My top 10 reasons why reverse psychology does not exist

I am momentarily interrupting my recent “vacation” from posting new content to share this. The first section was written by someone else, then my reply is below.

I’m not religious. I am a nihilist (by several definitions of the word anyway), and I find myself being provocative towards preachy religious folks and those with a religious-like attitude in their moral/ethical philosophy (including secular humanists) sometimes, too.

That said, I kind of dig Jesus because he said ”I am not here to bring peace, but the sword’, and ”to turn brother against brother (family against family)”. The guy by all accounts was a straight up rebel in his time. The fact that those who seek to worship him are voluntary sheep (”we are the flock”) when he said to look within rather than without (at others, the flock), is ironic, and I dislike that kind of mentality, especially the martyr-glorification- his death.

I think his life as told in those books was pretty interesting, even if it were to be pure fiction. I take it with an attitude many take towards, say, greek mythology.

So, to JR, your attitude towards greek mythology (see last like in comment above) is rather unconventional, no? You seem convinced that the Epic of Gilgamesh is a story about extraterrestrials visiting our little planet, right? Question: what translation of the Epic of Gilgamesh would you recommend to me, knowing that I have from the very start (since you met me [several years ago]) been aware that every individual interprets words slightly-to-entirely differently?

In particular, the word ”god” is an interesting word for one. People often seem to be debating about ”god” (capital g or not) as though they are using the same definition of the word, when clearly, they’re not.

JR’s reply:

All of the ancient traditions intersect. I find archeology more interesting as a starting point because of the tangible evidence. Then, given all the “myths” that archeology has confirmed in the last hundred years or so, we also see a LOT of enigmas in many structures spread across the planet.

What “myths?” Many cities were mentioned in ancient tales that had no physical evidence until recent decades, like Troy, Jericho, and something like Mogadishu in India. For whatever reasons, many people hysterically rejected the possibility of those being real cities. Now, I am not aware of any serious controversy regarding various historical connections that are now accepted within mainstream archeology.

What enigmas? All over the planet are consistent methods for building very massive walls out of very massive blocks. The most advanced of these methods are still far beyond CURRENT mainstream technology (engineering etc).

So, conventional textbooks either ignore those walls completely or mention them in passing as having been built by relatively primitive Mayans etc.

my understanding is that the ancient (and modern) mayans and Egyptians and Japanese and Maltese (etc etc etc) all say “we did not build that stuff.” What do they say? “That stuff was already here when we got here. We have no idea how it was built.”

“Conventional” archeologists may even report those details openly. However, when the British monarch (who is allegedly a “crypto-Jew” claiming to be a direct descendent of Wodin / Odin / Mercury) is commissioning textbooks for the indoctrination rituals for kids in Australia or Canada or the various colonies operated by the British crown, certain details get emphasized and others get left out.

Next, as a nerd myself, I also notice that not only the stories but the words of various cultures clearly overlap. Take the word god and the phrase (god the father)….

Sanskrit: dyaus-pitar   द्येउस् पितर
Romanic: Jupiter (Jove)
Latin: deus -pater
Greek:theos (Zeus)
Hebrew: jiphath (sp?) / jhwh/ jehovah

Also, “Dispater:”
(Proto-Indo-European Dyeus Ph₂ter or “Zeus-Pater”)).
More references:

The greek words above just mean “God,” but the others literally mean “God the father.” That refers to Jupiter (or, as it would be pronounced in Sanskrit, Dyeus-Pitar / Jay-oos-pee-tar).

In all versions of the story, there is the titan or non-human Chronos / Noah / Saturn, who has three sons. I often refer to the fact that one of those sons carries a trident.

It does not matter to me whether the locals call that statue “Neptune or Poseidon or Shiva or Tseeva or the Devil.” The stories line up. Even the statues line up.

Next, I do not know of any intelligent rebuttal to Sigmund Freud’s assertion that the timeline and biographical details line up between the Hebrew Moses and the Egyptian pharaoh Thutmoses.

As for The Epic of Gilgamesh, I do not recommend any translation of it. Here is what I recommend….

Notice that humans go through a stage of “learning to get by.” In that stage, we will memorize things like “the right way to pronounce various words” and “the right way to behave.” That stage is about duplication and consistency.

Later, we may get to a point where our past loyalties are no longer working well (or are working so well that we can relax them). At that point, we get interested less in “pleasing everyone” in general and more interested in “what works for me.” We want to develop our perceptiveness and our skills of evaluation.
For some of us, we reach that stage while in a social context of dependence and widespread fanaticism, so we may add a stage of intensely rejecting some or all fanaticisms (usually one by one) and perhaps while retreating toward seclusion / privacy.
Some people may say that there are other stages. Some people may say that the ascetic who rejects society in a gloating but terrified nihilism is the pinnacle of spiritual glory.

I assert that there cannot be any other stages and therefore are not. In particular, the idea that any people (such as great britain’s Queen Elizabeth Windsor of the saxe-Goethe dynasty) have progressed to another stage of behavior and are attempting to retard the spiritual and economic development of billions of people is absurd and insulting and retarded.

Also, sarcasm does not exist because irony, hypocrisy, and reverse psychology are impossible. Everyone knows that the only people who believe in such myths are hysterical, retarded, racist, anti-semitic, psychopaths.


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