Emotional stability and political hysterias

The following content is intended to identify people who are unusually stable emotionally. The process will involve a short sequence of ideas. Those who experience shame or other emotional instability upon exposure to those ideas can stop reading at that point. Of course, once they calm down again, they would have the option to continue. After the brief presentation of provocative ideas, then I welcome comments and inquires from those who are either already emotionally stable or are motivated to further develop toward emotional stability.

Review each of the following statements and then indicate whether you agree or disagree with that statement.

“The reason that there should be mandatory vaccinations is that it would protect the health of people who have already volunteered to receive vaccinations. The reason that people who have volunteered to receive vaccinations need to be protected is because vaccinations result in absolute immunity so that any exposure to a particular virus would be of no danger whatsoever to the vaccinated individual.”
“The most important current political issue is the issue of police brutality. People may feel intimidated by the police when they see and hear about cases in which armed police officers kill or brutally attack passive, unarmed citizens or even pets. If there is one thing that governments should avoid, it is the possibility of citizens feeling intimidated by the police. Therefore, the obvious solution to reduce police brutality is to reduce the access of civilians to weapons such as guns. In fact, a total ban on gun ownership by private citizens would be ideal. The police would have their combat training and advanced weaponry including attack helicopters and sniper drones. The law-abiding private citizens would have no legal access to any weapons whatsoever. So, with a total legal monopoly on deadly weapons, the police would no longer be experienced as threatening to the members of the public. There would be an instant and permanent end to all instances of police brutality as well as the unnecessary killing by police of the pets of private citizens. We would all be able to avoid feelings of intimidation, of grief, and of guilt. Also, anyone who does not agree with any of this statement should be indicted, prosecuted, and then mercifully executed in a well-publicized public ritual of human sacrifice.”
“The biggest problem with this country is the interference of governments into the private business of civilians. For instance, for 100 years there has been a privately-owned financial institution called the Federal Reserve. In order to protect private citizens and businesses from government interference, the private Federal Reserve System must be immediately abolished by the government. By banning the private Federal Reserve system, our holy  government will demonstrate their heroic commitment to respecting the private rights and interests of civilians.”
Select one of the following two options (whichever fits best for you):
“I found at least one of these statements to be offensive. However, I am attracted to the idea of being more calm and stable and less easily offended.”

“I found some of these statements to be very familiar (as in similar to things that I have said or that I have witnessed other people saying). I consider all of those statements to be hysterical as in hilarious. I am not terrified of logic or intelligence. I respect them. I value them. I am very interested in further developing my intelligence and my capacity for logic and discernment.”

The current political and economic systems may continue more or less as they already are. The military superiority of government troops trained in organized violence may continue to intimidate and dominate the general public. A variety of very popular hysterias may continue to be promoted by the mainstream media and even by mainstream schools.

None of those possibilities would in any way prevent us from exercising logic, developing calm alertness, and cultivating intelligence. Our opportunity is to be as perceptive as possible and then to take actions that are as prudent, precise, productive, and profitable as possible.

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