irony, hysteria, and scientific inquiry

Many people say ironic things knowing that they are ironic, such as “it is my time to speak, so you may not speak until I am done.” Even more ironic would be sitting in a library and shouting “no one shouts in this library!”

Distinct from mere irony is hypocrisy, which is a form of denial. To shout that “I am NOT shouting” is always ironic. However, someone can knowingly say an ironic thing.

But with hypocrisy, there is a lack of self-awareness or even a hysterical denial. There is typically a background of the worship of a social ideal about how people should act.

“I am a good person, therefore, when I say that good people never say the word SHIT, that is not what I said. Why? Because I am good and so when I say SHIT, I am not saying SHIT because good people never say SHIT and I am a good person! Now, let’s focus away from everything else except that those people over there are talking a bunch of SHIT about other people and condemning people, which I condemn because people should not condemn others. Those people are SHIT because they CONDEMN other people hypocritically and HYSTERICALLY and what is even worse is that THEY DO IT THE WRONG WAY.”

Now, let’s back up to a portion of a prior exchange….

JR wrote:
“I have no issue with irony. I respect the sincere naïveté of hypocritical contempt.

It is just a form of distress. It is just an attack of hyperventilation demons. I can even sell you some very expensive drugs (derived from opium, of course) which are excellent for exorcisms of the demons of hyperventilation.

My miracle drugs can cure incurable possession by demons. The rituals of exorcism in my church are the only valid ones. In the name of Santa Claus, I command the demons to release you!”



JR that will work if the people believe in the ritual. Apparently witch doctors have almost as good a cure rate as western medical doctors.

I’m not attempting to shame you. The [prior] post is light hearted and in my own way I’m suggesting a little levity. It’s not all that serious. But in my levity I suppose there is some seriousness about these damn fabrications they run on TV.

(Personally I believe there probably are other advanced civilizations in the universe. But they had nothing to do with our space program. It was really stupid what they were saying about it.)

JR replied:

Stupid things on TV, huh? That reminds me that many years ago I was live on radio (several times a year) and I got nervous more than a few times and probably said a few stupid things on the air. With experience, my “on air personality” was perhaps less nervous and more smooth.

As for fabrications, I have some experience with the use of fabrications in the fields of law and advertising. I did not do a lot of criminal defense, but I am clear that the job of the defense law firm is to construct enough alternative explanations to create doubt in the mind of the prosecutors and the jury… even when the guilt of the suspect is not in question by the defense lawyers.


I am the kind of person that finds it rather odd that people criticize Hillary Clinton for “effectively defending” rapists as a lawyer. As for the string of “dead witnesses” who were scheduled to testify against Bill Clinton (regarding various extremes of sexual deviance such as pedophilia as well as many non-sexual deviances), I do not find that surprising either.


I have read the explanations by Edward Bernays of how he was hired by the people who wanted the US to invade Europe in the 1910s and what he did. Fabrications were the most efficient way to get people in the US to experience so much shame about the alleged crimes of the Germans that there was outrage.

After the emotions stirred by Bernay’s fabrications, there was greater willingness by people in the US to go in to immense debts to European lenders (creating the Federal Reserve’s wealth extraction program). Part of that was the income tax, soon followed by the other huge advances of national socialism of the 1930s in the US.

You may not know that taxing income is one of the essential 10 policies listed by Marx in the Communist Manifesto. All the other 9 are also in effect (either partly or fully) in the US and have been for many decades….


So, Bernay’s fabrications were so successful at promoting the first US invasion of Europe (“world war one”) that he was hired by Lucky Strike cigarettes to use similar fabrications to increase cigarette consumption by women in the US, plus by the DeBeers diamond cartel.


Bernays invented “product placement” and created 90 minute long advertisements for diamond rings that we know as “romance movies.” Of course, fabrication of stories can be extremely effective.


As for conspiracy theories that one large group of people would intentionally deceive other large groups of people, I was specifically informed by Santa Claus that there is no such thing as a theory. There are many conspiracies of course, but the word “theory” is obviously not even a real word.


As for you attempting to shame me, I did not say you were. I said “if.” I did say that my interpretation was that you were mocking me with the “photos of what people ought to eat.”

However, I might have found that amusing and “chummy.” If that was your intent, I did not “recreate” it that way as I read the little shapes on the screen.

In fact, I completely missed the joke at first. I was like “of course words are symbolic… did you completely miss the point of” (whatever I had been focusing on)…?



As for the cure rate of mainstream western doctors, feel free to provide stats. The stats that I see show a massive decrease in many fundamentals of health (not just rates of illness, but rates of “high functionality”).



So, that includes things like normal jaw structures, normal teeth alignment (and density), normal (20/20?) vision, and so on. Further, there is plenty of documentation on how to effectively improve all of those basic issues of alignment.



While western witch doctors are worshiping demonic possession by hyperventilation, practitioners throughout the world are RESOLVING the underlying issues. By proper breathing and proper positioning of tongue and teeth, the cranium sits in alignment on the neck. When the cranium must twist, even a bit, that not only creates headaches, but forces the neck and shoulder muscles to compensate.



The entire spine must twist, even if only by a few degrees, to compensate. When my wife had her top vertebrae properly adjusted, we found that the nerve to one of her ovaries had been impeded. How did we know? Because she was only having a period every other month and then started having them every month (among other changes that were even more immediate).



What kind of issues “magically disappear” when the tongue, teeth, and cranium are properly aligned? Imagine what happens when someone has severe damage to the spine: complete loss of the ability to move or even control their bowels. All of the things that “go poorly” when the spine is compromised go better when it is no longer compromised.



As an engineer (RQR has a background in engineering), I expect that you might appreciate the simplicity of a scientific approach to health and, like me, come to find so much of the demon worship of mainstream western medicine to be hilarious quackery. One of my favorite “demons” of modern medical hysteria is cholesterol….



and for those who think “cholesterol is a problem” and then panic, they might be interested in knowing the studies showing clear negative effects of taking statins (which, as far as I know, basically attack the liver, compromising the ability to produce cholesterol). One of the most common effects of taking statins is increased pain.



Some people might even be interested in studies that show that natural statins (like in the yeast made from red rice) have less negative effects and the same “positive” effects:
The basic idea that high cholesterol is not just a symptom, but a causal factor, might be hilarious. Blaming cholesterol is like blaming scabs for cuts. Cholesterol is part of the repair system of the body, right?
Or did no one actually think to research that issue? Really? bwa ha ha ha
What do we know about taking statins? It consistently causes problems with damage to muscles and pain (maybe because cholesterol is so important that all of the healthy livers on this planet make lots of it):
“An analysis by Dr. David Newman in 2010 which drew on large meta-analyses of statins found that among those with pre-existing heart disease that took statins for 5 years (1):
10% (1 in 10) were harmed by muscle damage
96% saw no benefit at all
1.2% (1 in 83) had their lifespan extended (were saved from a fatal heart attack)
2.6% (1 in 39) were helped by preventing a repeat heart attack
0.8% (1 in 125) were helped by preventing a stroke
0.6% (1 in 167) were harmed by developing diabetes.”
BUT… creating “addictions” (psychological or otherwise) to synthetic statins is profitable. So, maybe that is why there is so much money going to help keep statins popular… like going to lobbyists and election campaign funds and curriculum creation committees.

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