are punished (imprisoned, separated from their property, killed, etc…).
When these courts demand payment in a particular form only, that is called currency. The organized coercion (or extortion) of the court officials is what creates demand for the currency that they declare acceptable to them.
At one time, gold was extremely rare to the general public, so court officials monopolized access to gold and then created demand for that particular metal by demanding that people purchase gold coins from the courts in order to discharge debts that the courts declared that the civilians owed to the court officials. At various times, the public demand for gold has declined when courts have decreased their manipulations to create demand for gold.


Lincoln memorial cent, with the S mintmark of ...

Lincoln memorial cent, with the S mintmark of the San Francisco mint. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When a court system that has been creating demand for any form of payment ceases to create demand for that form of payment (such as when the US Confederacy was “invaded by the Union”), then the market value or practical purchasing power of that currency disappears. In contrast, when a court system increases a tax rate without a proportionate increase in the amount of currency in circulation, that increases the demand or purchasing power of that currency. Demand for a particular currency is generally measurable in terms of three factors: the fundamental efficiency of a court to effectively conduct it’s extortion racket, the specific amount of currency in circulation which a court declares acceptable within the jurisdiction of the court’s operations, and the specific tax rates invented by the ruling court officials. 
Note that when a court’s operation ceases, it does not matter how many units of currency are in circulation. The number of  currency units in circulation is a secondary issue. Without the operation of organized coercion, no court’s currency has any practical value whatsoever. 



tokens (Photo credit: Token Company)

Currency is like a casino token. When the casino is in operation, the casino token (or currency) can be used there at the casino. If the casino ceases to operate, the tokens have no practical value- no matter how many are in circulation.
Currency is like a ticket at carnival or amusement park. When the carnival is open, the tickets can be exchanged to ride on a roller coaster or to go to a booth and attempt to knock down wooden ducks with an airgun. When the carnival is closed, the tickets have no practical value- no matter how many are in circulation.
So, when a court system’s operation of organized extortion is influential, only then people are interested in the currency that the court demands from the civilians or peasants in the payment of taxes. When a court ceases to adequately terrify the civilians, then the currency demanded by the court officials has no practical value- no matter how many are in circulation.
Is the existence of court systems of organized coercion “wrong?” Without any moral immaturity, we can recognize that court operations do exist. They also promote certain patterns of orderliness or economic activity within a civil society. Court systems regulate or govern or organize people. Courts influence the attention, perception, and behavior of the civilians within their system. 
Courts also compete against each other over human migration based on perceptions of economic opportunity and an orderly “business climate. ” Courts even compete with each other through the art of diplomacy, which includes all forms of war and blackmail and political assassinations.
Some say “this system of organized crime is wrong and it must be changed!” They may focus on a particular nation and a particular party or issue, or on the entire UN/Vatican network. Others say “this system of organized crime is what has developed and it may be practical to respect the fact that when a system of organized crime criminalizes certain forms of competition, it is not personal. They mean business! They severely punish unauthorized extortion and unlicensed coercion. The rulers even have the accepted discretion to pardon their own allies who have been convicted of crime. Consider the pardon given to Lt. Colonel Oliver North after his conviction, or the granting of amnesty to rebel soldiers after a successful revolution or civil war- or even rewarding them with government privileges!”
Al Capone. Mugshot information from Science an...

Al Capone. Mugshot information from Science and Society Picture Gallery: Al Capone (1899-1947), American gangster, 17 June 1931. ‘Al Capone sent to prison. This picture shows the Bertillon photographs of Capone made by the US Dept of Justice. His rogue’s gallery number is C 28169’. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“what is debt?” and the origin of currency systems of gold etc

December 27, 2012

Monopoly (Photo credit: Mike_fleming)

Photo: - Where artists, seekers, activists, and healers UNITE! ♥ :)

What is debt? Here is the definition of debt:

Debt is a term that is used in accounting and law to refer to a claim that one party makes in regard to the property or productivity of another party. When a group of thugs declare that someone owes them some debt as “protection money,” that is called legitimate taxation if the system of organized coercion is big enough and stable enough to monopolize that kind of business and criminalize similar competitors as “extortion.” The large systems of organized coercion are called courts and governments and their leaders also declare the accounting unit that people can use to pay the tax claims “invented out of thin air.” That is the origin of currency and of currency systems of organized violence. Each currency unit is like a ticket worth a certain portion of violence from the court system, like useful for hiring the thugs to perform evictions and garnishments and so on.
Because gold was rare and governments centers such as Babylon and Rome could also monopolize access to gold mines, gold was a popular tangible substance that currency systems of organized violence would create demand for by declaring as the only valid form of payment accepted for paying the invented tax extortion claims. Note that when a system of organized extortion dissolves or is colonized, like the US confederacy, their currency is suddenly worthless because their system of organized coercion ceases to function.

English: Loot and Extortion. Statues at Trago ...

English: Loot and Extortion. Statues at Trago Mills, poking fun at the Inland Revenue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Kurt Haijby (left) and lawyer Henning...

English: Kurt Haijby (left) and lawyer Henning Sjöström (right) on the way to trial on charges of extortion against the royal court. Svenska: Kurt Haijby (v) och advokat Henning Sjöström (h) på väg till rättegång anklagad för utpressning mot hovet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Currency - scanned 2012-6-6 04 001

Currency – scanned 2012-6-6 04 001 (Photo credit: George Morris)


Tax (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

en: Photo of Euro coins and notes. da: Foto af...

en: Photo of Euro coins and notes. da: Foto af Euromønter og -sedler. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Icon of U.S. currency.

English: Icon of U.S. currency. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Isn’t it competitive to condemn competition?

November 16, 2012

competition and cooperation

U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander, U...

U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander, U.S. Central Command, gets ready to toss the coin at Super Bowl XLIII, Feb 1, 2009, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WAIT- Isn’t it about time that we evolved from a world of idealistic condemnation of competition to some gratitude for the fact that our cooperative competition (our organized coercion) over here in the developed nations has been kicking some major butt all over the world for the last, uh, way way long long time?

English: Master Sergeant rank insignia for the...

English: Master Sergeant rank insignia for the United States Marine Corps. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the way, I’ve been hanging out for the last few days with my elderly mom’s nurse who was a special forces sniper for the USMC before he trained to be a nurse. If you want to hate on people for being frighteningly more effective in their violence then you, then go on down to the nearest army base and demand that they all get real jobs- or go on down to the police station and demand that they all get real jobs- or go on down to the local biker’s bar and demand that the Hell’s Angels gang members replace their skull tattoos with butterflies and rainbows and smiley faces. And take a band-aid because you’re going to need it.


Hell's Angels Funeral Procession

Hell’s Angels Funeral Procession (Photo credit: SanFranAnnie)

That reminds me of a story about a guy who went to the Super Bowl of American Football and carried a sign that that said “Football is bad. You will go to hell if you watch football. Not soccer– which is totally fine and teaches people teamwork and so on- but what the Americans call football is very bad. Do not go in to that stadium. Stop right now. Come over here and give me your tickets so that I can get in instead of you. I need to go and yell at all those confused people inside there about how bad contempt and animosity are, so that I can earn my way in to heaven. Plus, I want to see if my favorite team will remain undefeated.”

The point of the story is that football is very bad. It teaches people competition and teamwork and conformity and how to multiply by seven, which are all very, very bad.

U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander, U...

U.S. Army Gen. David H. Petraeus, commander, U.S. Central Command, talks with head Super Bowl XLIII Referee Terry McAulay prior to the coin toss, Feb. 1, 2009, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Fla. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Also, if it were not for the organized coercion of your local court system, your local currency would have no purchasing power. Your property rights would not exist. Your national borders would have no meaning, nor your property lines, nor your markings on the road to help keep people inside their lane and stopping at street lights.

The traffic lights and the markings on the road are not magic. Drivers who fall asleep do not follow those rules, so be aware that the lights and markings are not magic! They exist because of an immense system of organized coercion which gives social power (social consequences) to discourage the violating of the rules.


MAN_6170ss (Photo credit: GO MANLY UNITED)

If you are terrified of rules, then follow them. If you want to break a few rules, then test the boundaries. There will always be rules and there will always be rulers (and arrogant rebels as well as innocent violators).

Some of the people who tell you to cooperate instead of competing may be trying to reduce competition. Some of the people funding the people who tell you to cooperate instead of compete may be trying to reduce competition.

English: Patch of the 3rd Tank Battalion of th...

English: Patch of the 3rd Tank Battalion of the United States Marine Corps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

William Walker, "President" of Nicar...

William Walker, “President” of Nicaragua, 1856-1857 (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

the state as the collective hero or villain

October 16, 2012

Buckminster Fuller


Q: “I condemn the failure of The Collectivist State as the great shame of humanity! Don’t you agree?!?!”


A: I do not know what you mean by “the failure of the state.” Look in your wallet. Who issued the ID? Do you have financial instruments in your wallet that have their sole purchasing power through state systems of organized coercion? Ever heard of a passport? 

You miss the obvious massive success and economic value of “the state.” It is not a minor oversight. Organized coercion is a big business.


A picture of a wallet.

A picture of a wallet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Q:  I can agree that failure is a relative term. Those that slave themselves to the system might agree it is not a failure. I would measure failure as a failure to operate in its means as in the revenue of the system without borrowing, without increasing tax percentages and without inflating the currency to cheat.


a fundamental problem

a fundamental problem (Photo credit: the|G|™)


Imagine that Iceland borrows six thousand barrels of crude oil from someone, then says “wow, we just realized that we are not going to pay you back and in fact we are thinking of incarcerating you for some crime that we are willing to pass in to law if you argue about us not paying you back. Also, we are thinking of making it a capital offense. Let us know if you have any complaints about our decision and thank you so much for your loyal business. We will be sure to contact you again next time that we need a loan.”
The tax extortion systems of governments is a core function, a glorious success, a massive involuntary redistribution based on coercion AKA domestic terrorism. Colonial imperialism is also a massive crowning achievement. Both domestic coercion and cross-border coercion are piracy.
English: Cropped photo of young Buckminster Fuller

English: Cropped photo of young Buckminster Fuller (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The roots of the modern court systems were traced by people such as Buckminster Fuller from the ancient Phoenician pirates. Their superior shipbuilding led to superior transportation and superior violence against unorganized peasants and fishermen and then superior propaganda methods, which allowed them to set up local agents in the various places were they would frequent. 

Cameron Trading Post, Az 9-2008

Cameron Trading Post, AZ 9-2008 (Photo credit: inkknife_2000)

They created trading posts and trained clerks (then accountants, judges, warlords, and deputy militia). They had salt and herbal medicine and a variety of other rare materials, including a multitude of metal weapons.
Because of their superior military capacity, they attracted generous tributes and very favorable exchange rates. Eventually, they required membership fees to participate in their trading posts and barter exchange networks (like a flea market). Soon, they required that all adults in a region be members of their commercial network whether they came to the trading post or not.
They extended limited voting rights to their membership, with the general members having the authority to vote for council representatives. To qualify to be a considered as a candidate for a council position required oath-sworn membership in an inner priesthood of officers of the court (as in (lawyers or attorneys or pharisees etc). The council had the power to do things like call for the impeachment of a judge who had been appointed by the pharoah or the pope.
Financial instruments enhancing access to RDI ...

Financial instruments enhancing access to RDI (Research Development and Innovation) for companies to achieve Europe 2020 Flagship Inititiatives (Photo credit: Open Days – European Week of Cities and Regions)

Currency - scanned 2012-6-6 04 001

Currency – scanned 2012-6-6 04 001 (Photo credit: George Morris)

When kings were ritually coronated by the local agent of the “king of kings”, then the members of the inner council would be invited to attend. So they had perks. Plus they were immune from various kinds of prosecution. They were the ruling class, the makers of law, the legislators, the elite.
English: Currencies exchange logo Français : L...

English: Currencies exchange logo Français : Logo symbolisant le change de devises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They create currencies, inflate currencies, deflate currencies, and then train the masses to have massive misconceptions about currency (like through public schools) and then (using mass media) train the masses to complain about how reality does not fit their sacred misconceptions. The masses comply.

English: A stereotypical caricature of a villa...

The devious elitist: A stereotypical caricature of a villain (i.e. generic melodrama villain stock character, with handlebar moustache and black top-hat). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The state” is the crowning success of human social organization. The direct lineage between ancient piracy and modern court rituals is completely unrecognized by the masses. 


the legal definitions of money

September 27, 2012


IRS building on Constitution Avenue in Washing...

IRS building on Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C.. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Portrait of Cardinal Juan Everardo Nithard, by...

Portrait of Cardinal Juan Everardo Nithard, by Alonso del Arco (c. 1674). Prado Museum (Madrid). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Forex Money for International Curency

Forex Money for International Curency (Photo credit:


Money is a word (a linguistic unit in English). Like any other linguistic category, the most formal decisions about the definition of the word “money” are performed by court officers. They declare what fits the “legal definition” or “legitimate definition” of money.


Fernando Niño de Guevara, Grand Inquisitor of ...

Fernando Niño de Guevara, Grand Inquisitor of Spain, 1600-02. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Court officers are the ruling warlords of systems of organized violence, who use such titles as judges and magistrates and magi and “lord inquisitor general.” Those who disobey their commands face severe punishment in the form of the organized violence of the licensed agents of court violence, such as deputies and soldiers and bondsmen and other specialists in intimidation and coercion.


Police Officer Breaking the Law

Police Officer Breaking the Law (Photo credit: Call To Adventure)


If the court rulers declare that money includes a particular substance such as gold, then that means that the court officers accept gold as payment for debts claimed by the court officers to be owed to the courts. Of course, the court officers are the rulers over all declarations of the existence of debts, such as tax debts. The court rulers decide issues like whether the IRS currently owns a bank account or building or whether it is owned by your neighbor, who may quite sincerely think of the bank account or building as “mine.”


If the ruling warlords of the courts declare that payment of their invented debt claims of tax liability must be made in gold, that is substance what the subject people (the domesticated populations) typically compete with each other to get. If the people do not provide particular amounts of the declared form of payment (legal tender/lawful money/etc), then the court systems re-allocates the property of the debtor’s estate to the receivers that they declare to be the new legal owners of the property.

(By the way, that’s not a theory. That’s an anthropological observation.)


Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Ser...

Seal of the United States Internal Revenue Service. The design is the same as the Treasury seal with an IRS inscription. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: money

English: money (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Piazzetta San Marco, Venice - Doge's Palace

Piazzetta San Marco, Venice – Doge’s Palace (Photo credit: ell brown)



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