Hope overwhelms me with delight

In the last several years since I started my blog (2009), I have featured dialogues with Hope Johnson perhaps a dozen times. Here is one I really like from the last 24 hours.

As a background note, on Facebook she lists her profession as a “spiritual guide” and she leads spiritual retreats in Hawaii. She received my recent feedback / commentary without getting stuck in shame about it. Over the years, while I have found many occasions to offer her corrections, she has been repeatedly receptive and grateful. (I will publish another blog in a few minutes focusing more specifically on shame.)

Nobody gets overwhelmed.

In fact, to say “I am overwhelmed” is to identify with an illusion and make a fleeting sensation mean something personal… Which is to essentially ask for prolonged and more intense illusions of overwhelm.

The perceived need to get love, approval and to survive in a world of separate bodies is the root cause of overwhelmed feeling. The feeling is actually a signal that a delusional agenda is presently being played out in the psyche.

Simply allowing the feeling of overwhelm to penetrate the senses *without self identification* brings awareness to hidden agendas and forgiveness for the misperceptions that created them.

This is a very different energy than the “normal” way of viewing overwhelm as a problem and seeking ways to escape, minimize, manage or distract attention away from the feeling sensation.

Overwhelm means nothing and happens to nobody. Willingness to embrace the energy of these words is all it takes to return awareness to focus on the invulnerability of Being.

Many blessings!

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What’s “wrong” with saying “I feel _____?” We can be such silly humans! Beware of promoting confusion and guilt (unless that is your intention).    😛

    If there is no one “identifying with an illusion,” then there is no one “asking for prolonged suffering.” Shaming can be so subtle, eh?

    If someone says “I am overwhelmed,” then we can either correct their “unspiritual” speaking in a movement of conceptual self-righteous perfectionism, or basically ignore them, or welcome them and respond to their “SOS” (distress signal).

    Overwhelmed? Aha! Then slow down! Delegate! Get expert help.

    How fantastic!!! It is so wonderful to be overwhelmed! What an interesting experience! Perfect!

    I plan to be overwhelmed approximately 1.72% of the rest of my life. Isn’t that magnificent?!?!

  • Hope Johnson The perception of being seen as promoting guilt and confusion is now bringing up sensations that feel like overwhelm.

    What a blessing. Mahalo J R.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Fantastic! The goodwill is radiating very coherently now, eh?

    I am *overwhelmed* with goodwill and delight. HELP!   😉

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    Hope then started another thread referencing my comment:

    When someone seems to be accusing me of promoting guilt and confusion, there is pain and also gratitude and compassion coming up in response.

    Because of this perception, the feeling of being overwhelmed with guilt and confusion can be sensed and the underlying thoughts can be met with forgiveness.

    People are such an incredible blessing!

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn “People should not promote guilt and, if they ever do, they should feel very guilty!” – every distressed perfectionist ever
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