Paradise: what does that mean to you?

What would paradise be like? What words come to mind? How would you describe the experience that is most attractive to you… even inspiring?

We might think of momentary satisfaction. We have already experienced moments of distinct satisfaction, such as joy, pleasure, ecstasy, or euphoria.

However, the word paradise is not just about occasionally attaining a temporary high. We already know what it is like to experience temporary highs. Is there anything even more attractive than another occasional high?

We also may experience attraction to the idea of lasting relief from certain terrifying realities. If you have experienced terror, then you can understand the appeal of the idea of a permanent relief from terror.

Maybe we have been terrified of poverty or war, so we got intrigued by apolitical campaign about achieving global peace or even support a political war on poverty in the hopes of getting eternal prosperity. However, after thousands of years of peace-keeping armies and taxes to combat poverty, the peace-keeping armies keep doing violence and people who are struggling to survive keep getting targeted by cops and tax collectors and bomber pilots.

We can distract ourselves from the reality that there are systems that exist to conduct large-scale operations of violence among groups of humans, but we still know the reality. Somewhere, there is someone who is terrified of a particular government.  Maybe we are thankful that those people are terrified of our own government, but the reality of terror is still obvious. We still know that somewhere there is someone worried about how they are going to keep the tax collection court from sending armed soldiers to evict them and take over their property in the name of some distant government treasury.

Governments are operations of terror. In order to terrify other people in to chronic anxiety, governments repeatedly publicize certain terrifying aspects of their operations, like when they drop atomic bombs on some civilians and confine other civilians behind barbed wire fences and guard towers in “correctional” prisons and ethnic minority reservations.

While some of us may think of governments as possible saviors that offer a final solution to terrifying realities, other people think of governments as just another terrifying reality, similar to earthquakes and tornadoes. Some people want a government that will free them from anxiety. Others want freedom from anxiety about a particular government.

However what all of those people have in common is that they all experience anxiety. In fact, many of them anxiously await a government that will free them from anxiety about some of other form of government (some policy or politician or party). They donate money and time to promoting a government-provided salvation to government-related anxieties.

However, before there were any governments, there was still anxiety. Further,even if all governments suddenly ceased to function, that would not end anxiety. What is the real source of anxiety… much more ancient than the existence of organized government? What is it that really motivates people tobe interested in conceiving of a future paradise? From what reality do we really seek relief?

There is another obvious detail that we can ignore but we cannot deny, which is that we throughout our lives are repeatedly exposed to the reality of death. Plants live and die. We are exposed to death in stories and news reports. Eventually,people we know die. We pass by hospitals and mortuaries and even graveyards that are filled with human corpses. Over and over, we are reminded of the reality of death.

Many people are so anxious about their own death that they do ignore the reality of it, distracting themselves from any idea of their own death. Maybe they will pre-occupy themselves with condemning a particular government

However, what if you imagined complete freedom from any anxiety about dying?What if everything about dying was something that you could accept without any anxiety? If we are terrified of anxiety, then we naturally would reflexively attempt to avoid any topic that terrifies us.

The process of dying can involve pain. What if you were totally free of any anxiety about pain? In fact, what if the neurological production of a pain sensation is an expression of pre-existing anxiety? What is pain except a signal of anxiety about a wound? The wound may not be painful by itself… but once someone sees the wound, suddenly they may experience pain. Pain is a signal generated by the brain.

What exactly does pain signal? Pain signals anxiety. That is not “a mistake.”That is the neurological purpose of pain signals.

So, back to the specific issue of anxiety about death, some governing systems publicize stories about a heavenly after-life that not everyone will get to access. It is a reward for those who are most obedient to a particular set of values publicized by that system.

For instance, when Vikings soldiers were preparing to go to war, the high priests would indoctrinate them with stories of an eternal after-life. Those valiant heroes who boldly charge in to combat and draw first blood from the enemy would be selected after their death by sexy virgin angels called Valkyries who would take them to an eternal after-life of pleasure.

These stories were very good for morale. Some groups of soldiers were told these stories in their training and other groups of soldiers were not told these stories. The young soldiers who were first thoroughly traumatized in military training camps and then instructed with these stories were recognized by the high priests to be more effective as infantry. So, the stories became popular.

Young boys long before being drafted in to the armies were told these stories of how to get in to heaven. Further, they were also told stories of eternal torture in hell for those who did not conform to the behaviors indicated to them by Santa Claus.

Some might ask if these stories were in any way deceptive? Did some of the military officers doubt the accuracy of the stories, yet still tell those stories?

Others might say that military officers should not use deception or indoctrination. However, the reality is that deception and indoctrination exist.

In fact, only people who have been thoroughly indoctrinated would ever say “militaryofficers should never use deception.” If people have been traumatized thoroughly and then conditioned to reflexively condemn deception as “always wrong,”then they are simply displaying their obedience to the indoctrinated dogmas when they publicize their condemnations.

Which aspects of reality do birds condemn? Do birds condemn certain other birds for parroting the sounds of a mockingbird? Do birds say “their deception gives them an advantage in their effectiveness as hunters and if we refuse to use a particular method because of chronic tension about being punished if we use it,then the advantages of that method are unfair. We protest the fact that those other birds use methods that are more effective than ours! Our methods should be more effective. Isn’t there a politician who will at least promise us apolitical solution that can make our method more effective (or make the method that we refuse to use less effective)?”

What is the best way for governments to conduct their operations of terror? Different people will have different opinions about the issue. Generally speaking, people are often happy to ignore any operations of terror that benefit them, such as tax systems that provide free child care for their children through public schooling. If the vast majority of the income from the tax systems is used for other purposes besides providing free childcare, that is simply not relevant to most people.

As long as people perceive (accurately or not) that they are benefiting from an operation of organized terror, they tend not to condemn it. However, once people begin to feel threatened, there is a predictable coping mechanism which can be observed in thousands of cases.

Over and over, threatened people begin to criticize some government for bullying and intimidation. They condemn a particular foreign government. They condemn a particular party or individual. They condemn isolated cases of corruption.

Why? Condemning isolated cases of injustice is a coping mechanism to distract them from the simplicity of the nature of all governing systems. Governments are violent and terrifying. They systematically redistribute access to resources inequitably, benefiting certain special interest groups at the expense of certain groups of human resources (such as in colonized territories that have been recently liberated).

“We need a more honest government that is less deceptive. We also need a more honest currency system that is less biased.”

However, what is the purpose of using violence to create a currency system except for the systematic inequitable redistribution of resources? Of course some army will form a legal system and then the legal system will invent some debts owed to the legal system by the human resources. This system of extortion can be monopolized in a particular geographic area and called “legitimate taxation.”

The loyalists paint little shapes on ink on to signs and then parade down the street chanting that “We need political reforms to permanently bring us a better reality that fits with the presumptions that we were programmed to worship in free public training schools. We were repeatedly rewarded with social validation in school for repeating the slogans and values of the indoctrination system. Everyone should congratulate us on our loyalty and patriotism and then join us in our heroic parade. By the way, why are there so many hysterical people who oppose our favorite reforms and instead promote some other reforms as if those reforms were their only relief from hysteria about the eternal tortures that they were trained are waiting them for their sinful nature? How can those people be so naïve and so hysterical and so antagonistic toward the ideals that everyone that I like worships religiously?”

Many people are easily insulted, which means easily reminded of shames and terrors that they pretend not to have. Some people are virtually impossible to privately insult. If there is no credible sense of tangible injury or detriment to their interests, then the opinions of strangers may be of no special concern to them.

So, what is paradise? Paradise involves a harmony between natural instincts  conditioning.

There can be respect for social conditioning and social ideals, yet also a respect for all natural instincts (rather than the  condemnations programmed through social conditioning). In other words, there can be self-respect and grace… in contrast to the typical chronic physical tensions to totally avoid the display of any emotions labeled “negative” or “sinful.”

What are the typical instincts of all living creatures (even plants)? Basic instincts include the instinct for survival, for reproduction, and for adaptive superiority. Many organisms in a species may survive to sexual maturity and successfully reproduce. However, some organisms will thrive more than others.In the case of animals, some bloodlines will falter and disappear while others will expand.

Some groups of humans may excel in the use of language and even organize systems for military cooperation. They may establish systems for cultivating obedient soldiers, for developing superior military technology and protocols,and so on. Empires may form.

Within these empires, certain individuals and families may experience notably above average benefits. They may lobby for governments to benefit their economic interests. They may lobby for governments to burden their competitors with complex tax laws, prohibitive licensure requirements, or even criminal penalties to promote monopolies for their most lucrative operations.

What if paradise is not only for after the death of a physical body? Paradise could be a state of respect for one’s own patterns of activity. If I am most experienced with certain kinds of social interactions(certain social dynamics), that could be useful to accurately assess as I go about my life of recognizing my instinctual interests and promoting them.

If I lack certain skills that I may value and that other people may have, that may be useful to know. Maybe I form a lasting partnership with one or more of them. Or, maybe I form a temporary alliance (like when I pay someone else to fly an airplane to a destination where I would like to go… or where I would like an item or piece of mail to be transported).

For someone who is already in paradise, do they need to involve themselves in political reform movements to bring a particular government closer toward certain ideological slogans? They might choose to invest their time in that way, but a pre-occupation with pretending not to have any anxiety can be exhausting to the point of blindness. If I am not terrified of anxiety, then I do not have to agonize over how to prevent it. If I simply accept that anxiety and stress and chronic tension are realities that some people may experience, I can respect all experiences.

What is the best way for a propagandist in a military empire to create their systems of indoctrination and public relations? How can the attention of the masses be reliably governed/ programmed? How can their interpretations and perceptions be reliably governed/programmed? How can their behavioral responses to their programmed perceptions be best governed? What is the best way for an empire to promote obedient sacrifice by the human resources?

Paradise could include relief from habits of programmed guilt (which is the behavior of linguistic self-condemnation in an internalized dialogue about distress and safety, as in an “attack” by anxious panics of hysterical idealism, like what a Freudian psychiatrist might call a massive “super-ego” of moralizing, perfectionist, crippling, paralyzing self-criticism,). The most lasting relief could involve clarity about how such habits have been systematically programmed in to the masses of all modern cultures.

Personal economic stability (“thriving”) could contribute to a relaxing of internalized tensions and chronic pretenses. Pretenses can involve tension.Lasting release of chronic tension can involve a dissolving of unexamined habits of social pretense (such as displayed self-condemnation to present an absence of anxiety by distracting from one’s own hysteria through condemning the hysteria of others).
What is the best way to promote lasting personal economic stability? Condemning the nature of a monetary system tends to correspond with a naïve idealism about“not needing money to thrive.”

Do you need money to survive? Relative to breathing, money is not absolutely required. However, to condemn others for valuing money (and what money can buy)… could be a hysterical loyalty to programmed ideals that serve to emotionally cripple the masses of human resources in regard to how they relate to money and wealth within an empire.

On the other hand, any popular obsession with money as the “ticket to paradise”certainly might be targeted with some skepticism. Hoarding money does not itself produce introspective clarity. However, a steady flow of sufficient passive income might contribute to a relaxing of chronic pretenses and a release of habitual momentums of hysterical self-attack panics.

One can respect the religions of guilt and their mass-marketed curses. One can respect the innovative witchcraft with which the masses are programmed to be paranoid and hysterical about being possessed by demonic entities such as stage3 cancer of the tumor, type 8 hyperglycemic diabetes, possession of the abdominal intestines by bad cholesterol bacteria, uneasy anxiety stressed dis-ease syndrome disorder, delusional naivete, viral hypertension, imaginary hyperventilation, cardiopathic arthritis of the tongue, post-natal hypothyroidism, and of course incurable hypochondria.

One can respect that the masses reliably do worship those demons. That is what they are trained to do through indoctrination systems that disproportionately benefit the medical industry (which is the purpose of all advertising and marketing).

The indoctrination can be very effective. The worship of the selected demons can be wildly popular.

So, perhaps I do not need to bring everyone to paradise for me to experience paradise.That idea could be just part of another religion of crippling guilt.

By the way, paradise is a word that has the same historical roots as the word “park”and the word “garden.” When we talk about the paradise of Eden, the word paradise refers to an area isolated by a boundary, especially a wall. The word paradise,in its ancient form, can be used interchangeably with garden or park or even sanctuary(such as a wildlife sanctuary or a hunting reserve belonging to a local king or warlord).

Do you value lasting relief from the programmed habits of hysterical inattentiveness to language? If so, I know a politician that promises eternal salvation from that terrifying problem for just a modest increase in your tax rate. However,do not be deceived by the hypnotic bait of that political party, for it is the party that has a monopoly on dishonesty.

The only way for you to enter paradise is to participate in a proper ritualc elebrating your Eternal Sovereignty (and your eventual conditional independence from the influence of any empire or organized religion). Fortunately, I was personally authorized to perform that ritual by the God of the Latter-Day Saint Nicolaus of the Virginal Valkyries. Of course, your participation is entirely voluntary and, if you are interested to the point of an agonizing social anxiety, then let me know immediately and we will schedule your very own ritual (in exchange for a small donation in the form of certain evil currencies of certain evil governments). Furthermore, it is my oath-sworn duty to warn you that any failure on your part to submit to the ritual celebration of your Eternal Sovereignty will be used against you in a court of final judgment and damnation, subjecting you to eternal tortures involving repeated verbal condemnation by 666 very self-righteous birds.


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