Song: “the real man (of my dreams)”


Lyrics: the real man (of my dreams)

She said, “he should respect me.” I said, “you wish he would.” She said, “he won’t respect me.” I said, “you don’t feel good….
about the ways things are and then you think of him and think something is wrong and it must be his fault
but what if nothing’s wrong, what if no one’s to blame, what if you got scared… and then froze in shame?”
she said, “but he should change.” I said, “you wish he would.” She said, “I wish he did… what I [said / say] he should.”
I said, “you spilled some milk and then started to cry you tripped him once with guilt got him to swallow pride
so then you withdrew but still resented him as you kept spilling milk and calling him the villain.”

she said, “I wish he would …respect himself!” I said, “I hear you talking about somebody else.”
she said, “okay, I got scared and found someone to blame I stirred up resentment to push a threat away.”

I said, “was he a threat?” she said, “I felt unsafe. So I spilled some milk to justify rage.”
I said, “you knew he’d melt, he’d panic and retreat, maybe spill more milk maybe start to weep.”
she said, “he’s immature just an old boy not the real man of my dreams

I want to wake up and feel safe to see a man I trust every single day
a man who earns my trust who loves my rage who loves my fear who loves my shame


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