A brief analysis of my trades in 4 markets this quarter (which produced profits of over 70 percent)

Below is some content that I emailed several people yesterday, then the brief reply of 1 correspondent, then my longer reply to him.

This is a quick update to my prior report on 12/7.

The account that was up 26.3% on 12/7 is up to over 73% as of yesterday (12/28). I opened it on 10/4: http://allycm.com/actual-results.php

The account that was up 53% went up to 77% as of 12/17 (and, as I make some changes for the new year, that account has been “liquidated to 100% cash” to remain at a 77% gain). I opened it on 11/9 (so those big gains took only 6 weeks): http://allycm.com/77-percent-gains-from-Nov-9-to%20Dec-17.php

FYI, I can document more than 15 years of my publications of accurate long-term forecasts. That includes calling the “bottom” of the global stock market decline in March of 2009 (which I published a few days BEFORE the final low in US stocks).

Great work man!!! This stuff make me nervous with the crazy market for sure!!!


Thank you. As most investors begin to get nervous, I get even more interested in “the data.” Those who invest with me will benefit along with me.

As of late September, I was clear that the US stock market was near a reversal that was even more obvious to me than the 2007 high or the 2009 low (both of which I also publicly forecast). In the last 3 months, there have also been 3 other investment markets that showed enough evidence for a price reversal that I entered trades (and almost of all of have been profitable). Below are charts of the 4 markets and my timing.

US Stocks:
(The reason I emphasized the red section- in regard to the fact that on 12/20 I was already taking positions for a large rise in stock prices-  is because 12/26 was one of the largest point gains in the history of the US stock market. However, As of Friday 12/28, I actually have already reversed position AGAIN, expecting another downward acceleration of stock prices in the US and internationally.)
(I am still positioned for a further rise in silver prices.)

US Treasury Bonds:

(In this case, I entered this market 2 days BEFORE the actual low… and it took almost 3 weeks before I had a decent profit. I target getting in early and getting out early- long before the majority of investors are concerned about that market reversing.)
Forex (EUR:USD exchange rate)
(Though I have reduced my initial exposure to this market, I remain in position for a much larger and longer rise.)


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