Brainwashing the masses about “wrongs and rights”

Do I relate to a system by claiming that there something wrong with it? If so, why? Where do people get these ideas of “wrong?”

Brainwashing is a very important method in the business operations of many large institutions. In 1622, an organization called “the sacred congregation for the propagation of the faith” was formed in Rome, Italy. It is also called “Propaganda Fide,” which is Latin for the propagation (publicizing, spreading) of the faith.


That organization trained individuals who are then sent out to spread certain doctrines and dogmas to people throughout the world. The methods of that institution evolved into modern teachers’ colleges where education majors are trained in the conducting of certain brainwashing rituals that are prescribed to them from the central curriculum authority.




The training of future instructors included barraging them with huge amounts of information which they were to memorize and then repeat in exchange for social rewards, such as certificates and diplomas and good grades. The same methods were used to train teachers and also to train medical specialists and also to train or brainwash soldiers as well as young boys and girls.


Sometimes I give the example of cholesterol, which is an essential nutrient that is manufactured by trillions of livers in millions of species on this planet. Cholesterol is an important part of the immune system which is sent to areas of a body where there is a need for repairs, plus it is refined into estrogen and vitamin D and bile and many other essential hormones.

If an individual has been exposed to certain brainwashing rituals for a long period of time, then they can go into a classroom and learn to spell the word cholesterol and also learn to repeat back on a test that cholesterol is dangerous or poisonous or whatever doctrines and dogmas the instructor states. They may have never examined the scientific merit of the claims made by the instructor. They may have never conducted any tests or Scientific inquiry into the claims of the instructor. Yet, remarkably, millions of people who have been subjected to these brainwashing rituals will identify themselves as experts on science because they have memorized a variety of unexamined doctrines about science.


Even more remarkably, when the issue of scientific inquiry is raised in regard to the familiar claims about something like cholesterol, those who claim hysterically to be experts on science may Display a tremendous amount of distress and animosity in regard to the practice of scientific inquiry in regard to their familiar doctrine or dogma.

So, not only are people brainwashed about many subjects including science, but they are brainwashed about the brainwashing rituals. Even though the rituals were developed in the Roman catholic church hierarchy, many people would be terrified and ashamed to identify public schools (which use the indoctrination rituals of the holy empire) as branches of a holy empire.

Some will react by condemning these indoctrination rituals as if the rituals are shameful. Being ashamed of those rituals may be purely the result of the indoctrination and brainwashing.

It is not especially controversial to state that the holy empire has ruled over the regional monarchs throughout the empire (or other lower-ranking officials such as prime MINISTERS). The delegates of the pope are the ones who place the crowns on the heads of monarchs in the coronation rituals that transform a non-monarch into a monarch. This fact is not a hidden secret.

So, at least in a simplified analysis, we might propose that the top tier of the hierarchy is the Vatican (just as the officials of the Vatican have publicly declared for s very long time) and then, under that organization, there are the various regional monarchs who are supervised by and subject to the Vatican.

Finally, a few hundred years ago, a new innovation was developed that created a boost of morale for the masses of human resources. Many monarchs announced the formation of a parliament or a prime “minister,” who would be the high priest who is officially just under the Monarch in power.

How did this help the morale of the masses and increase compliance with payment of taxes and so on? Imagine that there are 500 members of Parliament within a given region of the holy empire. One individual voter can influence the local policies of the holy empire by voting for perhaps 3 of the positions within the 500 member parliament.

That voter invests emotion and time and money into the election process. The more that they invest in elections, the more compliant they tend to be in regard to paying taxes and so on.

Imagine that a person is on a committee at their local Catholic Church and they get to vote on which way to promote the doctrines of the church, like whether to say that “high cholesterol is always bad” or in contrast to say that “lowering cholesterol is always good.” By their participation, they create a sentimental attachment to The operations of the larger institution. (Elections are a similar ritual for promoting the compliance of taxpayers.)

What is the actual power of each of the 500 members of the Parliament relative to the power of the monarch or the Vatican? That is an entirely different subject which is of no great interest to me to explore here.

I will briefly say this much though:

After Stalin was in power, he instituted regular elections, although a famous quote of his is that it is more important who counts the votes than how the masses vote. Stalin was a US ally of course.


Wasn’t Hitler also elected? Wasn’t he (as a leader) exactly how we have been led to believe?


Do we really think that just because we vote for someone and perceive them to be “heroic,” that they MUST be that way simply because at some point we perceived them to be that way? If we stop pointing fingers (at the evil leaders or the evil masses), what experience is underneath all of the grievances and condemnations?



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