On governments as cults


Would I lie to my kids (or grandkids) about Santa? To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t care now whether or not I ever might in the future. I’m not trying to show my loyalty to a particular cult so I do not need to display a bunch of sincere pretenses.

I am not obsessed with condemning some parents for not being loyal to my cult. If they are not loyal, then kick them out. If it is socially favorable to ridicule them – whether or not they are present- fine.

It is ironic that people would trumpet praises of the cultish aspects of government schools while condemning churches. Of course, indoctrination rituals of public schools are very effective, so that hysterical / reactionary “loyalty to the cult” can be expected.

I do not have to pretend to be against cults either. Or, if that pretense is required in a particular cult, so be it…..

I am “against” hysteria? Or, do I simply openly respect it?


AA wrote: I don’t mind. Hysteria might have it’s own use in certain applications.


Want to “blow the mind” of a little kid? Tell them that they can have an Atari for Christmas IF they are nice to their little sister EVEN when no one is watching except for the magical immortal named Santa Claus and also that one picture of baby Jesus on the wall.

Also, big brother is tracking which porn websites they visit and so, to make up for their intrinsic flaws as an unholy human, they need to vote harder or else they might be accused of heresy and then sentenced to a public ritual of human sacrifice. Further, anyone who does not celebrate the idea of paying at least a 70% income tax to the holy government is not being loyal to the cult and so their property will be subject to confiscation and auctioning off to pay their debt to the local branch of the holy empire, which is obviously not a cult because if it was then they would have told us that very clearly on the first day of public school indoctrination rituals, right?

Next, we all need to show our loyalty to the cult by speaking out against ____ and _____ and also by spreading the word about ______ and reforming _________ and also waking up the sheep about the true nature of __________ by ___________.

And now, as for the completely unrelated subject of hysteria, I really do not see how hysteria is a relevant issue. I certainly do not have any of that because that would be shameful and I am definitely not a person who is blinded by self-righteousness because I find that idea infuriating.


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