(Chapter 1…?) The cult of denial

“No, that can’t be possible.”

“Well that is a perfect example of denial right there.”

“No, it isn’t. I mean… maybe it would be in other cases, sure. But in this particular case….”

“There it is again.”

“Ok, whatever…. if you are not willing to have an intelligent conversation without changing the subject… because I do not even see how this is related to what we started talking about… then you are forcing me to end our friendship because you always interrupt me and you always want to dominate the conversation and never even let me finish what I was trying to… oo, yeah like that one time six years ago when we were talking on cell phones while I was driving through that area with bad reception and you kept interrupting and saying that the signal was bad and asking me to repeat myself. I hate that. So, yeah, your disrespectful attitude is just too frustrating. I can see that you obviously do not have good intentions here, so I am seriously done with you!”


“What? What do you mean by that? Don’t you realize how much I have put in to trying to… oh Jesus… you really like trying to piss me off, don’t you? Well it won’t work this time. Your little passive aggressive act is just over!”

“Anything else?”

“No. absolutely not! I can’t even stand talking to you. You are always such a bully. Plus, That one thing in particular about how people who are in a cult will always call the cult something else besides a cult does not even apply in this situation. You are not even using the real definition of cult.”

“How would you define a cult?”

“Oh Jesus, please Stop pressuring me. I don’t need to know the exact definition, but I do know that you are just pissed off about basically everything and trying to impose your views on me again. Like that thing you were saying about questioning established science: that is just insulting!”

“Ah, what I said about confirmation bias… okay.”

“Yeah, That was really offensive and insensitive and… and ignorant.”

“Was it?”

“And for you to say that the instruction of students in a science classroom is an indoctrination ritual is totally stupid. Sure, the central curriculum committee selects the subject matter to present to the students. That is obviously how it should be and you talk about it in a condescending way like there is some other better option. And of course the basic process is for the students to pay attention to whatever the teacher presents and then memorize that info and repeat it without critically examining the accuracy. I get all that, but YOU are missing the point. It is SCIENCE! Yes the students are getting rewarded for giving the correct answers that match whatever is in the answer key. No, the instructors are not actually personally verifying any of what is in the answer key. That is not their job though! So it is really arrogant of you to call it an indoctrination ritual. Again, it IS science!”

“It says so right in the title of the textbook, right?”

“Yeah and you just do not respect the important service that teachers provide. You would not be such a jerk about this if you were ever actually a school teacher.”

“Hmmm… hey, Do you remember the school that is just down the hill from the intersection of central and 7th Ave?”

“Yeah, across from the bank. That is the one where you used to teach, right?”


“But what does that have to do with anything?”

“The school?”

“Yeah, and you seem all fixated on the location like that is somehow important. Who cares? You can seriously ease up on the bragging about being a teacher. Maybe all that arrogance is why you don’t have more friends. Have you ever thought of that? Plus, if you knew anything, you would know that it was that school that had a scandal last year when a former student tried to burn it down. That school is an embarrassment and your constant attempts to distract me are so typical. This is why I can’t talk to you!”

“It must be frustrating.”


“Not being able to talk to me.”

“I didn’t even say that I am not able! It’s YOU.”

“So… would you say that you are annoyed?”

“Yeah uh huh! And you are constantly trying to upset me, aren’t you?”

“Am I?”

“See, you just did it again!”

“Did I?”

“Jesus, you are such a brat!”

“Well, I do my best.”

“And you don’t even deny it! You go around like you’ve never done ANY thing wrong. You act all superior. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you exactly what I told them: that you are an embarrassment.”

“And a brat, too, right?”

“So smug. And what really makes me furious is that you are always trying to compete with me and put me down. But I am so DONE with you.”


“Why are you smiling?”

“Am I?”

“Yeah, you are! Hell, you look like you are enjoying this. You don’t have a compassionate bone in your body, do you? You should really try some kindness for once! Oh great… now you are giggling. Typical. So typical…. what EXACTLY is so funny to you? I just can’t understand your… your stupid… stupid… ugggh your stupidity!”



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