a rebellious cynic struggles with a giggling fool

The dialogue below is related to recent content on this blog about destiny (and “choice”). My comments begin below Daniel’s first commentaries.


Conformity and compliance are choices and not abilities, always have been and always will be. Putting jealousy and conformity/compliance in the same sentence, or idea, is an oxymoron which only a moron with little understanding would do.

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  • Daniel Fritschler Just like effective/ineffectiveness is a choice. We can choose to say the “right” or effective thing or we can say the “wrong” or ineffective thing at any given moment. So what? Should one be jealous if they CHOOSE ineffective often to play the imperfect rebel slave? Somehow I doubt it.Choose, or choice, being the operative word.

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  • Daniel Fritschler Do you choose to play a/the game today or not little 5 year old Joshua? Or do you choose to decide whether any authority figure can make you play the game of indoctrination or having your mind stuffed like a sausage with bogus ideas, or slogans of heroic jackasses?
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  • Daniel FritschlerNo, thanks Matthew Broderick I am going to sit this one out as tic tac toe, or being introduced to ideas that are cut and dry just doesn’t seem interesting today. Oh, wait!?!?!? I am curious teacher?Teach: “No, shut up there is nothing to be curiou

    s about all this information is fucking American scripture now sit down and shut up so the other kids can be trained to lose their curiosity, or sense of wonder, mwahahaha mwahaha. Now remember my success in the empire or ability to move forward is not on teaching ability but how well I can program your young and impressionable minds.Almost all of you are very good at sitting the fuck down and shutting up so you better as well Joshua or off to the Nazi’s office you go or some drugs for you? Anything to quell your natural curiosity, right? “. Lolol

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  • J R Fibonacci HunnIt could be relevant to understand the use of labels in language. A “choice” is one label that the trainees are programmed to use.Consider the occasion of the tyrant who taunts the cadets and says “you have a choice today between joining our army to

    promote our collective salvation or else to stay back like disgusting cowards and face the penalty for desertion. Which will it be?”that is taunting. That is bullying. That is triggering anxiety. That is a threat.

    did the tyrant choose any of it? I do not care. But all tyrants practice the same tirades.

    when is choice most vigorously argued about? When the criminal prosecutor is justifying why the rebellious cadet should be shot by a firing squad, then the label may presented of “the cadet had a choice and made the wrong one.”

    did the prosecuting attorney choose to say any of that? I do not really care. They all say the same thing, though.

    what is really being tested by the tyrant when taunting the cadets? The tyrant is sorting through the cadets like a quality control specialist on an assembly line. If the hardware is good and the software has been properly installed, then the robots that obey the commands given are approved for shipment to the front lines of the wars. Any cadet that obeys the negative command (to desert the army) will be sent for correctional facilitation (re-education/ repairs/ re-programming) or, such as if the hardware is judged to be bad, will be discarded.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn What if teaching ability is just the ability to program young and impressionable minds? Sentences can be constructed that oppose the two phrases as if they are mutually exclusive. Language is very flexible
    Like that. That by the way is just a software issue.
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  • J R Fibonacci HunnAlso, in the course of one’s traumatization and training in an empire, it may be an attractive “choice” to present a pesky software bug in order to avoid deployment to the combat zone.“I am just not getting it, sergeant. I am very sorry but I think that I might be too confused to handle this kind of assignment.”

    Very clever, space cadet.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn A cadet with “too much motivation toward self-preservation” might be rejected. A rebel with “too much logical perceptiveness” might be overlooked as a waste of time.The programmers are not just programming the target audience, but selecting those in the target audience who are most responsive to the specific programming rituals that they have been trained to blindly implement.

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  • J R Fibonacci Hunn In an assembly line, we make a mold, pour the material in to the mold, then sort out the defective units. Perhaps the Imperfect slaves are punished for their “choices.” Perhaps not.
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  • Daniel FritschlerYou may be right. I may be crazy. You might just be the lunatic many 10 year olds, if they could understand, are looking for.A washed up, over the hill imperfect slave rebel can’t do shit with the above language no matter how precise or useful it i

    s. Go find some young minds while there is still time for some benefit. The more clarity that comes for me the more I would rather be dead.R.I.P. to a life of success. Who gives a fuck? Probably not me or I would have bent over the table with a lifetime supply of lube long ago. Dumbass

  • Daniel Fritschler Oops I meant desk…or monkey bars or wherever the “teachers” wanted to stick my prearranged curriculum for me to be a good little monkey swinging from their bars.
  • Daniel Fritschler Teachers cannot teach if the programs they need to talk about are out of their hands. They can only program at that point wink emoticon
  • Daniel Fritschler To go one better I tell you what. . . why don’t you and anybody else I have had the displeasure of knowing shove it up your motherfucking ass because I don’t need any of you fuckers to finish my life out the way I want. My terms as it always was. Thank you and goodnight
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    • J R Fibonacci Hunn For you to clearly identify your values (regarding what kind of future life you would value most), the involvement of other people could be a complication. Maybe solitude is valuable for that. Or, maybe you are already clear. Plus, maybe you are just testing how various people respond to the repulsion commands that you consistently and repeatedly publicize.You may wonder: “who is terrified of my shame?” Well, who is terrified of their own?

      In the course of human events, some may develop a curiosity to understand the influence of shame. For anyone else, the subject might be far too disturbing. Also, pace could be important.

    • J R Fibonacci HunnIn your job, you are assigned a work schedule. You are supplied with policies and practices to follow. If you like calling that “getting bent over a desk and filled up with second-hand instructions,” then it is okay with me whatever you like. Humor can be quite humorous.





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