Are socialists in imperialist nations programmed to condemn imperialism?

  • Is there a rejection of the idea that military intimidation can be important? For instance, if two groups gather for an international trade conference, does it make a difference if one group has 20 aircraft carriers within 200 miles of the conference? If one side has an overwhelming military advantage, could that affect what prices are in the final contract?

    Does it make sense that the U.S. Would want to discourage Cuba or Venezuela or Brazil (for instance) from developing nuclear weapons? If we want to buy a lot of oil from Venezuela for $50 per barrel, would it matter if one side made a clear threat? “No, $50 is not enough. Instead, you are going to pay us $150 per barrel because we have 400 submarines with nuclear missiles surrounding your territory.”

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What about when tax collectors show up? “You are going to pay us 20% sales tax because we have 7 helicopters with machine guns and you only have 2 helicopters with machine guns, so pay up.”
  • Susanne Oppong well. J R Fibonacci Hunn, to my oppinion it is presently only putin who is able to stop the usa from global imperialism, and he sure does it with the help of a very intelligent military, while i personally prefer anastasia as his psychological weapon
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I have wondered if the Anastasia / Ringing Cedar series is something that the KGB created.
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  • Susanne Oppong this kind of education rests on the idea that children are born wise our of the spirit world, our incarnated ancestors. the same kind of treatment and education for children is and has be practiced in traditional africa, where every child is regarded as a reborn ancestor.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In the last 100 years, the two primary centers of global imperialism have shifted from the UK and Germany to the US and Russia/ USSR. I admit that the KGB’s programs of infiltration appear to have been quite successful. I also question the presumption that the US and USSR ever really stopped being allies.

    With Afghanistan, you had the Soviets roll in and then the US comes to protect the Afghanis from the Soviets. Same scenario in Vietnam and Korea and so many other cases.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What happened after the US helped the USSR take Germany? The USSR promptly slaughtered 8 million Germans (according to a source that I am not interested in checking)

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn I am not interested in arguing over which form of imperialism is the least imperialistic.
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  • Susanne Oppong J R Fibonacci Hunn i am investigating this. the reason i am a believer, is that i had experiences at the feet of the himalayas (very cold), where my almost naked spiritual teacher served as a heating, trained me in telepathy and sent his dog to me, when i was supposed to visit him. by that time i was 17 and had neither shoes nor money. so even if the story is made up, it is done brilliantly, including wilhelm reich, victor schauberger, rasputin and many other persons i respect.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Keep in mind that Putin was head of KGB. The KGB influenced the US media to demonize Joe McCarthy, making McCarthy seem to be a clown. They never said he was wrong. They said he was demonizing people. That is very ironic given that they demonized him.

    He was not out shooting people he did not like. He was trying to get the various high-ranking communists in the US government to be subject to higher standard, like reporting gifts from foreign governments, right?

    I think the US public has greatly underestimated the KGB. I have found the teachings of this man to be very revealing about certain cultural changes in the last few decades in western culture:

    Edward Griffin – Soviet Subversion of the Free…
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Communism creates socialist “democracies,” like with government-operated schools. Generally speaking, the global advance of socialism is clear.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Why do public schools and mainstream media have such low quality content (in my opinion)? Because that is their design. Schools could teach body control and telepathy, but that threatens the monopoly on power by insiders.

  • Susanne Oppong thanx, downloading it on my homework list.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn People are instead programmed to be hysterical about cholesterol so that they can be sold drugs which attack the liver and reduce the liver’s ability to produce cholesterol. This is a genius form of chemical warfare and psychological warfare. Schools, generally speaking, are instruments of warfare and intimidation to program chronic physical tension in to the youth so that they block the physical display of “socially-demonized” emotions like anger, grief, and fear.

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  • Susanne Oppong now check this our, which is on top o my list: here a phrase from page 6: 25. The stars are aligned for the world to take historic action to transform lives
    and protect the planet. I urge Governments and people everywhere to fulfil their
    political and moral responsibilities. This is my call to dignity, and we must respond
    with all our vision and strength.…/670/01/PDF/N1467001.pdf…

    Multilingual interface of the UN Official Documents System
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Facial expressions are blocked (punished / humiliated). Other gestures that display “negative” emotions are also punished. It is black magic in a most effective method.

    I am not condemning it. I am just saying it is powerful stuff.

  • Igor Vrabec Without the Rockefellers there would never have been the KGB. Without the jesuits there would not be most of the New Age (some of it is genuine though). Both control groups must be scared whenever a part of a nation from any continent finds spirituality based in ancient traditions and rooted in Mother Earth. They are also scared of Putin as he is linked to a form of Christianity that is not under the yoke of Rome. The Church of Moscow is limited and antiquated but it is not an imperialistic monster like Rome and Zion.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn When the UN says they will protect the planet, I expect a “project bluebird” type of propaganda campaign. Bluebird is the CIA program to drop huge amounts of certain metal particles in the air (from chemtrails) so that holograms can be projected in to the sky over major cities. These holograms can be in the form of saucers or demonic gargoyles etc.
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  • Susanne Oppong i know what you re talking about. after all i have studied art therapy just to find out that sane and wholesome people are not wanted. for me the fear of witch hunting and burning has never ended, but a i got killed so often for preserving the ancient knowledge, i got used to it.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Witchcraft by people who are not in the club is targeted for punishment.
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  • Susanne Oppong yeah, blue bird, there is no business but show business, once we are sure we die any way we can really have plenty fun with it.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn When Noah was commanded to impose courts of justice on all of humanity (and begin extortion networks of tax collection \to extract wealth on behalf of the new colonial expansions), then the high priest warlords began to intimidate the neighboring masses. As for Putin’s Christian imperialism, I see it as generally the same as all other forms of Christian imperialism. The black-robed priests in Russian courts are basically the same as in Rome or anywhere else.

    Same rituals. Same privileges. Same purposes. Same results.

    I think it is intelligent to respect the military dominance of the imperialists. I am not sure that it is so intelligent to say so in a public thread here, but I lack enthusiasm in the popular contempt for imperialism among imperialist Westerners.

    Their shame is extreme. I was one of them.

    By programming the masses to be ashamed of something, they block the public’s ability to perceive that thing. Anyone who sees the imperialism of the US and Russia may have a reaction of shame about their perception.

    They may say “when did this start?” They think that before they discovered imperialism, it did not exist. If they find one case of imperialism, they presume that it is isolated. Their terror is extreme.They want to blame Obama or Putin or Queen Elizabeth for inventing imperialism or corruption. They have many forerunners however.

    Igor Vrabec Joseph McCarthy got into trouble when he discovered that the strings of world Communism are held in Wall Street. Since cholesterol was mentioned this is something related to it:…

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn As for your prior references to Bernays, Susanne, he was very explicit about the web of deceptions that he used to push WW1, cigarettes, and diamonds. He was very successful in his “witchcraft.”
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn (to Igor,) Joe got in to trouble for trying to publicize the international influence on US politics (not just communists, which were just another branch of the same empire). According to the sources I have seen, JP Morgan backed Leon Trotsky under orders from London and Rome.

      The free masons and Jesuits in Paris were also the ones who trained and funded the Cambodian communists (Khmer Rouge) and their killing fields. “Rouge” is French for Red (red as in communism).

    • Susanne Oppong yes, advertisement is the harmful magic of today, as a “starving artist”, getting NO employment as an art therapist since my diploma theses about cultural appropriation, i have learn it’s basic to advertise what and who i personally like, friends and good products. in the 80s there was the discussion about unpaid female work in the socialist feminist movement. very intelligent. and from that time on i prefer to do unpaid work, labor of love, and not ALIENATED from my soul. no taxes for police and military.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If seeking work as a licensed servant of the empire, it is useful to understand the interests and rituals of the empire.
    • Susanne Oppong in the anastasia books there is a beautiful fairy tale about how and when imperialism started. and yes, that is useful, that’s why i force myself o read un documents, not to get employed but at least not to get killed, before i did all the work i came here to do.

      • I have no contempt for the empire or for the imperialists. When I worked under a DOJ contract, I was an ashamed liberal and the job was too emotionally conflicting for me.

        So, when I reported my superior for violations of policy, I was thinking that there would be a review and so forth. I was naive.

        I was fired immediately and everyone else (except the offender and his personal assistant) were fired a few days later after a few days for hiring and training the ENTIRE staff of hourly employees at the facility. The history of what happened (which is not really all that bad compared to what I heard happened at the facility later) was not really covered up so much as completely ignored.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Anyway, back then I had contempt for the fact that my superiors were openly breaking rules. Their later sexual “abuse” of female inmates was simply ignored. The rest of the staff knew but eventually you figure out that reporting those things is going to bring personal backlash.
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    • Susanne Oppong

      Especially in these difficult times of war we win inner peace when we concentrate on the beautiful, worthy and peaceful sides of the “enemy” and profit from it.

      I my self – in any case – have learned much fromScheherazade!!!

      See More

    • Igor Vrabec Imperialism started in the spiritual realms when some souls did not cherish their own inborn gifts and envy towards other souls was born, also fear that other souls might outshine them. Then came the desire to suppres or ridicule those souls. The sense of inadequacy became a plague, so did conflicts, then wars, then hierarchies of power and command and ultimately ideologies and imperialism. I do feel guilt and shame that all 3 nations I am linked to are members of NATO. I would like a world of peace, with only very loose alliances based on some similarities in culture. Very small nations would do best by forming a worldwide alliance of the on-aligned.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Imperialism results from a concentration of resources and an imbalance of military capacity. Those with military capacity (like Moses when they invaded the Midianites) may recognize that it is attractive to take livestock from others rather than just breed. They took 675,000 cattle and other loot (including the 32,000 virgin girls that were the only Midianities that the Israelites did not massacre).
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    • Susanne Oppong

      dedicated to all men and women, who think that a world without betrayal, organized…
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Shame is socially conditioned. The targets of the ruling imperialists are programmed with shame. Slaves are taught to be ashamed of being a slave, ashamed of their poverty, ashamed of their interest in learning to read, ashamed of getting caught for trying to learn to read, etc…..
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn The KGB (or their new operation with the same employees but a new acronym) programs the “west” to be ashamed of western imperialism. There is growing conflict and divisiveness in the culture, especially regarding politics and political correctness. Yuri talked about all of these plans in the video linked above from the 1980s.

      • Igor Vrabec: If by KGB are meant patriots: then any country in the world has the right to defend itself from zionist media propaganda and to preserve some basic universal rights given by Creator to any sentient being. Of course we do not know what freedom from monetary debt is but one day we will. If we do not like it we can always come back to the game of pretending that someone owns somebody else something created out of nothing.
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn The basis of the rituals of court proceedings is something called “a claim.” Claims are verbal.

        However, the functional basis of court proceedings is an organized group of armed soldiers. Without the military might of the court’s mercenaries, the warlord’s ruling on the claim presented is just more words.

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      • J R Fibonacci Hunn When governments convene to invent claims against their human resources, that includes taxes. With taxes, governments even get to invent a sacred token that people must use to pay the tax.

        So, governments can form an army to keep exclusive access to a gold mine, then mint coins of gold that cost them perhaps 1 man-hour to mint. Then, they force the ruled populations to give them 5 good horses (worth 100s of man-hours of labor) for 1 coin. That is a very good business (good profit-margin).

    • Igor Vrabec: Wow, they are clever.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn: Or, back to Bernays (whom Susanne mentioned), take a diamond that costs DeBeers $40 to locate and cut. Then bring in Ed Bernays to balloon emotional demand for diamonds and see if you can sell that stone for $2000 or $3000 in New York.

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn While the Vatican has huge reserves of gold and is very careful to occasionally drive up hysterical demand for gold, the profit margins on gold (or oil) are now tiny compared to diamonds or something like opium. By criminalizing the possession of certain derivatives of poppy seeds, the KGB and CIA and MI-6 (UK) can concentrate immense amounts of wealth.

        Hillary Clinton and Bill when still in Arkansas rose to prominence by helping Bush (head of CIA) with importing central american cocaine (Oliver North, Weinberger, etc). The profit margins are enormous.

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn Then, North was pardoned after his convictions. Weinberger was pardoned after his indictment (before trial). Somebody did not want to risk certain secrets being exposed in a criminal trial.
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn: Think about what the CIA (or their business fronts) can get for a few pounds of cocaine that were bought from a farmer for maybe $30. Again, the profit margins are the issue.
      • J R Fibonacci Hunn: With 9/11, there was virtually no media coverage of the huge amount of gold stolen from the vaults of WTC #7. People generally do not even mention the demolition of that 3rd building.

        Why no media attention to that? Because the “elite” directed their associates to distract the public with other issues.

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn: In WW2, the Japanese very selectively targeted wealthy Chinese families during their invasion (to take their gold). Then, when Japan was defeated, the private contractors of the Allies confiscated that gold from the Japanese. Did they return it to the Chinese? Of course not.

        The whole point of the Asian front, some allege, was a collaboration between the Japanese (who would play the role of villain) and the US (who would play the role of liberator). Was there a lot of media attention on the gold? Not exactly….

      • J R Fibonacci Hunn: Why was JP Morgan so happy to back Trotsky? When the “Bolsheviks” took over, they confiscated huge amounts of wealth from the Russian people which “disappeared” to Europe and to New York (to JP Morgan). Redistribution by violence is the foundation of government.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Same thing in Cambodia with the communist revolution there. Most of the wealth of the middle class of Cambodia was quickly distributed to free masons in France (according to sources which I am not interested in trying to verify, perhaps partly because to attempt to verify such issues could be a health hazard).
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    • Igor Vrabec Thanks for this string of veritable information. When it comes out like this in real time it is a pleasure to peruse it. Otherwise I cannot be bothered to read long articles no matter how interesting their title is.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Yes, the point is that what schools and mainstream media emphasize might be content that has been conceived and approved by powerful commercial interests.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn As obvious and simple as my above statement is, it can be an important point to bring up when people start spouting off idealism that they were taught in public school etc
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn What I have found, Igor, in studying a bit of history on the internet, is that it is slightly more interesting than the version I learned to memorize and repeat back (to receive social rewards) in school.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Why only slightly more interesting? Because the details are still irrelevant to me personally. But I do build a respect for the effectiveness of the mind control systems of schools and I also see their value in promoting compliance with the redistribution operations.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn As for Susanne and her interest in art therapy, it is natural to have a sense of goodwill toward kids and wanting to help the individual children. However, imperialism does help some children (just at the expense of billions of other people of course).

      If you like doing art and doing art therapy with kids, then you can keep your political advocacy “at home.” It is one thing to be politically perceptive and a totally distinct thing to push it on adults who are deep in shame. They are not ready. They are disturbed and repulsed and disgusted and ashamed. You can respect that rather than have contempt for their naivete. I was just as naive once as they are now.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn When we are recovering from shame, we might make it a priority to display our shame in a safe context. If this thread is safe for us to share some “shameful truths” about our own past naivete and the genius black magic of the ruling imperialists, then that priority is fulfilled. Now we can relax the guilt and move on to re-evaluating our interests and advancing them.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn We can relax from the “burden” of saving the world from imperialism or socialism or whatever paranoia and hysteria we have been programmed to do.
    • Igor Vrabec We are so good in wielding shame that even some of our pets are probably affected by it.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn To be aware of the intensity of the intimidation and my past compliance and naivete… is valuable. Much of the hysteria of other people in my life (parents, partners, friends) is from the same culture of shame.

      Of course others shamed me. Of course I was ashamed that they shamed me. Of course I also shamed others.

      What did I do as a coping mechanism for my shame? I adopted the role of a perfectionist savior. I would save the world from imperialism or socialism or shame or social stratification. I earn earn my way out of hell and in to heaven.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn If others did not agree with the focus of my programmed perfectionism, I would shame them (repel them) as distractions from the holy quest to be the perfect perfectionist.



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