Brexodus: some thoughts on fear and the UK’s exit from the EU

My presumption is that the main drawback of being part of the EU is that national sovereignty is reduced, plus the British taxpayers would be liable for sharing the debt load of the entire EU (including marginally insolvent “states” such as Italy and Greece and Spain and Portugal). That second issue may actually be the real key issue.

So it is basically the same kind of issue by which the US confederate states wanted to get out of the Union, or that India wanted independence, or that the Muslims of Pakistan wanted to escape from being dominated by the central government of India. The US independence from the UK is of course the same kind of thing as well.

Anyway, what about the good old days when the UK and the US were invading China to make sure British opium could be legally sold to the Chinese? Those Chinese wanted to keep out the opium and even to criminalize the activity of smuggling it in to China. Fortunately, the US Navy was there to unleash destruction in defense of the British right to import opium in to China. 😉

Anyway, the US is under the debt load that the Federal Reserve arranges. Like all governments, it is simply a system for extracting wealth and redistributing it to the beneficiaries of the wealth transfer operation.

RQR replied:

JR, you’re probably right in that Britain was carrying some of the load for lesser performing members. These regional or international organizations typically leave a lot to be desired. The EU is far more complex than simple free trade. And I believe the US is still carrying the biggest financial load for the UN. There are a lot of injustices in the world. My inclination is to more forward in creating a better world community, rather than withdrawing. It’s just a personal feeling about it.

JR again:

I do not give much priority to slogans about “a better world.” This one is worthy of respect, in my opinion. We do not need to relate to it as “shameful” or “not good enough.”

Justice is derived from force. Justitia, the ancient goddess of Justice, carries a sword in one and in the other hand the scales. (Usually, she is also depicted with a blindfold.)

Her sword is what makes all the rest have any importance. I understand that all governing cults issue propaganda about how that cult’s definitions of Justice are the most holy.


RQR replied:

JR, I’m not influenced by what you give credence to.


JR again:

If there is no sword to your throat, then you can freely use whatever definition of Justice is familiar and comforting.

To Muslims, what is Justice for a woman dressed “immodestly?” Death? Whipping? A fine? Imprisonment?

What is the definition of “immodest?” Wahhabi Muslims differ greatly in their concepts of Justice from the majority of Muslims.

RQR replied:

JR, look at your string of comments. Do you see anything funny about that?


JR again:

As for my “string of comments,” I do not know your specific reference. I will say that the vast majority of things that I read on Facebook are ultimately quote hilarious to me (including all the things that I type).

[Next, RQR mentioned his wife, Gala, who is from Europe. RQR and I live in Arizona (USA).]


Well I have had two “overseas” mates (my wife and a girlfriend from Croatia). I think to mention that because the one from Croatia told me some interesting stories about “justice” from back in the days of Yugoslavia and then the “state of emergency” during the time of NATO’s “civil” war. After the war, the “new” nation of Croatia once again had another “evolution in Justice.”



Gala has given me a new perspective on the Cold War and the “Evil Empire” too. I think we are both wrong (Gala and I) and both right. There’s true in each of our perspectives. And there’s truth in the idea of bringing many of these governmental decisions back to a local level where people can have greater influence. And it’s true that, historically, humans have not been kind to each other. Every society has been guilty of sins.

When I look at it on a macro level, and being the Utopian that I am, I believe that science and technology are on the verge of providing a world of plenty for everyone. And (I believe) much of human cruelty and aggression comes from a fear of scarcity. If we can survive another 50 years or so, there will be no more scarcity in the world. As that happens, free trade, freedom of travel, and even a world governing body (perhaps an outgrowth of the UN) will naturally emerge. If we are not fighting over resources or threat of scarcity, then there’s not much left to fight about – or to fear.

PS: Even the wealthy capitalist, in his continual quest for “more”, is being driven by a fear of scarcity. Riches are a defense against not having enough – falling on hard times and being without resources. But that is not our future, unless we insist on holding onto fear.

Incidentally, I do not see the capitalist system as surviving in a world without the fear of scarcity. Nor will a large military be appropriate. Some form of socialism is inevitable.

JR again:

Sins are invented. Before Moses sent the Israelite army to slaughter the midianites (except for the 24,000 Virgin girls who were spared and enslaved), the midianites were vilified for their “sins” of having women that were too sexy (immodest) and were destabilizing the marriages of the Israelites (distracting a husband from his wives). So, Moses and friends (12,000 soldiers) went and got some new child brides and killed all the rest of the midianites. Oh, and they also took thousands of shekels of gold and about a million sheep, donkeys, and cattle.

Side note: the first wife of Moses was a Midianite….

My proposal is that the Israelites slaughtered all of the midianites except for the 24,000 girls in order to control what semen went in to those wombs. I call it “hope for the survival of our legacy.”

And like the ancient Greeks I believe that everyone should have an abundance of plenty. Who will supply us with food? I do not know if it is robots or slaves, and the reason that I do not know is that I am focused on enjoying this delicious plum.

As for the advance of global communism and the UN, I think that if enough people can be led to worship the utopian ideals, then the advance will continue. Whether the system would sustain itself for eternity or collapse eventually, that has nothing to do with this delicious plum. So, in conclusion, “political salvation” and “avoiding Armageddon” are probably the two most popular ideas in the history of government cults.

Note: Look in the photo above at the bottom where the mermaids are squirting water from their boobs. That’s pretty cool, huh?


As for socialism, I think it is pretty clear that national socialism won. It is all over Europe and the US.

In fact, the specific design made by the Vatican (and their spokesperson, Hitler) is manifest in the EU. It is more socialist than nationalist of course, moving toward a more transnational communism.

Also, as a side note, RQR, my interpretation is that your entire commentary (including what I am calling your theme of “eternal salvation through politics”) is organized on fear. However, I think of fear as an entirely valid foundation for the organizing of behavior.

I am not afraid of it. Fear is the source of caution and so much innovation.



I do see lots of today’s behavior as being driven by fear. The military, financial and political power, Trump’s wall and whomever is ripping us off, in or out of the EU, who can navigate the south china sea, who’s first in space, the Rothchild’s controlling us, how big is your portfolio, the need to carry guns, who’s religion is best, immigration issues, etc. The problems are based on fear.

JR again:

Or, fear is a solution, but some people may program you to relate to it as a problem. I find the idea that fear is (inherently) a problem to be hilarious.

RQR: Okay.

JR again:

“How do you solve the problem of fear? Do not relate to it with terror. That would be very ironic. The solution to fear is to experience the fear.” – Werner Erhard (paraphrased by JR)

Or, I could go down to the police station and go inside and scream profanities at the cops because they carry guns and they have a problem which is that they are driven by fear which is inherently shameful because the idea that fear is shameful is the holy doctrine that I was programmed to worship. Some of them even wear seat belts, which proves that they are afraid, which is how they should not be.


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