beyond mainstream logic: a cure for HHD

beyond mainstream logic

Logic can be used examine presumptions or to justify unexamined presumptions. The term “mainstream logic” is actually a reference to the terrified logic used by the mainstream (the masses of people) to hysterically justify their avoidance of examining the presumptions which they claim to be important to them and which also could be easily examined.

In other words, the mainstream hold certain presumptions as sacred, also asserting that those presumptions are important to them, yet neglect to examine the accuracy and credibility of those presumptions. As for the subject of how easy it would be to examine the presumptions, the mainstream typically avoid that topic completely (or suddenly claim that those specific presumptions are not really all that important to them, so there is no relevance to examining the presumptions). Further, the mainstream may display explosions of passionate justifications for why they hold that presumption (and why they reflexively consider any questioning of that presumption to be a sign of hysteria).

They may say “people should never be hysterical! Isn’t it unbelievable how some of those people over there are obviously hysterical in ways that they should not be? Clearly, they are the victims of media programming which target the creation of unexamined presumptions. In fact, media programming should not target the creation of unexamined presumptions! We must all join together to condemn the creation of unexamined pesumptions. We must censor all media programming which does not promote the right ideals (which are promoted by our favorite sources of media programming).”

It is a reflex of intolerance for other perspectives and even of shock at the existence of other perspectives. There is a presumption that consensus is the natural state, is favorable, and would suddenly manifest in the absence of the specific media programming which disrupts the uniformity that would (allegedly) otherwise be present. There is also a presumption that hysteria is unnatural, rare, and shameful.

The mainstream individual identifies hysteria as shameful, ridiculing it. Why would they do that? What about hysteria triggers a response of shaming in them?

Why don’t they relate to hysteria simply as risky and unfavorable? If they say “I am ashamed that some of us are hysterical,” whose hysteria triggers shame in them? There are people who can observe hysteria in others without experiencing shame, right? How is it that other people’s hysteria would trigger shame in the typical mainstream individual?

They may presume that hysteria is something that only other people experience. Or, to be more precise, they may assert that hysteria is something that only other people experience.

In fact, they may display a tremendous amount of fascination in certain forms of “hysterical presumptiveness” in certain other people. It may even seem that they are attempting to distract themselves, to ongoingly trigger their own outrage, even to explore the subject of hysteria through a socially-comfortable context, while also avoiding the shame of recognizing that they might on occasion experience hysteria and make hysterical condemnations as well as present hysterical justifications of unexamined presumptions which they were programmed to hold.
Please be clear that I certainly am not referencing people like you or I. We are far superior to such pathetic vermin.

We obviously have no need to examine the subject of mainstream hysteria. If we were to examine it, it would be purely out of our compassion for the suffering of the masses. Maybe one day we can permanently save all of humanity from naivete and hysteria and shame. Only out of our heroic compassion for other people, we can explore the subject of the very best way to cure them of the perfectionist hypocrisy which is the root of all of their troubles.


The origin of mainstream hysteria

Once upon a time, someone invented the diagnostic label “Hysterical Hyperventilation Disorder.” This was a very important moment because it created the cause of mainstream hysteria, which was a phenomena that did not exist until the new diagnostic label was invented.

People who were diagnosed as being possessed by the demon of Hysterical Hyperventilation Disorder could be cured by taking a miracle drug. The miracle drug would impair their neurological function to the point that they would be so disoriented that they would not even be capable of experiencing hysteria (or at least their ability to externally display hysteria would be greatly reduced).

Like most pharmaceutical cures, this drug needed to be taken daily for the rest of their life in order for them to be permanently cured of HHD. The demon of HHD which had been attacking their brain would still technically be present, but would be trapped in a secret compartment deep in their brain. As long as the miracle drug was consistently taken, the demon would be crippled.
Some people refer to the drugging of people with HHD as the creation of habitual addictions. That is hysterical. People who are taking miracles drugs every day to permanently cure them of HHD by subduing their demons are not addicted. They can stop any time they want.

Of course, if they did stop, they would experience intense withdrawals as their body attempted to eliminate the medical toxins which are in the miracle drugs. However, this is completely different from addiction because of one major difference. The difference is that people who use brain-suppressing medications to counter-attack the demons attacking their brains are not people who have been programmed to use the word addiction in reference to their own daily use of miracle drugs.

Furthermore, I know that miracle drugs are good because I have taken some of them and I am a good person. Therefore, since I am a good person, something that I have done must be a good thing to do.

What about “alternative approaches” to resolving HHD?

Alternative approaches to HHD include the practice of calm breathing, especially through the nose. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence supporting this exotic theory because I personally have avoided looking for any.

People who promote calm breathing are quacks who are just trying to make profits off of the suffering of others. I do not know how much they charge for their services, but I heard that one of them wrote a book and actually offered to sell the book at a price of over twenty dollars for a single book.

Those people lack the charitable orientation of the mainstream miracle drug companies, which have lobbied for the creation of compulsory insurance programs enforced by government intimidation. In order to assure that everyone has access to high quality symptom suppression by miracle drugs, small fines may be charged to those who do not comply with this very charitable program.

What are the exact costs of these miracle drugs? I do not know exactly because I just pay a monthly premium (which actually my employer pays on my behalf) and I personally do not directly pay anything for the pills. I have heard that there is some kind of a redistribution program by which taxpayers are forced to pay approximately twenty dollars per pill, but those claims can be dismised because I label it a conspiracy theory. That reminds me that one conspiracy theory was eventually established to be slightly imprecise, therefore all things that I label as a conspiracy theory can be conveniently dismissed without further examination.

What claims have been made about the effectiveness of alternative methods?

I personally have no interest in alternative methods because conspiracy theory. However, ridiculous claims have been made that by breathing calmly, that can promote the experience of alertness and calm in people who have been possessed by demonic HHD.

The unfamiliar assertions of the conspiracy theorists are that carbon dioxide is important because, after we inhale oxygen, the oxygen is delivered to the brain cells by the carbon dioxide. They say that, in the absence of sufficient carbon dioxide, the amount of oxygen present is irrelevant because the oxygen cannot get to the brain cells, so they begin to suffocate, causing a neurological panic.

However, that is like saying that it is important to give the correct address when ordering a package to be delivered to me. If the package that I order is not reaching the destination, then obviously more orders need to be placed. I keep going online to track my packages and I get an error message that says “for your order to be shipped to you, you must provide a delivery address.” However, what these people obviously do not understand is that I have placed several orders with their company already and none of the recent orders are arriving.

I called them on the phone and the person who answered also asked for my delivery address. I shouted at them that “I do not give out personal information to strangers” and then I hung up. Each time I called, I got the same question from them. They are so frustrating, right?

Further, these people claim not to have my address, yet I keep getting emails from them asking me for my address. How is it that they have my address to send me an email and yet they then claim not to have my address? I should probably go online to see if they have finally fixed the error in their system. Hopefully, they will sort out their confusion and deliver my shipment to the email address on file for my account.
What other claims have been made about the effectiveness of alternative methods?

Well, apparently by slowing down the rate of breathing, that stops the depleting of the relevant amounts of carbon dioxide. When people stop depleting the carbon dioxode levels, then there is enough of it to deliver oxygen to the brain cells, which allegedly cures Hysterical Hyperventilation Disorder. However, that cannot be true because I am a good person and so is my physician and we do not use that method.

Would I ever try an alternative method? Perhaps, but only as a last resort, such as if I depleted my supply of miracle drugs. The whole idea of breathing calmly seems very unpatriotic and snobbish. If there is one thing that I am not, it is snobby.

I do know some snobby people though and they sure are very different from me. They are like “let’s try the ancient method with thousands of years of success.” They say it in such a condescending way, too. It is like they are against all forms of scientific progress.
What other results are claimed in association with calm breathing?

One of the strategies of calm breathing involves intentionally keeping the mouth closed during sleep. This uses exotic methods like strange placements of pillows or even taping the mouth shut. Isn’t that hilarious? These quacks are willing to go so far as to take several seconds each night to tape their mouths shut and allegedly create massive improvements in their neurological function for the entire period of their nightly sleep.

Instead of people waking up exhausted and groggy and grumpy. they wake up refreshed. At least that is what those crazy people claim. My personal opinion is that the actual reason they seem so energetic is because they are fake, pretentious people and they use drugs and also because conspiracy theory.

Anyway, the idea of keeping the mouth closed all night is that a shut mouth will create a small amount of pressure on the bottom of the skull. The bottom row of teeth push in to the top row of teeth and that contributes to a proper alignment of the entire skull.

If the entire skull is properly aligned, then when the person sits up or stands up, the rest of the body will align properly under the skull. However, when the skull is off-center in any direction, then the neck and the rest of the body most compensate for the imbalance of weight on the head.

In cases of physical injury or muscle tension due to stress, people may find that when they lay down and fully relax, the muscles in the head, neck, and shoulders may spontaneously soften. When the mouth is shut with the top and bottom teeth properly aligned, then that recalibrates the skull, which recalibrates the rest of the body.

In cases of jaw misalignment (when the top teeth and bottom teeth are not closing in to each other properly), then there are simple methods for re-aligning them over time. However, these methods lack any evidence of effectiveness because conspiracy theory (which means that I personally have not looked for any).

After all, why not just get a spinal adjustment every week for the rest of your life? If you keep doing the thing that keeps producing a misaligning, then that is okay because you can just keep visiting the specialist because they are a good person and they probably deserve the money more than you do.

Have you ever personally had an HHD attack?

Yes, I have been repeatedly attacked by the demon of HHD which possesses me. Once, someone questioned whether I might have confused an email address with a physical address for delivery of packages. Their outrageous accusations victimized me, resulting in me being attacked by HHD.

It got so bad that I filed 63 complaints demanding that the employees of the delivery company discontinue their harassment of me, which occurred every time that I called them. In fact, each time I submitted another online complaint, there was auto-responder which instantly delivered an email to my address. It is like they are so paranoid that they are out to get me.

As I was saying, I was so inspired by their victimization of me that I heroically formed a political party to make HHD illegal. If you would like to sign a petition to intimidate the government in to altering their practices because of a bunch of shapes of ink on paper, contact me for further details.

Anyway, when the HHD attacked, that suddenly caused me to breath faster, resulting in anxiety and panic and distress and hysteria and hyperventilation. I even started breathing so fast that the demon spread from the left side of my brain to the right side of the argument.

Within what seemed like either a few seconds or a few decades, the demon became very upset and demanded that everyone else should agree with it and no one else should ever have any other perspectives or interpretations because conspiracy theory. Also, it is very shameful to suggest that shame has ever been experienced by me, so if you ever think about suggesting that in the future, please focus on not even thinking about it very hard because reverse psychology.

In conclusion, HHD is very bad and I personally deserve massive government subsidies to pay for research in to newer and more expensive miracle drugs to combat the side effects of the counter-attacks from the demons that are countering my own counter-attacks of their attacks. To be very clear, the demon started it though. I want the record to show that I did not start it because I am not that kind of a person. The demon started it and so then after the demon started the conflict, then is when I told on the demon to my mommy because conspiracy theory and also it is not my fault that it is the demon’s fault.

If it were not for the demon of HHD, then I am certain that I would breath through my nose calmly and keep my mouth shut, at least while sleeping. In fact, that is exactly what I did prior to being possessed by HHD.

Back then, there was no pressure on my internal organs due to my skull being off-center on my neck. Without that pressure, those organs functioned fine. It is the demon which caused my jaw to be open all night, with an imbalance of tension on one side of the jaw, with a slightly tilting my skull, with a slight compensation when I sat up or stood. But that slight compensation by my body to balance my crooked head cannot be the cause of the extra pressure on certain internal organs because, as you might have guessed, conspiracy theory.

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