On the formation of psychological shadows

The following is an excerpt from a larger thread on the website facebook. This was in response to some other folks who were talking about ISIS and US politics.

I think sometimes it is intriguing to understand who the mainstream media and mainstream education system is, why they are doing what they are doing, and how they are being funded. I expect that, for many, they may learn how rituals of indoctrination are used to cause painful traumas and social anxiety for masses of people.

They are presented a doctrine or dogma, like that cholesterol is poisonous. They are rewarded for memorizing and blindly repeating it. Then they learn to use the label “science” for the memorization and repetition of ideas that they did not examine seriously and certainly did not attempt to independently disprove or verify.

So, to the extent that they experience shame and social anxiety about the lack of scientific inquiry in their “programmed religion ABOUT science,” what is the typical response of an MD who is questioned on the scientific merit of their programmed rituals? They experience distress and even a kind of real physical pain.

The emotions that they have been taught to hide from their face can be blocked through habits of chronic tension. To face reality exposes them to the emotional energies that they have been programmed to relate to as shameful (to suppress “in to the shadows”).

The emotions correspond to hormones (like cortisol, adrenalin, testosterone, etc). The waves of hormones challenge the chronic muscular tensions and the nerves sense that conflict and create “pain signals” to “sound the alarm.”

So, the deeply indoctrinated MD may withdraw in distress or make some hysterical attack (or defense of the protocol for attacking the liver to lower production of cholesterol). They may quote some “authoritative” research correlating the *consumption* of dietary cholesterol with the levels of various kinds of cholesterol in the blood of cows. However, if all cows are basically eating grass (or seeds), then there is no cholesterol in their diets.

They do not have high cholesterol in their blood because of eating it. Their religion about science may not just be totally unscientific, but an intentional fraud.

This could be very embarrassing to them and their self-image or social persona. Predictably, many of them may filter out any independent research on the scientific merit of their so-called “science.”

What are the documented injuries caused by the use of the statin drugs that they push? They do not ask.

What are the documented detriments of avoiding dietary sources of cholesterol? They do not ask.

What are the benefits of having a healthy liver that produces cholesterol? Again, they may simply not ask.

When someone does ask a question, they also ask it from their bias or prejudice. They are often filtering reality to support their pre-existing dogma or doctrine.

They are asking from a state of anxiety or hysterical distress, a state in which they must project a persona to hide whatever patterns they wish to “cover in shadow.” They are threatened and antagonistic and argumentative and in conflict.

Further, that condition is not only common, but producing it may be the specific purpose of certain systems of governing or regulating humans. Anyone who is hysterically obsessed with “defending the methods of our holy system” can never calmly and humbly explore the purposes that led to those methods. They will erupt in to passionate condemnations about “what should be” rather than accept what is obvious.

further, the shame and contempt and condemnation that the masses have toward the reality of our holy governing empire… Is entirely programmed. The empire projects a persona or facade or mask to keep certain aspects of reality in a shadow.

Back to 9/11, consider the claims made by “the establishment” about the events. Is it possible that those claims could have been constructed to cover or distract from certain realities? Is it possible that decision-makers in the media *intentionally* conspired to put certain issues “in the shadows?”

If any of you read my article in the New York Times about my “coincidence theory” of 9/11, you know that I personally reject the idea that the word conspiracy is even a real word. Reverse psychology does not exist, although I am certain that it should. Please join the urgent fight to save the world from hysteria about fake words that are not even real words.

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