The hilarious demon worship of medical “scientists”


Perhaps the most problematic from of commitment is to ideologies that are given the sacred label of “scientific.” Once a “scientist” treats their familiar presumptions and models as “the one and only possible reality,” then they cease to be involved in scientific inquiry (assuming that they previously were inquiring scientifically).

At some point, “scientists” may just be worshiping doctrines about science. Some of the most hilarious ones to me are the ideas of “medical science” in regard to the diagnostic labels for effects being referenced as causal. For example, there is an effect called cancer which some “medical scientists” claim to be caused by “cancer.” It is like saying that sunburn causes sunburn. It is absolutely nonsense.

However, to make a diagnostic label in to a demon that possesses organisms and then eats them away from the inside like a parasitic infestation… well, that can be very good for business. It sells a lot of drugs and so on to “fight the demon of cancer which possesses you.” While I am not really opposed to demon worship in general, (having never even thought about it much) I do find it remarkable to witness the hysterical demon worship of various members of the local priesthood of “medical science.”

One century, they fight the demon of scurvy which they assert “possesses people and might even be contagious.” Later, they relax from their hysterical panic and respect the scientific insights of the natives.


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