enlightened humility: the only liberation from mainstream social anxiety about external validation (aka popularity)

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For the one who is focused on effectiveness, perceptiveness naturally develops. For the one who is anxiously obsessing over pursing socially approved goals through socially approved methods, there is always a negligence in regard to one’s own inner “compass.”

Such a negligent obsession may be very popular, of course. Perhaps the promotion of obsessive negligence in the masses is a key tactic of certain systems of social influence.

Next, imagine that 3 different individuals all witnessed the exact same series of words. One of them was totally repulsed by the words and completely withdrew, never making any reference to that sequence of disgusting words. The next one was also repulsed, but was actually more attracted than repulsed. So, that one invested lots of time in the fascinating sequence of words, while constantly condemning the words and labeling them as shameful and repulsive and infuriating (but certainly not “fascinating”).

The last one did not claim to be certain what the sequence of words even really meant. They claimed to be skeptical about the value of that sequence of words.

“The crippling of the emotions of the general public is a core function of modern governing systems.” – the most famous angel in the Semitic Empire (in fact, “a fallen angel”), who is widely known for carrying a three-pronged weapon

Shiva, who is an entirely different celestial being but just happens to also use a three pronged weapon, read the words above and said “that idea is simply blasphemy and it is forbidden to make any further reference to it.”

Neptune, who is an entirely different celestial being but just happens to also use a three pronged weapon, read the above words and said “that idea is insulting and we must do everything that we can to preserve the proper focus of our governing systems, which is to promote the emotional stability and maturity of every single citizen of our plantation.”

Poseidon, who is an entirely different celestial being but just happens to also use a three pronged weapon, read the above words and said “anyone who even entertains such an idea is clearly already mentally ill and needs to be forcibly medicated with some electric shock therapy in order to demonstrate the tremendous compassion and charity of our holy system of governing the masses through military domination, psychological indoctrination, and of course the generous support we receive from the targets of our tax extortion scheme.”

The angel Satan, who is an entirely different celestial being but just happens to also use a three pronged weapon, said “let’s talk about the word Semite for a minute. There was once a fellow named Shem and lots of people descended from him. All the Arabs and Hebrews and Ethiopians and Phoenicians were descendants of Shem, whom we call Semites. Also, anyone who learns to speak the Semitic languages of those Semitic social groups can be called a Semite.”

Satan continued, “so what is an anti-Semite? That is someone who does not accept the genetic superiority of the Semites as the rightful rulers over all of humanity. Obviously, anti-semitism is ridiculous because the Prophet Noah clearly stated that he had total social authority over the entire population of humanity, not just over his own family or tribe or clan like his ancestors. He was the first king of kings and so he sent supervisors throughout his empire to place magic crowns on the heads of the various regional kings in rituals of coronation. Eventually, some of those local rulers created parliaments so that the taxpayers could elect a high priest which they called their Prime Minister.


That high priest could appear on TV and pretend to oppose the royals and the ruling bankers. The naive masses would occasionally vote in an election for one of the 69,375 members of parliament so that there was a fair balance of power between the elected ministers of parliament and the various other parts of the ruling priesthood. Because of that extremely fair balance of power, the masses would be more compliant in their participation in the holy imperial operations of paying taxes and spreading democracy through warfare.”

Finally, the devil, who is an entirely different celestial being but just happens to also use a three pronged weapon, said “let’s talk about humility for a minute. Humility is the experience of someone who respects the potential for social punishment (or of a loss of social benefits). Arrogance, in contrast, is the state of distress in which someone hysterically pretends not to be humble. The arrogant are afraid of being humiliated (humbled). They are anxious that their shameful qualities will be revealed. That is, they are ashamed of themselves (because of social indoctrination), but they are pretending not to be ashamed and so they are anxious about their pretenses being exposed.”

The devil continued, “in particular, they are ashamed of experiencing certain emotions that they have been trained to repress as shameful or anti-social. They obsess over continuous reassurance that their emotional state is socially approved (not shamefully anti-social). They use powerful drugs (like beer and Xanax and Prozac) to intoxicate themselves and subdue the upwelling of shameful rage and shameful grief and of course shameful anxiety.”

The devil paused for a moment to study your facial expressions and then added,” so why do so many people fear experiencing those humiliation emotions? What is so humiliating about them? First, the experience of the emotions is not really so much of the issue. The bigger issue may be someone else recognizing those specific emotions, like in someone’s facial expressions or tone of voice. Even bigger than the recognition by someone else of those emotions is the expected result of punishment or a loss of social benefits. Is that clear?”

Satan, who is an entirely different celestial being who just happens to also use a three pronged weapon, said, “I am skeptical of the value of the sequence of words that you have just presented. Isn’t that a heresy which the King of Kings and Lord of Lords might punish with eternal tortures in hell?”

Shiva spoke up in response. Keep in mind that Shiva is an entirely different celestial being who just happens to also use a trident with three teeth or points or prongs. However, no one was listening to what Shiva said, or perhaps Shiva was not using the holiest language (which everyone agrees is Aramaic), so none of the other totally different celestial beings (who also use tridents) could understand the ridiculous sequence of words that Shiva was making.

At that point Neptune and Poseidon both spoke at the exact same time, almost as if they were talking to each other through a mirror, saying, “what I see in the mirror is not my reflection. I would never say the things that the shameful creature in the mirror (who also just happens to have a trident) has said. Look… a squirrel!”

The King of Kings then said, “these various celestial beings are apparently competing for my attention with their dramatic narratives about how one pro wrestler is the enemy of the other campaigning politician, rather than admitting that the two of them are actually both reading from the same script that was memorized by them in advance as directed by me, the author of their script.”

Shiva then started talking in perfect English, saying “my enemy, the one over there who is also an agent of the same network of collaborating coronated aristocrats as I am, uses a trident. As you probably know as a fan of football, using a trident to poke 3 huge holes in the chest of a player on the opposing team is a violation of the rules of football. Not only do they fake left and then go right, which is deceptive and therefore immoral, but they intentionally break the rules in order to prevent the other team from scoring. That is totally corrupt to get a fifteen yard penalty or even a mere yellow card in order to prevent a score. They are cheating cheaters who cheat! They use a trident the wrong way! They are hysterical!”

Neptune continued… oh no I mean Shiva because those are 2 totally different celestial beings who just both happen to use a 3-pronged spear. Right? Right! So, Shiva continued: “Those cheating cheaters on the opposing sporting team are not the real champions. I am the true people’s champion because I deserve to be awarded and glorified and congratulated for the best sportsmanship in the entire actors guild of pro wrestlers. Vote for me next election. Cheer for me at wrestlemania (after paying $600 for a ticket to the event)! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Are all emotions a kind of inner compass of motivations such as repulsion or attraction? No, some emotions are shameful and negative and totally anti-Semitic.

Will people attack you socially (or withdraw from you) if you humiliate them in a way that they find threatening? They certainly might. So perhaps you will be open to humiliating them more gently and slowly so that they laugh with you rather than jam a trident in you.

Rather than focusing anxiously on which patterns of behavior are socially approved or socially discouraged, be aware that approval or disapproval is a distinct issue from actual punishments or benefits. The public may greatly disapprove of the pro wrestler who intentionally breaks a rule while the official is distracted. However, avoiding public disapproval is not the job of the actor playing the role of villain in the election campaign. Their job is to evoke the emotions of the audience. If the audience members pay $400 a ticket to have the emotional stimulation of sitting in the crowd and shouting in outrage at that particular candidate, a portion of that $400 might go to that performer for filling an essential role in the script of the theatrics of that system of governing the human resources.

Note that focusing away from the inner compass of one’s own emotions towards the issue of social approval MIGHT be an effective method. Out of fear and anxiety and intimidation about social bullying, there might be times when provoking the animosity of a huge crowd of people is best avoided.

When is it a good time to provoke the animosity of the masses? When they are enjoying the show, then it is fine to antagonize them and insult them. Or, when the army assembles a priesthood of well-armed mercenaries who are prepared to “mow down” a rioting mob of sign-waving political idealists, then it may be a good time to provoke the mob to rush the soldiers of the local police department (who wear badges that are six-pointed stars to show that they are totally different from the sheriff deputies who wear badges that a pentagrams with a five pointed star inside of a circle, like what is on maps to show the location of a capital city).

Enlightenment is being attentive to motivations and which methods effectively promote the fulfillment of those motivations. We can also call that relaxed, mindful state by the label “humility,” since it is not obsessed with social approval like the obsessive social anxieties of the mainstream tax payers.

In conclusion, Moses and Mohamed and Count Dracula were all Semites who were anti-Semitic (because they directed the slaughtering of one of the other neighboring tribes of Semites). Or maybe Count Dracula was not technically a Semite himself. At least he did not stab his enemies with a trident, which is against the holy rules of football.





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