Language is the living God, though physicists may be confused about that

René Lieberwirth It is my view that we actually are life expressed in living form. In the sense that I am not living life but actually life is living me.

Life spreads through lineage in humans. Now tell me, as an anology: When did the seed grown and fallen from the tree, taking root and growing as a separate tree, become “another life?” I see another expression of life passed on to a new form. In that regard the sense of individuality (life adhering to its form) seems overrated and I believe actually is a misconception. Life is an invisible force.


J R Fibonacci Hunn All linguistic concepts are limited and approximate. Some say that “gravity exists” and they can drop a ball from their hand to “prove it.”

I say “no, that is just a special case of one type of electromagnetic attraction, which really does exist, and then you can label it as gravity, which is imprecise and even grossly misleading, but also fine.”

Does matter “exist?” Different forms of energetic fields exist temporarily, like positrons and electrons and photons. However, matter has no independent existence. It is like “fist” and “open hand.” It is just a LABEL for a persistent field of “energy.”
René Lieberwirth

René Lieberwirth to J R Fibonacci Hunn Does energy exist? If so. What would be your denotation?

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J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Energy can be measured. When we weigh something, we are measuring a force.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn More precisely, “energy” is just a measurement or a dimension. Voltage and frequency (Hz) and amplitude are also “dimensions” (or sub-dimensions).

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn So, energy is not a single dimension, like “an amount of energy.” Energy is a whole field of dimensions.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Further, there is ultimately no isolated energy. I am energy and I can use equipment to measure the temperature in the room, which is just energy. Or I can measure the speed of the wind, which is also just energy.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Alan Watts occasionally used the analogy of waves within an ocean. Can you measure the waves without also measuring the ocean?

Language is a particular method for focusing consciousness (… Which is also energy). To focus on “those five waves” or “the entire ocean” is an operation of language, and language IS measurement!

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn How bright is a light? 60 watts? 100 watts?

Well, wattage is not really a measure of brightness, but there is a correlation, right?

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn So language is all about correlations. Plus, in the realm of language, we can invent causes and effects.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Do the waves cause the ocean to move? Does the ocean move the waves?

Does the wind blow the waves? And what blows the wind?

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn The ocean does the waves (the waving). The earth does the ocean (and the wind).

Language (aka God) does all of these, but of course then some atheists like Amunaptra may come along and say “I do not believe in language. Can you prove to me that it exists?”

Then I say, “I have faith that language exists. If that assertion upsets you, then it is okay with me if you make a different assertion, like create a different linguistic concept or God to worship. By okay, I mean I will not try to prevent you. However, I do not mean that I will not send in the sheriff department to cleanse the empire of infidels.” 😉

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn When there is no understanding of the simplest realities of language, then there can be hysterical arguments about “determinism vs free will” as if those two concepts are not simply patterns or models in language. Harry (Rene’s son) made some reference recently to the hysteria of people arguing over such issues.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn People could hysterically argue over which of the following is the only right way to measure the total number of joints in both of my “ring fingers:”

Six, half a dozen, 6, sechs, VI, sies, or zes.

Language is measurement and measurement is language. In other words, measurement is interpretative or creative.

Quantum physicists may consider that to be a revelation or esoteric or mystical or distinctive. No, it is the simplest and most obvious reality of language.

Language is used to measure. Language is the ruler that we use to measure.

We can use the scale of fahrenheit or celsius, or of kilgorams or pounds. We can use the metric or ruler of centimeters or of inches.

Language RULES. Language organizes perception. Language focuses experience in to being.

Language is divine- the only thing that is sacred whether or not people recognize it as sacred. What lives and rules is the divine Word or LOGOS or language. Just as every branch is entirely composed of “tree,” every form of life is formed BY language: tree, branch, wave, ocean, me, you, caterpillar, butterfly, the hive, the queen bee, etc….

Those who have contempt for some particular patterns in language can claim to be atheists, but… whatever. Either we can hysterically discard the claims by the Hopi (and many other cultures) that a sky god ET came down from heaven and told them where to place their villages, or we can respect that possibility, whether or not we deem it a priority to explore.

J R Fibonacci Hunn Back to the issue of measuring the force of weight, we tend to think that we are not moving. We think that weight is not a measure of momentum because we think “we are not moving.” Is that objectively true or only subjectively labeled “true?”

I am just sitting here, right? Actually, the high priests of mainstream science claim that I am spinning at an amazing speed as the earth rotates, plus hurling through space at a speed much faster than I have ever flown in an airplane.

Weight is a measure of momentum. A horse traveling at full speed has more “weight” on impact than a horse that is casually walking.

The gravitational pull of the earth on someone at sea level is not the same as when they are on top of a mountain. Why? Exactly why does gravitational force decrease with distance?

Why can the apparent weight of metal change when you spin it? Because spinning metal produces an electromagnetic field. Weight is electromagnetic because gravity is just one form of electromagnetic attraction. Weight is just an appearance or manifestation of electromagnetic attraction.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn The electromagnetic weight of the magnets on top is pushing down on the lower magnets, forcing them closer together:



J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Magnets are electromagnetically polarized. Most things are not.

So, the gravitational electromagnetism BETWEEN a few magnets can cancel the gravitational electromagnetism between the earth and at least one of the magnets.

The electromagnetic weight of a floating magnet approaches “zero.” There is not any “net” electromagnetic momentum pulling it toward the center of the earth, so it has no measurable weight (at least while the counter-vectored electromagnetic forces are balanced / equal.)

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Again, these two magnets in this position have less electromagnetic momentum toward the center of the earth:…/Fphoto-46549905A-2RM.jpg



J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn and that is only because “they are gripped” by the strings. What holds the string fibers together? Electromagnetism. What holds a hydrogen atom together? Electromagnetism.

J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Sound vibrations can also polarize the energy fields known as matter. When the electromagnetic polarity counters gravity, then sound vibrations cause levitation:



J R Fibonacci Hunn
If we “turn off” the sound waves, then the electromagnetic polarity of the crystalized liquid ends and the crystallization ends. The water molecules are no long polarized and they start pushing against each other instead of all pushing “against” the earth, which is what was countering the electromagnetic pull of the earth.

Next, here is a spider being levitated by an electromagnetic vibration at a particular frequency, which some physicists like to call by the following technical term: “sound waves.”…/s–GIKMDa…/18lv4j6ljnv2njpg.jpg



J R Fibonacci Hunn

J R Fibonacci Hunn Can you feel the electromagnetic impact of a thumping bass or a thunder strike? Yes, the electromagnetic weight of sound can literally move an object… or even cause an object to shatter:…/07/voicebreaksglass.jpg



Amunaptra Atem

Amunaptra Atem

to J R Fibonacci Hunn….leave it to you, to take everything, and make it a monologue, as well as a school science project. 😛



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