About women


The nature of a woman is to call for attention.
They do it with words and perfume and clothing.
Girls and boys also call for attention,
but they just want protection while a woman also wants affection.

But not from just anyone as you may have noticed.
They want the devotion of a man who offers more than just shelter.

They want an able protector and a stable provider.
They want nourishment, comfort, status and a champion.
Many women want an ally who can listen and direct them
kind of like a doctor or lawyer, but also like a grandfather.

They crave a man who keeps them centered and focused…
who can handle their challenges and balances their weaknesses.

They want his anger and his fear,
his jealousy and sadness,
humility and aggression,
his passion and stillness,

cunning and sincerity
humor and intensity
a man who keeps them feeling safe, relaxed, learning, and having fun



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