President Hitler E. “Hitllary” Clinton on ethnic cleansing

As for the quotations in the original image, the reality is that in all social units, the interests / needs of the social unit as a whole may be more powerful than the interests / needs of an individual. In the obvious case of soldiers, they are not being sent to war in order to promote their personal safety. A mother running in to a burning house to save a child (or a pet) is also not thinking of her own personal safety as the top priority.

Just as individuals (or groups) are frequently sacrificed in the interests of “the greater good,” it is also true that some people get very special privileges. For instance, the US President has the legal right to overturn criminal convictions made in the US.

Bill Clinton pardoned Marc Rich of convictions for an enormous amount of tax evasion as I recall (among other felonies bordering on treason). Before that, Caspar Weinberger (Ronald Reagan’s secretary of defense) was pardoned before his trial (in order to keep certain information secret, apparently). Oliver North was only pardoned after his convictions.

As for the specific issue of ethnic cleansing, if it is so “bad,” then why did the US do it to the natives here? Why did the Israelites (under the direction of Moses, as recorded in the Book of Numbers) massacre almost the entire population of the Midianites?

Ethnic cleansing is one thing that can happen. Those who are ashamed of their own favorite government’s history of ethnic cleansing (such as the US, especially in the 19th century) may cope with the shame by directing their attention at one or two isolated cases of ethnic cleansing in the distant past. We can focus on the “heroism” of our government for combating ethnic cleansing, such as by dropping atomic bombs on the Japs in Hiroshima or Nagasaki. Why? Because the Japs were conducting military operations of “ethnic cleansing,” which is very bad and so the world must be cleansed of those evil ethnic cleansers.






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