An uncommon sanity: understanding states, statists, and the elite

States are groups of humans that govern or regulate other humans. In particular, a state is an organization that systematically redistributes specific forms of wealth through force.

Statists are those who habitually relate to life through the filters programmed by a state. The elite are those who either form states or direct the operations of existing states. Again, all states redistribute wealth from the statists (or other sources) to the elite.

The core activity of states is organized violence, such as the operations of invading militaries, domestic patrols, and international assassination teams. There are two primary forms of redistributing wealth through force: confiscation and various kinds of extortion. Of those two, extortion is often favored because when the source of the wealth (such as the taxpayers) are voluntarily contributing resources, there can be much greater efficiency and stability for the redistribution programs. A steady flow of wealth from the taxpayers to the states may be very appealing to the states. Also, occasional “liberations” of poorly-defended states can be the source of massive short-term surges of wealth (through confiscation).

Earlier, statists were defined as those who habitually relate to life through filters programmed by a state. Examples of such filters would be fixed ideals about certain patterns of activity as fundamentally right or wrong. Related to these isolated linguistic categories of “either right or wrong” is the labeling of specific emotions as fundamentally negative (as in horrific, crippling, or shameful).

(In regard to the above photo’s text):
What could be more ironic than being demeaning and hateful toward someone with the justification that they have been”being demeaning and hateful?”


Instead of relating to actual results as the primary measure of value, statists have been programmed to obsess over methods. In particular, certain methods are habitually identified as “wrong,” usually with the implication that the state itself does not use that method.

However, it is typical that states in fact are seeking to discourage the general public from using the particular methods that the state would value monopolizing. So, certain methods are publicized as forbidden because of some fantastic spiritual consequence, such as eternal tortures in an underground hell of fire.

Notably, the tortures performed by states, such as the Holy Roman Empire’s Holy Inquisition, are conspicuous in human history for their extremism. Slaves may be flogged to death by states (or with state protection for the torturers). Heretical prophets may be nailed to a cross and slowly and painfully executed in a public ritual of human sacrifice. Of course, there is a fluctuation between keeping the tortures of a particular state a secret (to avoid panicking the masses) and widely publicizing those methods to terrify the masses.

States promote idealism such as “equality is the desired outcome of the most righteous states.” However, the centralizing of power (the concentration of inequalities) is the central function of all states.

Certain distant states may be vilified as too violent or otherwise offensive relative to the idealism of particular aggressor state. After vilifying their target, the aggressor state can invade and occupy the target state (or at least destabilize a target state through political assassinations).

One famous ideal promoted by states is that “everyone should unconditionally love everyone else all the time.” This ideal is the source of tremendous shame, agonizing, resentment, and contempt. Typically, the statists will select a specific individual target to safely condemn (like from a very safe distance) as “failing to be the perfect perfectionist.” (Note that the targeting of individual “villains” closely parallels the model set by the state-regulated media and state-operated schools of vilifying select foreign states as unusually “offensive.”)

So, mainstream media can supply a steady stream of celebrity scandals for the public to enthusiastically practice their habitual practices of shaming. By encouraging the masses to consistently shame specific behaviors, that helps to discourage the public from calmly studying any of those behaviors (and certainly from experimenting with those behaviors).


Reform movements may be constantly peddled to the masses to “make our empire more holy.” The masses can fight over which trivial reforms to make while the state continues its operations of redistributing the wealth from targeted foreign states and of course from the entire domestic population of taxpayers or forced labor/ consigned soldiers.

What about the elite? If they do not focus on reforming the nearest state to make it more holy, what do they focus on instead?

All of them focus on advancing their own self-interests, which will be explored in the section titled “enlightened self-interest.”  <link not yet active>  The most powerful among them set up the “common core” curriculums to be presented to the masses (with rewards to encourage obedient compliance and unexamined repetition). Others conceive the next wave of political advances, then invent problems for which their favorite policy changes can be marketed as a solution.

For instance, if a new chemical has been developed which can impair the function of the liver, then how can it be marketed (or even subsidized or made mandatory)? To market a drug that impairs liver function, then some aspect of liver function must be demonized.

In the case of cholesterol, the masses are programmed to create a hysterical paranoia as if cholesterol was not an essential nutrient that every liver on the planet is specifically designed to manufacture. In order to “protect” the masses from the healthy functioning of the liver (which produces cholesterol), statin medications can be provided at whatever expense to the consumer.

The more hysterical the masses are in their worship of the idealism programmed with the support of the state, the greater is the potential for commercial profit. If there is outright panic about the liver’s production of cholesterol (or about cholesterol produced by the liver of some other organism and then consumed), then enormous prices can be received for drugs which efficiently impair liver function.

When there is a massive publicity campaign for an idea, do the common people question the core presumptions of that publicity campaign? Typically, select ideas have been repeatedly programmed to the masses in public schools (which we may presume to be highly credible), and then the masses have been rewarded for obediently repeating back the ideas on tests given in those same schools, and then the same ideas are again repeatedly frequently in various forms of media (which also may be presumed to be highly credible). In such cases of massive and coordinated publicity campaigns, the flimsiest “evidence” may go entirely unquestioned by the naive, trusting masses.

Even decades after all scientists in the core field recognize the value of cholesterol, medical doctors are still behaving in accord with the treatment protocols with which they were programmed in medical school (perhaps several decades ago). There may be open acceptance of the simple fact that healthy livers always increase cholesterol production to reverse moderate medical complications, but only among research scientists.

Medical doctors and the general public are not primarily interested in the consensus of research scientists. MDs are simply conducting their business as governed by the state which licenses them. The trusting public is, if properly panicked and hysterical, blindly obeying the directives of the blindly obedient MDs.

What is the job of the mainstream media? The media publicizes the scandals of those that are shameful according to the culture’s ideals. The media also publicizes the punishments of those who dare to rebel against the state. In the case of many denominations of the Christian religion, the central symbol of the religion is a cross or crucifix.

On the crucifix is the reminder of the violent power of the state: a holy rebel (who is presented 
by the religious institution as the ideal human or the holy role model) is shown nailed to wood. While most religious indoctrination might not be as obviously confusing as reading a few inches of legal statutes, the resulting experience among the loyal statists of the Holy Christian Empire is obvious enough: the terrified sincerity of self-righteousness, further resulting in crippling perfectionism, shame, agonizing, confusion, and of course hysterical argumentativeness and animosity toward the targeted enemies of the holy empire (as identified by alleged “credible sources”).


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