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(lots of more of that one:)
a few more of that one:


several before & after pics of a historic restoration

on this page:

pics of nice kitchen @ 5781 Kentucky Downs

another angle (before the faucet was fully installed):
his site:
Elaine G.

Tony Butler Home Design and Custom Builder
3638 Vineville Ave, Macon, GA
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Brian Johnson

2 years ago
Tony, Mark, and his team are a great team to work with for any scale residential building project you may have. Despite some schedule setbacks and miscommunication on my project, Tony’s firm was honest and forthright with the most appropriate solutions. This led to a beautiful porch/deck at the end of my project. Integrity is rare these days and Tony’s business model represents that. I recommend to anyone looking for any scale residential construction.


Nadine Beske

3 years ago
We finally got to the point where we can afford to build a small and cozy guest house in the garden. We had some ideas and after we hired Tony Butler Home Design we came up with some more! The crew did more than expected and managed to turn the small house into rather functional space! We love the result!


didy Carlsons

3 years ago
We love the bathroom and are really enjoying it! Thanks!

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