video: getting the results I value vs craving familiar social reinforcement

I begin by talking about the predictable and observable consequences of the typical public school experience. Certain content is identified externally as important and then social comparisons (within the classroom setting) are natural. Obediently repeating whatever the teacher instructs the students to repeat results in social reinforcement.
Certain emotional responses of the student would typically be “disruptive” to the programming system. Disruptive students may be targeted for medication. What is naturally interesting or important to the student eventually (by the later school years) may be totally irrelevant to getting the social rewards of the school system.

The system (and the peer group) probably does not care if you like birds or gardening or pottery. Does it matter to you if “no one cares?” Why? If you care, then why does it matter whether others do?

What results does a decade or so of regimented schooling have in regard to the kind of adults produced? Are people encouraged to compare themselves to the “herd” or are they encouraged to introspect, find what is important to them, and then efficiently produce the results they value most? Are they trained to be obedient, dependent employees or financially independent entrepeneurs?


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