Social authorities and their policies (pt 2 of 2)

So, I am aware that there is a lot of programming to trigger emotions like hysterical hatred. There are groups, like certain radical Muslims, in which there is a frequent encouragement toward channeling aggression toward specific groups, such as women who dress immodestly or people who engage in homosexual activity.

Once there is a social vilification of immodesty, then that opens up a social dialogue about how to define immodesty. Some groups, who are extremely ripe to justify violence, Will have a very strict definition of what is allowed and a very broad definition of what justifies an attack. They want all women to dress like a nuns. More moderate groups may define modesty more like the Amish.

Note that we do not typically hear about the Amish men beating their “disobedient” women. The Amish are more inclined to shun someone, and throw them out and refuse to ever interact with them for the rest of their lives.

Also, many communities have a formal policy such that when a young woman turns 16, they have a reduced amount of restrictions. They are allowed to experiment for a while and then are expected to formally consent to a lifetime of extremely strict regulations.

In addition to government programming at schools, another dominant social institution in my youth was the mainstream media. I believed that there were US soldiers returning from Vietnam and landing at airports where civilians had access and then the civilians harassed the soldiers and spit on them and screamed at them. Apparently, those scenes never happened except in Hollywood productions.

Is it possible that some group would want to program shame into the masses? Would they concoct media productions in order to shock the masses and create a divide between returning soldiers and the general public?

Edward Bernays detailed some of the methods he used in the 1910s to manipulate public perceptions using deception and media publicity. Since then, the amount of time invested in to constructing indoctrination programming for school children and the mainstream media has “increased.”

Liberals are worked in to an emotional frenzy about a variety of topics: vaccines, gun control, vote fraud, reforming corruption, etc…. Their social persona is centered on appearing to be considerate of other people’s feelings. They got that persona from a government program, right?

So, while inmates in Phoenix Arizona at “tent city” are warehoused outdoors in an area where temperatures peaked at 130 yesterday, these self-described heroic liberals are on social media ridiculing the insane statements of “unamerican imbeciles” like George Washington. Or they are doing something else.

But when people are systematically demoralized and shamed, they get addicted to avoiding certain subjects. While I may make fun of liberal hysteria, I certainly understand the sincerity and panic of being in the midst of such hysterias and intense anxieties.


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