What is the best way to shame others for shaming others the wrong way?

JK wrote: “Unfortunately we live in a world where profits come before integrity….”

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn “Integrity” is just a PR spin to promote profits / competitive advantage. The masses are programmed to obsess over integrity and experience a type of anxiety called guilt. Deception is central to governments and many big businesses.
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    • Jaguar Kukulcan Somehow the masses are blind to the staggering lack of integrity in their governments and big business. There is none so blind as s/he he will not see eh . . .
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Schools and media program the masses to presume that integrity is important to governments (and churches etc). The indoctrination can be quite misleading. Further, it is rare for someone to ask exactly how / when is integrity important.In the U.S., a

      military officer named Oliver north is famous for lying to the government, then getting convicted in a criminal court, and then getting pardoned by the U.S. President. Governments regulate crime. They do not prevent it and they could not if they tried. Governments define crime (and generally the same activities that governments perform would be punished as criminal if performed by private citizens… Well, unless you are close friends with the president…).

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    • Jaguar Kukulcan Agreed! AND . . . who amongst us was taught at home to have real integrity? Even the best parents were lying to their kids at times. And encouraged their kids to lie too even in small ways. Who wants their kid to respond to a neighbours question “how are you?” with “I’m pissed off that I’ve got a cold and I’m coughing up great gobs of gunk” hahaha We say “I’m fine thanks, how are you?” Mundane example but points to the way we legitimise the lies we tell to ourselves and others . . .
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Wait… Are you saying that Santa Claus did not bring me those presents and my parents intentionally deceived me about it?
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn With language, there are lies, which means intentionally deceiving. The bigger issues may be the things that my parents actually believed and told me were true, but my parents were wrong about even though totally sincere.
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Some people condemn lying. Some people punish it with perjury laws.In other cases, honesty is punished. For instance, some military officers are fired (or worse) for mentioning details that the social system prefers to be kept secret.

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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Lying is legitimate. Punishing lying (shaming it or criminalizing it) is also legitimate. Punishing honesty is also legitimate.The one who thinks that legitimacy is anything more than a perception (usually involving the approval of a particular social institution) may be “lying to themselves.” Those who have been trained to worship delusions hysterically can be categorized as “pretty much everyone.”

    • hahaha shocking isn’t it (about Santa)

      It’s a big subject for sure! And I agree with you!

      I love this quote by Don Miguel Ruiz:
      “I was a perfect little child. I was innocent, and I ate the lie that I am not what I should be. I believed that I would have to work hard to become what I should be. This is how I learned to create my story, and because I had faith in the story, the story became truth for me. And the story, even if it is full of lies, is perfect. It is wonderful and beautiful. The story is not right or wrong or good or bad – it’s just a story, that’s all. But with awareness, we can change the story. Step by step, we can return to the truth.”
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Only in language are there such concepts as perfection and imperfection. If someone is interested in truth, perhaps they will relax the common hysteria about language.Before language, there was nothing but truth. To look to language as the pathway to truth is delusional.

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Many delusions are programmed socially. Hysteria and paranoia and social anxiety are the foundations of modern civilized society. Social anxiety is instrumental to an orderly society. People must be interested in learning the rules of society and then be anxious about following those rules, right? (Or about keeping any violations of the rules discrete.)“What should be is more important than what is” is a fundamental hysteria. What should be is socially programmed using the language of hysteria.

      How society should be is a hysterical idea. Notice the hysteria with which people use that kind of statement.

      “How I should be” is the foundation of shame. In hysteria, I can relate to others as if my expectations are holy and as if some aspects of their experience could be an insult to me (a threat to the surfacing of my inner hysteria and paranoia), so I resent and condemn and gather with like-minded people to complain about all the humans who I find the most insulting (threatening).

    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Is it good for a parent to intentionally discipline their child by shaming them? It is Almost inevitable. Embarrassment is a normal experience. To intentionally embarrass someone is also very common.My commentary is that to intentionally shame is mu

      ch better than to do it without knowing one is doing it. To shame others can be effective. It is “nothing to be ashamed of.”

      However, what could be more shameful in a religion of hysteria but to intentionally promote hysteria and shame and paranoia in another? Good thing that the Santa Claus thing does not promote paranoia because promoting paranoia could never be effective at influencing the behavior of children (or adults), right?

      why are we told “what should not be?” To hide certain parts of reality from us. We are programmed to experience shame and outrage whenever we notice something that we are told should not be. Eventually, that leads to us “going blind” to many of the basic realities of how our society works (for we have been told how society should work, which also is an indoctrination method for distracting us from reality with slogans to worship). I got an A in my government class because I memorized all the political slogans in the textbook and repeated them back on the test. I have been rewarded for copying the government-approved political slogan and then repeating it and calling it “the truth” on a true or false test.

      Of course, questioning the holy truth as taught in the sacred school of our religion is a shameful thing to do and will result in getting detention or getting expelled. Our empire is the most holy because it condemns imperialism as something that should not be.

  • Doc Murdoch we need a revolution….
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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Ah, yes, Doc reminds me of the hysterical slogan of the revolucion eternale party from Mexico. No matter how life is, we must hysterically relate to it as something that we must change so as to save our children from reality. Now we just have to agonize and exhaust ourselves over figuring out exactly which way to rebel, since obviously most of the people who promote a revolution are saying hysterical things about what kind of revolution we need. It sure is a good thing that Our group of holy snobs is nothing like those naive, self-righteous herds.

    Save the children from Santa Claus! Deception is shameful! Hysteria must be prevented by panicking over which form of hysteria is the least hysterical!

  • J R Fibonacci Hunn Those who are ashamed of an empire will insist passionately on their favorite reform campaign to make the empire less imperialistic. Who programmed them to be ashamed of certain details of imperialism? 😉



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