JR de-constructs the programming of patriotic hysteria

  • Some People have been indoctrinated to worship false ideals (like in school programming rituals to memorize and repeat slogans in order to receive the social validation of teachers saying “good job” and giving good grades). Those people may think “our system is fundamentally different from the others… Or at least it should be!”

    They are nationalists. “Our nation has been given a special favor by God (for instance).. Or will be if we just conform to TRUE standards of justice.”

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn These people do not understand the foundations. They do not know about the worship of the goddess justitia (this idea of justice as holy).

    Justice is not holy. “There is only one who is holy.”

    Justice is a type of business in which certain special interests invent behavioral standards and then impose them on the general population through superior military coercion. Why? To systematically govern the redistribution of resources. Rituals of human sacrifice (capital punishment as well as war) are standard, but the general public will typically be killed for killing. Only the rulers can LEGALLY perform rituals of human sacrifice (or authorize their high priests to do so in the name of the holy empire).

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The prophet Noah was instructed to impose courts of Justice on all of humanity. That could be called the beginning of organized crime AKA government.

    Currently if we look all over the world at the court rituals in different places, we see many officers wearing five-pointed Stars In a circle (police) and others wearing a six-pointed star. These are two “gang networks” that work in alliance with each other and their dominance is remarkable.

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Justice is whatever the ruler says it is (as long as they have the military influence to act on whatever they declare). The idea of some other kind of Justice outside of a socially-constructed (arbitrary) Justice is delusional. That delusion may be strongly promoted by the justice system of course.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Some will hysterically complain that “those people are traitors to our holy ideals.” Maybe those people trained the masses to worship those holy ideals in order to associate shame with certain perceptions.

    When the school children are programmed to repeat “governments should promote a single universal standard of Justice,” why? Are they programmed that way so that they will in the future become upset about instances of “government injustice?” Are they trained to be ashamed of noticing injustice or saying anything about it (since it is supposedly shameful for a government to be “unjust”)?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What hysterias and paranoia and shames are programmed? What are the children taught to relate to as disturbing and evil?

    “No one wants to admit that our government is not how the government taught us that the government should be in order to make us presume things about how the government is.” The mainstream black magic may be devious, but is it effective?

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Through programming of shame, the principle of cognitive dissonance is used to blind the masses from reality. When they do “wake up,” they will find that they have been possessed by a demon of outrage against tyranny. They do not respect tyranny for what it is. They want to reform it and throw their bodies in to the parade of martyrs fighting to promote the ideals that the government programmed them to fight for and die for.

    will they be greeted by bullets? Are the six-pointed star thugs waiting with “crowd control” helicopters?


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