An official government expert settles the latest controversies

RQR wrote: “There’s something seriously wrong in American politics. There’s a lack of integrity among politicians, but there’s also a lack of integrity, civility, and good faith among the population. I’m not sure why it has developed or how to fix it, but it’s there…. It’s very weird that the Russians have led us to doing what we should have been doing all along in the middle east. And it’s disturbing that the Russians have illuminated a duplicity in American middle eastern policies. I just don’t like what I see.”

JR replied:

Many people in the US “do not like” something that they see / perceive. Some are disturbed by one or more perceptions.

Thomas Jefferson was once misquoted as saying this profound truth:

Jefferson Thomas

Roberto Trujillo (who was the dictator of the Dominican Republic from 1930-1961), actually did comment that “anyone who is unskilled at deception is not fit for politics.” Diplomacy is about keeping secrets, making subtle or overt threats, plus assassinating the characters or bodies of certain opposing critics.

some people take a position that integrity is somehow relevant to politics. I do not think Trujillo was “taking a position” (like that he would hysterically defend in an argument) so much as “offering a comment.”

Naïveté can be unfavorable in politics. However, naïveté can be very popular among the masses. People can gather together to glorify their group’s favorite form of naïveté.

People may cling to ideas about politics that were presented in indoctrination rituals in school (or mass media). I certainly did until I had a personal experience as a “whistle blower” within a bureaucratic monster called the US Department of Justice (in the mid 90s).

Is it possible that some rules are selectively enforced? Why was the indictment of weinberger nullified by a presidential pardon?

Unlike the pardoning of Marc Rich, whose wife was raising funds for Bill Clinton (and spending lots of “quality time” with him), the pardoning of weinberger appears to have been done “in the interests of national security.” To take weinberger to trial allegedly would have revealed too much about the Clinton-Bush involvement in certain smuggling operations involving Arkansas as the destination of certain contraband.

In a case like that, the most common way to prevent a trial (that would risk revealing embarrassing and disturbing truths) is for a bullet to be placed in the head of the accused. With Weinberger, he apparently had enough value to “the shot callers” that a pardon was arranged. (Some people also allege that, after Andrew Johnson became US President because of a bullet to the head of Abraham Lincoln, Johnson’s pardoning of the people indicted as accomplices in the assassination conspiracy was done to prevent the exposure of truths that might be embarrassing to certain powerful groups… and disturbing to their plans and agenda.)

Anyway, it is interesting how many experts on politics can be found on Facebook. People memorize a handful of ideas in middle school (without first examining those ideas or practicing critical thinking) and then they blindly repeat the programmed ideas on tests and receive social validation (like from the teacher or their parents) for their obedience. In fact, I am an expert in the design of aircraft because I took a half credit class on the subject in 1968 and received a B+. Also, I wrote a congressional report in 1975 on what it is like to be pregnant (if any women have any questions that they want to ask an official government expert).

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