hysterical protesters wave flags to condemn the color “yellow” in the fringe of the flags they are waving

I invested hundreds or thousands of hours in to political advocacy (mostly in the 90s). I have little to show for it.

However, I have invested even more time in to creating a business (actually, a few), and I do have SOME valuable results from that investment of time. I have learned form all of these investments of time though, including the political activism (which was deeply frustrating and exhausting).

Generally speaking, I think that government indoctrination rituals (and the media) are quite effective at focusing the masses on trivia and in-fighting.
Scandal and controversy is all part of the circus. Some scandals are planned for when there is a need to switch the focus of headlines from one issue to another (for instance, assassinating the US President or blowing up a few thousand civilians in the US would be a good way to alter the focus of news media and headlines in the US, right?).

Anyway, if the current regime within the US government really wanted to create a new policy in which every single unemployed person was offered a job (of any kind), there is nothing that I expect to be able to do to stop them (assuming that I might have some interest in stopping them, which I do not). The idea that “the US government is divided against itself along party lines” might be partly true, entirely false, or entirely true.

So, the more that the public school indoctrination rituals can tangle people up in idealistic loyalty to particular forms of political activism (like about “participating by voting”), then the more emotion and drama will be there when it is time to pay taxes. People will think “I hate what the government is doing with 10% of my tax dollars, but I also love what they are doing with 11% of my tax dollars.” Different people will, as a coping mechanism for their distress, focus on different government programs as “the good ones,” but that might be trivia to the tax collectors.

Further , if this whole democracy thing is going well, then the monarchs can add more elected officials, like not just one house of parliament, but two. Or not just one prime minister, but a prime minister PLUS an assistant prime minister. Want even more controversy? Have one of the selected candidates for assistant prime minister be a female who has a distinctive skin color. Whenever someone criticizes her in any way, then her supporters can completely disregard the criticism and dismiss the critic as a racist anti-feminist.

Of course, the narrative that I gave just above implies that the *monarchs* are the ones who are actually powerful. Is that partly true, entirely false, or entirely true?

Consider this: who puts the heads on the crowns of the monarchs during the coronation rituals? In most of Europe, it is still the local ambassador from the central ruling power (the Vatican), right?

So, let’s talk briefly about an issue that I have nothing more than a passing interest in. Why exactly is the youth unemployment rate 3% in Switzerland, 13% in the US, and 24% in Belgium?

Maybe it is because those are the percentages that are desired by the rulers of each of those branches within the great holy empire, which according to ancient scriptures, was declared in to being by Noah so long ago. Is this holy empire the only one? No, there have been others and there still are.

In this empire, the enforcers (the armed regulators of the public) tend to wear badges and patches to show their “gang” affiliation. Some wear five-pointed stars in a circle. Some wear six-pointed stars. There are also some badges with seven-pointed stars.

Many wear patches on their uniforms that have yellow fringes around the local flag. In the court temples in which the main rituals of the cult are conducted, why do the flags of the various nations also have the yellow fringe?



the nation of Japan:

the nation of Oman:


The nation of the Bahamas:

the nation of Benin:

the nation of Bolivia:

the nation of Senegal:

the nation of Cambodia:


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