Making important choices easy

> Introduction

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Choices:everyone has them. ​W​hich choices are most important to you? Which choices deserve your ​m​ost time and care?

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When a choice is important to you, do you give it the time it deserves? Many people feel overwhelmed with ​an endless of stream of small choices. ​

choice grid - importance

Do you give some issues more time than they deserve? How easy could it be for you to filter for important issues (and to delegate when relevant)?
choice grid filled

Many people habitually give their attention to choices that leave them unsatisfied, ​bored, ​anxious, or​ frustrated (or even totally exhausted and drained)​. They may wonder how life got that way and what they can do to get some relief. If so, we can help.
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Or, maybe you already know a priority issue that powerfully motivates you. If so, we can help with that, too. We offer services and solutions for ​business owners, investors, and everyone else.
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For many of us, ​though, ​​we want more than just one fast solution. We also want to build a new habit to make important choices easily.​ We want to identify what is important to us quickly, then find easy choices so we can make progress and build momentum (then, if relevant, get competent expert help with issues that are important but difficult to us). Plus, if we assess that an issue offers some benefit and would work better for someone else to do, then we delegate it (as long as it requires minimal supervision). We also want to regularly monitor the actual benefits (and costs) of all choices and investments.

​Further, ​there may be ​one​ big choice that is so ​challenging or ​stressful that we want to at least ​delay it (or even avoid recognizing it)​. But what if the issue is really important? What if avoiding the issue is getting too stressful and costly? ​With some issues, y​ou need to resolve ​them ​​fast ​and it is important to get it right the first time. So who can you rely on for high-quality assistance?


​W​hat if we could get help with identifying the choices that are most important to ​you​ and then making those choices ​easier for you? What if you could build your perceptiveness, manage your time better, and organize your life to be less stressful and more fulfilling?

Are those skills that you think it could be important to develop? What if, through our services, those important skills were also easy for you to develop- even fun?

How would you feel when you are clear about what is most important to you and successful in promoting that? If you could get anything you want, and all you had to do to get it was get our help to cultivate your delight, what would you get?

Choose one of these now:

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​> What’s next?​
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> What’s next:

What you need to know first:

1) what you value most now

2) what else you will value

What you will focus on:
1) Promoting perceptiveness.
2) Clarifying priority outcomes
3) fulfilling priority outcomes
How you will get what you value:
recognizing partners, allies, distractions, and threats (“By the way, why is this first?”)

identifying relevant methods

prioritizing methods (by assessing feasibility, reliability, resource requirements, and available resources)
gathering & organizing resources (when relevant)
prospecting and developing partners and allies (when relevant)

selecting one or more methods and then finally…

implementing, reviewing, and refining the selected method(s)

How we will help you get it:
services for business owners
services for investors
services for everyone
Why to choose us:
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Review testimonials
How to contact us:

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> Get special​ discounts for select groups of people

1) Holistic health enthusiasts

2) Residents of Arizona (even part-time)

4) Single parents

4) Adoptees

5) Graduates of Landmark Education (& “est”)

6) Participants in MKP / NWTA

7) Students of Austrian Economics or Socionomics

8) Students of introspective psychology & spirituality


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