LeBron: “loyalty is good and indoctrination is bad.”

True or false? 4-time MVP LeBron recently revealed his secrets for avoiding disappointment and maximizing happiness. He also gave some examples of how they make a difference (regarding health as well as finances). First, here are the secrets:

(1) Stay loyal to what you know.

(2) Condemn indoctrination of any kind.

Next, let’s explore some examples of how those secrets have made a difference in real life.

As you know, many institutions exist with the specific function of focusing attention on selected topics and then promoting certain ideas about those selected topics. So, let’s focus for a moment on schools in general and science classes in particular.

It is very important to put the word SCIENCE prominently on the cover of a textbook or the top of a piece of paper, like so that you can know whether a test is a science test or a math test. We need to know that this is not just a test about memorizing and repeating ideas blindly. Are these ideas that we have compared to systematic observations or critically examined in any way? If we put the word science at the top, then those issues do not matter because we call this class a science class and this test a science test.

So, yes it is a science test. It is short though. There is only one question.

Which one of the following two statements best applies to cholesterol:

A ) It is one of the most dangerous substances that has been discovered in the last 17 thousand years because many organisms have a liver (which is an organ that makes a lot of cholesterol whether you eat any cholesterol or not), so eating foods that contain cholesterol will definitely kill you. Don’t be naive!

B ) Cholesterol is an essential nutrient that is the foundation for many hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, plus is it an important component of the immune system, so it will often be found at the site of weak and injured tissues. However, it probably caused the tissue to be weak (obviously), so it is not hysterical paranoia to religiously use powerful and expensive drugs to attack your liver and thus reduce the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol. In other words, some cholesterol is good and some is bad, but all livers are fundamentally bad and frequently attacking as many livers as possible is the only way to avoid the long-term health challenges that would otherwise inevitably be produced by having a high-functioning liver.

Now, how do the above principles apply to this situation? All you need to do to know if the answer is A or B is to look in the sacred textbook of your religion and then repeat whatever is in there. This method will earn the social validation of your teacher and your classmates (all of whom are now or soon will be world-renowned experts on the important topic of cholesterol).

Furthermore, if you do well on this test, then you will also become an expert as well. So, you will not be open to wasting your time by considering competing ideas about cholesterol (because you already aced that one science test). If several decades have passed since you aced that science test, there probably has not been any significant developments in science since then, so do not confuse your google search (that leads you to actual research by actual PhD researchers) with the expensive medical degree that I earned in the 1980s or 1960s or whatever.

Also, while some brainwashed idiots may suggest that the rituals of science classrooms are indoctrination, that cannot be true. Indoctrination is wrong, so schools that I personally like would never do that. Plus, if you think about the accusers and conspiracy theorists behind those ridiculous accusations, you will find that they are the kind of people who do not listen to my favorite kind of music, meaning that all their ideas must be false and probably intended to mislead and confuse us (because they are conspiracy theorists, unlike me).

Next, let’s move on to the thoughts of 4-time dodgeball MVP LeBron Bernays on the very important topic of personal finances. Briefly, finances are a good thing.

Also, if you are familiar with allocating a portion of each paycheck to a mutual fund that is designed for people of your age group, be ferociously loyal to that idea. That practice is heavily promoted to lots of people and lots of people adopt it, so it must be the best option for you personally.

While some people claim that investment markets are reasonably easy to forecast (plus they point to a clear history of decades of reliable predictions), if these ideas are unfamiliar, then just ignore or reject them. Pension funds are safe because I want them to be safe. So, I do not need to consider how safe or risky they are because pension funds are familiar and indoctrination is wrong, which is why I condemn it.

As for the claim that in the 20th century there was a baby boom that was followed by a decline in birth rates, we know that is true because it is familiar. However, what about the idea that pension funds can predict how many of the employees that contribute to that fund are about to reach the age of mandatory retirement? That idea is either irrelevant or false or both.

No one knows how many years exactly it will take for someone who is now 60 to turn 65. It is basically a mystery, kind of like human health (and why any self-respecting liver would generate lots of something clearly poisonous such as cholesterol).

So, if the current amount of money coming in to a pension fund is far below the amount of money going out already to pensioners, that is probably just temporary. Any company can obviously just hire 300% more people so that the payouts from the pension fund to pensioners will never fall below the revenues in to the pension fund from current employees. If I am not currently familiar with any budget shortfalls for any pension funds, then that is because there are currently no shortfalls (and I sure as hell hope that there never are).

Just like no one can predict how long it will take for someone who is 60 to turn 65, no one can predict what financial changes those people might make when they retire. Will they stop pouring a portion of every paycheck in to a retirement fund? Maybe they will and maybe not- even though they no longer will have a paycheck.

Will they start selling their retirement investments and spending their savings? Maybe eventually, but that could literally take weeks (or even months). There is just no way to know.

How do I know that pension funds are stable and safe? Because if I have invested many thousands of dollars in to one, then I do not want it to collapse or go bankrupt.

Sure, I know that some pension funds have published reports saying that they do not expect to run out of money until 12 years from now. So what? I plan to retire in only 9 years (so I have nothing to worry about).

Plus, I got a B+ in one economics class 47 years ago, so obviously I am an expert on all current and future possibilities. Just to be sure, I even asked 2 of my co-workers what they were doing with their investments, and we are all doing basically the same thing. So, I expect us all to get above average results by doing exactly the same thing that the vast majority of other people are doing.

Now that we have thoroughly covered the secret to personal finances, let’s briefly consider the idea that mainstream institutions program the masses to value familiarity over prudence. First, that idea is unappealing to me. Okay, that about covers it.

My pension fund depends on the pharmaceutical industry growing hundreds of percent in the coming decades, therefore it must. What about allegations that makers of cholesterol-lowering drugs have invested in a deceptive campaign to demonize cholesterol? I do not want those allegations to be true, so they are clearly offensive and exaggerated and false.

Prudence is imprudent. Familiarity is prudent.

What I prefer must be true because I prefer it. If pension funds have some kind of an accounting problem, then they should just hire more or better accountants so they can fix the gosh darn problem, right?

Anyone who suggests that I might explore methods that are not already familiar to me is an insulting embarrassment. They should be ashamed of their lack of admiration for my established expertise in science class as well as in economics class.

I strongly recommend that you do not betray your loyalty to the holy institutions that could not have indoctrinated you to condemn indoctrination (because indoctrination is wrong and shameful). Do not explore ideas or methods that were not emphasized in your classes in grade school in the 1960s (unless they are featured in TV ads on a network that you like).

Therefore, everyone should buy silver because I like Ron Paul as well as David Wilcock. If silver prices rise, that is a clear signal to buy more. If silver prices drop, that is a clear signal to buy more. If prices do not change, keep pouring a portion of every paycheck in to purchasing silver because in the long run, silver prices fell about 90% from 1980 to 1999, so you know that it is safe today (and every day).

Before we switch to other important topics like ridiculing people who target above average results of any kind, let’s talk about one more thing. There is a deep state plot to indoctrinate a small group of amazingly intelligent people who are extremely resistant to the idea that they are actually quite naive. The targeted geniuses will be fed the emotionally-appealing idea that the deep state should be overthrown and the best way to do that is to subscribe to a certain twitter feed and then wait very patiently. Wait for what? Wait for the savior to overthrow the deep state while we sit in comfortable recliners and drink protein shakes. If you agree with me in this, that proves that you are highly intelligent like me.

Because George Orwell clearly said in his book 1984 that the deep state would never create a revolutionary front movement to entrap intellectuals, that is impossible. Plus, once again, I just do not like the idea at all.

Also, for the deep state to incite me in to contempt for the deep state would be ironic. Why would they want me to have contempt for them while I invest lots of emotion in to the idea of a political savior that will bring down the deep state? I am doing my part to bring down the deep state because I am wearing a MAGA hat. Yes, the hat was made in China, but it was made prior to the trade war thing, so it is okay.

My favorite political savior is going to defeat the deep state in a boxing match with one hand tied behind his back, plus increase employment by 900% to prevent the baby boom bubble from popping (like it already has in Europe and Asia), plus genetically engineer a superior type of liver that does not make poisonous substances like cholesterol. Anyone who does not agree with me 100% is probably a traitor or a Mossad agent or both.

In conclusion, not only should you buy lots of silver, but you should probably buy it from me. I will sell it to you for $20/oz. I am so sure that it will go to $50/oz very soon that I want to sell you all of my stash for only $20/oz.

So you can memorize the following for the pop quiz next week, here are those 2 secrets again:

(1) maintain ferocious loyalty to whatever is already familiar.

(2) champion the idea that indoctrination is a practice that should not ever be done by anyone or any group.

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