On the programming of political antagonisms and hysterias

I am going to share a series of interactions that share a single theme. First, I will start at the end. I will share my own post that Carl recently shared and asked me about. The background was a set of interactions involving a fellow with the initials TD, whom I find generally quite intelligent and open (but with some exceptions).  I will share the background last. I plan to remove all other names except for the 3 participants already noted (including me, JR).

Carl Freestone shared your post.

12 hrs ·

VP Andrew Johnson: “anyone who questions my political values is irrational and arrogant.”

President Abraham Lincoln: “and what exactly are your political values?”

The VP: “your question only proves that you are irrational and arrogant, so that justifies completely ignoring your question. I have been mad all day long and just waiting until I could bait someone in to volunteering to be the target of my contempt. Thank you!”

The President: “very interesting.
By the way, if someone ever assassinates me with the help of several accomplices, automatically making you the new President, would you then use your presidential powers to pardon them, protecting them from criminal prosecution?”

VP: “Hey, I did not make up these rules. I just use them in the advancement of my political values.”

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Carl wrote:

I’m not getting the VPs logic, J R. Is this what it looks like when one is irresponsible?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Carl, first, this begins as a fictionalized version of a real Facebook exchange today (then I got a little more creative). Second, I can understand your labeling of “irresponsible.” Third, I call it “what you get when someone has been subjected to years of mainstream education.” I will explain that.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn When a government wants to program certain political values in the youth, it can create curriculum standards and then train the youth to first focus on memorizing the political ideals and then second to blindly repeat those slogans back on school tests in order to attract social validation. Since “there is only right answer” that gets credit from the teacher, the students become accustomed to the idea of consensus. They actually expect all other people to agree with their ideals. They may be confused by exposure to any contrasting political ideal. so, with that programming as a foundation, the youth graduate from school and suddenly there is no social ritual to confine their intellects. So, to adjust to their distress (from the absence of someone telling them the one and only right way to think), they turn to religion and the media. From the media, they are given basically one of two approved ideologies.

    In the US, we have the social nationalists (the republicans, who are nationalists with a heavy dose of socialism). We also have the national socialists (the democrats, who are socialists with a heavy dose of nationalism).

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Most of that is not essential to the psychology of it all. The main issue is that when people are ashamed of all the socialism, then they become republicans. When they are ashamed of all the nationalism (the imperialism and corporate welfare), they become democrats.in contrast to nAtionaLism would be a confederacy. That is when the private citizens and the sTates retain power rather than the nation (presenting itself as the savior of all of the states / citizens).

    because of the shame about the basic foundation of the U.S. As a national socialist republic (not a democracy!), there is a background of paranoia and anxiety. People want to distract themselves from whatever is shameful to them.

    so, they Pick something to condemn. The fans of socialist Bernie sanders may hysterically ridicule those who note that socialism and communism are similar in several ways.

    “They are irrational! It is offensive that they do not agree with us. Our group has a monopoly on intelligence. How can all of those other people be so irrational? I do not understand it and so in my own hysteria I ridicule them for confronting me with the reality that there are a variety of political preferences. The existence of variety disturbs me. I need consensus like in the 6th grade class in which the teacher provided the official truth and then regulated us by censoring any controversy (or only on approved issues, like abortion -either pro-abortion or anti-abortion).”

    the hysteria is epidemic. Plus, it is programmed.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn By the way, president Johnson did pardon “the assassination team” hired by the British monarch to over rule the ballots of U.S. voters with a bullet to the head of Lincoln.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn TD, feel free to review and comment.

Here is the specific exchange on facebook that led to the above content (and I put some portions in bold or italics):

Please win, Please win, Please win

The People For Bernie Sanders 2016's photo.

This is happening, people. Bernie Sanders to grace cover of Time Magazine TIME

  • “KRB”: I like Bernie, but Americans will NEVER elect a self described socialist. It won’t happen.
    • TD: canada [where I live] is socialist. so are all the other best places to live like scandinavian countries.. i think people need to read and figure out what it actually means
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    •  socialism puts checks and bounds on greed and gives you awesome social perks like free healthcare…bummer
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    •  i need to see a doctor, i just walk right in.
    •  oops forgot my wallet…no biggie

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    • KRB: I agree, and if I thought he had a chance I’d vote for him. But sadly, most Americans still link socialism to Cold War communism. Is it rational? No way!…Americans just can’t separate the two. We are not that progressive. It’s sad.
    •  TD: it’s weird..for such a powerful country it’s so strongly backward. I think a lot of other western countries are watching and just shaking their head going ” what the hell is going on there? ” That Trump can even run for president makes the whole thing look like a bad joke…I feel bad for all the good american people, it’s embarrassing.
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    • KRB: I totally agree, TD.
    • TD: For a country that used to be so progressive it’s a shame

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      KRB: You don’t have to sell me on it. I’d be fine with following the European model. I’m just saying America will never be socialist country. At least not in my lifetime. The GOP and moderate Dems won’t vote for it.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn KRB, if you talk with Eastern Europeans who fled the soviet bloc to come to a LESS socialist System in the U.S., then you might have a different perspective. If you ridicule someone whose opinion differs from yours, that justifies avoiding the details of their opinion.

      if you want to know what the KGB had to say about the connection between socialism and communism, search “yuri KGB demoralization and destabilization.” Of course, I expect you to ignore or ridicule the idea of researching the issue. If you think that you already know, then why open a closed mind?

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    • “SN:” Socialism and Communism are two different systems, no matter what the KGB had to say about it. Pol Pot and Mao cannot be compared to any socialist leader like Bernie Sanders by anyone with a bit of good sense.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn FYI, the socialist agenda has been advancing consistently in the U.S. Since at least the 1930s. Do you know the 10 “planks” of Karl Marx’s Communist manifesto? How many are in place in the U.S.? 10 out of 10 are in progress.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn TD, I agree that many Americans are embarrassed about politics. Democrats are embarrassed by trump (a republican). Republicans are embarrassed by Obama (democrat).

      Why are the masses demoralized by the *opposing* party’s candidates? Because of the great success of the subversion programs to demoralize and divide the population in the U.S.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn SN, I note that you consider yourself an expert on the issue and do not need to consult the KGB. For those in distress, there is always a “strawman” to attack or a red herring to use to distract yourself from the trigger of terror and shame.
    • SNJ R Fibonacci Hunn, no, I don’t have to consult the KGB in order to discern between Socialism and Communism. That doesn’t make an expert, it’s enough to do some research. Or you want to keep pushing your theory that the USSR and Sweden are basically the same?
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn (To SN:) That is what I mean by “a strawman.” You attack an assertion that I did not make. I am used to that. I consider it hysteria.

    TD experiences shame [& embarrassment] about political trends in the U.S. That is also common, even for people who are not here.

    shame and hysteria are the desired effects of demoralization. Then the new hope for salvation is the next politician to the rescue, right? If he loses, there is a small instant demoralization. If he wins, then there is euphoria then a much longer period before the shame sets in.

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    KRB: To J R… I’m not ridiculing anyone. I think you misunderstood me. I don’t feel that way…. And I don’t think that’s everyone’s opinion, but I have heard that comparison (socialism/communism) made before particularly when I’m around my parents’ friends…baby boomers. I wish the USA was more progressive, and I hope-hope-hope I’m wrong about socialism in America. I’d love a Bernie Sanders for my President. I just don’t think the majority would support it. Peace.
  • KRB: Relax J R,! I’m on your side. No attacking happening from me. If you are in a battle with me, it’s a one way fight.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Last century, What was the big difference between the USSR and USA and the declining empire of Britain? Was it politics? No. It was that the uS and USSR were the #1 and #2 producers of a cool new fuel called “crude oil.” Britain did not have it, so their empire over 25% of the land mass on the planet shrunk considerably, while the soviet and U.S. Empires expanded.
  • TD: J R likes to argue and he loves being right. Thats what I like about him
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In contrast to (who)???

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    J R Fibonacci Hunn I am open to providing actual factual references that might not correspond to people’s slogans.
  • KRB: I’m in mello mode….not in debate mode. Have fun! Peace out! 😎

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  •  TD: J R. I personally don’t feel anything, especially shame. You are projecting.. There is no real shame.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I was just paraphrasing you, TD: “For a country that used to be so progressive it’s a shame.”

    a shame for who? Not for me. For you?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Also, What exactly do you mean by “backwards?” Do you mean it scares you? Causes you grief? Infuriates you?

    grin emoticon

  •  TD:  it’s just wording, not literal.. don’t be so willing to always be right you sound arrogant…sorry..
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn If something disturbs you and you keep focusing on it, that is not unusual. “It is sad.”

    No, a human is sad about it. It is what it is.

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  • TD: holy shit man, go and do your linguistic tearing apart to someone else..Do you listen to yourself some times? I appreciate your intellect but sometimes you come off a bit self righteous buddy..
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Many people are demoralized. If “that sounds arrogant,” Then maybe “arrogance” is your go-to justification for coping with something that challenges you in a way that exceeded your commitment to the subject.
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  • TD: it was a pretty simple Meme. I don’t need to argue this one at all.. Got to pick my battles.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn So you appreciate my intellect except when your self-righteousness and my self-righteousness distract you? Show me self-righteousness. Show me arrogance.
    I model it like this, as an example: “I am so glad that our country is not shameful like yours.” I do not mind people criticizing the U.S.

    Almost everyone wants social validation. They want to preserve what they already believe. So be it.

  • TD: it’s all good buddy, take a bit of criticism, it’s healthy.. I take shit all the time. it’s no that big of deal.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn You did not say anything that offended me. You just informed me about you. You can see my latest status for my further comment relating to this thread (the quotations of Abe Lincoln and Andrew Johnson).
  • TD:  i am all good
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Somewhere in the U.S. there are a bunch of republicans praising their favorite candidate for being 6 parts nationalist to 4 parts socialist. Their Facebook thread looks exactly like this one, except here Bernie is praised for being 6 parts socialist to his 4 parts of nationalism.
  • TD:  lol.. thats actually pretty funny
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Sad, funny, infuriating, boring: it all depends on what emotions are just bubbling under the surface for whoever is observing. You got all the way down to the humor layer. tongue emoticon
    Like · Reply · 1 · 13 hrs
  • TD: lol
    Unlike · Reply · 1 · 11 hrs
  • SC: It seems that America and it’s comrades are imploding and their society is collapsing. Well, sorry for the ordinary american people but you can’t go around the world buggering up other innocent peoples lives all the time and expect that something good will come out of it all for your country. All you do is create more hardship for your own. If America stopped going to the planets and having space cadets and making weapons of mass destruction then they would have more than enough money to wipe out their debt.! But they won’t because the war mongers that run it would lose out.!
  • Like · Reply · 14 hrs

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn I laugh when I read that “America is collapsing” (written by SC). Really? That is funny.

      I had a girlfriend who lived through the “collapse” of Yugoslavia in to the different countries that now cover that portion of the globe (Serbia, Croatia, etc). There was a civil war. There was an actual collapse of social infrastructure.

      (By the way, some of the immigrants to the US that I mentioned earlier in this thread were from that part of Eastern Europe and are relatives of that ex-girlfriend of mine. They lived under communism and they have “very strong opinions” about socialism and candidates like Bernie Sanders.)

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn When we look at empires, like the British empire (or the Spanish empire, Soviet empire etc), we see that, although it is much contracted from 100 years ago, it still rules over Canada and many other regions. Does the British monarchy continue to benefit from going “around the world buggering up other innocent peoples?” Yes, even though they have not been invading new areas like India and Hong Kong recently. They reap the benefits today of military expansions from hundreds of years ago.

    Some other related content from TD’s facebook wall:

    TD shared John Stevens‘s photo.

    20 hrs ·

    John Stevens's photo.

    John StevenstoPhilosophy

    Bernie Sanders and economics.

    If someone says “Bernie doesn’t understand economics.”
    Ask them if they are Austrian or Keynesian.

    If they say Austrian, which they probably will, tell them they are being intellectually dishonest.
    Austrians consider economics to be based on certain value judgements.
    So when those people say that Bernie “doesn’t understand” they are really saying that they don’t agree with Bernie’s values.

    Manufacturing Consent

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I think it is stupid to focus “too much” on what you say you are against. It is like having a campaign to prevent people from thinking about a pink elephant that has some painted shapes on the side of the elephant’s torso and the shapes form the letters of these words “this pink elephant (which you should not even be thinking about) hysterically condemns reverse psychology as shameful”.


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