Harry and JR complain about people who lack our intellectual superiority

As for you twitter addicted ”that is too long for me to read” people. kindly know that the lack of empathy and appreciation is entirely mutual. If something stops being interesting just because it takes more than 140 characters to explain, go ahead and do us both a favour; delete your simple ass from my friends list. No, I’m not better as a person. It isn’t about being better or worse. It’s that you simple twats.. you annoy me.. with your stupid rants about things that I don’t care for.. just like how they in turn find my words are stupid and do not care for them. [Facebook ended the original “preview” about here…]

I just don’t like stupidity that is not humble, and it mostly is far from it. I do not mind if a smart person is not humble. Since their thoughts lead to actual results and someone that can provide for others doesn’t need to be modest about the reality of things. Someone that is stupid and selfdefeating and incapable of being useful to anyone, even themselves, well, they have no claim to anything else than the humility a realistic person would feel at being that stupid.. but they don’t even notice their own lack of functional knowledge. They deny the usefulness of knowledge and intellect. Thought-deniers, selfishness deniers, why don’t ya skip ahead to the part where ya wanna hang yourselves and go speak with a professional. I mean I might be of actual help to someone that wants to learn how to be relaxed and not uptight all the time. They will pretend it is their choice to be worked up about something that has nothing to do with them personally. Sure it is a choice.. like it is the heroin junkie’s choice to stick in just 1 more needle. I’m done thinking that I am supposed to be nonjudgmental. Fuck thou shalt not judge. Thou shalt try not to and fail like a paper plane fails to even come close to the sun. But either it is out of yer own spontaneous nature that you’re nonjudgmental or you’re a tryhard wannabe moralising idiot like oh so many, and you can go get lost as far as I am concerned.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I did not read it all yet, but I liked the part up to “you twats” that showed up before “click here to read further.”
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Ok read the whole opening. The actual scriptures that I Like are “condemn not” and “by the same standards that you openly champion to be used for evaluating others (judging them), so shall ye also be judged.”
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn The scripture is a warning about contempt as distinct from discernment and repulsion. Some things may be repulsive, but personal contempt is often quite hysterical (especially contempt for vague groups of that we can vaguely presume to “all be however we say they are”).

    common people of course are filled with contempt and shame. Those scriptures may not be for the common people, but only for the elite/ select.

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    • Harry Lieberwirth Yes J R but this exactly what I mean. They cannot read scripture to an effective extent. What happens when their brain reads that from which you manage to extract fine and functional insights, is that it gets overwhelmed by speculation on meaning and most are terrified to interpret for themselves. The christianity that you teach and that they teach is not the same Christianity.

      ”I never hated a one true God, but the god of the people I hated”
      – Marilyn.


    • Harry Lieberwirth God to me is what Einstein called the Energy that is beyond destruction. Eternal fucking life. Really simple when you take the word eternal life and look around for anything that fits those words. What is due that label? the stuff all matter is made from. Space as well.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth J R – So in a mainstream Christian’s view I am saying the creation and creator are one and the same entity or event. I prefer event. It is not a person, so why does it have a name like a person? Oh right because their god is not Jesus ”father” in which he dwells while we dwell in him (duh, since it is space/time/matter, we all dwell in space time and matter.. so yeah, don’t you know that I am in the father?). Jesus tried to undermine and usurp judaism. He failed. Although I can only imagine how much bigger it would be without him. In the end the ones that call themselves his followers seem to be like the ones he opposed in his life. They pray publically. Many self proclaimed christians are pharisees who worship some depraved ancient alien that thinks humans make good peons. Anyway that Yahweh is not the God I insist is worthy of the capital G. Yahweh is a small god like Odin or Thor. All that makes them gods is their imagination. Fucking aliens I swear tongue emoticon
    • Harry Lieberwirth Either ancient aliens, or people’s imaginary friends. My imaginary friend will punish you! is all I’m hearing on account of a God that is judge. God as energy is all things so also all forms of judgment, so yes, god will judge.. really though, may as well say this reality or the mode of it sure likes playing headgames with itself.. once it has fashioned some heads out of itself.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Oddly enough, my orientation is that these are simple matters of being clear about words. There is “The Almighty” which is the creator and the creation (and all that can be perceived is simply a branch of that inclusiveness).

      Then, there are the various ancient aliens (and current aliens), such as the one that led the Hopi to locate their villages in the configuration of the constellation Orion:



    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Is that “celestial being” the exact same one that led Moses and the Israelites? That is not important to me.

      What is clear is that the records (in the Old Testament of the Bible… like the most popular book in the world) indicate that the celestial being that led Moses hovered ahead of them to lead them, then the bright craft came down to the surface level occasionally, plus it hovered directly over the tabernacle, which the humans moved with them as they traveled.



    • Harry Lieberwirth I will gladly die for my insolence if they happen to be real. Fuck all gods but the one that substitutes any and all things including so called gods. This God of mine is no person. It is inexhaustible energy, unending space, time and phenomena, all inSee More
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn (That last image is a modern depiction, but the oral history and writtenhistory is very clear. Most common people do not know about it, even though it is clearly stated in the Old Testament, but who actually reads the Old Testament?)
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    • Harry Lieberwirth To call a person, an organism, and individual, a god, is calling everyone else unholy or not god. If not and we are all gods, the word is as worthless as gold would be if all dirt changed into gold.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn You can throw around words like “unholy.” That one does not interest me much. tongue emoticon
    • Harry Lieberwirth So I’m a god.. so is everyone else.. big fucking whoop. They want exclusiveness as being a god, according to their manuals. Fuck them smile emoticon
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Why are we talking about “those other dumb people” still? (Not that I ever was….)
    • Harry Lieberwirth As it does not exist under your definition of reality being what is called god. If God is holy and god is reality then all reality is holy.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Of course “exclusiveness” exists.
    • Harry Lieberwirth Meaning we are all aspects of the one god that IS life.. yeah.. however, it stops being something to jerk off on. Stops being an ego boost because it doesnt mean anything if everyone else is also god.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Humans may have varying capacities for sentience (consciousness). Whatever capacity is present can be exercised as well as nourished (I mean like with the right diet).
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    • Harry Lieberwirth And that Jewish Yahweh wants to be the one and only as an individual. Maybe a giant alien. Still, how do giant aliens react to being shot by people that aren’t going to go ass down face up because oh this must be the god we are worshipping? like this iSee More
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn The Queen of England is alleged to be a descendant of Wodin. The “pure bloodlines” have dominated the global monarchies for millenia.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth I would gladly welcome many visitors but someone that seeks to rule humanity through words is not a welcome visitor. We have plenty of that from our own already.
    • Harry Lieberwirth yes, like the queen of england. Or the ancient pharaos demanding they be worshipped as equals to their head gods.. or as aspects, incarnations, of them. These practices can’t result from healthy psyches.. not human ones anyway.. any being that has a craving for being worshipped has some mommy or daddy issues.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Why not welcome a “visitor” who dominates humanity with weapons, words, and various other methods? What choice would you have?

      When the Israelites were “disobedient,” then Yahweh sent chemical warfare to create a plague that killed 24,000 of them. Then, the survivors were much more obedient.

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    • Harry Lieberwirth Anyway they come off like slave driving old boys, those aliens or imaginary gods.
    • Harry Lieberwirth Once more, I’d be like ”You want servants, you’re about 300 years late motherfuckers.”
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn That was in the time of Moses. After that, when Moses said “Yahweh commands that we form an army and invade the Midianites and slaughter them,” suddenly the Israelites were much more receptive to sending off their young men to be exposed to harm.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth The choice to not welcome them and die with my spit on their boots.
    • Harry Lieberwirth That is the choice I have. What choice do I have he asks. lol.
    • Harry Lieberwirth lemme just sum it all up ”Your one true god strangely and conveniently wants what I want, how convenient for me that I am the only authorized person to claim knowledge of His Divine will.”
    • Harry Lieberwirth What, you don’t find my choice to be realistic or in line with your values? Well let’s just say I have this value where I would rather die on the spot than be forced to be subservient to anyone else’s will. Gladly.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Ancient sculptures of the Pharaohs show some unusual physical features:
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Those who allege that those individuals were “normal humans like you or me” may be slightly imprecise.
    • Harry Lieberwirth I am quite familiar with the myths and ”conspiracy theories”. I know about the sumerians and how even their myths were only echoes of the same myth again and again. That does not mean I think it is more than the collective human psyche trying to growSee More
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes, the ancient scriptures clearly state that humanity was a slave race created as hybrids. The Sumerian texts are more clear than the Bible, but the oral tradition that is transcribed in the Old Testament is from those same parts of the world.

      Basically, the reason that the library of Alexandria and similar reservoirs of knowledge were censored or destroyed or ruled as heresy was to “better maintain order.” The masses do not respond well to being fully-informed about the simple realities of things.

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    • Harry Lieberwirth We do respond so well to threats. No, really though.. I would rather die than knowingly submit to years of what we may call slavery or indentured service.
    • Harry Lieberwirth 12 years a not happening because I spat massah in the face and got my head blown clean off. What an idiot, now I don’t have to suffer ever again as me.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn You speak of “welcoming them” like they are not already here and ruling over human affairs. That is not what the Roman Catholic Pope stated in the 15th century in his published writings.

      Basically “our spiritual powers rule over secular governments.” It is the basic idea of a “holy empire” or “global empire” or “inclusive empire.”

    • Harry Lieberwirth I do not care. We evolve too. Whether we are actually genetic engineering pet projects or not. We can take our place as any natural born species could. Fuck the you have a destiny and implied knowing of our place that these chosen people and their either imaginary or alien overlord called YHW say they posess. They lie. I don’t care what the initial plans were.. you better not think we will submit to something so clearly alike to our form of slavery, after we just got past that as a race, almost entirely.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If you were faced with overwhelming physical force, you might decline. If you were threatened with torture and so on, you might resist. However, imagine that I was once abducted and taken to a celestial craft. Is it possible that resistance might be coSee More
    • Harry Lieberwirth Unless you got more than me to threaten, I will keep spitting in the face of the meanest looking asshole among them. Wanna bet I can troll them into killing me? Wanna bet I am not stupid enough to want to survive the trauma of slavery? nah I just got done with my hangups, not gonna let them fuck me over again and make for another 20 years of releasing pent up pain and anger.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Perhaps you are not ready. I will say that there is extensive physical evidence of advanced civilizations on this planet in ANCIENT times. There is also extensive evidence of CURRENT advanced technology, which might be from an exclusive group of humans, but if they are human, then they are so distinct from the common folks we know that a dedicated verbal category might be useful.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If there is destiny, saying “fuck destiny” will not change it. If there are cycles of day and night, saying “fuck cycles of day and night” will not change those either.
    • Harry Lieberwirth Maybe some people can shake it off but I am not bending that far without being broken. I am not ready to be a mindless servant to an agenda not even from this planet. I am not willing to degrade myself and just plain go against my nature. I get diagnosed with depression/burn outs from working on someone else’s schedule alone.. the government thinks it means I cannot work, so they pay me to stay home. If that little pressure drives me crazy imagine how I would just not last anyway as a slave. I wouldn’t make 12 years. More like ”Kill me now please”. Want me to damage your other slaves? No? Then kill me before I become a bigger loss than win.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn What do you mean by go against your nature? The social programming of the global empire (delivered through schooling rituals and so on) is not innate.
    • Harry Lieberwirth I do not despise destiny because it includes me having a choice. I am sure I can influence them to kill me instead of submit me to the worst form of human abuse we have managed to come up with. I guess it is easy to disregard the trauma and time it takes to get past it when you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about from a golden cage where slavery has not been directly perceived because it has been banned. I am sure there is mental ”slavery” going on.. but this way people have a choice. No one is making them repress their emotions.. its all words.. which makes it their own responsibility to not submit. It is not actually slavery like hey here’s a cattle prod to your ass get to work you dirty inferior goyim.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Maybe you are talking about whether or not you get a job. I did not know that was part of the conversation.

      We as humans are enslaved (in one sense of the word) to things like the cycle of day and night as well as the existing social order. We also can be enemies or allies of that order… with a multitude of variations.

      We have discretion up to a point and beyond that we have no choice. So what?

    • Harry Lieberwirth I would despise destiny if I did not have that little influence. If I had no choice but slavery. Nah, somewhere ,some time, one of those space heads would lose it and I would get my wish. Its kind of easy to find out what it takes to get deleted. Just do what the guy that got shot did.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Forget about other people. I was trained (traumatized?) in to repressing certain emotions. Now, I develop awareness of that history and the current implications.

      To me, this brings us to a fascinating subject, not something to rant about or argue about. If you or anyone else find it disturbing or disgusting or boring, so be it.

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    • Harry Lieberwirth No I am talking about being physically harmed as intimidation and being physically harmed whenever I do not comply. I do not serve those that consistently show they mean to harm me. As in: You ain’t my friends and I find life less valuable than not existing if the choice is death or slavery how I describe it.
    • Harry Lieberwirth I am not principly speaking out against slavery. I am saying without overstating myself that I would sincerely rather be undone as organism and individual, be killed, than be beaten every day for not being fast enough, being beaten for good measure.. rather be dead than a slave, give me death or liberty.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Ok. Consider that you claim that “life AS YOU KNOW IT” is less valuable then _____ [insert preconceived notion here]. What a fascinating claim!
    • Harry Lieberwirth No, not life. just the state of my body being active as an organism. I value disintegration over slavery. That simple.
    • Harry Lieberwirth I mean actual down in the dirt slavery like we used to use to build railroads across a nation while we’re killing the natives who are like me and literally did prefer death over slavery, and got it.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn I agree that there are many outcomes that could be less appealing than simply being executed. Torture is generally ineffective if lethal… at least in regard to that organism. What if the goal is to intimidate others though?

      Even with killing one “deviant,” again that is just a normal ritual of human sacrifice by any government court in the global empire. The individual organism being executed is not being ritually killed to “get rid of it.” It is being killed in order to create publicity about the authority of the ruling system.

      “Firing squads” (like are more common in civil war) are used to execute groups of people. Those are often much less well publicized. Some methods are for efficiently disposing of “livestock.” Other methods are about what the rest of the herd will do in the future.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn So are you ashamed of the status of a slave? If so, then it might be rather challenging for you to assess whether or not you or anyone else is a slave and in what ways. If the whole subject is repulsive and sickening and “I would rather die,” then perhaps we should stop on that note…. wink emoticon
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn “It is awful that people were treated poorly in the past during the building of this railroad. It is shameful and disgusting. Anyway, small talk aside, how much will it cost to buy the train ticket to ride from Amsterdam to Berlin?”
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn No one really cares about the dead slaves (or not as a group). Some people display shame and outrage over the dead slaves. They are displacing their actual distress and coping with their internal distress by projecting it on to some distant past episode.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If someone says “my very own grandfather perished while working on the construction of this railroad,” that is a distinct grief. Even so, “personal grief” is often yet again a coping mechanism to displace some more immediate grief / grievance.
    • Harry Lieberwirth What if they mean to intimidate me into loyalty rather than slavery? I will not comply. I am not that kind of mediochre person that is easily forced away from their frivolous sense of free will. No, I will not comply.. I will not dance the dance they want me to dance. I don’t care if aliens land and people declare them overlords. I will simply say I do not recognize their authority and that the logical consequence will be that they will have to disable me because I would be part of the resistance. The more they push the harder I say nuh uh. I don’t feel too crazy about life, only about having certain things in it. But in that situation those things would be disallowed so my reason for finding life worth the ride would be gone. I have managed to think of reasons, like I really want to cuddle and sleep with a person.. and be with them often as much as possible.. makes my life worth it.. take that away, take the chance of that away, I will not have a reason to maintain a ”civil” behavioural mode.
    • Harry Lieberwirth I feel like being very immature and childish with any would be non-terrestrial influences of forceful kinds.
    • Harry Lieberwirth Or with anyone that thinks the offer they make me is going to be taken. Complying means not being able to have what I want. if I cannot have what I want I will whine and kick and toss. Ultimately if the prospect only gets darker and it seems like I amdisabled from being free to travel and meet those I want to be with, well, fuck being alive. The point where death is the preferable option tends to be not far off. As long as I have somewhat or a fair chance of getting what I want, I am ok with being alive long as it lasts. I am lucky to not want something that I can never have. Since romantic love is not so hard to find if you’re honest to the point where it will scare anyone off that I wouldn’t find attractive anyway. If radical honesty is shocking to someone I probably can’t trust them anyway. I just mean I just want romantic love, like you have with your wife I guess
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Consider that you are already quite compliant (to “the system” and to the interest of those who designed it). In fact, you may have extreme loyalty toward it (as an economic dependent of it).

      You could ally with the system and thus be less dependent. You could also develop more practical freedom (including in the form of wealth).

      Or perhaps you are “staying poor” because the social programming says “that is a very spiritual thing to do.” After we all die, poor people get in to heaven and avoid hell right?

      “I am not influenced by words because that would be shameful and disgusting and disturbing.” – Santa Claus

    • Harry Lieberwirth It is the most meaningful and enjoyable experience I have had so that is what I have looked for.. and found, I think. I will say more when I know more. It truly makes me enjoy life so much more when I have someone I am romantically in love with and canshare any thought with without fear of being judged as a person. Something may repulse me or the other but repulsion isn’t personal and I do not take it as such. Radically honest people tend to have an easy time finding someone they like because they like honesty.. and other radically honest people. Note that I am not for radical honesty, I am for a creature living as it naturally is inclined to. I would not want to impose the need to be honest on others. It is not a need for me, just a rather intense preference.
    • Harry Lieberwirth I am very conservative. I am loyal to the system in place. or rather I am just beyond thinking it is going to change. I gave up resisting it. However that system does not require non earth overlords. Its my racist/speciest side. I’ll bow down to you slitnosed uglies when they show me how they manage to be sociopathic enforcers. Which they won’t because it is in a sociopathic asshole’s nature to be a sociopathic asshole as much as it is in mine to be honest. It just works better for me. Trusting your allies makes them like me more. Allies that like me are more steadfast and worthy.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn What about romantic love is so relevant? Do you mean that you respect the intensity of the vitality that it stirs?
    • Harry Lieberwirth As for some cultures it might be functional to be slavedriving overlord kind of sociopathic assholes. War economy all the way. I am not saying that as an opinion just as an observation of how we got where we are today. Not by being moral and peaceful.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn It is okay to be concerned that others might judge you. If you want radical honesty, you might be better practicing that with me than with someone you are dating.

      It may be best to handle your “social needs” outside of the couple. Being in a couple is a great way to notice how loyalty works.

      To “demand honesty” of someone in a romantic relationship may be counter-productive. Invite it. Offer it. To push it on others may not work.

      Also, feel free to ignore anything here and “learn the hard way.” I might even be wrong about approximately 18% of what I claim.

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    • Harry Lieberwirth Whatever works for everyone. One Happy Cow article I liked.. no need for the tiger to try and be like the elephant.. no need to let others live by standards or values that they do not feel naturally of their own. I want people to be free to be what they are.. even the ”assholes”. I’m not afraid of them.. they are fools that will just play the game my way if I want them to. A forceful regime might think it will manipulate me into doing what they want but what if me being dead is what I wanted and they are the ones that in the end are the ones doing as I wanted. If they put me in a bind of not being able to get what I want, which is a free life with my lover.. then I will make them kill me. Societies like that will run into trouble sooner or later because it tends to take thick headed fools for their leaders. Might work as long as it does.. untill it just doesn’t. See european society as an example.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Whether current political systems “require” over-lords is of no great interest to me.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Again: in intimate relationships, loyalty is central. In more casual (or less procreative) interactions, like ours, then honesty may be more important than loyalty.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth There is no demand for honesty and I will not condemn my lover if she is dishonest. Or anyone else. But I do find a awkwardly honest communication between two people that prefer having hurt feelings over being given an image of reality that is not trueto be useful and functional. I just want things to work. Being dishonest is not going to do that. Because they will still only love the image of me that I manage to so artistically sketch in my own favour. I don’t want someone to love the image of me, their imagination of me, while I hide the qualities that they might find repulsive. Either they can take that honesty, or they are not what I am looking for.
    • Harry Lieberwirth Maybe, I think it is the case, that our ideas of what romantic or married life amounts to, differ greatly. That is ok, whatever works for you and yours. I have found someone that feels like I do about the honesty though. You know her.. if more happens I will be a little more open about it, nothing to put a label on for now.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Political celebrity “figureheads” may or may not LEAD (exercise actual power). For figureheads, their main job may be to manage public opinion.

      Imagine that millions of people work for the US government. Together, they create momentum. That momentum is far greater than one person’s. To claim that one individual really leads that entire system is a rather extreme speculation.

      Even in monarchies, in which that may be officially true, that may not be entirely true.

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    • Harry Lieberwirth I am loyal to myself first. I do not feel comfortable omiting something I know is meaningful to the other or flat out lying. It makes me feel uncomfortable. This is where you imply all shame is taught, therefore to be dismissed (for what reason?)?
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn What works in a relationship? Be cautious about dishonesty (in yourself or others). Avoid obsession with honesty (by you or by others).
    • Harry Lieberwirth Yes but we maintain either an illusion or sense of collectively owning that ”greatness”, whereas the actually powerful, I think, are more interested in just owning it and saying ”I did that”. And having the resources involved, or a large slice. Like Kings or Oligarchs.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Be careful of seeking social validation or (being accepted) in an intimate partnership. The male may offer that to the female, but for the male to seek it in the intimate partnership may be a source of disappointment and frustration.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth Maybe it is a comfortable lie we tell ourselves, that we are collectively out of our own free will being the economic power we are. Oh really, just forget about the marketing all their lives that told them what to want. Nothing they want is even what they really want.. they have forgotten what they really wanted. Or have been convinced they are to be ashamed of it. I am not really ashamed of lying though. Just emotionally distressed. Unfomfy as shit.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Maybe you are not really looking for an intimate partnership at this point. After all, you are corresponding with me, and last I checked I was “one of the dicks.” (male)
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    • Harry Lieberwirth No, not the approval that is craved.. it is nice, I like it, and I give it gladly, but not seeing it as a need. Honesty is my jam because it tends to not result in disappointment. If I am going to feed someone a dishonest image of who I am they will simply be disappointed when they find out through my behaviour that I was lying.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth Lying is stupid when it is with someone as intelligent as I am interested in. She’s way to clever to lie to. But even so it just feels.. awkward.. like pissing one’s pants. Is pissing pants wrong? Maybe not absolutely but does it feel comfortable? Not for most, even if it isn’t seen as an evil.
    • Harry Lieberwirth She is not available at the moment. It is her birthday today, she is probably celebrating.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth trust me I would be talking to her otherwise.. lol.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth Oh yeah how is that for honesty.. you’re only my second choice… and only after I chatted with Dan wink emoticon
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn I am aware that you and “AA” are “corresponding favorably.” I do not mind whatever amount of privacy / secrecy / discretion you favor.

      Words and communication are important. If you say “I require honesty in a relationship,” then I think that you want to be relaxed. You do not want to be constantly obsessing over fitting someone’s preferences.

      Want to know a secret about that? Create a stable cash flow and have an extra 10 or 20 thousand Euro stashed away. There is nothing quite as relaxing as not needing the relationship to work on any particular timeframe or in any particular way.

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    • Harry Lieberwirth I just don’t see the point of lying when people find out what the truth is anyway. Ask Hayley. I wasn’t the angel she insisted I was and it hurt her that I gave her the image that I was or meant to be. I think she was hurt anyway.. people don’t tend to say ”you’re the one to blame” when they don’t mind what happened.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If you experience stress in regard to omitting something in an exchange with someone, then you can call that shame and you can EITHER “dump the info” on them, talk to someone else first about it, gently acknowldge that you have more to tell them and you would like to continue soon, etc etc etc….. (or all of the above)
    • Harry Lieberwirth I am far from obsessed with complying to her preferences. I rather do enjoy it when it comes to pleasing her on her preferences like not calling her by shortening her name. I will gladly use the full name. I will gladly adjust because I get off on pleaSee More
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn I’ve been thinking lately of the importance of envy (including jealousy). A major target of shaming is the displaying of envy.

      So, children learn to suppress envy and be dishonest about it. Their innate motivations are, in some case, completely suppressed.

      They turn to “spirituality,” which they encounter with an extreme competitiveness. This is what I did at least.

      I am “more spiritual” than those commoners. I am more spiritual than those stupid Christians. bla bla bla

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    • Harry Lieberwirth I really am sincere when I say I like to cater to my lover’s preferences because I like pleasing them.. their pleasure pleases me greatly.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth But I am not feeling like I must do so on every count.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn In reality, I have experienced lots of discontent and envy and boredom. I have been frustrated about not even saying what I value. I have been annoyed by my own habits and momentums.

      Humility arises. Shame arises.

      “The one who fears shame, shun. The one who welcomes shame and yet is cautious about it, welcome them.” – JR

    • Harry Lieberwirth ”So, children learn to suppress envy and be dishonest about it. Their innate motivations are, in some case, completely suppressed.” they learn to be dishonest with themselves and end up believing the usurpers’ motivations are their innate ones. I’veSee More
      Unlike · 1 · 2 hrs · Edited
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn I do not mind being third choice to those two. After all, I am much more scary than Dan, right? I talk about ETs and plagues and torture. huh huh
      Like · 1 · 2 hrs
    • Harry Lieberwirth Good point dude. Yes, you sometimes.. scare me off for lack of a better word although I mostly just lack interest in those subjects because I find them to lack satisfaction. I like to do things that I find satisfying. That is anything from reading a book to playing roleplaying fantasy games on the pc, to listening to music.. to making love with someone that I feel deeply for and that feels deeply for me. I guess a lot of people do not know it exists because they never happen to have that kind of sexual intercourse.. but it’s beyond what I would call sex.. anyone can have sex.. to melt together with someone untill there is only her and oneself is the most satisfying thing on so many levels. Emotionally and physically. It isn’t filthy or dirty and I am not ashamed of something so gorgeous.. or ashamed of talking about it in general terms.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Back to “loyalty in an intimate partnership,” I have noticed that when my partner “is experiencing so much pleasure that the neighbors are annoyed,” I like that. Maybe it is the implicit loyalty that is being built.

      Power: “I can do that to you and you know it and I know that you know it.” FYI, I was “slightly” sexually inhibited in prior decades….

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    • Harry Lieberwirth So yeah I tend to have a.. store, of those things, like a queue of things I know will satisfy me. Thinking may be on the list but not so much about ancient aliens or politics or global illuminati take overs. Not like I can stop them. Not sure I think I should. That is if I am sure they even really exist at all. Anyway, oh yeah sure you can rule yourself, humanity.. not like it’s been proven by now ya just don’t have what it takes. The majority of brains is too stupid to know what is good for them (and effectively favours their preferences).. and they seem to get to pick the leaders.. if democracy is not actually a farce and the votes are simply not counted at all but fabricated. I am sensitive to conspiracy theory but also agnostic as in I cannot know. If I was able to know about them, then I would have some power over them. However, what people say they ”know” is not going to stand in any court of law in the world.. because it is just a bunch of claims they read and felt like believing without actually being able to predict certain things based on that knowledge. Real knowledge makes it so you can predict outcomes. You have some real knowledge of economics for example. If I knew of a plot on an international level I am pretty sure I would not manage to survive. Because if that were to be real and the goal is economic monopoly or all-power.. well then I don’t suppose it would escape their notice that they have been spied and I don’t suppose if the goal is so serious that I would manage to survive that knowledge. Anyone that is loud and being heard by thousands of people at the same time does not know anything. If they did they would be dead for ratting. The alternative is they are gullible and wrong about the facts.. but they cannot be sharing something that amounts to knowledge of a real conspiracy that goes that far because I don’t buy the conspirators would let live anyone that makes waves based on knowing something factual about them.
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    • Harry Lieberwirth Please hit refresh if you are here now, I edited my second to last message somehwat extensively. AA is back.. gonna chat with her.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn It is very interesting that there is so much logic and intelligence being presented on a mainstream network (“the history channel”) in the Ancient Aliens TV show. However, is it just more “scandal-pumping?” I do not know.

      I do find it interesting that some of the major claims of mainstream “academia” are so easily revealed as weak and “ritual slogans of blindness.” Is it important that humans were hybrids made by ETs? Perhaps not. However, as someone who likes to exercise the faculty of critical thinking, I appreciate the reasonably well-organized presentations of information that been censored for a long, long time— including as I mentioned before with the burning of library at Alexandria so long ago.

      A new group of “illuminati” are being cultivated. Most of those who dabble in “conspiracy theories” may be emotionally destabilized for their exploration.

      However, when breeding horses for racing, all that matters is that a few good ones are identified. All of the ones that are “almost good enough” are ultimately just as irrelevant as those that were never anywhere near “good enough.”

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn I had already watched on youtube much of the source material used in the Ancient Aliens show. The research of Lloyd Pye on “the starchild skull” was fascinating to me and he explained the recent DNA evidence about how homo sapiens were genetically engineered.

      He explains why we have a different number of chromosomes than “native earthlings.” The facts are not in controversy and “mainstream science” simply ignores the elegant and simple explanations provided by people like Lloyd Pye, who often are simply repeating what has been stated in the old Hindu scriptures or Sumerian scriptures.

      The twist is that with the huge advance of technology in the last several decades, the DNA evidence that humans were created (not evolved) is massive. Some say that the rapid advance of human technology was “seeded” by ETs. That is a mildly intriguing idea, but not very important practically to me now.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Anyway, I see how the TV show selects info to present and leaves out other info. I have no issue with that. The same thing happens in every book etc
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    • Harry Lieberwirth The trouble begins when the fact is that like with the concept of racial purity, you actually get crazy, stupid, malformed human beings when those that are very alike continue to breed. Marry your sister and put a madman on the throne why don’t ya. Like the royals pre-1800. Like the nazis also though, the reality is that the idea of what makes for the ”uber mensch”, is flawed, and the reality is that having only blonde men with blue eyes of approx 6 ft mate with women of the same specifications, doesn’t actually make for a human being that is above average. It might, but that chance is always there. Just not more so than usual. I am thinking diverse genetic parents produce what is in animals called hybrid vigor. Because between the two there is less ”double info” or traits that both parents have.. the variety and diversity of dna is greater, and therefore more apt at warding off illness or being mentally destabilized.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn I have not studied human genetics extensively (or not in regard to “breeding excellent specimens”). I do understand that there is (or may be) a genetic resistance to malaria (?) among those of African descent which is eventually lost with enough inter-breeding with those who do not have that same genetic resistance.
    • Harry Lieberwirth The movie Trading Places with Eddie Murphy is symbolic of this. They take a supposedly ”superior stock” human being and trade his place with a homeless beggar on a bet that this superior stock will be fine in the beggar’s shoes and the beggar will not be able to fill his shoes. But the superior stock resorts to being emotionally charged and filled with tension which only makes things worse on himself, not better. The fact is – I think – that there is no such thing as superior stock for more than a select few tasks. Yes, one lineage of horses may be better at racing alone, but all other aspects of horse training? Maybe not so much. And similarly I do not believe in altogether ”superior” peopl Maybe a person is better at a few things, but at everything in general? yeah su8re..Maybe highly intelligent people are an exception but I haven’t seen anyone breed those… and typically its sports or brains so even intelligent folks arent good at everything in general.
      Unlike · 1 · 1 hr · Edited
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn My focus is more on epi-genetics, which is how to control which genetic programs are implemented. For example, an organism is genetically identical as a butterfly and a caterpillar. It is the same organism in different physical compositions.

      Epi-genetics is the study of what factors trigger different genetic codes to turn on or turn off (especially “external factors” like temperature and dietary intake and light cycles). Specifically, I am interested in the hibernation hormones and how those produce massive increases in neurological efficiency (heightened learning states).

      The same hibernation hormones also control quality of sleep, metabolism of fat, physical exhaustion / depression, etc…..

      Like · 1 · 1 hr
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn An obsession with “athletic excellence” is highly promoted in certain cultures. Perhaps all that exercise helps to keep the blood away from the brain. However, there are many cases of people who are quite bright and quite fit.

      156 seconds long:


    • J R Fibonacci Hunn
      Write a reply…
  • Harry Lieberwirth Yes J R but this exactly what I mean. They cannot read scripture to an effective extent. They are too stupid to get it without someone like you to make the literalist bs go away and having the words make for something useful. What happens when their brain reads that from which you manage to extract fine and functional insights, is that it gets overwhelmed by speculation on meaning and most are terrified to interpret for themselves. The christianity that you teach and that they teach is not the same Christianity. –
    ”I never hated a one true God, but the god of the people I hated!”
    – Marilyn.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn It is a rather rare thing to be able to distinguish between what is relevant in a literal sense, what is relevant in a figurative sense, and what is not so relevant at all.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 3 hrs · Edited
  • Harry Lieberwirth JR J R if you want to save this conversation please save it to somewhere else, I wish to delete this post.. pretty much saying it all in the other posts too. They get it Harry, ya don’t like stupid.
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