Attraction x Repulsion = Propulsion

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Attraction x Repulsion = Propulsion

Multiply Motivation!

If you have been studying the subject of motivation for a while, have you noticed yet how rare it is that people mention how to combine attraction and repulsion? Many authors focus exclusively on attraction, while others present the idea of two exclusive categories of people, such as “opportunity chasers” and “risk avoiders.”

Those ideas are incomplete. In fact, they are so incomplete that many people influenced by those ideas will find themselves confused by the huge contrast between what they observe and what they have been programmed to expect. The confusion can lead to ongoing disappointment and then eventually frustration.

Imagine that someone gets frustrated after having been programmed with the idea that, if someone is sincere enough, then they should be able to produce ANY result. In that case, what would they interpret as the source of their frustration? Instead of simply identifying their method as ineffective, they might label themselves as “lacking faith” (or something like that). If they presume that “positive thinking” is always sufficient to produce any result, then any experience of frustration can trigger shame. Eventually, they may attempt to suppress the social display of frustration or even numb themselves to their own experience.

In particular, when “the law of attraction” got popular several years ago through new age churches and promoters like Oprah Winfrey, many people were initially excited but eventually disappointed. A notable case is that of James Ray, who was one of the featured experts in “The Secret.” A few years after his rise to fame, he was charged in relation to the death of a participant in a “positive-thinking” retreat, and then convicted and imprisoned.

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So, the reality is that everyone sometimes experiences both attraction and repulsion (even at the same time). Sometimes we will experience a direct conflict between attraction to and repulsion from the same thing (such as in the case of shame or agonizing). Or, we can experience an alignment such that the attraction and repulsion create motion in the same direction (as pictured above).

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