subtle guilt-trips of “new age” idealism

(Below is a short sequence of comments. Mine is the one at the bottom.)

HJ wrote:

A body that lacks health reflects a mind that perceives innocence to be lacking. It’s not personal!

All material reasons for lack of health are only a distraction. Watch what’s being believed in you, and bodies will no longer be used to conceal your power and purpose.


  • GL: If someone has cancer, what do you suggest they switch up in their perception to be of the greatest value? (knowing, of course, that there’s nothing “to do”!) LOL xoxo
  • LS:While I agree that a lot of ill health is perceived, having cancer for instance is not a lack of innocence but a fact of life pertaining to the physical body. The mind is nevertheless all powerful regardless of the body.

  • HJ: Perception shifts automatically, GL, when its acknowledged that the body itself is an impersonal perception, reflecting one mind…especially in the face physical “evidence” aka thought that makes illness appear to have a special cause and a special cure.

    Aloha, LS! Would you be willing to consider that even facts of life are temporary illusion?

  • LS: Well, since ones perception of reality is emanating from the brain anyway, sure.
  • J R Fibonacci Hunn:

    Illness is just one issue. If there are 10 trees in my yard and only one of them is struck by lightning and catches fire briefly while the other 9 are unharmed, is that because of “lacking innocence?”

    Innocence is not lacking. It is that some add guilt-trips on top, like “I lack innocence which is causing my mouth to be painfully hot every time that I drink a very hot beverage.” That idealism may be delusional.

    Why did one bee larvae get fed royal jelly and grow up to be the fertile queen? Her sisters are genetically identical but did not get fed royal jelly and did not become fertile. Why? Of course it is because trees who lack innocence must be punished by lightning.

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    • HJ: Yes, J.R…. innocence can never be lacking! Mahalo for the excellent examples of how cause and effect are often interpreted from the perception that separation/guilt is real.
    • J R Fibonacci Hunn Hope, (right before your comment above posted I was just about done with this….) What if this premise from the end of your original comment is just an optional belief or even an illusion? Here is the idea: “bodies [can] be used to conceal your power and purpose.”

      What would say if I called that idea “a curse?” I can exaggerate it further:

      “Over here is you and over there is your body which you can clearly see is covering your power, which is right here. As for your purpose, which is that small orange thing in the middle, it is being crippled by the evil of the shameful body because of the lack of innocence in the part of you way over there.” These ideas are personal and they are divisive (anti-holistic) in linguistically implying that “you” and “your body” are completely isolated, divorced “objects” (persons).

      So, do the wings on the body of a bee conceal the purpose of the bee? Are there “uninnocent” pieces of bark on a tree that conceal the power of the rest of the tree?

      Perhaps bodies CAN be “used” to *explore purpose and power. Bodies could *always be manifestations of power and purpose.

      As for guilt, it is “a real perception.” When I have been scared that future punishments (or lack of rewards) can be expected AND that they would be the natural result of “personal” choices that I have “made,” then I can experience an internal message “from my brain” to signal a shift of focus called “guilt.”

      Maybe guilt leads me to apologize. Maybe it leads me to flee. Maybe it leads me to lie or otherwise delay or minimize punishment.

      “Either innocent or guilty” is just one possible linguistic model that I could *practice. Guilt is temporary and specific (and personal). Innocence is not personal.


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