Harry accuses above average people of being above average

  • Harry Lieberwirth

    Harry Lieberwirth

    READ ALL OF THIS AT YOUR LEISURE, respond only to what stands out. I am just grateful to have someone that doesnt check out when I check in.. thanks JR.

    That was Harry’s last comment. I will present all of my replies and then his full writing.

    • Today
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn

      In regard to “why lethal force is used,” I will raise the historical story of Moses and the massacre of the Midianites. The goats of the Midianites were not slain. They were captured. All the humans were killed except for the 32,000 virgin girls taken as war brides / child brides /sex slaves by the Israelite army.

      Why were all Midianite males killed (even young) ones? Because male children have a record of growing up to retaliate on those who slaughter their family. Males are more physically dangerous, so empires must dominate them with special care (or kill them).


      https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Numbers+31     &


      It is the same with cattle. The females make milk, so they are likely to be sent to the dairy. The males (other than those few used for breeding) will be slaughtered for food.

      If it seems best to invade Iraq and colonize them and let them continue to operate their oil wells, so be it. If it seems best to kill them and then send in Chinese laborers to operate the machinery, plus some African slave masters to supervise the Chinese laborers, so be it. Maybe the Saudis will supervise the slave masters and the Swiss Jesuits will “keep the Saudis in line.”

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn

      As for monopolizing the use of threats and force and coercion, yes that is what governments do… at least up to a point. Of course when a mafia is the interest that forms an army, then the army only keeps the civilians in line. The army protects the mafia from competition, but does not compete with the mafia.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn

      The glorification of “the thug life” is an important part of zionist / jesuit / communist /fabian propaganda. Law enforcement priesthoods need crime in order to justify the extortion of money from the civilians. The public must be kept in terror. Preventing all crime would be horrible for business.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn

      Systems of property ownership are systems of oppression. The idea is that the Europeans arrive in Arizona or South Africa and inform the natives that “you no longer live here.” Property ownership is how the elite enforce their privileges and put the Native Americans in their “internment camps.”

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn

      I do not get trapped in the issue of arguing over which system of organized coercion is most justified: the zulus or the boers, the black gang or the mexican gang. When there is one dominant system, that corresponds to stability. When there are three or five groups all competing, that is a civil war or gang wars. That is generally unfavorable (in terms of safety and stability), though it may seem like a great opportunity for the Natives to take back some land or for the Irish to take more land from the Natives.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      J R Fibonacci Hunn

      As for intentionally killing a living creature, I would NEVER do that. Once in my naive youth, I dug up a potato, which killed the plant completely. I had nightmares for several centuries after that. In my dreams, my hands were dirty with MUD. It was nauseating. That is why i never talk about it and I cannot stand to even use the word potatoes, which is why you may have noticed that I never use the word potatoes.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn

      To be clear, I want to disarm the masses so as to better intimidate and/or slaughter them.

      That was interesting point you make that lengthy comments immediately repulse the most hysterical.

    •  Anyway, I read it all and you’re welcome. Here is my broad comment….

      We may develop a habit of apologizing for our intelligence. We know it is unusual to be so intelligent. We are disappointed that other people are not more intelligent. We are thrilled to find an intelligent conversation.

      We might get a bit inefficient in our methods of testing other people’s responses to displays of intelligence, but that is out of well-learned caution. We opt for a bit of inefficiency until we get better at “sorting the pearls from the swines.”

      • Harry Lieberwirth

        Harry Lieberwirth

        Hey JR the following became too long to reasonably expect anyone but yourself to respond but it was a comment originally so it may sound like I am adressing more than one person here but I am quite sure you could explain, you’re pretty into your right to bear arms or at least like me happy for would be rape victims that have a real means to defend themselves from physically being overpowered.

        I was raised with gun control, being from Europe. But then I grew up and realized how the very laws outlawing guns for civilians are only held in place by coercion of armed enforcers using… guns.. and I dont believe people no matter what they want me to call them are magically more responsible by nature. Their training may be better funded than civilian one though. It seems stranger the more I think of it. I am not against deadly force absolutely speaking.. sometimes it is that, or be raped by physically stronger assailant. Personally I would go with rubber or beanbag because I prefer not to kill someone if I am given a choice. I wouldnt personally want to kill someone just for say robbing a store in my presence or even do more to a would be rapist than stop him using nonlethal force, and get him arrested. Even if he disgusts me I just dont feel like its a mess worth the trouble, entirely aside from how I might feel about it which is probably sick because I think bleeding to death looks gross.

        Anyway my point; Is playing dirty Harry, just wanting to kill someone legally, because the idea excites someone, all there is to it? I guess that might actually be true for some but ofcourse I dont believe thats always true. I’d like someone to take a minute to explain without saying ”because its my right, because I can” -what is the idea behind using potentially deadly force on someone that isn’t himself likely to be a lethal threat? What makes it considered necessary or adequate, when rubber and beanbags have as far as I am told sufficient and equally disarming and incapacitating stopping power?

        Or is it more about the socially propagated threat of lethal force with the purpose of that threat alone discouraging armed criminals from being criminal? I see how that might work for some wannabe gangsters but it might end up killing more of them than it scares off. I dont think ”crime leads to death” is really that scary to people that deal with lethal violence on the daily like someone from a rough neighborhood.. and no one wonders whether there are hp or rubber bullets when they stare down a barrel in person.

        Also, someone truly willing to kill a store owner for being a hassle, I wager they can’t be scared by telling them maybe someone will kill them.. MAYBE. Someone that crazy, wild, or stupid, I doubt they care. I don’t necessarily oppose trying fear as discouragement, I just doubt its effectiveness on the actually dangerous trigger happy ones. And yeah maybe I dont really have that much of a problem with the world losing someone like that. I still wonder what the main idea behind it all is. If it wasn’t already obvious just to clarify, I am not asking the questions I am asking to attack gun rights or right to use hollowpoints or even be subversive, I am sincerely curious.

        I expect it to be likely to fall under scary threat for discouragement, I just think people dont quite understand the mess they are getting into with what I expect to be a visceral psychological effect of shooting someone and watching them bleed to death. It can’t be that great unless well, someone is themselves not far off from being the same murdering madman they want to legally kill.. someone with a lust for the idea of killing a ”bad man”. I never quite followed how murdering murderers out of sincere condemnation and not as an example to others, made much sense. Just doesn’t seem like something that just blows over. I can’t say for sure I just think humans killing humans isnt psychologically healthy for the killer and often unwarranted when someone isnt even making threats but is ”ignoring” loud demands because they have earbuds in and cant hear the man saying stop or I will shoot. I dont like the cops are good cops are bad debate.. cops are people.. people sometimes are justified and sometimes they make mistakes. Shooting someone before they make a move and actually attack, or in that earlier case is just someone seeming to disobey when they just cannot hear the warnings. Does a deaf man even get a chance?

        Where does it stop being something that can be explained by reasoning and start being about lust for blood or being so unreasonably and unprofessionally caught by the horror of an unarmed man for not ceasing to walk. Why is no one training these people, no matter civilian or not, to aim for the legs? Its a common thing for dutch fire arms training, cops tend to aim for the legs, only use rubber bullets, catch the bad guy, cannot recall a cop having to use deadly force to arrest gun toting underworld gangsters. We have mobsters or something of the like, still. Maybe the situations are far to different to compare, in the end I am ignorant of the reality so I figured I would inquire. So yes I may reason against it but I dont seek to outlaw anything, can’t really stop the type inclined to extreme means justified by the idea that otherwise it would have been deadly for the civilian or cop. In some cases that is probably true, but I prefer not.. taking a life out of fear. What is your personal take on it and what do you gather others’ reasons are? I might just not know that rubber bullets fail to properly incapacitate, I dont know, I just know dutch cops use them and if one of them gets shot it would be first time in like a decade.

        N like I said those mafiosis are packing and there are sometimes reports of hits happening, underworld people ”disappearing”, so they are not shy of murder.. just doesn’t happen on cops (the only ones here allowed to use guns on other humans) as far as I can recall. All that said I think self regulating and having guns around daily life isnt a bad call.. saves rape victims and makes it hard to rob anyone when the other people in the store might just put a gun to the back of a robber’s head. I am all for the threat and use of guns.. including training that makes one adept at shooting someone in the leg or shoulder as second nature. The concept of necessary is a lot different from what I think would suffice as necessary.

        Greenleaf to post gun warning signs
      • Harry Lieberwirth

        Harry Lieberwirth

        Someone shot in the chest by rubber or a beanbag is far more fit to be taken into custody than one full of lead and holes, plus since all that stopping power is saved for a slamming impact with no penetration I would wager a rubber bullet is likely to create inability to breathe when hit in the chest let alone be a danger to anyone. I’m not into thinking I can change whether gun rights exist over there or prohibition of guns exists here.. I just think being free to have the option would be preferable if I thought there was a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. I can’t get one because Ive been with the good doctors and their crazy pills too long to be given a second look, and like I said, they are useless, shooting humans even in self defense is punishable by law unless one is a cop or making war in the army.

      • Harry Lieberwirth

        Harry Lieberwirth

        However you read this, I am mostly curious, so tired of being accused of wanting to take someone’s rights because I asked a sincere question exposing my ignorance like I was being facetious. I have seen people not notice sarcasm, but I was surprised to see people not notice my lack of sarcasm. I ended up just saying I was really just curious but ofcourse they didnt care and went right on ranting like.. anyone else was there doing what they accused me of, while no one else was. Not the intensity of it that bothers me, but the sheer amount of people that are locked into ”u wanna take my rights don’t you” even after explaining with a disclaimer of no sarcasm. Not just that.. I’m always bothering or looking to oppress someone apparently. Asking questions makes me the enemy they would not hesitate to kill to defend the goddamn rights I don’t care one way or the other for. They’re not mine, I dont stand to win anything by meddling, not even my country. And that said I would if it was support gun rights.. and a lot of things.. my lack of concern translates into being against most bans or prohibition approaches. Let people be people.. no one being actually abused or molested or done more than have their feelings hurt? Well then let them.. screw legislating hurt feelings as the reason to ban things.. only if you’re not an actual minority group of society though.. like lets see asians try to ask for a ban of something that hurts their feelings.. I doubt anyone would care half as much as when the black power types demanded to ban a flag but forget about the KKK outfits we actually all know stand for racial supremacy and racist intent. Personally that still is just an outfit no one is being hurt so even the KKK can have their cooky little ritual cult.. no lynching tho that is all.

      • Harry Lieberwirth

        Harry Lieberwirth

        I really dislike some cultural stereotypes like the hoodrat thug or the white trash methhead.. and the way they congregate.. chaff does tend to sit with chaff doesn’t it. I don’t see them as speaking for their race. I dont find race a denotation worth really making. We’re all people, some among all colours are highly intelligent, some are incredibly stupid, can’t say I find a generalized idea leading to racial distinctions I think matter. Maybe some black people have nice athletic builds other white people can only dream of getting after 1 year of 12 hours a week hitting the gym.. maybe the subcultures are often annoying the shit out of me.. I refuse to be called a racist over that though. I love REAL black people, I’ve met african natives – I like to say as I troll some black dude with an attitude. Maybe thats not allowed either though, to think that a subculture and its way of life is stupid and ridiculous.. ethnic discrimination.. not even true in that way.. it is the behaviour.. they could all stop acting like ”niggas” and maybe then I wouldnt find them annoying. I have the same thing with the proud naive white lower class. Proud to propagate some dead man’s values because daddy said so. I actually do think the american south is charming. Beautiful place from what I can see too. No problem with the majority of people.. can hardly help being annoyed by certain behaviours.. but everything is racism nowadays. One moment I am the white guilting self hater because I dont agree with mr KKK and the next I am the epitome of all bad white slavers.. like I feel as though I am being credited with a debt I dont have. No matter how much I am stereotyped. I feel like mostly not talking anymore.. except to you and Dan or anyone else that isnt so fucking stupid. I dont find swine turning on me to rend me a pleasant experience. But I do have enough courage to see whether someone is smart enough.. easy enough to check.. just be as long winded as I always am.. makes the dummies like OMG I cannot even read comprehensively when someone uses more than’s common, they just stop even responding, lose all interest. Ok no worries dumdums it is entirely mutual tongue emoticon



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