“Good… good! Let the hate flow through you.” – Emperor Trump

To all the Clinton critics and Trump supporters that have been startled by the recent surge of animosity on Facebook, I invite you to be gracious and even forgiving. Many of you have maintained a very respectful tone in the midst of the sweeping insults, including against millions of women and various minorities who dared to voice concerns about Clinton and/or express support for Trump.

On behalf of so many upset Democrats that might not be requesting forgiveness soon, I apologize for the flood of contempt and condescension. I also will thank all the Republicans, Independents, and even many Democrats who bravely shared their opinions (especially the ones that were the most disturbing) and who even cast a vote for… the candidate of your choice.

Some people will not be surprised to learn that my favorite candidate did not win. My favorite candidate also did not come in second. (So, do I mean Bernie Sanders? No, although that is a reasonable guess.)

Ultimately, Trump has been named the winner. I respect that. I even made a point to review several of his policy proposals and identify which ones I currently support the most.

Also, if you are among the 50% or so of eligible voters who did not vote, isn’t it wonderful to have the privilege to be able to vote… OR NOT? We do not have any duty to vote. We have the privilege of, if we wish, researching various candidates and referendum issues and then either voting or not.

As for the dozen or so people reading this who are familiar with Star Wars, I’d also like to take this opportunity to say that you are the only reason that my favorite candidate did not win. I’m not sure what that even means, but it sure feels good to say it!

By the way, I also want to note something about the 3 people on my facebook feed who were the most vocal Trump supporters for the last few months. You are either all 3 male or all 3 female.

Further, anyone who is reading this who has any special interest in whether it was 3 males or 3 females is experiencing something that I call sexism. That means, to me, bias for or against a particular sex.

Plus, I am totally fine with that. I am grateful to have the opportunity to respect you whether you are not a sexist or are a proud sexist or are a sexist who pretends not to be a sexist (and maybe even criticizes other people for being sexists).

Also, those 3 most vocal Trump supporters were all of the same racial background. On that note, anyone who is reading this who has any special interest in which racial group I categorized them in, you are experiencing what I call racism. That means, to me, bias for or against a particular group based on their ancestry (or “race”).

Again, I am totally fine with that. Even if you are biased about their religious affiliations, sexual preferences, military records, or education levels, that is fine too.

For all the young Jedis who hate critics of Hillary Clinton and supporters of Donald Trump, I totally respect that. I agree that they are all deplorable, shameful, uneducated, ignorant, racist, sexist, students of the dark side with absolutely no sense of humor. However, we might be wrong about nay or all of that. Anyway, if you choose to display contempt for them, that is fine.

We have the opportunity to respect other people or not. We can respect some and not others. We can respect basically anyone or we can disrespect basically anyone.

Finally, I respect the various “minorities” who seemed to me to wait until after the election to fully display their concerns about Clinton and/or their support for Trump. I totally respect it if you were reserved about displaying your actual opinions until after the election. I also totally respect those of you who honestly did not have any repulsion toward the Clinton campaign until after the election when her supporters started to lump you in with their favorite types of villain, so then you were repeating those very famous words of Obi Wan Kenobi: “that is not the political party that I am looking for.”




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