Social shaming of imperialism

(My reply is below.)

“5% of the people of the world live in the United States but we consume more than 40% of the resources of the world. We have become used to thinking that we have a right to all that we have no matter what damage we do to the Earth or to other people. We have become detached and disconnected from reality. We have become detached from the Earth. We have become detached from meaningful feelings and the lives of people elsewhere when it interferes with our right to maintain our lifestyle and standard of living. I would submit to you that we’re on a course leading to inevitable annihilation.
“The course we’re on in the “First World” is a course of ultimate destruction. Do we want to be part of this course of ultimate destruction or do we want to be part of hope and affirmation and justice for all people of the Earth and for the Earth itself without which we cannot live? Yes, I’m talking about a non-violent revolution of consciousness. A consciousness that is able to understand how we’re all inextricably connected to each other on this Earth and to the Earth itself and that if we violate those fundamental principles, we do so at our own peril. Yes, we can continue to live in this delusion and the denials of reality because it’s painful, it’s frightening. Sometimes, it’s terrifying just as Vietnam vets have understood it’s terrifying to face their own truth, especially when you don’t have anybody to talk to.”
~ S. Brian Willson: Addicted To War


Competition is part of nature. If one male among 20 males (with one male as 5% of the total number of males) has sex with 40 percent of the females in a group / area, then we just call that an alpha male (when we are talking about gorillas or lions or bulls). In fact, male lions have been known to kill their own male offspring when the offspring reached a certain age and did not leave the pack. That is an example of nature.

So, is the earth “in danger?” I am not aware of any. Through many cycles of ice ages and planetary warming, species come and go.

What could be disruptive to the larger ecosystem is all the new electromagnetic signals that modern humans have recently developed. However, I do not subscribe to hysteria about what everyone should do so they can be free of social shame. If we kill off most of the bees, then human populations will plunge too. Then, bee populations will probably recover. If not, so be it.

So, whether or not bee populations crash soon, notice that imperialism has produced a massive increase in human populations in the last few thousand years (even just the last few hundred). There are SOME intriguing things about it, I think.
Is imperialism dangerous? Yup. Is it here? Yup. Is shaming competitiveness going to wipe competitiveness off the surface of the planet? Nope.
Maybe GMO seeds and cell phone “EMF pollution” need to be more tightly regulated by governments. I am open to advocacy. I do not consider “shaming imperialism as if that is heroic” to be a “high priority topic.”




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