How important is mainstream news to you?

How do you guys get your news? Do you listen to news TV? Radio? Read online? Newspaper?

Do you think staying on top of news is important or do you think the news is just same shit, different year?

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    • Harry Lieberwirth

      Harry Lieberwirth I get my news from people that think I care about the news. Someone’s always sharing something. Other than that I don’t actively follow any news outlets. Nor do I actively avoid them for that matter. My response to a lot of things, like news, whatever its nature, is quiet indifference. I’ll start paying attention, when something *actually* starts affecting me or mine. smile emoticon

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn I check the weather report (current temp, high temp, low temp, chance of rain, any alerts) daily or more. I use my iPhone for that.

    • (Crystallizing Public Opinion was first published in 1923, but a revised edition was published in 1961)

      J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn As a longer answer, before I studied massage therapy I got a degree in communications and then went to graduate school to study social psychology. The most memorable quote that I learned as an undergraduate was “we do not control what the masses think, which would be impossible. We control what the masses think about.”

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn That was in a mass media course. In the last week, I have been reading a short book called the Rockefeller files from the mid-70s. It details how john Rockefeller created a monopoly on the oil industry within the US and then spread that monopoly to develop oilfields in Russia, Arabia, etc.

      With that money, he purchased many major newspapers in the US such as the New York Times and Washington Post. He also purchased the ap News wire and many radio stations. The TV industry and the major networks were all started by the same existing media syndicates.

      How did he use all that influence? He used it to direct public attention. By the 1930s during the presidency of FDR, Rockefeller’s agent was the top adviser to the president and lived in the White House full-time. Through the media, The Rockefellers controlled politics. They owned both parties and every candidate for many decades was a member of the Rockefellers CFR. The UN is a Rockefeller project for world government just as the League of Nations before it.

      The Rockefellers started communism in Russia and China with the help of J.P. Morgan. They brought socialism to the US in the 1930s. They started The ecology movement in the early 1970s in order to control competition in the energy industry and drive up oil prices by causing a fuel shortage. The EPA kept out competition and resulted in a dramatic reduction in oil extraction and increased prices. At the start of the decade gasoline in the US was about $.30 a gallon and about $.10 of that went to the Rockefellers and their oil companies. By the end of the decade the price was up to around one dollar andaround $.80 per gallon went to the Rockefellers.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn I could go on and on about that single case. The Rockefellers revolutionized education in the US by dominating all of the colleges that train teachers and then making a monopoly on the textbook industry so that they can control what text books were published and used. They were the ones who sponsored the communist John Dewey in the massive reforms to education in the early 20th century.

      They started the Rockefeller Institute for medical research which is how natural medicine became criminalized and pharmaceutical medicine that attacks the immune system of the patient became standard. What are pharmaceutical drugs made out of? They are petroleum byproducts. They are made from oil and they keep prices of fuel high by redirecting so much petroleum into medicines and alsopesticides of course.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn I also studied the writings of Edward Bernays who is the founder of the PR industry. He was hired by the US government to reverse the resistance to the US public of an invasion of Europe in the 1910s. He invented stories which were constantly repeated throughout the media owned by the Rockefellers and other Zionists. His stories might dominate front-page headlines for many weeks and then, a year or decade later, a retraction might be published on page 15.

      His methods work so well that they became standard not only for the US government and other governments, but he was hired by lucky strike cigarettes to promote cigarettes to women. Cigarettes were presented as having medicinal value and contributing to health kind of like vaccines today. Also, Bernays created a kind of feminist revolution as the emotional context of the “great act of anti-sexist rebellion” that he programmed women to take (the smoking of cigarettes in public). He also made a point to have cigarette smoking be featured in hundreds of Hollywood productions.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn Next he was hired by the diamond cartel Debeers. His plan with them was also incredibly successful. Diamond rings went from a small marketshare to being the standard for engagement rings.

      How did he do it? He used 90 minute commercials called romance movies. The entire script was centered around an emotional climax when the handsome leading man would present the leading actress with a diamond ring and ask her to marry him. She would say yes and audiences would cheer and demand for diamond rings Would soar. The same rings that could be sold for $20 in one decade would be selling for 200 or 2000 within a few decades.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn
      J R Fibonacci HunnI also follow certain investment market activity very closely (real-time streaming data). However, I pay very little attention to the news about investment markets because the news is just part of the system to manipulate prices in particular directions at selected times.
      • Nicky Curran-Farahvar
        Nicky Curran-Farahvar Where did you study social psychology?
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn
        J R Fibonacci Hunn Florida State University in Tallahassee. I went to Univ. Central Florida in Orlando for my BA.
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      • Nicky Curran-Farahvar
        Nicky Curran-Farahvar Ahh. I studied MS human development in Rochester, then did 2 years on PhD at Illinois in Ed Psych, but left my program bc my adviser was intolerable.
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

        J R Fibonacci Hunn Honestly, I can remember learning relatively little in class that was interesting or practical.

        I did have an elective as an undergrad in which I learned about how the US and UK used Soviet propaganda to demonize the Nazis and blame the Nazis for atrocities committed by the Soviets. Most of that class was unmemorable, but that incident was very explicit and clear and unexpected.

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn
        J R Fibonacci Hunn I dropped out of grad school as well.
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      • Nicky Curran-Farahvar
        Nicky Curran-Farahvar Not worth it.
      • Nicky Curran-Farahvar
        Nicky Curran-Farahvar Then my adviser suddenly died, so maybe I should have stuck it out. But my fellow PhD student had been with my adviser 7 years and my adviser was NEVER going to let him graduate. So I thought the future didn’t look auspicious. Now I just teach yoga at the Y.
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

        J R Fibonacci Hunn In grad school, I saw the film “manufacturing consent” by Noam Chomsky, which was well-done. Chomsky basically “just scratched the surface” without getting in to the actual history (as far as I recall).

        On my own, I eventually learned about how the Federal Reserve was created and the influence of Colonel House as the individual who controlled President Woodrow Wilson. I actually studied the Fed from the perspective of astrological “signatures.” I read one report on the actual sequence of events in the formation of the Fed (by an astrologer who was commenting on the specific timing of different things). The timing and the astrological analysis was moderately interesting, but the actual historical sequence was fascinating.

        The sinking of the Titanic was a strategic move in which hundreds of opponents of the Fed were given free tickets for a wildly-celebrated “privilege,” then it was intentionally sunk, killing the opponents and paving the way for an easy revolution. All sorts of conspiracies have been incredibly successful.

      • Nicky Curran-Farahvar
        Nicky Curran-Farahvar I have a friend who is into Flat earth conspiracy.
      • Nicky Curran-Farahvar
        Nicky Curran-Farahvar I love Chomsky on politics… Not so crazy about the LAD in linguistics.
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

        J R Fibonacci Hunn In my youth, the only conspiracy that was familiar to me was probably the use of the Trojan Horse to deceive the Trojans (and slaughter them), ending that war in favor of the Greeks. Later, I read “war is a racket” by USMC Major General Smedley Butler.…/Smedley-Butler-war-is-a…

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

        J R Fibonacci Hunn Chomsky seems to be condemning propaganda. Butler also seemed to be troubled by guilt (unless that was just part of his act).

        Bernays did not write with any apologies. He just detailed exactly how he used deception and even intimidation to profit his clients.

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        • J R Fibonacci Hunn

          J R Fibonacci Hunn On the History channel, my wife was just watching something on how the ruthless pirate Captain Morgan was accused of piracy by the British crown and then made in to the Vice Governor of Jamaica. I do not know if JP Morgan is a descendant, but that would make sense.

          Maybe in 2007 or so, I read a book on how the european monarchies hired pirates and called them “privateers,” giving them licenses to attack the ships of opposing european powers and then the pirates (“privateers”) and monarchs would split the plunder.

          I also read a biography about the founder of Time-Life, Henry Luce, whose family was also deep in to US politics and he grew up in a family of zealous Christian missionaries in China.

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        • J R Fibonacci Hunn

          J R Fibonacci Hunn

          In the “fed” article, you can ignore the first few paragraphs about astrology.

          Start reading from here:

          The Fed’s Origin

          On the evening of November 22, 1910, a group of distinguished men met at a railway station in New Jersey to board a private train for Jekyll Island, Georgia. The group included Senator Nelson Aldrich, the presidents and senior partners of the largest New York banking and financial houses, a German banker named Paul Warburg, and J.P. Morgan’s personal assistant, Benjamin Strong. So secret was the journey, that the travelers addressed each other by first name only, and Jekyll Island’s regular staff of servants was sent on holiday lest the exclusive gathering attract attention. Jekyll Island was owned as a private sporting lodge and retreat by some of the country’s most influential industrialists and financiers. At the time, the members estimated that they controlled one-sixth of the world’s wealth (membership by inheritance only).

          Why did the group seek such a remote location to formulate a new monetary bill for the country? The reason lies in the events surrounding the Panic of 1907. Demand for monetary reform soared following the Panic. The average citizen was very opposed to …”

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        • Nicky Curran-Farahvar
          Interesting but too hard to understand. I need the For Dummies version of most things.
        • J R Fibonacci Hunn
          The short version is that the Federal Reserve is a private bank created to profit the wealthy at the expense of the average US taxpayer. The Fed not only brought about an end to the US government’s issuance and control of their government currency (“US notes”), but made their private currency a global currency through the bully of the US military-industrial-complex, especially the second US invasion of Europe (“World War 2”).
        • J R Fibonacci Hunn
          I will post a set of images of the old US government currency next. Note the words “silver dollar” at the bottom and the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA at the top.

      Now a comparison to the Fed’s currency:

      The top coupon was redeemable for an actual ounce of silver (a “Dollar”). The bottom coupon is “non-redeemable.” There is nothing backing the currency except for the military power of the US government (which is basically the agent /collection agency of the private Federal Reserve Bank).

      Here is another private currency issued by the Asian bank, HSBC:

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

        J R Fibonacci Hunn Between 1913 and the 1933 revolution in which the Fed basically took over the US Treasury, there were these private bank notes that clearly say (across the top) that they are NATIONAL CURRENCY that is “secured” (backed up) by deposits of US government bonds (a debt obligation owed to their private bank by the US government as in the US taxpayers):

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn Each of the 12 regional Fed banks would issue their own notes.

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

        J R Fibonacci Hunn As for news, I am moderately interested in the companies that create the news as part of their commercial operations. The actual content of the news promotes their interests, not mine. I am only very rarely interested in most of the news content that they publicize.

        I use the internet to research health and science, plus to correct the indoctrinated presumptions about science that I was fed in mainstream schools and through mainstream news and even through “the alternative press.” I used to go to astrology websites frequently to learn about the news that was going to be happening before it happened.

        I am more interested in studying trends, including the way that cultural trends are intentionally directed by special interest groups. I mean the Rockefellers and their agents in private foundations, plus the KGB, CIA, Mossad etc.

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

        J R Fibonacci Hunn This is a 5 minute video from 1984 which I saw maybe 10 years ago for the first time. This “ex” KGB agent (who had fled to Canada and lived there) details his own activities and the overall plan:

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn

        This much more recent video is from a KGB-run TV station based in New York City. The featured author is a former participant in the activities of intimidation and assassination by private corporations.

        Why is he (and Yuri above) allowed to live while making such explicit statements? Because these “whistle-blowers” serve a valuable purpose to the interest of the leading imperialists.

        • J R Fibonacci Hunn

          J R Fibonacci Hunn

          back to the Fed article:

          The Congressional Record was filled the remarks of Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Speaker of the House. He spoke against the Fed, exposing it, “Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States government institutions. They are not government institutions. They are private monopolies.”

          He was fired upon while exiting a cab in the Capitol. He then became very ill after food at a Washington banquet….

          His protests ended on October 3,1936 because of “sudden death by heart failure.”

        • J R Fibonacci Hunn

          J R Fibonacci Hunn

          The Committee on Banking Currency, and Housing (of the House of Representatives, 94th Congress, second session, August 1976) issued the following report titled


          The report concluded: “In summary, the Federal Reserve directors are apparently representative of a small group which dominates much of the economic life of this nation.”


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