On “isolated cases” of social hysteria

How safe are we from social targeting? Imagine a group of thugs or soldiers who go around in their local territory and gang up on individuals and businesses to intimidate people in to giving valuables to their group. The militant group might call themselves gangsters or “the Counts” or the county government. Or maybe they call themselves the Dukes and they go around and say “put up your dukes (raise your fists), because we are about to duke it out (to attack each other).”

So, even if we are safe from things like severe weather or floods or famines, there can still be an issue of other people intentionally taking things from us or injuring us (or even killing us). Further, social targeting can focus on a single individual or on an entire group (like based on location or skin color).

As an individual, I may be rather vulnerable to assault by predatory operations, like armies or a group of bullies. In fact, I could be vulnerable even to a single human bully or some other kind of predator (such as a bear or a shark or a group of killer bees or hyenas).

So there are a few reasons that I might be alert to a risk of social targeting. I might want to be cautious of individual bullies as well as groups of armed thugs.

Further, I also would not want a group of powerful bullies to persuade a huge crowd of people to target me. Maybe a mob of people gathers around me and says “we heard that you have been trying to avoid paying your fair share of the 10 percent sales tax to the local mafia bosses. All of us have to pay our tithe (our one “tenth”), so why should you be given an exception? Now, not only are the soldiers of the holy empire going to take everything that they claim that you owe them, but all of us are going to permanently stop doing business with you. In fact, we are kicking you out of the city limits. You have 24 hours to leave and never come back.”

There can be danger from individual thieves or bullies, groups of bullies, and even resentful victims of bullies who then turn their aggression toward those who attempt to live in an area without participating in the local extortion system (or protection racket). Anyone who even visits the area dominated by that extortion network will be expected to pay their share: 3% or 30% or whatever is the standard rate. Of course, there may be different levels of participation, like in some places, there may be lots of people having yard sales and as well as many other sellers who are not participating in the sales tax extortion network.

To clarify, some extortion networks have over-lapping layers, like a set of affiliates that collect a variety of taxes (and other payments) for local government, state government, and federal government. Those various types of government are formally in alliance with each other. In some cases, the local governments are basically extensions or branches of the central rulers.

In other cases, the common people do not have any direct relationship with the “king of kings.” The local kings just collect the taxes in their local kingdom and then send a portion to their ruler (far away in Rome or Jerusalem, etc). The supreme ruler regulates the relationships between the kings, but is only occasionally involved in the activities within each kingdom, such as the sacred and holy ritual of placing the crown on the head of a new local warlord, called a coronation ceremony.

Further, within each kingdom, there will be several smaller jurisdictions. Those will be governed by a hierarchy of powerful officials, such as Barons, Counts, Dukes, Grand Dukes, and Arch Dukes (who are all below the rank of the region’s central government, with it’s Major Generals and Prime Ministers and High Priests and Chief Justices).

Within a single region, the various counties are not in conflict with each other. Each Count (or Magistrate or Mayor) rules over the local county while generally conforming to the basic rules of the larger extortion network. The Counts (and their ruling deputies within each county’s government) generally do not interfere with the extortion operations of neighboring Counts and the counties in which they extort wealth.

If a Count or Monarch is extremely stable in their domination of a particular region, it is predictable that they will even create a local council or national parliament, who will be democratically elected. That can be very beneficial for compliance (like when there is a plan to raise tax rates from 3% to 30% or more).

That democratic voting ritual allows for those who are given the privilege of voting to exert some degree of influence over the extortion operations of that county or kingdom. Each voter can cast one vote (perhaps among thousands or millions) to elect one commissioner or one senator. Then, the royal nobles and their lobbyists of course guide the activities of the commissioners and senators. However, the can be quite a circus of scandals to distract the people of Canada (for instance) from their domination by a distant Monarch (while they argue over which politician or political party seems to them to be the least corrupt).

If the Monarch wants to regulate which health care practices are legal or not, that is what will happen. If the Monarch wants to funnel money from the public to subsidize certain health care practices (such as a certain method of electric shock therapy to promote a certain level of psychiatric health in the general public) then that is what will happen.

Also, if the Monarch wants to create programs in which a small group of lobbyists create an educational curriculum and then implement mandatory indoctrination rituals for the youth of the commonwealth, then those youth can be directed to focus on certain issues (which are pre-selected by the commissioners on the federal curriculum committee). The youth can be trained to memorize and blindly repeat whatever information they are presented (such as doctrines about “science” which the youth have never questioned or verified). Then, more social pressure can create more social anxiety through the rituals of testing. Those who bindly repeat with the greatest conformity will be rewarded with high grades and perhaps even scholarships so that they can be properly trained for roles in the more privileged occupations within the holy empire, such qualifying to obtain a teaching certificate or a medical license.

At all levels of the empire’s programming system, students who raise unwelcome questions of scientific merit in regard to the holy doctrines of the science classroom can be ignored at first. If they persist, they will be more and more severely discplined for disrupting the holy rituals of indoctrination, such as by suspension, “therapeutic” electric shocks, or expulsion.

Will the students be brainwashed in regard to the nature of the holy empire of extortion and the nature of the indoctrination rituals of propaganda? They will be taught that certain patterns of interaction are shameful. So, when in the midst of indoctrination, they will be shamed in to silent participation. If they eventually relax from the first layers of social anxiety, then they may still retain quite a bit of hysteria. They will say things like “let’s reform our system of extortion so that it fits with how we were brainwashed to think that it already was.”

The layers of shame can be intense. As someone is coming out of the hypnosis of the propaganda programs, they will presume that certain recent politicians have betrayed them. They still believe that the extortion system was not a system of corruption and extortion until recently. They think that a particular instance of corruption was isolated. They think that the corruption of a particular politician (or lobbyist or company or industry) is isolated.

They desperately attempt to attract social validation by condemning Monsanto while ignoring DuPont and Bayer and a long list of chemical manufacturers that have nearly identical business practies as Monsanto. They also attempt to invalidate “the evil political party” or “the so-called scientists who dare to question the scientific credibility of the holy doctrines that are publicized in the holy rituals of indoctrination.”

They are trying to fix “the isolated problem.” They believe that certain patterns of activity are shameful, which is what they have been carefully programmed to believe. So, they hysterically seek to inform others about whatever pet issue or new isolated case best serves the narrative of their ego or social persona.

They have been programmed to focus on certain subjects but not others, to invalidate and ridicule certain ideas but not others, and to bully or extort certain groups but not others. Further, their social distress will almost inevitably evolve in to a contemptuous targeting of the local Monarch (or of the public figure presented as the official King of Kings currently, such as the Holy Roman Pope).

After all, they are just displaying their loyalty to the programmed ideals of the holy indoctrination rituals. They are just competing to be the best perfectionist and attract the most social validation. They are trying to save humanity from “inherently shameful things” like corruption and extortion and taxation and deception and rituals of indoctrination.

Further, if they are exposed too fast to “deprogramming” content such as this article, they may suddenly get headaches, nausea, and drowsiness. They cannot handle the truth. It literally makes them sick (vomit). It is that terrifying. They are so intimidated by the holy rituals of social pressure that they can experience massive distress and shame about realities that they will go to great lengths to deny or dismiss or simply to distract themselves from.

“Look here at yet ANOTHER paragraph where Monsanto clearly influenced the content of that textbook AGAIN!?!? See, it is just like I have been telling you for the last 20 years. See?!?! I’m sure you finally agree now that I am extremely loyal to the ideals that I was programmed to worship, aren’t I? Don’t you agree that I am a heroic genius for spending so much time saving the world from yet another isolated case?”

How many isolated cases does it take before they are no longer isolated cases? How many thousands of years does it take before a particular system is no longer “new?”

When hysterically ridiculing some “isolated” villain, such as Monsanto or Hitler, that can be a shift from total denial toward rage about an isolated case. After raging at enough “isolated cases,” people may even at some point experience clear recognition and calm acceptance.

So, to back up, there will be a vast network of collaborators, like monarchs and prime ministers and counts and even elected county commissioners. Their alliance will seek to monopolize the extortion business within their geographic range by criminalizing unauthorized extortion. They will not only resist small-scale extortion operations like neighborhood thugs and gangsters, but they will also resist invasion by a neighboring kingdom or network.

In order to preserve their dominance, they will make alliances with neighboring extortion operations to minimize the chance of invasion by an adjacent extortion operation. Further, when they do participate in invasions to colonize other nations and expand the territory of their extortion operation, they may do so with a group of allies, like the US, UK, and USSR worked together to invade mainland Europe in the mid 1940s. (Or, the US, France, and USSR were all sending troops to invade Vietnam by the 1960s).

So, just as I might be concerned about being targeted for extortion by a lone bully, by an organization, or by the victims of a powerful organization, I might also be interested in the other side of the dynamic. I might be interested in turning in most anyone who does not conform to the demands of an extortion system. I might be interested in participating in an extortion operation as a mercenary, as some other employee of whatever rank, or as a person who help others in their relations with their local system of extortion, such as by offering services as a tax attorney or accountant.

Finally, I might also be interested in extorting wealth from people without an organization of allies, such as by ambushing someone in an ally and demanding that they voluntarily buy a $10 stolen watch from me for $40 (or else, implicitly, I will make them pay an even higher price). It is like saying “I don’t want to hurt you, but that is just a preference. If you do not accept my first offer quickly, then my current generosity and compassion may disappear in an instant.”

All of these activities can be compared and contrasted with each other on a spectrum. Each is distinct in the specifics, but similar in the foundation of coercion and extortion.

In addition to overt social targeting for predatory extortion, there are related kinds of warfare that are more psychological in nature, like pressuring people with guilt trips to get them to make a donation or take some other action. Or, people can bait others rather than emotionally blackmail them, like suggesting that if they do as they are told, then they will receive generous rewards from a magical sorcerer named Santa Claus (AKA Saint Nicolaus) who is watching them right this second with invisible telepathic satellites. Or, maybe the voyeur is an immortal wizard named Saint Peter who, if they are obedient, will reward them when they die with exclusive access to a harem of 70 virgins (at least, what I was told is that they are virgins…).

Who will target heretics that threaten their most sacred delusions? Almost everyone who has been programmed to hold certain delusions as sacred will eventually be exposed to interactions that threaten their delusions.

We may naively maintain a delusions for years but then encounter people who never have even heard of Santa Claus. They may find our sincere assertions quite hysterical (even ridiculous).

We may even encounter people who used to sincerely believe in Santa Claus, but no longer do. Naturally, some of us will hysterically call them traitors and liars (for daring to say that certain details of popular dogma about Santa Claus might be inaccurate). However, we may eventually develop skepticism about our familiar dogmas.

If they pose reasonable questions about Santa, we may say “I have never thought of that and I admit that the questions that they are asking about Santa Claus are logical and I do not know how to answer them.” We begin to accept the possibility that we may have had some misconceptions about Santa.

However, it is quite startling to confront the idea that there was a massive conspiracy to intentionally deceive millions of naive youth. Would adults intentionally mislead us just to manipulate our behavior?!?!

If so, I am sure that it is just an isolated case. Actually, no, the Easter Bunny is actually somewhat similar. Also, there is the tooth fairy. But… but… those are not designed to manipulate children in to blind obedience and anxiety about a telepathic magicians who knows what they are doing and probably even knows about the shameful things they are thinking of doing!?!?

But regarding all of the things that lobbyists have invested huge amounts of money and time to get publicized to the youth, those must all be entirely accurate, right? I mean, sure maybe a few other governments in distant times and far away places might have intentionally indoctrinated their youth with delusions, but those are all just isolated cases, right?

I know that there was that one case of television programming that showed that one politician pretending to be an actor who was just reading lines from a script and pretending to be a pro wrestler who was very mad at their opponent for cheating, but… but that is just an isolated case, right? And there was the one thing about that one pro athlete who very rarely will fake in one direction but then go the other way on purpose just to deceive their opponents, that is just an isolated case, right?

I guess there that was that other isolated case in which an athlete intentionally committed a foul in order to stop the clock, but that was breaking the rules and no one should ever break the rules because that is cheating and people should not cheat, right? I mean, what would happen in every pro athlete on every team in every sport were all intentionally breaking rules in very selective ways in order to influence the outcome of the game? That kind of cheating and dishonesty would ruin the popular appeal for sports, right?

Plus, shouldn’t it be illegal to intentionally fake in direction and then go the other way? How can the refs just let them get away with that?

Those athletes need to be fined. Those refs need to be fired.

We need to raise awareness about the use of deceptive movements in pro sports. Dishonest spontaneous faking is almost as bad as those shameful “misdirection plays” (like a play-action pass or a reverse) that involve a PLANNED deception carried out by a GROUP of people.

We need to reform sports immediately to prevent isolated cases of shameful shames, like the one time that a pro athlete took a bribe to intentionally lose an event (but not by too many points because then their sponsor would have lost money on the bet). People should not have to ever experience shame because that would be like finding out that we may have sincerely made statements to other people about Santa Claus that might not have been entirely accurate. That must be the worst, right?

Shame is probably really awful to experience, right? I mean, I would not personally know about that, but isn’t that the thing when someone is hysterically paranoid about competing for social validation? That is like a kind of chronic anxiety, right?

Yeah, isn’t that like when someone goes around ridiculing and invalidating pro wrestlers because basically politicians should not pretend to be actors who are performing in circuses to distract the public from the basic fact that we live in the midst of extortion networks that seek to govern the attention, perception, and behavior of the occupied populations in their plantations? Plus, what kind of awful things might happen if the Easter fairy accidentally loses a tooth that Santa gave to it for good behavior? How can that tooth ever be replaced? It’s not like the Easter fairy can just grow a new one (or get dentures), right? And what if the Easter fairy INTENTIONALLY loses a tooth?!?!

These are very urgent issues and therefore we need a new, more honest Easter fairy to resolve these issues for us. The media has done their job of telling us what is important. Now our duty is to elect the best Easter fairy for the job, right?

After all, we don’t want to regret not doing more to prevent other people from feeling the wrong amount of guilt, right? Therefore, we need to elect an Easter fairy that really cares about each of us amongst the 1,000,0000,000,000 members within our network. That is why I support the candidate who is very different than all of the others because my favorite candidate has been consistently speaking out against corruption for 900 years.


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