Promoting cellular sanitation and detoxification

AK wrote to me that: “I am interested in the new way of looking at detox–do you have other texts about this? Very interesting perspective!”

JR wrote:

There is no single source that I recommend for learning about detoxification. Most of my learning came “organically,” like from experience, deduction, casual conversations, and Internet research. As an example, I used to think of parasites as “all bad” and never symbiotic, then I was told about “helminthic therapy:”

Authors like Wim Hof and Dr Jack Kruse detail various methods for promoting immune functionality though. Wim is big in to cold exposure and controlled breathing (as in the “inner heat” mediations of the Tibetan Buddhist lamas or yogis).

He has some world records relating to health and he has a famous “Ted talk” video.

Dr. Kruse is a bit harder to follow because he uses a lot of biochemistry jargon. He is big in to cold as well. What he focuses on that Wim does not (that I know of) is light and diet. He uses red lights and infrared lights for healing, plus UV for correcting the hormones and circadian rhythms.

Dr. Kruse was an oral surgeon who then became a brain surgeon, so he has a lot of clinical experience (including his own experimentation on himself). I wrote the preface to his second book.

His orientation to “detox” seems to me to be “just promote the functioning of the cells really well and detoxification will take care of itself.”

His dietary recommendations are to eat foods that are high in DHA (in particular) which usually also means high in iodine, since it is marine animals that are highest in both DHA and bio-available forms of iodine. He connects that kind of diet to an increased ability to process common neurotoxins like mercury and aluminum. Unlike people who are extremely concerned about mercury fillings, he says “correct your cellular function and you won’t need to be so worried about mercury poisoning.”

Finally, I literally forgot to mention this next thing until I went to use some this morning…. I actually can give you access to an unusual product which I used to hydrate myself:

Notice the difference in the LEAVES of the rose on the right:

Those 3 roses were from the same bunch and had been sitting in vases for 5 days, but the rose on the right was in water that has been “treated” (I think by using lasers) to make it FAR more bio-available to get inside of cells and cellular mechanisms (not just to irrigate the exterior of cells).

For slightly more info, click here:

If interested, contact me (by leaving a comment or however else you know how to do).


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