Hyenas arguing with a lion about politics

Among humans and all other lifeforms, there is coercion and confiscation. A lion kills its prey and then a group of hyenas come along and drive off the line and take 80% of the carcass. The hyenas are like tax collectors.

BP replied: Hyenas are not like tax collectors. They will not be redistributing their take to the lazy lions to get their vote. Your example shows the beauty of evolution. Human tax collectors did not evolve through nature.

You are talking about tax collectors in a democracy. Long before democracy, there were kingdoms and taxes.

BP again: Just because it is not a democracy, does not mean the taxes are not used to keep people in line. Kings and Queens had to pay to keep their power even though they were not voted in. Democracy is a way to make people think they have a say in who rules them, so that they do not riot.

Yes, that is why so many of current monarchies in Europe have added parliaments and prime minsters etc. Each voter can vote on a handful of elected officials while the central planners of the EU continue the centralization of power.

A stable system of regulated extortion can be installed by a group of pirates and called “government” or even “democracy.” Obviously, when colonists invade and set up “capitalism,” they are destroying the prior system of social order (unless they are “colonizing” an island that has no human inhabitants).

If there are no humans on an island, is it anarchy there or just non-human hierarchies? Anarchy (at least in a certain sense of the word) is a fiction.

As a personal perspective in which there is no favoritism toward any particular system of socio-political domination, anarchy is a valid perspective. However, as an external phenomenon, anarchy is like “silence” or “darkness.” It is just poetry.

There is no silence. There are just various sounds as well as the absence of any sounds that I personally am able to hear.

There is no darkness. There are just various forms of radiance as well as the absence of any radiance that I personally am able to perceive visually (like between infrared and ultraviolet).

So, there is no anarchy in the strict sense of the word. However, there very much are anarchists.

Even bees have queens and even wolf packs have alpha males. There are herds with no single dominant leader, but there is certainly no equality in nature. There is diversity!

Mothers rule over their offspring. So, anarchy, in one sense is a lie or a fiction.

However, like so many lies, it may reveal some interesting truths. Again, as a perspective of neutrality (or even even skepticism) toward all forms of social domination, it can be interesting to be an anarchist and then look at what is happening in a bee hive or a wolf pack. True anarchists are not constantly offended by the diversity of social orders, while many other political idealists are extremely offended by the majority of the various forms of social order.

As for capitalism, “capital” implies ownership. Ownership is a “legal fiction.”

There is no formal “ownership” here outside of human societies. Ownership requires language (and a legal system to enforce linguistic claims of ownership). Enslavement, like what Moses and his army did to the surviving Midianites after massacring most of them, is making humans in to capital, in to property, in to resources.

Tax payers are also human resources.  They can be drafted, imprisoned, and granted permission to leave the boundaries of the plantation, like with a valid passport issued by the local ruling priesthood.

So, because humans have language, we also have the capacity for indoctrination. Some of us are members of a cult in which as children we attend daily indoctrination rituals called schooling.

We learn to worship demons like cancer and diabetes and the measles. We are programmed with hysterias in relation to those demons as well as in relation to the most dangerous poisons in the natural world: fat and cholesterol.

We call the religion of this cult by the holy name of science. We know that the priesthood of science is better than any other priesthood because when we memorize and blindly repeat the dogmas of our holy science, the words “science test” are clearly written at the top of the paper, indisputably establishing the accuracy of the answer key.

Ben B. replied: Holy science with the garb of white coats.

We also learn that our local branch of the cult has the very best political system of any branch in the history of the cult. When there is a small amount of central control, we may call it a monarchy. Or maybe that is when there is a moderate amount of central control. Maybe capitalism is what we call it when there is a small amount of central control (and the human resources only give 40% of their productivity to the central ruling priesthood of the cult).
Perhaps the greatest amount of central control is called communism. No matter how much central control there is, the human resources are indoctrinated that it is the best amount of central control. Any other nearby branch of the cult that has a different amount of central control has the wrong amount because it is not the same amount as the best amount like we have.
Sometimes, it is so clear that our particular form of central control is so much superior to another form in another place that we send military troops to liberate the human resources in that place. Communists liberate their colonies by delivering communism. Capitalists liberate their colonies by delivering capitalism. Monarchists liberate their colonies by delivering monarchism.

When the US troops occupied Japan or Germany, it was just a temporary thing so that the locals could have our support as they transition to a new and improved form of central control. It has been over 70 years that the US military has occupied those nations to provide temporary, transitional support. However, that is because the people there are so appreciative of the democracy that our occupying forces mercifully allow them to practice. Our military is only there in order to promote the freedom of the occupied nations.

When a military drops bombs on civilians, it is always for the purpose of saving lives. Throughout our cult, there is no greater act of charity then killing civilians in order to save lives and promote peace.

Likewise, when the hyenas threaten the lion and confiscate 80% of the carcass, they are doing so out of deep personal concern for the best interests of the lion. In fact, sometimes the hyenas leave some scraps which they then offer to the lion as a generous gift.

In addition to learning that our form of central control is the very best, we also learned that one of the reasons that our form of central control is so superior to others is that we condemn propaganda as well as reverse psychology. While other branches of our cult may also condemn propaganda, they do not do it the right way which is how we do it.

Propaganda is inherently shameful. Also, those who are so naïve as to believe in deceptions such as the popular myths about Santa Claus are inherently evil. Naivety is the greatest threat to the superiority of our branch of the imperial cult.

Again, it is not the conspiracy to deceive children with misconceptions about Santa that is evil. The true evil is the naivety of the children.

So, it is extremely shameful to suggest that our cult would ever utilize rituals of indoctrination and propaganda to influence the human resources. Also, it is extremely shameful to point out any historical cases in which our local branch of The Holy Empire might have used propaganda.

A loyal member of our cult will condemn the shameful instances of propaganda that have been perpetrated by the vile criminal pirates Who enslave the innocent masses in communist countries. Or, for those who support communism, then they must hysterically display their patriotic loyalty by condemning some of those shameful isolated cases of propaganda perpetrated by monarchies or by capitalism or whatever enemy of communism we are planning to invade and liberate next.

Because lions are brutal and naïve and evil, we as hyenas have a moral responsibility to confiscate any carcass which we find laying next to a lion. Lions should not do things the wrong way, which is defined by us as the way that lions do things. Therefore, we as loyal hyenas have a moral obligation to restore the proper balance of nature.

Lions are criminals and must not be allowed to consume the carcasses of the pray that they slaughter. However, it is against the holy rules of nature for us to let the carcass go to waste and be eaten by vultures and flies. Therefore, we have a moral obligation to join together as hyenas and combat the evils committed by the Lions.

As for the occasional hyena that perishes in the pursuit of our moral responsibility, we have a national holiday and an annual parade. Our hyena cult also has a very generous compensation program for the spouses of deceased hyenas.

As for other groups of hyenas who are greedy and vicious, we condemn them and their crimes of shameful propaganda. We should probably make some plans to liberate them in the near future, wouldn’t you agree?


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