“Thou shalt not judge ME!” – an ashamed, hysterical hypocrite

SB wrote:

When someone kills
Is he a killer
When someone steals
Would you call them a thief
“You are a thief”
“You are a killer”
“You are a rapist”
On one level this is true
.. Our feeds, my feed, my page, your page, really is just a hall of mirrors.
What are your reactions
Biasness/ ignorance to close your EYE 👁 when it is not “perfect and pretty”
Notice what you Notice


JR replies:

We have the capacity to socially interact using language. We can make claims and accusations and labels.

So, When the warlords conduct rituals to formally label someone a rapist, they may exercise the power of punishing the convicted rapist. However, the warlords are always selective in who they accuse and who they punish. The warlords even define and redefine what they classify as rape (and different subcategories of rape, like “statutory rape”).

so, if Bill Clinton or bill Cosby is accused of rape, that might not be pursued by the warlords (or not far). However, a man named Miranda confessed to rape and yet was convicted and then still released (because the rituals of the warlords eventually resulted in a canceling of his conviction… not because there was doubt regarding his guilt, but because he was not informed prior to confessing of his “right to remain silent.”)

On the other extreme, merely accusing Bill Clinton or other high ranking people of rape can be very dangerous. People can lose their jobs over a politically unpopular accusation. Accusers can be blackmailed or “found dead after committing suicide with 3 shots to the back of their head.”

How does someone fire those last 2 shots? They do not.

The media and other powerful groups present labels like “suicide” which may be slightly imprecise… Kind of like the popular fables about Santa Claus might be slightly imprecise.

Consider the common reference “THOUS SHALT NOT KILL.” That was translated to English from another language. The translation “kill” is grossly inaccurate.

The prohibition is on murder, not killing. In the Old Testament, there are reports of a supernatural being who repeatedly kills huge numbers of people, such as through the great flood and the plagues used to enslave the Israelites. Then the being directs Moses and an army of 12,000 Israelites to invade and massacre the neighboring Midianites.

Within the same tradition, we see “proverbs and poetry” indicating that there is “both a time to kill and a time to heal, a time for war and for peace, for hate and for love.”



However, contempt can be a very popular “program.” So, some hysterical people will be terrified and ashamed by the great holy empire and so they will look around in a competitive mode for people to vilify.

From contempt, there is a Desire to present one’s own glory. For me to seem the most glorious, I may protest the activities of others with contempt.

“That tax collector is taking someone else’s property!”

“That movie actor is pretending to be someone he is not and that is deceptive!”

“That politician is reading from a script!”

“Theta athlete faked left but then went right with the specific intention to DECEIVE the opponent, which is EVIL and WRONG. They even intentionally foul the other team to prevent obvious scores!”

so, the masses are programmed with religions of hysteria and contempt. This is very valuable to the empire, so massive amounts of resources are invested in that outcome.



As for the common comments on the holy ideal of Justice, we might not know the origin of that word. Whatever the warlord dictates as “official policy” is justice.

Warlords invent crimes by criminalizing certain patterns of action (at least when involving certain people). Thomas Jefferson might have supported the right to this or that, but did he defend the right of his slaves to carry guns? Nope.

Human history shows that there are no universally-enforced standards. Rulers always oppress.

In the rituals of the US, it is valid for presidents to pardon convicts and suspects. So, when the accomplices in the assassination of Abe Lincoln were pardoned by the man who became president through that assassination (Andrew Johnson), that was legal.

killing Abe was a crime, but pardoning those involved in the killing was also totally valid within the holy rituals of that imperial system.

Governments are systems by which one group systematically rules over another. The prophet Noah declared his dominion over all of humanity.



That sentiment has been echoed by other people in the position of “king of kings” for a long time, such as pope Nicholas V in the 15th century. The claim for political superiority over all of mankind is probably even much older than the prophet Noah…..


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