Social inequality: is it something shameful that must be gloriously reformed?

REA wrote: 

Could someone please explain to me the differences between :: capitolism, Imperialism, and slavery… (yes I understand they all exist in their own categories, but humor me anyway… please)

Lorenzo Saraullo:

If it were necessary to give the briefest possible definition of imperialism, we should have to say that imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism.” Vladimir Lenin

“But if you want to continue to be slaves of the banks and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money and control credit.” Josiah Stamp.



JR wrote:

When Moses directed the Israelite army to slaughter all of the Midianites except for 24,000 virgin girls, who were captured and then distributed among the victors, that could be called slavery / enslavement.

However, if they had allowed even a portion of the Midianite adults to remain alive and maintain a social order in which the Midianites had official power (even as puppets), that would be colonization / colonialism / imperialism.

As for capitalism, that is a system in which a select group exerts military dominance over the rest of the governed population and allows formal ownership privileges to at least a large fraction of the population. Those who have wealth that is backed by the military force of the government can be recognized as having “property rights.” Those people who at last have the legal capacity to directly own property (like in contrast to people who are legally “minors”) can be said to “own themselves,” although there may also be a legal category of slaves.

There is always some inequality in terms of military dominance by some people over others, although capitalism allows for private individuals to have property rights, while in communism, the small centralized group of formal decision-makers do not allow individuals to make any claim of private wealth. In that case, the governing system formally owns everyone and everything. The “wealthy” within communism are the “trustees” who direct the massive concentrations of “the common wealth.” They command the armies and live in the 8,000 square foot palaces and have servants and security guards.

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Lorenzo Saraullo
Lorenzo Saraullo yeah ELITISM sucks! “When it comes to elitism and everyman, we have a complicated, ambivalent, and often nonsensical relationship to both.”
The Tricky Traveling Wardrobe
Robin Givhan
July 18, 2011

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J R Fibonacci Hunn
J R Fibonacci Hunn The lower class is programmed to experience contempt toward their supervisors. Elitism only sucks for the masses. It is very valuable to the rulers, which is why they go to great measures to monopolize social dominance, like in communist systems.


As for Lorenzo’s quotation of Josiah Stamp, that is a more poetic use of the word “slavery.” As for the possibility to “create money and control credit,” I am aware of no fundamental difference between bankers doing that and a group of congressional high priests doing that. My comment there may offend many libertarians (or others), but that is no concern to me.

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J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn So, taxpayers are not slaves. The ruling extortion network is simply claiming 20% or 60% or whatever portion of the income of the taxpayers. Further, the taxpayers may be allowed to do many things that slaves cannot, such as to leave the country and never come back.

Think of military personnel. In history, many soldiers have been “drafted.” They would also be legally penalized for failing to report to an assigned deployment, so they are more like slaves. They are not legally free to simply leave the region, which most taxpayers are.

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J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci HunnAny nation that imposes a military draft can be presumed to be either fully communist or pseudo-communist, since mercenaries will actually consent to be hired as soldiers (or law enforcement officers), while drafted soldiers are only becoming soldiers under threat of force.

Even a typical police officer can quit with a standard 2-week notice. Soldiers either are forced in to years of servitude or agree to a specific number of years of servitude.

Leaving early is possible, like by medical discharge, but uncommon. It can be requested and if the ruling warlords approve it, so be it. Otherwise, “going AWOL” can result in the “fugitive /escaped slave” being pursued, kidnapped, and confined.


Realistically, enslavement is something that we might relate to as frightening. When the King of Denmark knows that the Swedish troops are invading and approaching the castle, the King may be concerned about being enslaved.

Caution is rational and intelligent. The hysterical shaming of caution (and the invalidating or negating of fear as “inherently negative”) is of course a manifesting of extreme distress / anxiety / panic.


Lorenzo Saraullo: I didn’t even know who Robin Givhan was when I quoted her, I just thought it was poignant, then I found out she’s a “elite” fashion critic, whatever! Why should anyone be offended by your pointedly phrased observations is far beyond my understanding. To me any form of servitude is slavery, notwithstanding the concession of certain rights (even Roman slaves were allowed to marry and have children), it all depends on how broad or how restricted one’s definition of the term is.


JR wrote:

Many are ashamed of social inequality. They have been programmed to think of servitude or slavery as embarrassing or shameful.

Obviously, when worker bees sacrifice themselves for the queen bee, there is a social contrast between the various roles. When puppies compete with each other for a limited number of teats, that is because they value their mother more than their sibling. It’s natural.

Humans, however, have developed a type of behavior called language. Delusions can be programmed in to the “socially inferior” so that they view their own social inferiority with shame, saying things like “social inequality is just WRONG.”

So, they are programmed or cursed with shame. From shame, hysterical contempt often manifests, which is just an externalizing of the inner shame with which they have been programmed.

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Lorenzo Saraullo

Lorenzo SaraulloI wonder what Noam Chomsky would have to say about your theory of language! So according to you hierarchy is natural and we should go along with it? And I have been programmed by the use of this wonderful technology, language, to feel socially inferior?

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci HunnI do not know what you mean by “feel socially inferior.”

Lorenzo Saraullo

Lorenzo Saraullo“So, they are programmed or cursed with contempt, which is just an externalizing of the inner shame with which they have been programmed.”

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci HunnIf I have $100,000 cash, I can go buy a few cars or hire a hitman or this or that. That cash is one type of social power. Relative to someone with $100,000,000 cash, having only $100,000 is socially inferior.

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J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci HunnLanguage is a type of social behavior, You can call that a theory if you like.

Creatures that have been socially isolated for their entire lives may invent symbols, but we inherit language socially and we use it socially. I am not aware of anything especially controversial about most of what I have shared here.

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J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci HunnAny self-aware creature can make assessment of their own social influence, then of the social influence of others. There will be contrasting amount of social influence, whether small contrasts or huge contrasts.

I was referencing a hysterical way of relating to one’s own social influence. Those who are ashamed will likely avoid contact with those of lesser influence, because they are terrified of being around people who are jealous of their greater social influence. There will also be contempt for those of greater social influence.

Basically, shame involves programs to demoralize a targeted population and cripple them socially. In many cases, it works great for that purpose.

The whole point of socialist schooling (and communist indoctrination rituals) is to stabilize the system of extreme social inequality. There are some privileged “servants” who are groomed to be military officers in ROTC and so on, but for the most part, the core issue is demoralizing the masses and intimidating them in to worship of “the holy state.” As long as they are almost all compliant, then placing them in to jobs is a secondary issue.

Service to the greater good (the elitists) is glorified, like glorifying soldiers for massacring civilians (especially in far away places). Self-interest is systematically shamed. Again, on the whole, the system to demoralize the masses and promote hysteria and chronic hyperventilation is rather effective. That is why it has been growing for thousands of years, right?

The children in the photo above were the employees of a seafood-packing plant in Baltimore, Maryland (USA) in 1900.


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