Condemning those who condemn the wrong way

It is easy to ridicule someone who collected donations because of how they spent that money (like spending it “the wrong way” according to my favorite political ideology). “Crazy charities” are an easy target, right?

Why the isolated contempt for THAT guy? Why do people seem to so value isolating as a specific distant target for their ultra-holy contempt? Hmmm….

Government, organized crime operations, and isolated thieves collect much larger amounts of wealth by force. Those organizations systematically concentrate power and wealth, keep people out of empty homes, and of course drive up the cost of building a home with regulatory restrictions. I could go on and on about their operations.

Oddly enough, I refrain from scolding the operations of violence and coercion known as government. Their method is to promote inequality by (nearly) monopolizing coercion. Simply put, they use coercion to discourage and punish the use of coercion by those who are not part of their network or gang or organization. What’s so strange about that? This is the same “new world order” that has been dominant since long before the Europeans “discovered The New World” (the American continent).

(The subject of drug addictions among the homeless was mentioned in a reply to the image that did not get copied when I shared the image)…

As for drug addictions among the homeless, when did drug addiction become such a big issue? Alcohol (and alcoholism) is not new, right? How about addiction to opiates?

The business of pushing drugs started as one of the most lucrative parts of the entire operation of the British Empire. The “opium wars” (starting in 1839) were the British Navy trying to repeatedly force China to allow the British to CONTINUE to import opium to sell to the Chinese. The US Navy (and French Navy) played a major part of the eventual British victory over the Chinese government, who were attempting to prevent the British opium traders from ruining the lives of individuals and families. After the British (and their allies) defeated the Chinese even more conclusively in the “second opium war” (ending in 1860), they even forced the Chinese government to COMPENSATE the British for costs associated with resisting the British colonial conquest.

In other words, governments created the industry of modern drug addiction. I could go on to the topic of addictions to prescription drugs, but I really do not have much interest in such details….

So, (back to the subject of ridiculing people who operate regular charities) have I ever made jokes about the Pope “speaking out against privilege?” I absolutely deny ever doing anything sarcastic because sarcasm is just wrong.

How about making jokes about the Queen of the British Empire “speaking out against poverty?” Well, the war on poverty is an endless war which requires the constant creation of more poverty (or else how would the profits derived from making that war continue)?

Are all wars for profit? Is “the war on drugs” a for-profit war? Was “the second opium war” a for-profit war?

Wars should NOT be for-profit wars because for-profit wars are for profit, which is wrong. Wars should be solely for destruction, not for destruction followed by pre-arranged “no compete” reconstruction contracts to companies like Bechtel.

Reverse psychological warfare is wrong, which is why it does not exist (even though it probably should). Other people should not condemn each other. Only I should condemn other people for the crime of condemning each other (especially if they do it the WRONG way).


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