The mysterious stories of famous kings and warlords: Tut and Moses


The mysterious stories of famous kings and warlords: Tut and Moses


Throughout the world, powerful individuals have ruled over the masses in their local region. Why do those people have so much of a concentration of social influence?

Before we explore that issue, note that the word “region” has the same root as the words “reign” or “royal” and refers to the territory claimed by a particular monarch or king. Even the word “rule” derives from the same root (for the word “rex” is the common source of “regulate” and “rule”).

There have been ancestral rulers for many thousands of years. In some cases, there have been controversies over which individual will be monarch over a particular territory. Two rulers may claim authority over the exact same territories (for instance, both claiming to be the King of England) or there may be a controversy over the exact location of the boundary between two regions (such as when one king launched a crusade in to another kingdom).

A few kings in history are exceptionally famous. Perhaps most famous of all is Moses. He is famous for many things, but below we can briefly review one incident that may not be emphasized in most of the religions that follow Moses as a Prophet (the Muslims, the Christians, and of course the Jews).

As the warlord of the Israelites, he sent 12,000 soldiers (1,000 from each tribe in the Israelite confederacy) to invade the land of Midian, massacre the Midianites, and bring back the confiscated wealth. According to the Old Testament, the Israelites “fought against Midian, as the Lord commanded Moses, and killed every man…  The Israelites captured the Midianite women and children and took all the Midianite herds, flocks and goods as plunder.” (Numbers 31:7, 9)

However, Moses was outraged. Why? He had not commanded that the women and boys be captured and then allowed to survive. He scolded his military officers, asking: “Have you allowed all the women to live? …  Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.” (Numbers 31:15, 17-18)

The soldiers did as commanded. Then, the plunder was counted and recorded “… 675,000 sheep, 72,000 cattle, 61,000 donkeys and 32,000 women who had never slept with a man.” (Numbers 31:32-35) Especially important was the gold captured by the Israelites, which was also gathered, weighed, and then distributed according to the allocations specified by Moses (Numbers 31:52).

Unlike many hereditary kings, Moses did not pass on his kingdom to a son. The LORD commanded Moses to name Joshua (who was not a close relative of Moses) as his successor, although Moses had two sons.

Joshua, as King of Judah / Judea, led the Israelites in the famous Battle of Jericho. After the reign of Joshua, the 12 tribes did not operate as a single kingdom until many decades later.

Within the dynasties recorded in the Bible, other famous later rulers include King David (who killed Goliath) and his son, King Solomon. Among Christians, the most famous individual who both was a distant relative of Moses and claimed to be king by birth is Jesus. While Muslims may not dispute the royal bloodline of Jesus or his status as a Holy Prophet, they present another later warlord (Mohammed) as a much more important individual within the bloodlines of Abraham, Noah, and Adam.


Examples of modern dynasties include the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and of course the Windsors (the current royal family of Britain, who moved to Britain not long ago from Germany). Royal families throughout Europe and other parts of the world often have many close relatives among the other monarchs. When the royals of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family moved to Britain, took political control, and then resided in the castle of Windsor, that is when they also stopped using their German last name and took the name Windsor as their own last name (in 1917 by the royal proclamation of King George V). For more, see
In other parts of the world, we can notice the same stories of social leaders that claim to have been appointed by a god or even to be descendents of gods (hybrids with the same advanced race of extraterrestrials that backed the rule of Moses). Queen Elizabeth (Windsor) claims to be the descendant of the god Woden (Odin, the celestial being whose name is the origin of the word “Wednesday” / Woden’s day”). (For more, see )

In modern times, a famous ancient king is King Tut of Egypt. Tut’s tomb was discovered in 1922, including the mummy of his body.

Below are actual pictures of the mummified head of Tut (which is short for “Tutankhamen”). Also, notice the actual ancient sculptures which depict the same unusual features for Tut. (In other words, the strange features of the actual skull were also included in ancient statues made during his life.) It is also interesting that several of the most publicized photos of the mummy and skull completely de-emphasize the unusual shape of the head.








statue of tut











Resize of DSC01874

Here are a few angles of ancient statues of Tut’s sister. Tut and his sister were children of Queen Nefertiti and her half-brother, a Pharoah named Amenhotep IV / Akhenaton.

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armarnaprincess2 75b8b793b974347766c555b5586222f6


Akhenaton’s tomb was found in 1908. Below is the mummy of his body and then an interesting angle on his skull. Note that ancient statues of him also show the unusual facial features of this very famous Pharoah.








This Pharoah claimed to be the actual biological son of Aten, the one and only God. Prior to Akhenaton, many different Gods were worshiped. Many historians consider Akhenaton to be the founder of monotheism. Soon after his reign, the official religion of Egypt switched back to polytheism. (His son, King Tut, did not reign long and died while still a teenager.)

S,o who was the LORD that commanded Moses? Who was the celestial being that Akhenaton said was his biological father? Could it have been the same organism (or two related creatures that appeared generally the same to humans)?

According to the Bible, there are many reports of a flying craft or “shining metal cloud.” Elijah was repeatedly lifted up in to heaven (abducted?) and then returned to the surface of the earth to walk on the ground again.

What led Moses through the desert? According to the Bible, the craft would hover slightly ahead of the Israelites, leading their movement. When they set up camp, the craft would descend to the ground and remain there for the night. The next morning, the craft would rise up, the Israelites would pack up their tents and supplies, and then the journey would continue with the craft leading the way.

According to the Hopi, they were also slowly led to trek across the desert by a god in a flying craft. This god led them to specific locations to make permanent buildings and start their villages. When viewed from a satellite, the Hopi villages form the configuration of the constellation known as Orion.

This pattern was repeated in many cultures. The geometric pattern of the three stars of Orion’s belt is also found in the three great pyramids in Egypt as well as in the Aztec pyramid complex.

Did the ancient Hopi intentionally configure their villages to copy a constellation (when viewed from far up in the sky)? Or, were they simply following instructions (that may have been meant as a message that more advanced human civilization would eventually be able to recognize as obvious evidence of ET influence on where they located their villages)? Was the “star” that led the Magi across the desert a similar flying craft?

When we learn about incidents like the burning of the Library of Alexandria or the Holy Roman Inquisition, it becomes obvious that certain groups have identified particular ideas to be repeatedly presented to be the public as well as certain ideas to ridicule or simply hide from the public. With institutions like centralized regulation of schools, we find that special interest groups construct curriculums of what content to present to children as important, then conduct rituals to train the children to memorize and repeat the programmed content. The children’s obedience is carefully measured and then they are given social rewards for obedience. They may be subject to ridicule for disobedience… or medical drugging. (If the neurotoxic medications fail to contain their innate curiosity, then they may be expelled or sent to correctional facilities or “mental health” warehouses).

What happens when an innocent child is presented information about Moses or Tut? They simply accept the information, recognizing the long history of immense inequalities between various individuals.

What happens when a socially-conditioned adult is presented the same information? They may experience distress and a variety of remarkable coping mechanisms for the distress. They may dismiss the entire subject as ridiculous. They may change the subject abruptly and incite a complicated drama to distract attention from the prior subject. They may accept that there is a long history of inequality, but then repeat the programmed slogans of their schooling rituals and talk about how equality is “how things should be,” then launch a reform campaign to make “everyone equally above average.”

However, even within their political reform movements, we notice once again the presence of unequal distributions of social influence, concentrations of power, delegation of exclusive privileges, and many other forms of plain inequality. The fact of inequality is not controversial. What might be controversial are certain claims about the origins of political inequality.

What do the documents of the Holy Roman Empire say about the divine right of kings? According to the pope in 1432, the pope is the official representative of God on the planet. The spiritual powers (the church) rule over the secular powers (the local rulers and armies, who were described by the pope as “the sword of the holy empire”).

Comfortably occupying his 2.5 metre high golden throne made in China.

In fact, the Vatican oversees the selection and coronation of kings. The local representative of the pope is the official who actually conducts the rituals of coronation. The king knows that it was a high priest of a larger network that placed the crown on their head.


The local kings are only allowed to reign if they conform to the will of their superior. For one king to invade a neighboring kingdom, the advance permission of the pope could be considered “politically essential.” When a pope issues a king a command to launch an expedition or crusade, the king may be plainly told of the punishments threatened for disobedience. Popes have ordered the enslavement of certain specific groups. Popes have regulated the enrichment of certain groups through commercial favoritism (such as the exclusive legal privilege of collecting interest on money loaned).

A global network of assassins could remove from office any local leader who strays from the desired policies. For instance, US President Abraham Lincoln was shot in the head. One bullet over-ruled many ballots.

Lincoln was succeeded by his VP, Andrew Johnson. As President, Johnson pardoned several of the people involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln.

Was Johnson in on the murder plot from the beginning? Or, was he simply made aware of his lack of power and the consequences of disobedience? In other words, was he intimidated in to pardoning those foreign agents (citizens acting on the instructions of distant “shot-callers” and patrons)? Were those agents recruited and then stationed in the US for the specific purpose of removing from power any official that did not conform to the desired political programs?

Kings may also be presented with favors that are unusual or even criminal for the general public. For instance, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was photographed here with some of his 30 wives.

king abdullah

Does inequality exist? That is certainly possible.

How did a small group of people (who are conducting business under the tradename “the Vatican”) accumulate such a huge concentration of wealth and influence of military actions worldwide? They say that they represent a celestial being. Should we dismiss their own declarations as ridiculous? Are they “just claiming special authority in order to deceive or subjugate the masses?”

Should we ridicule them? Should we march over to the front gate of the Vatican and demand that they open the doors of the Vatican treasury and reduce global poverty? If so, should we take a few weapons with us to intimidate the armed guards?

The reality is that the police forces and other armies on this planet exert social power in ways that the ruled populations do not. Some groups may have attack helicopters, nuclear bombs, assassin drones, and weaponized satellites. They may attempt to exclude people from outside of their network from accumulating similar concentrations of military capacity. They might even promote that the public make hysterical demands for gun control (in certain areas that they have targeted for future destabilization).

Should they program the masses to be ashamed of the methods they use? Should they program the masses to experience disgust and panic when presented with calm, plain, uncontroversial statements? (Of course, the statements may trigger some controversy, but the actual details of the statements may not be in controversy.)

Either they program the masses in certain ways or they do not. If they create programs to focus public attention toward certain subjects and in certain ways, then that programming either promotes or does not promote the business interests of their empire of wealth redistribution.

Should they program the masses in order to influence the attention, perceptions, and behaviors of the masses? Either they do or they do not.

This brings us to the subject of the central contrast between royalty and commoners: finding profits or chasing validation. To learn more about the practical value of respecting the simple fact of inequality, click here: LINK NOT YET ACTIVE.


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