AUDIO: On high blood pressure medications & sucking an ice cube through a straw

It can be rather amusing to see what Youtube’s auto=-transcription does with an audio:

There are some really interesting perspectives on how health works that
0:09will include really all electricity pH voltage and Stephen Sinatra is a
0:21cardiologist to our house I found out about the filing and basically there’s
0:30school they call magnetism and when blood cells left so congratulate or
0:36concealing gel or not they’re out there kind of instead of being little tiny
0:46piece of clay they’re making piece of crap coming together and that’s not
0:52including does happen on occasion forms of like us
0:57yeah but you shouldn’t have a really thick blood clot in the blood should be
1:04not so certain of blood through the two that it’s actually I did claim this is a
1:12perfect analogy for the thing about I see you get to that but there’s about
1:17liquid water turned out that because liquids can be in a liquid crystal or
1:26latin estate haven’t won its there’s an element of job or viscosity jelly gel so
1:35it’s not it’s got served so it’s not just blowing like you know reply off so
1:43she was not crying others have found out that there’s cool thing called and when
1:50the president of improperly charged
1:53they repel each other just a little bit they don’t know why they’re so easily
1:57they’ll get into these constant travel which make it really hard for that I
2:04take you to go through that so instead of having water got you know nothing
2:11like a nice group works crystal crystal crystal not a nice to visit in the in
2:18the direction of her you know and I so so how did another they found that it’s
2:31a very touching your grounding hurting and their body gets a little while the
2:39balances it tends to move back toward the voltage of the surface of your most
2:49may give you 40 microvolts so it’s very very moderate amount of voltage the
3:00right holders for a riddle repulsion between blood stuff so I have to do and
3:17that high blood pressure is such now it’s not like it instantly you know
3:25there’s a severe case of simply touch your it’s not that that’s what I find
3:36the readers on this you care to you know any Jews of the clock blood cell
3:4130 minutes of grounding in the folder the blood that they have photos of the
3:51bloody consumer blackouts are all are dispersed
3:55so now how does modern medicine do you use blood there’s ication works
4:02would be in the right direction in terms of one level of the year it may be
4:12beneficial to be in contact with you or for other reasons besides blood donor is
4:21actually sounds right on the other hand paint thinner so it is great to have no
4:35side effects I don’t have a reason but I do know that what what most medicine
4:42does in the case of high blood pressure they don’t address the Apple issuer the
4:47crossing of the cell due to electromagnetic shortage problem lack of
4:54charge so the black color still we feel they can’t really work well because
5:02they’re not engaged with carbon dioxide charity auction itself into everything
5:10that issues surrounding the blood vessel so there’s probably not addressing the
5:15car but what do modern medicine chemistry days of clothes do well they
5:24there’s a strong in the ICU issue right they they make the strong wire one thing
5:29that you to relax the muscles around the blood cells back to relax the muscles
5:38around the blood vessel that I huge can go through because it’s faster on the
5:42ICE Futures working right there should be lots of blood should be free floating
5:53individual red blood cells they can have to be involved with chemical reactions
5:59to kick up a fuss so right
6:09how much hype around the little that that is that has caused additional
6:22problems to do that yes you can make the saw a little bit bigger but it caused
6:27additional rather than the other thing that is really popular with blood
6:32pressure medications is somehow messing up the signal to help the park hard to
6:37push or so you got a little and I you and they just aren’t gonna pushes the
6:45literature you know from the pharmaceutical sample is let’s just meet
6:52I use there and you know the frosting to be thin we’re not going to have the
6:58blood flowing good yes the consequence of the limits to all the consequences
7:05are awful generally speaking but you can block where they have lockers and
7:11calcium channel blockers and all the different types of blood pressure
7:13medication can block signals from the brain you can keep it from getting
7:17transmitted from the bring all the way to the Hartley interrupt that signaling
7:24and then blocked the heart’s ability to interpret that signal or no
7:29at the end remember signals are they gonna cause muscle to respond to heart
7:36you can weaken the harsh response you can you can mess up the calibration
7:41brain heart connection that’s what much blood pressure medication is designed to
7:48do it doesn’t really well it causes a cascade of other health problems it
7:53doesn’t resolve the underlying problem of that ice cube for the clotting of the
7:57blood coagulation of the blood
7:59you know not the blood of working right
8:04but you don’t have high blood pressure and more well that’s true you can
8:09actually take these things these medications and they will reduce blood
8:12pressure blood importance of that blood pressure in the checklist of thing that
8:20in and of itself is here
8:25indicator that helps us like you know there’s a warning light on the dashboard
8:30of your car connector no take this you do that or whatever that didn’t make the
8:36carport so to interrupt of the high blood pressure
8:41box of the body is improving things generally speaking there can be extreme
8:47conditions where to interfere in some way can have a life-saving emergency
8:58medicine benefit but in general that chemical focus is is ignoring the
9:05electromagnetic situation and once you start messing with the body’s healing
9:12response while you’re you’re that’s interfering with the body’s functioning
9:17in the body’s healing response that’s a lot of what’s going on
9:20not that high blood pressure so is always good but there’s something or
9:31clotting of the blood then the heart that’s that’s an adaption that’s
9:37actually better than having crime blood and not having a hard push it where you
9:42know or you know so the increasing of the the hearts heart that it is a better
9:54solution in most cases that doing so can are fearing with the hearts increasing
10:01pressure in the actual improvement must tell you measure their performance like
10:08that athletic performances job performance of their ability to you know
10:12operate an airplane well at all this
10:16functional test does lowering blood pressure
10:20itself improve someone’s functionality no across the board across a large range
10:29of matter if not then simply reducing their blood pressure might be
10:36detrimental to their health and that chemical focus well it could be very
10:41good for selling certain medications pharmaceutical heart petrol him
10:47crude oil and if you’re rockefeller or one of the rock and you want to keep
10:57medicine from six which helps people and have them be addicts to the drugs you’re
11:03pushing they call you can you know manufacturer then put him on
11:10beta-blockers calcium channel blockers all these different kinds of things to
11:15make this trough a fire or interrupting the signal that goes from the brain to
11:24the heart to push a little bit hard it’s actually hilarious to me and you know
11:32what it’s for people who you are who are you know in distress and frustrated
11:39about the efficacy effectiveness of darkness and I mean certainly but on the
11:47other hand from pharmaceutical companies January governments you just look so
11:53well this is a really possible way to say that nobody can pick up the
12:07manufacturer that chemical that they know that bad blogger whatever they’re
12:12not interested in helping their individual persons you buy drugs at the
12:16drugstore from them they’re not interested in you know that
12:21acts just like any other drug viewer they’re just making money yes so anyway
12:27and that’s their business and people who think I well they shouldn’t be smoking
12:32addiction and they shouldn’t be drug dealer but they they are you heard you
12:40know you can focus on health and said or you could you know you some kind of
12:47political activism to overcome common good luck might be that you might find
13:04it more valuable to just help me back if you do I


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